I am now 30 years old and I still have fantasies about having sex with my sister. I don't know if she still does but she used to think about me that way a lot too. I am not quite sure how old we were when it first started but it was somewhere around when I was 13 and she was 12. We used to wrestle a lot and all of a sudden I found myself erect whenever we would wrestle. She, not being a total idiot had to notice as well. The wrestling eventually became less wrestling and more two horny teenagers just looking to rub up on each other. We kept up the wrestling ruse for quite some time. We got a little more bold the more times we would mess around, like she would start attacking me when she was wearing nothing but a nightgown and panties and I would always let her pin me down and she would strategically rest her vagina directly on top of my hard on while I was flat on my back. We sometimes would even play around and kiss on the lips and pretended we were movie stars just practicing for a big scene. no tongue or anything like that but we both wanted to. One night at my grandmothers house(where my sister and I would share a room, seperate beds but right next to each other) I awoke with my hand on my sisters breast while she was grinding her hips on the bed. Being young I had no idea about the clitoris and I couldn't understand how this felt good for her so i just lay there and let her continue because I didn't want to let her know I was awake and alarm her plus I was curious as to where this was going. I eventually heard and saw my sister orgasm for the first time. It was amazing! So, from now on, whenever the two of us would be alone and it was late I would always pretend to fall asleep and it never failed, she always incorporated me into her masturbation. I would find my hand on her breast or her butt and one time she even gathered the courage to insert one of my fingers into her vagina. One night after this had happened a few times, I suggested that before we go to sleep that we pretend like we're movie stars and kiss again like we had in the past and she was up for it and much less innocent than before we began a full blown two and a half hour make out session. I was elated because this was the first person I had ever made out with and it was my sister. As we continued to make out I ran my hands down the back of her pants and caressed her butt and later progressed to removing her bra and touching my first boobs. I got a little bolder and decided to kiss and suck her breasts and she allowed me to do this for a few minutes but then suggested we stop because we were brother and sister and it just wasn't right. I believe I was 16 now and she was 15 so we both knew it was wrong and I didn't fight her I just smiled and said ok and gave her one last innocent kiss and we both went to bed after that. This was by far the most the two of us had ever done together and our first time acknowledging our attraction for each other was also our last. Her masturbation sessions continued and she would still incorporate me whenever I would be asleep. I never knew girls masturbated that much but she was at least a once a day girl. I caught her quite a few times and pleasured myself while watching her from a distance without her knowledge because she would do it midday and she only had beads covering her door with no actual barricade between her and the rest of the house. Whenever I masturbated and our parents weren't home I'd make sure she knew it too (ya know leave the volume up a little high on a porno so she would definitely hear it but not too high so she may think I was trying to hide it) and a few times she even had the courage to come up to me and engage me in conversation as if I wasn't stroking myself to thoughts of her. I would of course stop and like clockwork wait for her to go back to her room and about 20 minutes later she would be pleasuring herself. We never had sex or made each other climax but I wish we had and now that I have actual experience I want to show her what I've learned and make her feel the best she's ever felt in her entire life. I know most people say these feelings will subside once you reach adulthood but every time I masturbate as soon as I think of her I immediately ejaculate. I think that she'd be ok with possibly having sex now but I have no idea how to approach it since our last engagement was about 10 years ago before I went to college. My sins are the first girl I kissed, felt her butt and her breasts was my sister and my lingering sin is that I wish my dreams could come true and I could finally indulge this sin and engage in sexual acts with my sister.

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1. P.S. These stories are 100% true. I am not someone with an incest fetish and I did not do this for kicks. I am literally still shaking for finally admitting this to other people whether it is anonymous or not.

2. This is great that you have earned the courage to admit your sin finally. Sexual encounters between siblings are unusual but not very rare. Unless you feel offended, you can go after it.

3. I do not feel offended and I'm pretty sure she doesn't either. After researching on the internet it doesn't seem as rare as once thought but there are a few times where I question the validity of some of the stories but that still means there are people out there who are into it, I guess.

