dog / rape

I was young home alone I just came out the shower walk into my room still naked my dog a large mix breed was resting on the floor. I was on the floor looking under the bed for something them my dog jump on me at 1st I thought he was playing he wrap his front legs around me then he start humping me I felt his dick enter my ass thats when I try to get him off of me I couldn't he pin me to the floor. I felt large dick going deep into my ass I begin to get a hard on I relax and move with him I felt his knot swells as he move his knot swells I cum on the floor he turn around he lock into me but the pain of his knot was hard to bare. He lock into for 30min as I lay in pray positon on my bed. I felt cum pump into my ass it hurt more as he pull away we had sex again it was more fun

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1. I can't handle reading these stories about dogs and guys anymore. I'm goin to try this!! Any suggestions??!

2. It feels great to have my dogs cock in my anus but don't let him knott you. What I did was to see the size of his knott and find objects the same size and see if they fit inside you. I won't let my dog knott me because I'm sure ill get hurt. Have fun

3. How do you stop him from knotting you

4. You can either put your hand back there and hold-block it from entering you. Or I like to play on the more on the danger side. And let the knot in and as it swells thrust forward and make him "pull out" but not don't do it to far forward where he completely comes out.

5. #4 thats the way I planned it with the neighbors big german shepherd, let him pound me till I felt his knot swelling, then pull away from him. He was doing his thing, really making it feel good, then I felt his knot swelling, so I started to move away, but he was so big and strong, and holding me back to him sooo tight, and then he had me. We were hung like stud and bitch, it hurt and he kept me like that for over 20 minutes, I was 16.

6. I had a similar experience to this. You know, it would not hurt to use some periods.

7. I have seen my own sister and our dog getting it on together. And she just love its cock pumping its sperm into her pussy.

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