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26916 - My girlfriends friend is sleeping in my guest room and I want to go in there and tear that pussy up....she's got great tits that I want to see and stick my dick in between them...I'm drunk and horny and want to fuck her but...


26915 - I'm looking for people to trade videos with. I have lots of pics and vids that are very hard to find including stuff like the stories on this site. I'd prefer to trade with a girl but I'll trade with anyone. If you're interested my kik is othermoose


26914 - I want to share my first time,long story short my dad worked nights,mom never wore panties only nightgown and was a heavy sleeper.wont say my age at the time but I just reached the point where I could cum,I accidentally heard my mom and dad one night I woke up and peeked out my room and saw them banging and got hard and so wanted to see how doing it as my curiosity grew over next month or so I found dads porno and watched it,curiosity grew more,one night I woke up for some water,walked through the living room headed to the kitchen,but stopped midway once I saw mom sleeping on the couch,she had a sheet over her but it was in a way that was up and her legs were spread and her pùssy was I stopped and stared at it,over next few weeks I made it a habit to wake up and hoped to get a peek of her perfect peachy lips,so one night it happened again,spread eagle completely naked and just a sheet twisted up half exposed with crotch and 1 tit exposed,I stared with a hard on and couldnt take it,I brushed her tit,no movement so I gave it a squeeze and few minutes later gave it a lick,sound asleep still so I pisitioned myself between her thighs just inches from her opening and gave it a lick and it was heaven,I did it for maybe 10 minutes and she was so wet I had to try to go all the way,carefully I positioned myself between her legs,pressed the head against her lips and rubbed it up and down,and with one push the head was in,scared out my mind she would wake up but in love with the feeling of a hot wet p?ssy,not to mention it was my moms,I slowly pumped carefully for maybe 10 minutes,still asleep I felt my virgin díck about to explode,then I came with the best nut ive ever had and the hottest memory I have,I never mentioned it for 10+ years til after my dad died,then one day I confessed,she didnt believe me,but I grabbed her tits,she resisted at first but 15 minutes later we were fùcking like rabbits,we had that going on for years til we stopped.I still miss that hot sex we had and my hottest sex memory ever


26913 - Who has a dog I can blow in the eastern part of Pennsylvania? I'm a bisexual male with thoughts about it happening again...


26912 - I have been involved in incest since I was 7. I am a male and have been with my mom grandmother and grandfather. I have had sex with each many times. I had sex with my mom up till I was 30. And had sexual relationship with grandparents till they both passed away.


26911 - Am a lover of oler women that are mostly large fat tall and dark. But if you not any of that still feel free to connect its fine. Add me up on bbm 292ba2FC