Over the last few years I have wanted to see my wife get mounted by her bosses Black Lab.
I get instantly hard at the thought of her being pounded by a a big dog cock. I want to watch as she orgasms doing something so taboo.
We have talked about it, and she has said that she is turned on by it, but she isn't willing to do it yet. I am hoping that the next time we "babysit" for him, I can get her to try sucking him off or giving him a hand job.

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1. Soon I hope! I want to share this with her and maybe join in while she sucks him

2. I would suggest a bit of sex play then some mild 'licking' BEFORE you suggest going further,, get them excited enough and its EASY to get them up on their knees for a dog.. I know, Ive 'converted' perhaps a dozen women to be "bitches" too so far once they got excited enough. PLAY IT SLOWLY.. they WILL often volunteer to do it eventualy.

3. Thanks for the advice! I will give it a try. :)

4. I think if you start it out by stroking the dog then go to sucking him yourself she will joine in then you can help him mount her and you might even toung his asshole while he is pounding your wifes cunt.

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