Man oh Man I am going insane! I so want my brother and my dad to rape me!I have dreamt of them two fucking me in every hole that I have. Mmmmm am so fucking wet just thinking about their big juicy hard thick cocks in me right now! I want my daddy to fuck my cunt while my brother fucks my ass!

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1. If only more daughters were like you. =3

2. Thats so damn hot im jackin off my hard 10in cock readin this! i wish i was ur dad

3. I want my wife to do this with her dad and brother too.

4. Nice story.i wud rape you!!!!x

5. Dirty whore :) if i was your daddy youd be fucked ok

6. I have exactly the same fantasy as you, would love it!!

7. Maybe you can start dropping some hints about what you want. I guarantee you they want it too.

8. Oh my god, this is so hot, well it shouldn't be too hard for girls in situations like this, trust me love, just try wearing skimpy clothes in front of them, be nice with them, tease them and they would be easier and easier to seduce, believe me im a man, and i must admit that most men would have sex with anyone and anything when they feel extremely aroused.

9. Tease them and then please them.

10. You will enjoy it i know. I have fucked my own sister. And i have watched my dad fucking her too. She enjoyed it thoroughly. And now we have both made her pregnant.

11. Bring it up tonight over dinner, then pull your panties off, throw everything off the table, and present those holes to them for fucking. Those baboons will be boinking you like there's no tomorrow.

12. You got me so wet reading this.

13. Walk about the house naked in front of them both. And sat on their knee and play with your tits and pussy. When you have got them horny they will both fuck you all over.

14. I seen my step-dads pecker one day while he thought he was pissing in private,afterwards I wanted him hell'a bad.I knew when he'd stroll in after work and so got naked & masturbated on the couch.just as he was coming in the door I was squirting on the couch.he totally space mom.Now he & myself have oral sex and screw every chance we get.i do not know if I could do-it with my real dad,but compared in size - my step dad is freaking huge !

15. Go for it. Wish you were my sister or doughter. They won't be able to resist.

16. Get your brother to fuck your pusssy first.

17. Omg ur so messed up in the head, not rape but, u would like them to fuck u rough? just do what everybody else says and it will be fine

18. Wear really short shorts with a small crop top and walk around the house infront of them and make sure to bend down to pick something up. Masturbate in your room naked when you know your dad or brother will be in. Maybe flirt and twirl your hair around your finger. On a hot day when your dad or brother are in the same room as you take off your top and bra and just say 'it's hot, do you mind?'.

19. Don't drop any hints or teases. Just come right out and tell them you want to get fucked. Most guys need to know before they cross that line that it's ok. Then drop your panties and get ready for cock.

20. Ask your dad to check your nipple cuz it feels sore. Then when he's checking them feel his crouch. He'll get the message, guaranteed.

21. You want to buy some new underwear. And tell them you would like their opinion on your new outfit. Then dress up sexy in just a New Bra and Thong. And a Suspender Belt and Stockings with High Heels. Then go into the room they are in. And do a Parade for them and ask them what they think of your New Sexy Clothes. They will probably have hold of their cocks and all their creamy cum will be filling up your pussy soon enough.

22. This is so hot. I would fuck my daughter or sister in a heart beat.

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