My husband and I, 33 yo female, were asked to feed and walk our neighbor's Great Dane when they left for vacation. A message was left by the food, saying, "If you are into it, Mort makes a great knot. Just slap your ass."

The next day, my husband searched the internet and discovered the meaning of the message. I was up for it, but a little scared.

I was so wet thinking about it. I got down on all fours with my pussy lifted high as my husband patted my ass. Mort immediately stode over me and started probing my pussy area with his huge cock. Suddenly, it entered me, OMG, he was huge and so warm. Cum was flowing everywhere....I tried to move forward and that make Mort force his 8 inch cock forward deeperly and hold it in. I began to feel something growing inside my pussy! Mort was knotting me! At first it was painful, but then the knot was pushing on my G-spot really hard! I started cumming so hard, all the while jets of dog cum fired deep in my pussy!

My whole stomach bouncing! I told me husband, OMG, I think Mort has his pointy penis tip lodged in my cervix. My vagina was dripping around his knot, and my vagina was contracting to his pulsing cock! Finally, Mort just stopped moving and starting drooling on my head! He knot continued to get bigger and bigger slowly, it must have been a softball size. I tried to rest my myself but his knot kept my pussy pulled high.

I asked my husband how long would the knot husband started laughing and said about 45 minutes to an hour..OMG...all the time Mort's dog penis was pumping cum and fluid into my pussy and filled up my womb I think!

When Mort finally came out, I was so relieved. I swear my cunt released dog sperm for a week...I had to wear a sanitary napkin and change it several times a day.

Now, my neighbor's wife and I "help relieve poor Mort's stress" about every 2-3 days, taking turns! My husband says he wants me to live a full life as possible and watches when he is not working.

If you have never been knotted by a big dog, then you have never lived fully!

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1. I am 29 and I have a dog that is 9 inches. I love having him in me. The knot u should take it in ur ass.

2. You are a sick person, you both are. It's a disgrace

3. Bullshit story, nobody would want anybody to know that they got dog fucked.

4. Also this is a common misspelling. It's actually bestiality. Look it up, I'm right.

5. My wife and I enjoyed your confessions We are so horny after reading were going to illinois 4 pre mardi gras orgy thank you!

6. Thanks for sharing and fuck the net nazis, they are to afraid to experiment but happy enough to jack off on the keyboard. Proud of you ............XXX

7. What the fucking fuck you probably giving the poor dog more stress go sky diving you sick fucks

8. You're the dog's bitch! Does your husband get sloppy seconds after the dog? He's been cuckolded by a dog!

9. Well done girl, live it to the edge and fuck the idiots who read the stories,cum on their keypad and criticise those who provide their incentive to orgasm. You are brave and adventurous, and thank you for sharing, and your hubby is a very open minded guy, I'd love to watch my babe being fucked by a dane, she says she'd love to try but is nervous. XXX

10. Do what you feel and enjoy. i wished my wife was open with it as you. life is to short. share with your husband and show out. He will enjoy it.

11. No.2 if YOU think this is so sick then WHY were YOU reading it???

12. Wow,how sexy! Hard beast cock pounding female's swollen pussy and pumping her full of his gallons of dog cum! You are such an adventurous girl that i believe you are already contemplating the next type of beast you want to fuck! Horse perhaps? Well done,enjoy it! Ken

13. My next door neighbor asked me to dog sit for her the dog wouldn't leave me alone I didn't think anything of it at the time a few months later she asked me to help with her computer I had to download some stuff she was real worried so I did it all in front of her next time. I looked after her dane I got on her computer and found photo of her and her dog eating her ass and pussy took me a few day but now I love looking after her dog

14. Ein Hund bleibt nicht in der Muschi Verknotet weil die Fotze ist sehr denbar ein cild hat ein fiel großen Kopf als der Knoten von einen Hund

15. Sounds interesteing. I once di the same. It was with a border. he was very active and would cum inside me for ages till i stroked him and his know would subside. I had such big orgasms with him ......

16. I wanted to provide my intercourse during my large dog knotting. his happy dog held me down. during my severe org. his knot was shoved into my honeypot so tight. th whole thing just kept getting bigger and bigger. i think the tip started to penetrate and spread my internal womanhood. It was stupendussly earth shaking. As he grew my equipment absorbed his juce and fallice. my unit started to cum on it then he gave big hard thrust tounload his dog man juice

17. That is great i would love to try it

18. W-m 62 need to try it nynjguy07athotmaildotcom

19. Wow way to go!!! I have never ever thought about this untill reading your post and I would be lying if I said I didn't want to see that! I encourage you to video it and e-mail it to me if you decide to do it. Again awesome what a trooper you. Are thumbs up.

20. My wife is open about it and she want to try it and it gives me a hard on hope we'll hav a chance to experience it any dog we can dogsit for a few days?