4. I totally relate to your story 'cause mine is very similar, except my sister was 3 years younger.

5. Go for it buddy. I don't know how but you make it happen.

6. Talk to your sister and ask her if she remembers the things you used to do together in the past. And tell her youve been thinking about it and you still get turned on by it. And try kissing and cuddling her and feeling one of her tits. To see if she will let you play with her again. When she starts to get turned on tell her your cocks is hard and then put her hand on it. If she starts feeling you feel her pussy through her clothes. Then ask her to come into your room and close the door behind you. Tell her to lay down on your bed and lay down with her and try taking some of her clothes off. She will probably let you fuck her with a condom on now your both older.

7. Sounds similar to my experience with my sister. Now im pumping her tight pussy full of cum. She moans when shes cumming and pleading for me to fill her unprotected pussy up. Then i put a couple of pillows under her bum so my cum stays inside her. And i often think of it swimming away into her little fertile womb to fertilize her egg. And when she gets out of my bed i see her belly is starting to swell up. Im almost sure she's pregnant to me now.

8. Its not unusual or perverted,there are more people than you realise who have had sex with a sister,i regularly fuck one of my sisters but want to fuck both of them together

9. Fucking our sisters is the best sex in the world.

10. God gave brothers sisters to keep them sexually satisfied. And have all of their babies with too. So we should take our God given right seriously enough. And generously keep on pumping their sweet pussies full of family love juice.

11. My first sexual experiences were with my sister, step-sister that is. This was years ago we were both 16 at the time. Other than porn, first time I had ever seen a hairy pussy and tits in person. Our parents would go away for the weeken and leave us alone. We'd spend the weekend fucking each other silly. Her mom finally caught on to what was going on and shit hit the fan. My dad acted incensed but actually thought it was funny. Her mom sent her away to live with her dad. Fun while it lasted. No regrets. I still have memories of how good it was.

12. I am the original poster of this story and just reading it brings me back to that first time we really made out. It still gets me excited. I am glad I checked up on this two years later. I am engaged and my sister is married but I still get off when I think about her. Maybe it's more exciting if we don't do anything more but man would I like to feel just one time how amazing it would be for the two of us to let our guards down and just enjoy each other's flesh on flesh like we aren't related. It's just sex and if we're both ok with it than who's business is it anyways.

13. Mmmm im 26 my sister is 16 she is hot i love to suck her dirty panties when she leaves and i even wanna get a hidden cam while she showers because i have a couple of older pervs who have been sucking her panties since she was 14 yrs old and i now know why her pussy taste soooo clean but i want them to cum watching her masterbate in the shower so i can finish sucking there cock in my mouth

14. Sex with a sister is really exciting and every brother and sister should indulge in their passion. It would really make the world a better place to live. Im sure and it would be more interesting knowing that everybody else is doing it all the time too.

15. Well its truer than you realise i was in a similar situation

16. Well i know what she means but from a different perspective

17. My sister and I have enjoyed intercourse several times since childhood. This is something that we have done periodically over the years and consider it a special experience that we share. The excitement level just can't be explained.

18. I am cool with fiction, but it should be convincing

19. Sibling sex is not that unusual. Me and my sister had sex in our teen years. It never went beyond our teen years though.

20. Very similar to my experience. Except my sister and I did have sex several times in our twenties. Wish that could still happen now, but wonderful memories anyhow.

21. Wow all u gentlemen are lucky I wish I can get into my sisters pants I've fantasized about fucking her since I first seen her thong in her hamper and used it to mastrbate now she's 19 super both

22. I have been fucking my sister for about fifteen year I am forty nine and she is fifty four and we still enjoy good sex we screw like husband and wife I enjoy sex with her very much

23. My sister and I enjoy sex very much she even convinced daughter to fuck me I love it my sistet and my niece I cum in the both in case you are wondering my niece I 37 years old

24. My friend told me when he was drunk that he had sex with his younger sister.

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