I was 9, sister 14 had a 16yo boyfriend who was always trying to get her to blow him. Whenever he came over he would pull his hard cock out and tell her to suck him off. Even if I was there watching tv with them. Usually she would act offended and disgusted but at least 1 time a week she wouldstart jerking him off and look at me while she pumped his cock and say "you better not tell", I promised and pretendedto ignore them. Rick would stars at me while karen eagerly sucked his cock. I stared at his rock hard cock going in and out of my sisters hungry mouth and he would cum hard all over her face while locking eyes with me. Then karen got a job after school but rick still came over pretending to look for her. He would come in the door come up to me stroking his big hard cock and say, "i need karen to suck me off". I told him she was working and he said that I had to do it then. He stuck it in my face and without even thinking I sucked him the way my sister did while I stared into his eyes. He came immediately now I sjck him off every day.

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1. Sounds familiar, I was7 sister15 her bf would show me is dick whenever she left the room or if he got there before she got home he just like to show me hiscck and see my reaction. He could tell I was fascinated and I liked it when he squirted. He used to find me walking and give me a ride and started making me suck on the tip while he jacked off. I got used to mouthful of cum and then he taught me to blow him and his friends. I m 15 now and I suck someone off evey day

2. Come on guys.. this isn't true. The gullability factor in this place is sooo high. The first 4 lines tell one story.. the guy would ask, she would be disgusted but once a week or so he'd get a handie. Then after that the story takes a HUGE turn, and it's just assumed there's blowjobs and facials going on while locking eyes with a 9 year old. Then it goes even further to say that now.. however many YEARS later, she's blowing him every single day? Whaat? Just ask yourselves do I believe this? The answer is no way.

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