I often fantasize about having anal sex with my best friends wife. She's cute she's pear shaped and has a very healthy butt on her. After 4 kids she has stretch marks all over her hips, thighs and butt. She barely has breasts, she wears a sports bra rather than a regular bra. Her nipples are almost always hard and visible through her bra and shirts, she barely has cleavage. I fantasize about taking her in her bathroom with her staring into the toilet, her hair wet with toilet water. I can imagine squeezing her small breasts and pulling on her nipples, and pounding her butt until I cum inside her.

I know I could never make this fantasy real, but it gets me through the day while the wife is at work.

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1. I know what you mean, i like some girls that sound like they are mot 'perfect' dont take it the wrong way, i bet shes a goddess

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