When I was little I would visit my uncle who lived 2 hours away. One time I was allowed to stay the night. At the same time my uncles girlfriends niece sarah spent the night too. I was 8 and she was 7. We all went swimming and when we got back I changed in the bathroom and when I got out sarah was naked in the living room changing. This was the first timei saw a girl naked so I didn't look directly and I wasn't shure how I felt. Later that night we slept in the same bed. We were so young that my my uncle didn't think much about it. I was so nervous because I couldnt get that picture of her naked body out of my head. We started talking about random stuff. Sarah said she was hot so she got out of her pajamas. She was laying next to me in nothing but her panties. We began to talk again then she kissed me out of the blue. I told her the I liked that so she put my little penis in her hands and when I woke up she was still holding on to it. 7 years had passed when I saw her again. It was my brothers 21st birthday I was 15 she was 14. Every one got wasted, my grandma and my brother drank out of the till the sun rose. Earlier in the night when I went into the into the kitchen. Sarah followed me and without saying a word she showed me a bottle of jager she had hid under her jacket. We went into my basement and opened the bottle. We were both pretty new to drinking so jager wasn't the best choice. We began to catch up and we both got pretty drunk but I didn't think anything about it. She told me she hadn't forgot about the last time we saw eachother. I had completly forgot about it. " it doesn't matter it probably hasn't gotten any bigger" she said. So I said bitch wanna see. I was so drunk I didn't even care. When I pulled it out her face got all red. She said it did get a little bigger but that aint nothing. Even though my dick is the only one she has ever seen. I told it still looks like she still has a flat chest. So she took off her shirt and bra exposing her b cup tits. When we found out that we were both virgin she began to stroke my dick and I was feeling her tits. We got naked and layed down on the couch and she layed on top of me. She began to rub her pussy against my dick as we made out. I got a condom out of my wallet and she put it on. After a little guiding I found her hole and she slowly sat down. After a long moan and a wince of pain she was able to fit it all inside of her. She sat there for about ten seconds before she began to move up and down. It only lasted about thirty seconds then she threw up in a trash can that was on my left side. We both felt asleep like that. We woke around six and I was still inside her. When I pulled out the condom had a little bit of blood on it. Sarahs parents had a massive hang over and they didnt want to the two hour drive back so they stayed another night. Me and sarah spent the rest.of the day and night treating our own hangovers and giving eachother oral sex. That was a year ago and my girlfriend still thinks that I was her first time and that she was mine. Whenever I saw sarah again my girlfriend was around so we just gave eachother a slight nod and we haven't spoken a word to eachother since.

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1. Still a virgin, but you had a condom in your wallet? Oh well, "Be Prepared' is the Scouts motto, didn't realise you were a troop member!

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