I am a 53 year old woman, married and divorced several times with two grown children. I am currently married to my third husband who is kind, loving and my life is pretty much normal.

My Dr. OB/GYN who delivered both children and has been my only GYN for the last 30 years. He is slightly older than me, by about 10 years. For the last 15 years during my annual exam, and at times when i go in for cysts or any other issue, he has managed to become more and more "erotic" in his exams. The nurse who is normally present is not always in the room following the exam, it was during that time he has asked to "let me check you again" for one reason or another. The first time that this happened was about 10 years ago.

This second exam, consisted of checking my vaginal walls probing with 2 fingers, the normal manual check, but he rubbed specifically on my g-spot while pressing the palm of his other hand against my clitoris and pushing gently on my bladder area. he said it was to check my bladder for cysts but oh my God he got me so excited! I laid there and didnt say a word as he continued the manipulations until i had an orgasm.

This has happened almost every time since the first incident. He knows that i am letting him do this, and once i have orgasmed he ceases the movements of his hands and gives my pussy a "pat" saying "everything seems normal" or words to that effect.

I have no idea if anyone else has experienced this with their Dr. It's not a complaint, not at all, but I tell you what, i do not worry about going in for my yearly exam anymore! I look forward to it!

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1. You must have one very nice pussy cause I'm sure everybody doesn't get that treatment! I try to make my wife cum while she is sleeping...so far no luck just fat lips

2. I'm a guy who not long ago had his first prostate exam. I've never had a gay experience or had anyone play with my arse, but the nurse that day had me cumming without my cock even being touched. I was suitably embarressed, but she just smiled and passed me some tissues.

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