I'm a 17 year old girl and I fantasize about getting caught masturbating by my father and he gets mad and punishes me by giving it to me hard, while calling me things like "a dirty little whore."

I caught him and my mom in the act ages ago and i caught a glimpse of his manhood and it's really big and i just wanna know what it would feel like to have that deep inside me.

To all dads out there, what would you do if you caught your daughter masturbating? or what you like to do?

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1. I've caught my daughter rubbing herself,and watched.

2. She can spread her labia for me while I plunge my cock deep into her pussy and pound her cervix until I fill her womb with my cum. Knocked up, BITCH!

3. I have a eight inch cock you can have deep inside your cunt if you like

4. I have a eigth inch cock you can have deep inside you pussy if you want

5. If i caught my daughter masturbating i would get between her thighs and eat her cunt and swollow all her juices

6. Do alot of daughters fantasize about their dads fucking them

7. Dad,daughter, incest,] U know what, you're stuffed in the head, if you think all Fathers are like what U said u need to see a "SHRINK" to get get your warped mind back on track, girl, or what ever you are......

8. #7 - it's not wrong, a lot of girls have daddy-daughter fantasies. she doesn't need to see a shrink. stop being so close minded. and most fathers would love to fuck their daughters, why wouldn't they? they have needs and they're obviously gonna think they're daughter is attractive, but that doesn't mean they're actually gonna go through with it. (unless the daughter is willing haha) & welcome to the modern society where sexual acts doesn't always mean they're in love, it's just to fulfill sexual needs. so sexual incest relations are actually getting pretty more and more normal these days.

9. Despite what you mentally-ill jackasses may believe it is NOT normal for a daughter to entertain these types of fantasies beyond psychosexual development. The main reason some females even have these thoughts is more in line with jealousy issues stemming from the mother-daughter interpersonal relationship. But whatever, you idiots go ahead; continue jacking off to each others blatantly obvious and false confessions.

10. #6- I don't know how many girls fantasize about this, but I am 16 and I am one of them. I don't know why but it turns me on to think about my dad catching me masturbating.

11. #6- yes i believe it is normal, if you think about it. to all looking at this now who have a relationship, compare your partner to your parent. you may see some similarities. if you don't, it doesn't mean they aren't there, your subconscious is just not letting you see them. there cannot be a time where one hasn't at least thought about sex with a parent. if you are the 5% that haven't, it may be you who needs a shrink. these thoughts are natural because they are an ancient method for an endangered species to repopulate. I'm not saying incest is needed now, but i understand. I'm 17, i have many "strange" fetishes, and if you can't accept us (so called) "freaks", then get off the internet.

12. This is hot i want to meet you.

13. I have four daughters youngest is now 20, a few times I came upon all of them pleasuring themselves at one time or another but one of them, she was masterbation crazy. Several times she even masterbated or I should say she came while grinding on my fully clothed. Before I realized what she was doing (she was 12) she was already grinding away and cumming. After that, when we were home alone she was ALWAYS getting herself off and would always leave her door open some, or be in the living room with her hand busy under a blanket when I walked in, wait till I left and go at at till she finished.

14. I have seen my dads cock spearing my sisters tight pussy. And now she is three months pregnant. She told me she love his hard cock sliding away inside her sweet pussy.

15. Incest, you know people who have a prob with it,remind me of people who have a prob with gays.. In a moraless world that tells our children " yeah putting your penis up another mans poo hole is completely natural and if you have those feelings go for it because it is completly normal..If you accept homosexuality you have to accept incest, and it is only a matter of time before the taboo factor is removed and incest us considered a normal natural thing

16. I'm 13 and I masterbate all the time off thinking of being caught. It makes me so wet.

17. What you need to do is wait till your mom is asleep or gone for a day or two wait till your dad gets home and go to him naked and start masterbating behind his back and wait for him to turn around once her does ask him you if you like what you see you can have it if he yells at you or walk away give up but if he doesn't be prepared for the biggest ride of your young life

18. Just fuck him while he's sleeping he wake up and fuck your tiny pussy with his big dick it works trust me my daughter did that to me and she love taking my big dick when her moms gone or when I she's passed out cause I put crushed sleeping pills in her drink

19. Go on and have a ride of your dadys big fat cock. And get all of his lovely cream squirted deep inside your tight pussy. I need to go now and see my sister. Our parents have gone away for a couple of days. And we are going to have some family fun and sleep together in the same bed. And fuck each other all over until they both come back again..

20. Nadia fucked her dad after catching him wanking while he snuffed her g string he ejaculated in seconds because she was so tight then she felt guilty and mafe a case against him which endef him in prison.

21. Just ask him if he would like some pussy. And then give his cock a good feel and suck it. Before you fuck it for him.

22. Just tell him that you want some of his sperm..

23. It comes down to this. My daughter was 16 when we started having sex. She used to wear small baby doll ladies and sleep with me.I even told her this is not proper but she kept insisting its okay.one thing led to another andshe started to rub up against me.it felt so good being inside my 16 year old daughter.she enjoyedme taking my time with her so I did not hurt her.now two years later we have sex everyday n we do everything to each other.I love it when she dresses up in nighties. Now she has me wearing her panties. It is the most exotic way to make love to your own daughter.

