I found doggy porn on my wife's mobile porn history. It was the hottest thing ever. I wish I could figure out how to let her know I'm onto her and want to see what all she's into.

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1. Try barking next time you fuck her

2. Tell her you're into k9 and cum while watching some k9 porn with her :)

3. I was beating off one day.. my dog came up to me started licking my balls... What a turn on... I said Wtf... Dog is female got behind her and fucked her like crazy.. she kept growling so I no she liked it...my Dick was hard as Fuck... Came in her so hard.. it was actually amazing...

4. I live on a farm.. pretty lonely sometimes.. just me and animals.. so horny and hard one day I said Wtf.. went out and Fuck my goat...I came all inside her.. it actually felt really good .. will do it again..

5. If you don't have a male mid size dog then perhaps you should tell your wife you would like to get a dog and she how she is about that , get mid size to full size dog and dogs are most sexually active from 6 months to 5 years old as long as they have not be fixed , start watching some dog-girl sex with your wife and then how it would be so cool to see her mounted and knotted by a dog screw the crap out of her over it to show how excited it makes you , if she has fantasied this she will be ready to try it with the new dog you may of gotten, wanna chat more then contact me at my private e mail mcooldude39 at yahoo dot com

6. I have let a dog fuck me before and I really did enjoy it!

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