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This happened a few days ago and have to get this off my chest. I am a 48 y/o mother with two adult kids. My son is 25 and my daughter is 23. My son had come over to help me out with the yard work. After he had finished he came inside and got something to drink. We started to have a conversation. We started on one thing then ended up on masturbation. I told him that I liked watching men masturbate. Conversation should have stopped right then and there. But the next thing that happened he was masturbating for me. It turned me on seeing my son masturbating and ejaculating. We ended up having sex together that day. Everyday now he comes over and we have sex. I am addicted now having sex with my adult son. I know it is wrong, but he is the best lover I ever had.

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1. You're every guys dream mom, enjoy the fun its the best you'll ever have. And will bring you so much closer.

2. God, I wish my mother was like you. She seems that way sometimes,wearing tiny shortts,braless. How can I make her take the next dtep?

3. Sounds like my mom. She had always been a little freaky herself. When I came home from the navy on leave one time she asked me to jack off for her. We never had sex but I still jack off for her.

4. I wish my mommy fucked me? I would inseminate her for sure. did your son knock you up hun?

5. My mom has been watching me jerk off since I was 20. I love seeing her stare at my penis and see me ejaculate. Have left many stains on the couch cushions.

6. To be honest with you my mother is the best lover I have ever had. The maternal love between a mother and her son is a very powerful bond. When you combine that with sex, you get something so beautiful, few can see it for what it in its purest form.

7. My mom and I never have sex. But she gives me hand jobs everyday.

8. My Mom used to watch me poo after a hard day of yard work. Then she would cut my hair and stuff it in her pus. I am reminded of those times most during my breakfast of Jell-O and toast. She was always a shitty cook.

9. I was seven when dad left I never left moms bed again, she bathed me till I was 16 and I always played with her. At about 8 1-2 I remember putting my hand and most of my arm in moms place between her legs she would scream and make sounds I thought I was hurting her but she said she loved it. I could even open my hand and feel around in there. She was always putting my Wenner in her mouth, she REALY knew wow to make it feel good. I am 29 now and we are still together and things are great.

10. My mom and I used to masturbate each other and that was a lot of fun. I asked her one time if we could fuck and she said that she did not think we should. I often fantasize about fucking her during masturbation, and I have had many an erotic dream about incest with her.

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