24. I fucked my daughter and now she is pregnant..we got fantasies

25. I want my 17 yo daughter soo bad.. I think she wants me too she wears tight cloths around me and leans into my cock all the time like she's in heat

26. My wife used to fantasize about her dad fucking her and propositioned him several times over the years, but he was real religious, so the boob turned her down. Once he turned her over his lap and gave her a spanking and he got an erection. She asked him if he would like to fuck but he told her no. Well, she got some from her father-in-law, so maybe that made up for his lack of interest. She got to see her mom and dad fucking at least a couple of times.

27. # 4, "an eighth inch cock"??? Gee, you sure have my sympathy! That's pretty darned tiny!

28. I fucked my father daily for 9 years. Those were the best years of my life. I loved sucking his 10 inch cock and liked it when he would ram it in my wet cunt to the hilt. I would rise up to meet each thrust. He gave me fantastic organisms when he would hit my g-spot. When he licked and sucked my clit it drove me wild. I could never get enough of him or his rock hard cock. He fucked me so much some days it was hard to walk but always looked forward to it the next day. Mom walked out on him and I serviced him. He taught me everything I needed to know to make men feel wonderful.

29. #27, your comment is mean about the size. It isn't the size of the dick, it is how good you can use the 8". I know you men come in all sizes and I have had an 8" 15-year-old boy and he really knew how to jack hammer me. There is a man in my town who has 12" dick and the girls are all abuzz about how that is too much to take. I love to fuck the guy because he knows he can bury it in my waiting wet pussy.

30. Number 29, I did not mean to be mean, but there is a BIG difference between and 8th inch and and 8 inch.

31. Lots of men would probably love to fuck their daughters, or at least get sucked-off by them, but most would be afraid of taking the risk of going to prison if they get found out, or reported by a teen girl on a guilt trip. That is a high price for a few moments of pleasure. Plenty of men do fantasize about it just the same, and plenty of girls fantasize about their dads, but guilty feelings would drive a lot of them loco if that ever came to pass. I would be very reluctant to take such a risk myself.

32. I am sure some dads and daughters have happily screwed without bad consequences, but they are a lucky few. Incest has ruined a bunch of lives.

33. I remember watching my step-daughter slide her finger in and out her little pussy. I loved it. I would jack-off thinking about it. I even rubbed her pussy late at night, when she was asleep. I got her off a few times.

34. My dad caught me masturbating when I was 13. He didn't think twice he just walked up to me and started licking my clit. My niece asked me to lick and suck her at the same age. I love my family. Theres nothing wrong making them feel good and letting them make me feel good. My daddy is the only person who can make me squirt by licking and sucking on clit. In return I'll suck his cock and finder his ass or let him fuck me or really anything he wants. There is nothing wrong with loving each other.

35. I lick my daughters pussy all the time. She's young but she knows what feels good and what doesn't.

36. I'm a male that is not opposed to incest. I would have sex or maybe play with some other family members. For instance I have an aunt I would fuck her every which way I could. I have another aunt I would like her to suck my cock because I've seen her suck her now ex-husband and an ex-boyfriend of hers told me he became addicted to her blow jobs because they are so good. She has nice tits so I would probably play with those but I wouldn't be interested in having intercourse with her. I would suck on my mom's beautiful tits everyday and let her suck me and if she wanted I would give her oral but I don't think I would want to have sex with her.

37. As a male though I would NEVER approach a female family member about anything sexual unless she first let me know there's some interest on her part in the taboo. It could be subtle like her admitting taboo things are a turn on for her and she wants to know how the male feels about it. That would open the door for discussing it. I wouldn't do anything with a female family member unless she was absolutely sure she understood that this was stay strictly between us. If you feel guilty later you cannot just go and fuck off the other person's life by telling everyone what you both have been doing. There's more than just yourself in any type of relationship.

38. My wife's daddy fucked her from the age of 11 to now and is still fucking her to this very day. She's 45 now She actually likes him fucking her every chance they get and her mother knows they fuck regularly. Her dad is retired now and comes by and fucks her while I'm at work. If he don't come over and fuck her every other week she will take the pussy to him.

39. I agree with number 12! i would do u!! but it is a little weird though but hayhoo! what does it matter!!?

40. At the end of the day it is what turns u on! and if that is what turns u on, then thats what turns u on!! end of!! BOOM!

41. I don't see anything wrong with incest. Society puts all kinds of emphasis on controlling your life! My daughter and i first slept together when she was 12. It was something her and her mother had planned! We have been together ever since and everybody is normal and happy!!!

42. I had my first sex as a boy with my mom I was 13 she was 27 we still do and now that I have two girls they are 16 and 18 they want to have sex with their mom and me. my wife has agree to let them when they are ready. so as long as they want to what or who is to say that it is wrong.

43. My 16 year old girlfriends dad caught her masturbating while we were sexting one day. He made her give him a blowjob while he fingered her until she came. He then fucked her on her knees and took her virginity. She told me she began to cum as soon as he pushed the head of his dick inside her and now she sneaks in and sucks him off while he and her mom are sleeping together. They have sex almost daily now and if I'm lucky I get sloppy seconds.

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