I know this older man who'm is married to this younger Asian woman from the Phillipines.Anyway,she is way open in speaking of how her & her husband have & like sex.It's hell of hot to hear her accent out her best English to describe their most intamit times.A sister of her's that came last year to visit in the West was a dear - little slutty hoe of the most curious nature ?
The second day of her visit to her sister,she & I became introduced.That very night we boned & 69'ed,though every inch a nympho - it was quite clear she had never experienced a westerners large package - nor ever had oral sex preformed on her B4,either. She tasted like a boqu'e of flowers smells & was the tightest lassie i ever got in my entire life.
There was no getting in to her ass,at least not without a longer session than we had...,it was simply grand a time of what we did accomplish,though...,Oh ya,that it was !

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1. The Filipinas don't seem to like anal but they are willing to try receiving oral although unaccustomed to it. They are hot little babes, no doubt about it.

2. The way you write you sound like a fuckin idiot for a westerner. I actually found it irritating trying to figure out what the fuck you were saying. Reading these confessions should be a joy not an effort. Maybe you should concentrate your efforts on mastering some basic spelling & writing skills.

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