This is 100% true. When I was 12 years old I used to babysit for a family friend. One day I put the TV on for the kids and went up stairs to try on their mom's clothes. I remember looking in the mirror wearing her much-to-big-for-me thong and my own shirt. As I was starring at myself their lab grabbed me around the waist and started trying to hump me. I went and locked the door and bent over by the window so I could see if anyone pulled up. I didn't want to get penetrated I just wanted to see what he would do. He jumped back on me and started stabbing the back of my legs and butt with wild thrusts, it felt warm so I stayed still, then he found my vagina. He got all the way in me with one thrust and it hurt extremely bad. I tried to take it for a few seconds until he slipped out and slammed in my butt an inch or two. That hurt like HELL! I threw him off me and ran out. I went in the bathroom crying and used a pocket mirror to make sure my holes weren't damaged. I was fine. I never tried it again (pretty much)

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1. Would you try it again if you had the chance? how old are you now?

2. No, too dirty. I have had my dogs lick me while I'm changing sometimes and I don't stop them, but I don't try to make them either. I'm now 19, going to college for nutrition, and on the volley ball team. Any Q's?, just ask.

3. Tell how you let them lick you?

4. Idk, Im drying my hair sometimes and my lab decides lick my buttcrack, I just keep drying until he is done.

5. Did you know lots of women enjoy doggie lovin everyday and lots of guys like me are very turned on by it?

6. No one can make you try it again. Although if I was you I would have let the dog finish. It hurt only because he most likely broke your hymen (if you were a virgin. He took your virginity). If you would have let him finish, it would have most likely quit hurting and brought you amazing pleassure. I would try it again, just to see if I would enjoy it. A dog is an amazing wild sex partner.

7. You should checkout beastdating . com if you are kurious like us!

8. Animals get horny by instinct,manipulation of them by our more intellangent speciese is discustingly immoral so why "go-there" when you could tongue fuck your grand-pa's rectum ?

9. My first experience was sucking my dog's penis. I enjoyed it very much. Gobs of volume and very good taste. I would prefer to suck dog's penis rather than human's. Try it. You will like it.

10. I bet that momma had that lab trained for sex! have you tried another dog yet? dirty sex is the best

11. Next time he starts licking your crack while your drying off, just turn around and see if he continues in your pussy. You don't need to go any further, just see what happens and let back to us.

12. Thnx. this story made me giggle. quite different from the usual confessions. yes, some things just don't suit some people regardless what others say. hugs...

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