21. Wow someone with the same occurrence that's happened to me last November. My neighbor's black lab and me totally by accident the first time but I loved it so I would sneak out at night after everyone went to bed and to his kennel I went. It didn't take him long to learn what I was there for and he took me night after night then one night he knotted me and I thought I was going to die but I loved it so and for a good twenty minutes he stayed tied to me pumping his sperm filling my pussy till I couldn't hold any more and it began flowing out around his cock soaking the insides of my legs then it happened.

22. Ya I was caught by Ron Dukes Master when he was watching he said in a soft voice he wanted a turn with me after wards and he started in fucking me doggie style right after Duke pulled from me and I don't know who's cock is bigger but I love em both, four to seven times a week. I love feeling his knot expanding inside of me stretching the insides of my pussy to accommodate him for I am his bitch and I'm proud of it. Duke now has a partner a four year old german shepard the Ron got for me but keeps him in the kennel for me to use any time I want even during the day for it's secluded or so I thought.

23. Or so I thought yea right here I was tied to Duke for5 about 35 minutes and here came a base ball over the fence and came to stop three feet from me, nothing I could do for there was no way I could hide here I was totally nude tied together by a dog from behind getting the love I needed and here came a young man about 17 or so over the fence and up to the kennel to retrieve his ball. he stood there what seemed like forever and he said in a deep voice man I heard about it but I thought it was BS and now I see you love it don't you and I said to him yes but you're making mew nervous.

24. I got soooooo turn on reading about this, I don't have a dog, but I imaging doing it with a dog while he sucks my nipples and pull on them real hard. Now I want to fuck dogs more than ever.

25. Is there a place in NY where women who want to fuck dogs can go to do it?

26. This was a great story. I am a Male to Female Transgendered woman and I would love to experience what you have it has been a long tome fantasy. I am in Sacramento California and would like to know if there are any like minded people who would help me experience K9 sex.

27. This is mostly fantasy stories

28. Thnk u confessor. truly great story. more so bcos it was well described at the 'knotting' moment. and the story was kept simple. thnk u....

29. Does anyone want a gay sissy to tie up and train

30. I so want to do this...I have always had the fascination of being tied with a large breed dog...would love to have my pounding pussy gushing with cum

31. Dogs love women and want to do it once they get a taste of it. I know several women over the years who are into K-9. It is not something that is easily talked about as it is taboo. Postings like this verify there is lots of interest in animal sex.

32. I was 14 when it happened to me. My dog slept in my room at night and one night he got excited I guess as I was dressing and I sat on the edge of the bed and he decided to lick me. WOW was that hot. Then I was on my hands and knees looking for a piece of jewelry I dropped and he started licking me so more. I just let him and he suddenly mounted me and started pumping and entered me and it scared me at first then WOW it started feeling good,,,,well it was the beginning of something good.

33. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you people. If she wants to have sex with a dog that is her business not yours and further more that is the way she chooses to pleasure herslef. If her husband allows it that means that they are happy how they are living. And I Bajan(excuse my french) dat aint concern wanna long mout' asshole let de dam woman fuck who she want what she want how she want whre she want in in wat position de fucking woman want. Wanna other bitches real fucking judgemental

34. I want to try having a dog in me does anybody have a dog that will

35. I like the confession,and a Great Dane. Im into the same thing, just need to find people to meet,I wish she was my neighbor.

36. I wanted to try this ever since my teens. Finally just last year I had the opportunity. I was sitting a Rottweiler and began t look at him and he looked at me as if he knew What I wanted. I went and got coconut oil and lubed my butt hole and got on all fours. He began licking and got me all lathered up and jumped on my back. He slid I. Deep and began to pump. He began to swell and we became knotted. After he filled me up he turned and in about 25 minutes pulled out. Now when I sit for the people. He judges me and we gave our time together.

37. I want to try this so bad ,all I do is watch videos , I want to be knotted in but I don't have a dog, I need it so bad, help!

38. I would love to try this, in fact all I do is watch videos, play withyself, help please desperate to try this I'm beautiful and ready

39. Isn't that the reason to own a dane ? So how open are dane poeple ? Should I ask anyone I see with a dane ?

40. How do you find people in the community that is into this kinda thing? I dont want to just randomly walk up and ask hey do you **** your dog? Is there signs or hints to look for?

41. Is there any body near north Florida who has sex with there dog I would love to watch

42. I love to watch a woan and a dog fuck enayone I hermiston or fuck dogs

43. So fucking hot would love to suck a dog then have him knot me

44. I am longing to experience the knot. I ve a dog, but I can't get him to fuck me despite several attempts I ve made.He can hump me but can't get his dick in. Can someone tell me how to go about it ? I am contemplating going for a dog penis dildo but it still can't be like the real thing.

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