Back in the early '80's when I was a Junior in highschool I lost my virginity and then really slutted out. I would fuck anything with a cock. I was a cheerleader and fucked a lot of jocks in the Mens shower. I once got caught there naked by the gym teacher and tried to fuck him too, but he did the right thing and got me dressed and out of there. My History teacher was a different stoy. He was only about 26 trim and really good looking. He and I fucked regularly after school in his house before his wife would get home. This lasted about four months till I realized I was pregnant. There was quite a scandal. My confession is that when I was interrogated about who did it, I blamed that poor gym teacher. He got fired and the History teacher eventually became Principle. The whole thing makes me feel like shit even more than thinking about the baby I aborted.

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1. You're mistaken - the gym teacher SHOULD have gotten fired. Why? Because I turned down free pussy when it was offered to him. He violated the man's code and God punished him. He deserved everything he got - he should have fucked the shit out of you.

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