My sister in law spent the night here last night and I have wanted to fuck her for a long time. Anyway, she took a shower this morning and I went in to take a piss afterward. There they were, her panties from the night before. I had to do it! I picked them up and took a nice long whiff of the crotch! OH MAN! What a rush! If I had more time, I would have jerk off and came on them!!! I really wish there weren't so many people in the house either because then I could have spied on her through the crack! If I get the opportunity, I'm going to fuck her silly!

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1. Me too, i love to get a taste of my sis in laws pants! I love to jerk off to her picture and occasionally get the chance to stuff her used thong in my mouth! Her pussy smells amazing and makes me cum like a sperm machine..

2. Many years ago i was with this girl, i would stay at her parents house but we werent allowed to sleep together. I would stay in her younger sister Clare's bed, as she was often at her boyfriends house. I would have a feast of crusty panties, lying in her bed with the smell of her hair on her pillow, a pair of her dirty pants in my mouth and rubbing the crotch of another pair on my knob. I would just spurt anywhere, on her clothes, sheets etc and just leave it there. She never complained and she must have known, in fact she would sometimes come in to the room in the morning in her underwear while i was in her bed. She had a lovely ass too! Happy times!

3. I went out with my sister in law when my wife was out of town one time. She wore this sexy pink outfit that really showed off her hot body and the really short shorts showed off her ass. We didn't do anything sexually, but I thought about fucking her all night long. I had her pose for me and took a Polaroid of her which I still use to jerk off to this day! If I get the chance I'd love to find a pair of her worn panties to lick and jerk off with!

4. My sis in law is cute, i have only had the chance to lick her thong on one occasion. However i have a few pics of her on my PC and frequently jerk off to her. Sometimes i fuck my wife and pretend its her sis!

5. #4 here, I smelt my sis in laws panties at the weekend, they were size 10 pink and lacy. There was only a slight smell although a good white stain. I couldnt jerk off though as my wife was downstairs. Shame.

6. My sister-in-law is 22 and incredibly sexy. She stays with her parents who live only 5 minutes away from me. When they are out of town, I often visit their house and find a pair of her panties to sniff and jerk off to. But one day recently, I hit the motherlode -- i found a whole laundry basket filled with her dirty panties! I put them in a pile on her bed and buried my face in it. Oh my God it was intoxicating! I sniffed and sniffed and licked them while jerking off and squirted tons of cum into them. So hot! I wish I could really sniff and taste her pussy!

7. My girlfriends younger sister (15), leaves her dirty panties in the bathroom, i have cum in them many times & also rubbed them on my girls face as im fucking her, she knows it turns me on so it turns her on...she gets the odd nude pic of her for me by pretending she is going to give her one of her old dresses or something...yes my girl is a dirty dirty girl...if we got her drunk my girl says I can take pics of her licking her nipple or something whilst touching herself...mmmmmm good times.

8. My wife has two younger sisters and they have VERY different pussy smells according to the many panty sniffing-licking sessions I've had. One is just perfect and amazing, the other is really pungent and not so good. I think it is the big difference in their diets. Whenever I get the chance at friends houses I go hamper raiding and try to get a sniff or a taste of my friends wives or daughters dirty panties or better yet my wife's friends... Kinkiest though is my wife's mother. Believe it or not, she has an awesome smelling pussy. I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot schlong, but she smells wonderful down there.

9. What a bunch of perverted assholes you all are! My boyfriend took a pair of my panties to work with and charged a dollar a sniff from each of his construction crew. He also took pictures of me, nude, with my legs spread and sells copies to the guys. Well, I guess he's an entrepeneur!

10. I would fuck my sister-in-law all over the place given half a chance. We had a slow dance at a family party it gave me a full hard on she must have felt it. I think my wife fancies by brother in law. How do I get this going?

11. Now could some body answer me this? ------------------------------------ She text me, she always touches my arm or leg when she is here, she has walked in on me in the bath (more than once) She went to a party with my wife and before they got in she had the opportunity to go home with her friend who lives 3 doors down but instead walked 1 mile to my house asking for a lift home, she was drunk and stoned and kept looking over at me when I was driving, then sat in the car saying that her man would be sat there playing computer games and he was boring. Please let me know if you think she is up for a little fun?? Eddy

12. I use to sniff my girls friends thongs they smelt so good. especially after she took them off after going to the toilet

13. My wife has two younger sisters when they go out shopping i regularly sniff their pants and wank off to them. i think the younger one knows because she always leaves them on the floor. i want to fuck them both

14. My wifes sister is 17. when she was at work i was left in my wifes mothers house to wait on a delivery so i snuck in her bedroom and started to sniff, i was enjoying them so much they were so sweet and tasty i was licking them so much. i never heard her sister come home for lunch. after staring at me for about a minute she smiled took off her trousers and panties. she said try these ones, they were even better. iafter sniffing and tasting them she let me go down on her and she gave me a blowjob. we arec trying to find a time so we can do even more.

