The neighbor has this miniture jack donkey, I'm a 19 year old guy, and the day after he got him I saw his dick get hard. I used to play with a small ponys dick, but he was a gelding and never got really hard. A few days later I got the chance to be alone with the donkey, I undressed and got down on all fours in front of him. He did mount me, but all he wanted to do was dominate me by just dry humping.
I tried it several times and thats all he'd do, but yesterday Iwas at the horse sale and got the scent of a mare in heat on my hand. I knew my neighber was gone, so I got in his pen, undressed, got down on all fours and held my hand back between my legs.
He got the scent right off, nosed my ass, then mounted, and I felt the tip of his dick between my legs, it was low, but he got it in the right place and suddenly he penetrated me. It hurt a little, and I started to move forward, but he stayed right with me thrusting all the time, and suddenly I felt his sperm being pumped in. He pulled out while he was still hard and I could feel some of his spunk dripping off my nuts.
I quickly got up and dressed without ever wiping off and went home knowing how it feels to get fucked by a miniture donkey.

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1. I've seem mares try to get away from a stallion when he get his rod under their tail, but 99% of the time they get bred anyway.

2. It sounds like you'll be paying him more visits, and I'm sure he won't mind.

3. You are a SICK FUCK!!!!!!Anyone who fucks animals needs 2 be admitted into a psych ward immediately!

4. Hey #3, I think the donkey fucked him, not the other way around.

5. Thats a hot story. good for you!

6. I have watched my own sister getting fucked by a donkey. I even helped her put its cock into her wet pussy. Then i rubbed her clitoris till she squirted her cum juice on its cock. But when the donkey cum and i saw just how much the donkey squirted inside her. I couldnt believe just how much my sister loved being fucked with it.

7. #6 Give us sone details about your sister and the donkey. Were-are you fucking her too. If it had been my sister I would have fucked her. How old were you & sis?

8. You let him get it in, and weather you wanted it or not he showed you he could keep it there till he finished, and if his spunk was dripping out, you got bred.

9. I get the feeling that you didn't expect him to get it in, and when he did, you really didn't want it so you tried to get him off of you by moving away. But like a lot of mares that do the same thing, you found out it doesn't work. He put the dick to you anyway and you ended up bred, but like #2 said, I'm sure you'll be paying him more visits.

10. I love watching a mare try to get away from a stud, seems like they always get fucked harder and deeper than if they had of stood to start with, and it made me hard knowing that he busted his nuts in your ass.

11. He baited you till the time was right, then he put the dick to you, and I'm sure you'll be back in his pen again and feeling his cock between your legs.

12. Sounds like you found out that he had bigger nuts than you do, did it make you wish you were a mare?

13. To #7. My sister has a lovely body. Well shaped tits and a nice round arse. She is 19 and im 22. We both kissed and cuddled together at first because we were both cleaning up in the donkeys stall. As we got passionate we both took each others clothes off. And as we looked around at the donkey. It was getting a hard cock. So I said to my sis why dont you play with it. She started rubbing her hand up and down it. So I got a straw bale and put it underneath it. I encouraged her to kneel on it and I then fed the donkey cock into her pussy. After she finished I got behind her and give her some of my cock and even more cum. Now we fuck together all the time.

14. I'll bet that after that first time, you'll be coming in heat quite often.

15. #14, I think it would be funny as hell if he didn't come in heat for the next 12 months, cause that jack got him settled. And he may or may not be looking forward to that foal heat to come around either

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