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Me and my husband have been married 15 years, we have 2 boys and we both work. Were also a kinky couple, bondage, S & M, pissing, hes secretly bi so weve has threesomes, stuff like that but a couple weeks ago the boys were away one night and we wanted to get freaky, its not often when we have the house to ourselves and have total freedom to be ourselves, my boys don’t even know I smoke, we try to be good parents. I asked my husband his wildest fantasy, he looked at me and was hesitant to say but I got it out of him. He told me he wanted to see me get fucked by our dog. Honestly, Ive wanted to try it for awhile to, he was pleasantly surprised. We have a great dane, we looked at some pictures online to see positions and to get ideas. We both took turns sucking him off, then he guided the long red dick inside me and the dog knew what to from there. My husband occasionally put his cock in my mouth to suck and played with himself in pleasure as he watched getting fucked hard, I had to wear a ball gag I was screaming so loud in absolute pleasure. After the dog knotted and pulled out my husband sucked my clit to eat the tons of cum he spewed inside me, he already had cummed watching. We laid together agreeing this was incredible and regretting not doing it years ago. Weve done it a couple more times since, next my husband wants me to fuck a python, I really would love a thick snake up my cunt as well, our friend Scott has one, were trying to make an excuse to get the snake. My husband suggested a couple other taboo ideas, we both agree the more perverted the sex the better it is.

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1. This confession is hot, wish you were my mom so I could watch

2. My sister said the same as you. The more perverted sex is the better. Then she took hold of the dog. As she shouted to me to hurry up. Because you and i are taking the dog a walk. So i asked her where we were going to. She said just hurry up, we're going down to the local woods. When we got there it turned out to be the best afternoon of my life. She had me watch as the dog fucked her all over the place. Then she said what are you waiting for?. Get all your clothes and then join in. I need more cock to suck on and be fucked all over with. Well as i said earlier, it turned out to be the best afternoon of my life. And then i'll just leave the rest to your imagination.

3. You should try having your dog fuck your husband as well!

4. How about a pony? or maybe a doggie gangbang? you should let me watch! I have girls doin eels tape

5. Oh you so wonderful i want this too and saw a snake in a vid in canada holy fuck. you are a luck lady.

6. My wife let our masift fuck her she loved it so much she lets him fuck her when ever he wants

7. Avoid the python. Snakes may become accustom to being handled, but you can not domesticate it, so if you piss it off, it'll bite(with huge nasty sharp curved teeth) and hold on

8. Wow! What a hot confession! I would love to see you being mounted.

9. Your husband needs to tie your legs wide open and your arms up, when your two sons are there. While he hides with a camera, let your sons find you and convince them all you need is their young cocks in your mouth and pussy! My wife loved it when her teen son found her, he just walked up to her and pulled his hard dick out and fed every inch into her mouth, he never said a word to his mother. He just pumped his cock in and out untill she swallowed every drop! When he was done he turned to leave and she told him thank you!!!

10. Where are you from? wanna play with you and your dog

11. I've spent so much of my cum while watching videos of women fucking their dogs. My favorite is seeing a dog creampie a woman and watching the cum flow our of her pussy. I would like to take sloppy seconds from a big dog.

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