I've been living as a shemale since I was 19. I'm 26 now I live in a new town at a new place. If look at me you wouldn't be able to tell that I was once a boy until speak to you. I ve noticed everytime I go for a jog or walk my dog the guys in the neighborhood will always whistle or try to talk to me but I always waived and walked away because I've had many bad expiernce with guys I've been called names beaten up before and I realy don't like or want that to happen again. One night I was walking home 2 guys I've seen around in the neighborhood followed me home I locked the door once I got in but I could see their shadows moving in the blinds. To be honest since I moved here I've been so hot and horny I wished the guys would break into my house and rape me but I was scared of what might happen instead. They knocked on the door but I didn't open. Next day they one of them came back he was a you black boy probably 18 or 19 no young or older, well I guess I dropped some pictures from my purse and he just wanted to return it. so I invited him in for some water he sat on my couch and chatted for a while then he started hitting on me. I explained to him that I might not be the type of girl that he's looking for but he insisted that I was the baddest bitch he had ever seen but I didn't tell him that I was a boy at one time. As th weeks went by he started showing up more offten just to say hi or hang out for a bit. So last night he visited me he said he wanted me I asked him are you sure that's what want. I had him wait for me in my room I told him if you want it you can have it any way you want but keep it between us I went in the bathroom to change into my lingerie and my stilleto hells I came back in pushed him on the bed I game him a lapdance and pulled his clothe off. I sat on his lap and made out with him pulled my top and sucked my tits and played with my ass then he told me he already knew about me eversince the first time he saw me he said that him and his buddy both knew. He bent me over fucked me up the ass with gigantic black cock and made me his bitch he fucked me like a little pornstar slut he pulled his cock out and made suck the taste of my ass off of his dick it was straight ass to mouth for an hour he cummed in my ass and made squated me over his dick so I could squirt it back out then I jerked off and cummed all over his dick and with both of our cum mixed together I slurped it all up and swallowed it. It was just what I needed today he's bringing over his friend they are not gay lovers they just have a fetish for girls like so tonight I'm going to fucked by 2 guys at the same time supposedly his friends cock is atleast 4 inches longer and twice as thick. I've agreed to be his bad bitch hopefully I can be his friends bad bitch too they can both be my daddy if they treat me right and feed me more dick than I can take.

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1. Reading this got me so hard, i've always wanted to fuck a tgirl, i would love to do all the same stuff this guy did with you, but i'd also have to suck your cock, i've never sucked a cock but i really wanna try it.

2. Are you hot? I've seen shemales in the Philippines and they are hotter than most women. I have to admit - they've converted me - I would take their cocks gladly and fuck their asses in return. I've just come to see them as girls with cocks.

3. Are u a retard how many women have cocks? ur gay and in denial no straight man would go near a tranny any man who fucks a tranny and claims there straight is a retard there an insult to real women and time u admitted ur gay.strqight men like pussy not cock u idiot

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