My neice is 13, with an 18 yr old's body. She is beautiful, nice big 32D tits, a nice round ass, thick legs, and dark sexy hair. Her window faces my back porch, and every time she gets out of the shower I peep at her drying off through the blinds. I have cum on her window sill so many times its stupid. When she gets into the shower, I try to get into her room as fast as I can so I can smell her pussy on her panties. I have cum into her panties a lot, and smear my cum into her unused ones and let the cum dry so she will have my cum next to her pussy all day. I also lick her panties crotch when they come out of the washing machine so she has my saliva on her pussy. I really want to fuck her bad! She is so damn sexy. Sometimes she will scratch her stomach, and I get hard immediately seeing her taunt stomach and skin. I have seen her pussy peeping through her window, I have seen her beautiful tits, and sexy ass too. She is so damn hot!

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