15. After my wifes sister stayed over one night she left her panties in the bathroom so after sniffing and licking them i wanked into them she went back for them i saw her come out looking embarresed but guilty

16. C'mon.. we all know that if given the chance, many women would sniff em up like a pro..

17. I open my sister-in-laws laundry bas ket to reveal black knickers with white spots and had a good sniff. i so want to fuck her.

18. I think its so sexy i do rge same with my stepdaughters panties they are full of my cum im Larry

19. I suck the wet juide staibs from my stepdaughters panties its sooooo goooood i love it i shoot MY cum in her panties and lick all of my cum out of her panties then i pull them on agaist my balls and ohhhh god it deels so good on my nuts and cock

20. 02-06-2021. LETS ALL GET A PAIR OF her Panties Ur Sisters Ur Moms Ur Sister in Laws Ur Mother in Laws Lets Jackoff All over them.


22. My sister in law Sue has always been close to me.We both cared for each other that many people thought that I had married her!!In fact,i fell in love with her little sister Sharon,but I have always been physically attracted to my beautiful sister in law and it was reciprocate.We never made love,only sweet kissing.Sometimes,when she was home and were looking at the tv(my wife,being an early sleeper)after having each one drunk 2-3 cups of wine,she would let me sniff her pussy on her string between her legs.she had orgasms when i was working on her pussy like that and she would wait me to ejaculate my creamy sperm on her string!

23. It's incredible how many brothers and sisters fuck or kissing and sucking only or making fantasy on each other!!!Don't u think that if it waslegalised,there would have been less divorce or diseases?Ur comments will be highly appreciated!

24. My goodness sister in laws.Mine sis in law is a twin to my wife but they are fraternal so they look like sisters but not alike.They have the same body shape except sis in law Rach has blonde hair and lips to kill for.For well over 15 years I have cum in her panties and when I cum I put a drop of cum in all her panties and her bras.The smell of her pussy is wild and the thought of me being so close to it is the attraction because we will never actually do anything.The desire is I am sure much better than the reality.

25. Smelling the panties of my sisters-in-law is very high on my "to do" list. I very often smell my wife's panties (she leaves them in the bathroom for me when she has to get up early, or has to leave town a couple of days). I really want to know if her sisters smell any differently. But so far, I didn't have had the luck to smell other panties. Oh well, I just have to keep waiting...

26. I put my phone on the bathroom n recorded my sis inlaw taking a pee n changing her tampon it was a rush I got a hard cock n I still have the video I trole to it every night

27. The wet panties which have excited me the most in my life were those of my two sisters and my aunt when we were living together in my big grand dad's home!!I have also peeped at them so many times when they were taking their bath.It was fabulous!!I still have the smell of their piss and pussy juice and also the smell of the toilet soap when they were washing their hairy pussies.I am not sure,but I think that my aunt knew what I was doing with her dirty panties or when I was peeping at her.However,she never talked about it or scolded me.

28. I have sniffed my sister in laws panties for 6 years.she once Came back from a Dance class and went upstairs to get changed.I Was soon in her room takin her panties and pantyhose to the Barcelona where i sniffed them both and Licked her still Warm panties i Was in heaven and came with thick wads of come.

29. I have sniffed my sister in laws panties for 6 years.she once Came back from a Dance class and went upstairs to get changed.I Was soon in her room takin her panties and pantyhose to the Bathroom where i sniffed them both and Licked her still Warm panties i Was in heaven and came with thick wads of come.

30. Since my sister in law sophie Was 16 i have been smelling her panties. Even then she smelt like a woman. I feel ashamed but she smells so hot and i have wanked hundreds of times.I know where the spare key is and i Will go to her patenta home and let myself in.Then i go straight to the laundry and get her panties and sit on her bed wanking i wonder if she knows because i come in them too.God i want fuck her

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