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Yesterday, things became more complicated. My husband left for his annual fishing trip in the Keys. I have done my best avoid anything that could be misconstrued.

My son has been doing passing league every afternoon for football, and when he left yesterday after lunch, I assumed that he would not be back until dinner, the same schedule as the last two weeks. I hung the laundry on the outside line, and decided to clean some of the pool tile (which I do with a scrub pad while swimming). After about an hour, I decided to stop. Since we have a fenced yard, with a lot of privacy, I pulled off my wet swimsuit, and hung it on the line. I then try to pull a towel off the line, which caused the entire thing to come down. Stark naked, I ended up reattaching the line, and making sure the laundry was okay. I then grabbed the towel, and headed into the house. As soon as I walked in the door, I saw my son, near the picture window. He obviously had been masturbating while watching me in the in the yard. I instinctively wrapped the towel around my midsection, and went to talk to him.

While I was trying to reestablish boundaries, he looked very upset. At the same time, whenever I begin to talk about reestablishing boundaries, everything that had gone before was in my mind, and against my will, I became increasingly aroused. I was determined that nothing would happen. When I thought I had explained myself, I told him I was going upstairs, and went to give him a quick hug along the lines of “everything is okay.” When I did that, my thigh brushed against his rock hard penis under his underarmor shorts. I started to release him, and felt his hand on my pussy! Before I could say a word, he slipped his hand under my towel, pressing my clit with his palm, and slipped his finger into my pussy; I was so aroused, that is slipped right in (I can get so wet that I sometimes actually drip!). I almost melted, it felt so good. As he gently kneaded my pussy with his palm, I gasped. He tugged my towel, and it fell away. I was standing there, naked, with my son’s finger in my pussy, while he rubbed my clit through my pussy and hair. He slid in a second finger, sliding back and forth between my pussy lips. As I opened my eyes, he bent forward, and took my left nipple into his mouth. I began feeling that familiar sense of electricity, running up my body... I was about to cum! About 30-seconds later, and I had an orgasm, and could feel my pussy contracting around my son’s fingers. He wasn’t being gentle, but it didn’t matter. We hadn’t said a word.

Once I caught my breath, I looked at him, and said “sit on the couch.” I could see a huge spot of precum on the front of his shorts. He sat down at one end; I walked over, reached, down, and slid his shorts off. He was just sitting there, looking at me, with his beautiful hard cock point up. I sat down a few inches away from him, then leaned over, got on my knees beside him on the couch, and the tip of his cock, just below the hole. Then I reached over, grabbed the base of his shaft with my right hand, and took the whole head of my son’s cock in my mouth. I could feel small twitches, and I tasted the salty sweetness of his precum.

To be honest, I haven’t given a blowjob in nearly twenty years. My husband isn’t a a big fan of them, but my teenage years came roaring back! I started by sloppily sucking, sliding his cock as far into my mouth as possible, while jacking with my hand in the same motion. As I kept going, I could feel my son’s hands feeling my tits, squeezing my nipples like I’d showed him when I masturbated for him. Next thing I knew, he has one hand caressing a tit, and the other hand reaching down over my ass crack, shoving fingers into my soaking pussy, in and out, while his cock filled my mouth.

It was over in less than 2 minutes. I felt my son’s cock swell in my mouth, while he began moaning. For a moment, I thought of pulling off, and jacking him to completion. But I was so horny from his playing with my tits, and with his fingers in my pussy, that I just kept sucking and jacking, letting his cock sloppily slide in and out of my mouth, while my hand slid up and down, lubed by my saliva and his precum. All of a sudden, he grunted and gasped, his cock filling my mouth and twitching, as I tasted his cum spilling onto the back of my tongue. I stopped jacking, and kept my mouth still, gently sucking and swallowing, as his cum kept spewing. I slowly milked his cock with my right hand, timing each squeeze and pull with his diminishing spasms. The pulses of cum stopped, and I gently sucked the tip of his cock, pulling out the last little bit. At that point I stood back up, looked at him, and said “we have got to stop this.” To keep it light, I stuck my tongue out at him, and wiped the corners of my mouth. I haven’t flashed him since, and I know this needs to stop. But part of me really likes it. I feel like I’m 16 again

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1. Your body obviously doesn't reject him so what's the problem. You obviously like it.

2. You may feel like 16 again but you sure as hell don't look 16. Maybe your son likes an old lady or he just has a hot thing for his mother. Either way enjoy it while it lasts.

3. Keep doing him, it is so hot! Wish I was your son!

4. Is this the same poster as 17242?

5. Yes, I'm following up on my earlier post, 17242 and the others.

6. Contact me!! i have a great story for you and had a few questions about my mom!

7. More has happened. I just confessed again at 17330

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