After a lot of persuasion, my wife eventually got me to take a dildo in my arse, she'd always wanted to watch me with another guy, but I wasn't interested, then!
Things developed and she started to fuck me with a strap on after each time i'd fucked her, almost like, if you want my pussy and arse, then i'm going to have yours.
The thing is I got to like it, even fucking myself analy when she was out, this lead me to the thought of what it would be like with another guy's cock instead of a dildo or strap on.
I approached the subject with my wife, when she was taking my cock up her arse one day, asking if she really wanted to watch me with another guy, i'd try it for her, really knowing it was for me.
She said she knew a guy from her gym class who was bisexual and would pose the question, after about 3 weeks she phoned me at work and said if I was still game for being fucked, her friend would call round later.
I got home a little after 5.30pm, showered and mentally tried to prepare myself to meet this guy and have sex with him, Just after 7pm I heard a knock at the door, my wife was up stairs taking a bath, I opened the door, a tall, broad shouldered guy was stood there, he introduced himself and I invited him in.
We sat down opposite each other and chatted, small talk. My wife walked in wearing just a towel wrapped around her, the talking continued with my wife now sat next to me, but the conversation turned to sex, gay sex.
Thats when she asked our guest to show me what I was about to get, he stood up and started to undress, lastly peeling down his underwear, his cock was larger than mine about 7 inches long, but not as thick.
He stepped towards me his cock at my face level, I instinctively took hold of it, pulling the fore skin back, moving forwards I licked the head of his cock, tracing around and underneath, just like my wife does to me, sliding my tongue all the way down his shaft, then back up again.
My wife came up behind me and started to remove my clothes just as I took him into my mouth, I was completely undressed by the time I was taking most of his cock down my throat.
My wife moved onto the other couch, asking me if I wanted him to fuck me now, I murmered I did with a mouthful of cock.
So my new found male lover positioned me facing my wife, in the doggie position, he placed a condom on his cock, lubed up my arse and nudged at my rear, pressing forward, after all the fun i'd had with my wife and on my own fucking myself, his cock slipped in fairly easily, but the sensation was completely different.
He began to fuck me, my cock swaying as he went in deeper and harder.
I looked up at my wife, she was sat on the couch with her legs spread wide, she was fucking herself with the dildo she used to fuck my arse.
His pace quickened even more, as my wife encouraged him to fuck me, ramming his cock in long quick lengths.
I was in rapture, I didn't think being fucked by a guy would be so good, it didn't take me too much longer to cum, without even touching my cock.
He pulled out of me just as my wife reached her climax, quickly pulling the condom off and moving towards my wife, standing above her, he came all over her face, spurt after spurt.
I had my first taste of another guys cum then, as my wife told me to lick it off, I was so horny I didn't protest, I just did it.
We cleaned up and offered our guest to stay and have a meal with us, but he declined saying he had to get back home to his wife.
I now meet with our mutual friend with my wifes full blessing, both when shes there, but mostly when shes not. I've since come to learn they'd been fucking for about 6 months before I had his cock up my arse, but hey, whats good for the goose, is good for the gander, and this particular gander loves taking cock deep up his arse.

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1. I got into dildo sex, when my wife caught my best friend barebacking my ass on afternoon. She just stood there and watched. She came as he pulled out and saw the cum dripping from my butt. Since then she does me strap on and my buddy joins us. The sickest thing is my wife is now into lick my buddy cum out of my ass after he has me. Thing are getting out of control as she wants me to take 3 or 4 guys bare back so she can have ass cum from them to.

2. Sounds delicious, do it , just for her, you know you want to, enjoy.

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