Im 19 now but when i was 16 i walked into my parents bedroom and seen dad sleeping naked.
I had never seen him nude before and was shocked at how big his dick was.It looked like a big sausage and he was soft!
I went away to college and like most girls i partied and slept with alot of guys but none of them had a dick like dads.
This year i went home for xmas break and since mom works nights i was home alone with dad at night. Everytime i looked at him i remembered what i had seen.
I was in the tub the second day i got home and i heard mom leave for work. I began massaging my clit thinking of dad and decided that i was gonna make a move.
I was nervouse but my pussy was throbbing and i was horny as hell.
I didnt dry off and found a thin white tee shirt and put it on. It was just long enough to cover my butt and my wet body made it slightly see through.
I walked into the living room and seen dad sitting there drinking beer watching tv. I could feel my nipples hardening . I walked in front of dad and seen him look at me from head to toe twice! I said anything good coming on tonight and he said,I dont know?
The tv guide was ontop of the tv so i picked it up and dropped it on perpose,With my back to dad i bent over to pick it up ,The tee shirt was so short it rose up as i bent over giving him a perfect look at my ass and throbbing pussy. I stood up and looked over at him and he smiled. I thumbed through the tv guide and kept sneaking looks at his crotch till I seen a buldge. I said,Theres nothing on any good. They had satellite tv in there bed room so i picked up the tv guide to the satellite and dropped it to i bent and picked it up knowing he was looking at my bare ass.
I read the guide and said, Thers a good movie on at 10 can i watch it in your room? Dad said,sure. He looked at his watch and said,Ive got time for a shower before ten. He left and went ito the shower.
I went and got in dads bed ,He came in the bed room in just his underwear and got in bed
The movie was a scary one and when a scary part came on i pretended to be scared and jumped then moved over beside him and put my arm across his belly under the covers and laid my head on his chest,The next scary part i wrapped my leg over his. I could see a buldge growing under the covers. I slowly rubbed his belly moving my hand closer to his crotch all the time till my fingers where moving under the band of his underwear.
I was soooo nervouse but i reached down and touched his dick and dad gasped, I said,Is it ok? Dad said,Yes if you dont tell anyone.
I ripped the covers off him and pulled off my shirt and laid on my back and spread my legs wide and said,Dad fuck me !
He pulled off his underwear and his cock was hard and fuckin huge!
He slowly slid it in me and I orgasmed instantly! When he had it in I felt soooo full , He started fucking me hard and i was having explosive orgasms as i felt his hot cum spraying into me! He got off and I began sucking his cock till he was hard again .I got on my hands and knees and he fucked me doggie style. Its a good thing no nieghbors live close by cause i was screaming the whole time. When we finished my pussy felt like it was stretched. I laid there for a few minutes then said Goodnight dad but he was already asleep. I smiled covered him up and went back to my room. We spent one more night together before i went back to college.
Im going home for spring break,I loved what we did ,Have any other girls out there done this?

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1. You are no nasty sick bitch skank

2. That is so fucking hot - I love the way you teased him and knew he was hard for you! Naughty girl!!

3. Thank you for giving me something to jack off to.

4. I want to watch my 37 year old wife give her dad a sloppy blowjob.

5. I see nothing wrong wit you loving your dad. I's a shame you can not get together more offen. I know he liks it when you come home now. Keep him up... Great story!!!!!

6. Imma fuck my daughter wen I grow up.Not by force obviously.

7. When i'll have children i hope that they'll be just like you (boys or girls i don't mind)

8. What a good daughter taking your father's load of cum up your hot young pussy.

9. I punched a midget in the face the other day but your story was better.

10. You are a brave and lovely lady, you have given your dad the best and rarest present he has ever had. It will bring you closer and more loving of each other than ever. And don't mind the sad bastards who are afraid to experiment, they don't know what they're missing.

11. Yes for of also the same thing happened but in another way.

12. When we were younger i once had sex with my sister. And i also used to fantasize about seeing her riding on our dads cock. I even told a past girlfriend of mine a made up story about my sister and my brothers. And she said to me "I bet you have all been riding her". I wouldnt of minded giving our sisters tight pussy a right good family gangbang. And even filling her up with all our cum though.

