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I am a 63 year old woman. I was chatting online with aa woman. On a sex date site. she told me that she lets her dog fuck her. I got so truned on by it that she talked me in to fucking a dog. I talked to my daughter about it. She agreed to help me. Fuck my sons yellow lab. long story short. I loved sucking his cock, and the feel of his tongue in my pussy.I got down on all fours with my ass up in the air. My daughter help the dog mount me and guide his cock in my pussy. once he was in he knew just what to do and took over. he rammed his big doggie cock in me hard and fast. As the dog fucked me i could feel his knot grow. I pushed back hard and his knot was inside of me. it hurt a first but felt so good in me also. As he came in my pussy we were locked and i had many orgasms. From his knotrubbing my clit many times.Now i have my own dog and I fuck him every day atleast 3 times. Plus he also fucks my daughter now as she licks my pussy.her husband don't know what she does. when she visits me hehehe. We both love dog cock.

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1. I can tell that you've never got fucked by a dog, and possibly not by anything.

2. I'd like to fuck you after to dog cum in your wet pussy...mmmmmmmmm

3. You're making one dog very happy.

4. Your daughters husband is missing out on so much good sex with yous his wife and mother inlaw wish i knew yous my self .

5. What a sick old bitch you are! Most dogs carry a venereal disease, and I hope you have something that will rot your ancient, dry and wrinkled pussy! Here's wishing you a slow and agonizing death!

6. Give her a break. Who's going to fuck 63 year old pussy - at least the dog's getting off.

7. Hell i'd fuck that bitch did my mother till she was 89 and she still had good pussy,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

8. #5 you are a IDIOT...go play with your gay peta friends

9. I use to finger mydog when she was in heat she luved it

10. I have let my dog hump me. It was amazing. I think it's completely normal. #5 what's your secret fetish? Everyone has one.

11. Where are you and ur daughter from?

12. I want to fuck you both annd watch your dog fuck you both one hell of a story do you eat eachother also

13. Why can't I find a hot 63 yr old horny doggie cock loving lady with a dirty daughter for myself!??

14. Can I fuck your daughter while we watch the dog fuck you?

15. If you were my sister i would want you to bend over so i can shove my cock right up inside your sweet pussy. And then i would hold onto your tits while fucking you. Before i was goiing to squirt all my cum inside your pussy so i can make you pregnant.

16. -My first blow job was my dog. I get more excited seeing an erected dog penis than a human male penis. One day as I was sucking off my dog, he knotted me in the mouth. The experience was strange although I knew about knotting because my mother had already mated our dog Rex so I have seen what happened. His knot was in my mouth for several minutes when my mother came in. She watched for several minutes till Rex let go. Then she started yelling at me. To my surprise, she was upset because I was wearing my sister's underwear.I promised not to do it again, but she caught me many more times in sister's lingerie as well as sucking off the dog. She could never break me of those habits.

17. My female cat was in heat. She kept lifting her tail to me, so I used a Q-tip to stick in her little pussy. The only problem was I couldn't find anything to keep the Q-tip from falling off my crotch!

18. You really are all disgusting...

19. My sister used to suck and fuck our family dog a st.bernard he was hung like a bull i caught her when she was 12 and i was 15 i made her let me watch when my cock got hard i made her suck me while the dog ramed her little pussy she became my sex slave or i would tell mom and dad i took a lot of pics and some video of her nude and sucking and fucking me and the dog i even made her put on shows for me and a few friends i dont think i had to make her though she loved it real nasty now she is 23 and still doing dog cock and me when she can we both think its great

20. The fucking dogs are getting more pussy than the human guys? Jesus, honey, if you want some human cock, give us a holler. We want to fuck you!

21. What a nice sexy bitch you are! Would love to watch you sucking that cock and getting it hard for that amazing pussy! I would help guide that rod into your gaping pussy and jerk while watching you being fucked hard. Then i would lick and suck your pussy clean for the next dog!

22. I like to go in her room and watch my sister getting naked and then the dog mounting and fucking her. I let her suck my cock first of all and when the dog is finished. I wipe all the dogs cum from her pussy. Then i also get to give her a good fucking aswell. Sometimes i have got so excited and aroused. I have accidently squirted all my cum inside her pussy before i pulled my cock out of her.

23. How do I follow my story and my comments?Please reply me

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