Ok so the story how I lost my virginity is probably one of the most embarassing things that ever happened to me. When I was 15 I sorta went to a party at a friends house (which I could get away with because my parents were way), and I got really really drunk. But, I managed to find my way home before morning and let myself in. I can remember thinking that I smelled like cigarette smoke and I didnt want my parents to smell that on the furniture so I got undressed in the enterance and was going to go to my room to sleep but I ended up passing out on the couch.

At some point that morning I woke up on the floor, I was still a bit tipsy but i could feel that I had something inside my vagina. Ok, so just to be open, to this point of my life I had never even fingered myself, i was 100% untouched down there. Ok in any case it felt nice and i didnt actually realize that my German Shepard had mounted me until a few seconds later...

Ok, so I dont know if this is normal with dogs, but his penis was stuck inside me! I tried to push him off but it felt like it had stelled up in me and I was too tight for it to get back out. So I ended up bent over the edge of the couch for about an hour, with the worlds worst hangover, all the time feeling myself being stretched out by a dogs penis!!!

And the part I feel most guilty about is that I actually had an ******! I mean, humans arent meant to enjoy things like that right?

So yeah, when he finally came out of me I spent the whole morning trying to wash all his ***** out of my vagina... I was so scared that I was pregnant and also that I was bleeding. Luckily everything turned out ok though and since then I have slept with a few guys, but I always feel guilty about my first time.

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1. Wow! your story is super hot! my cock feels like it is going to burst!

2. That is awesome, I really want my girlfriend to let our aussie mount her but I don't think she would go for it. Did you ever do anything with your dog again?

3. Drunk of not you never got dog fucked.

4. #3 why do you alway say that? sounds like she got knotted to me...don't be such a jealous hater

5. Pregnant from a dog STFU!!! Get back in school you missed sex ed!!!

6. #3 to #4, I can say that cause I have been fucked by dogs, and 99% of the stories you read are bullshit, it just don't happen like they tell it.

7. Unless you were sleepling on all fours, it never happened, sounds like a doped up dream lased with bullshit.

8. I got hard reading this, just imagining a poor little teenie bopper being pummeled by her dog. Lucky your parents didn't come home lol

9. That sounds so erotic. Do you have a dog now for them days when ur boyfriends not around? Dogs hump anything and you suplyed him with avaliable holes.

10. Yeah you were pregnant, bitch, with puppies.

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