13. I wanna b yo Daddy! U have made me sooo stiff, i can olredi feel u

14. That is amazing, what a lucky daddy, wish I could do this

15. I want my dad to fuck me like that

16. Goodness lol always fanticied about being with my daddy but never had the nerve to try anything but every chance i got i would flaunt myself to him. i am 16 and my daddy died when i was 15 i missedmy chance but i bet if he was still here i would ave made a move :) i wish i would have becase even at the age of 15 i had big 34D brest and a nice round butt and i always caught him looking at me i hope anygirl who wants to be with there daddy atleast tries befor giving up

17. Really hot story! The way you teased him and the details made me cum in my pants xD Good job, good job.. :)

18. Omg so cool I thought I was so weird for having sex with my aunt and her daughter, now I'm fine LOL.

19. You are an amazing daughter! I wish I would of had a daughter like you. I did get the chance with a woman I was dating had a daughter that would of made the perfect step daughter. Because she for her young age had sex already before, and I know little brother was giving it to her nightly. So it would have been a no brainer because her bedroom smelt so good with her pussy smell.I missed out so way to take care of oh daddy and filling yourself up with hot fresh loads of cum in your perfect pussy. Thumbs up to you sweetie.

20. When I was 13 my mom married my stepdad. I had 2 sisters 15 and 17. It wasn't long before I learned my oldest sister was having sex with him on a regular basis. She went away to college and my other sister and I talked often about it and she wanted to pick up where my oldest left off. Not long after that my mom had to go help her sick mother. That evening sis let him know she was willing and they went right to it in front of me. I knew I was next and he gave me my first time so gently I was hooked from then on.

21. Wow, I wish someone wold fuck me like that! I´m so wet right now. You lucky girl. good story.

22. I would love to fuck my own daughter too!

23. I've always wanted to fuck my dad when I play with my pussy I think of my dad and it makes me have the most amazing orgasim ever

24. I would love to fuck anybodys daughter

25. If I had a daughter, I would love to fuck her. But I would not want to knock her up tho.

26. I want to be daddy's little angel. I want to be adored while also being his sexual object, knowing my cute tight pussy is getting his cock off. And maybe, daddy will let his best friend fill my cunt.. While dad pounds my ass.. I just need a daddy. :c

27. I had sex with my niece when she was 17. We have been together for 6 years and have 2 beautiful children.

28. I hope this is fake. I'd hate to think that anyone who has started college can really write as badly as this person does.

29. Myy oldest daughter who is 28 is 7months preg. I went to visit her . seeing her prego made me hard she saw this and said she wanted to see my cock it had been so long since she had seen one the asshole she was with split when she told him she was preganant . I told her that I would only if I could lick her pussy she got undress and so did I we had great sex . we plan to do it one or more time before the baby is born and then even after that.


31. I have always wanted to have sex with my aunts but I don't know what they would do. They get drunk s lot so I've thought about making a move then. Should i?

32. Wish you were my daughter. i'd fuck you all the time

33. I'm looking forward to fucking my daughter I'm 59 she is 41 soon.she was adopted my plan is to marry her and knock her and hopefully have a boy

34. Why do daughters look at their Dad's as a sex partner? I sure do. I want Dad to know that he has a woman for a daughter. I want him to know I am as good as mom.

35. I think its great i used to fuck my sister all the time there is nothing wrong with that at all

36. Kik me with stories like this girls ;) Dj_T_Rex2002

37. Every time I play with myself it's always to different scenarios of me fucking my step Dad, it always makes me cum so hard. I'm 24, I've been having the same fantasy for the last 12 years.

38. Nothing better than having sex with your dad, my dad and I have been doing it for 4 years evers since he popped my cherry, it is always the best sex so loving and tender more girls should enjoy the bond it creates.

39. #30 we Can tell u R old!!! can u turn the caps off!!!!!!!!!!

40. I was 14 and saw my dad passed out naked on the bed after a day of drinking. His dick was hard and it was one huge beautiful cock.Three hands long and so thick my middle finger couldn't touch my thumb. No wonder my mom made all that noise when they fucked at night. LOL I sucked it but was afraid he'd wake up. I've masturbated for the last ten years thinking about that.

41. What you did is purely rubish and you will soon see the nemesis.


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