Latest Confessions:


25592 - Two weeks ago I came home drunk at 2am. The cab driver brought me to the door as I could barely stand and my 18 year old daughter Jena got me to my bedroom.

She undressed me and when pulling my pants off my boxers went with it. I was horny and hard from the little cock teaser who was flirting with me, but then blew me off for a college dude.

Jena, just stood there looking at my cock. I’m not huge but am 7 ¼ inches when hard.

I don’t know what came over me, but reached up and stroked her long brown hair and gently tugged it forward and let go. Jena closed her eyes and moved forward and her mouth took in my cock.

She suck a few minutes and I pulled her in 69 position, pushed aside her sleep shorts and started to eat her. I came quickly she swallowed and I just kept eating her until she came several time.

After she caught a few minutes, she got up and kissed me. And went to bed room and I passed out.
I woke up several hours later with a hangover and took a shower. When I went back to my bedroom, I found Jena, naked and waiting for me.

Since then we sleep together and make love or 69 many times a day. On Monday night she confessed I had taken her virginity and she had wanted this to happen since she was 14.


25591 - My black buddy just left after working me over pretty good. I can still taste his cock and cum. I love that fresh fucked feeling that my ass has after he has fucked me. I love sitting down and feeling my ass gap on the seat cushions. My gf thinks she is slick holding sex back from me. Little does she know that I just give him a call when ever she goes in bitch mode. I always thought it funny that women think their pussy is gold when the female to male ratio is 3 to 1. Not to mention above all there are men out there to which increase the odds. In your face M.


25590 - 5 years ago when I was pregnant i began have sex with my father. It just happen and made our relationship even stronger.

My husband, is verbally abusive uses me like a sex toy. At least if he was good in bed I could live with it. But truthfully he only lasts about 3 minutes at best. Most time only a minute. I’ve never cum with him.

Dad's tongue and cock can please me every time. He takes his time and makes me cum in squirting orgasms.

I been pregnant twice more since starting with dad and I'm sure he is the father of the girls as I go home to him and we make love almost every day

Last week my husband forcing me to suck him off in the kitchen as the kids played in the living room, I didn’t want to be he slapped me until I did it.

I've decide to divorce my husband, as I need to be with a man who truly loves me and makes me feel like a woman, not a fuck toy.


25589 - I've been really into beastiality porn lately, there's something about it that gets me going. Part of me really wants to try it but part of me thinks it would be weird if I did. But the thought of a dog just going to town licking me down there seems like it would be full of pleasure. So last night I tried to do it with my dog.. I tried everything and he wouldn't do it. I thought maybe it was a sign that I wasn't meant to do it but I feel disappointed. I really want to try it, just to experience it.. I don't even know if it will change the way that dog acts towards me after. It's a sticky situation where I don't know what I'm going to do. Hopefully one day I'll get to experience it.


25587 - I go crazy if I don’t taste my son cum again and feel his cock inside me at least four times a day.

It’s been going on for 5 years since he was 16. He dated the whole time but almost always fucked me before the dates. Once we had started having sex he was constantly entering me.Before work and school he’d fuck almost to climax then stop. I beg him to finish, but he said he want me to think of him all day which I did. I was fired from a job because my female boss caught me masturbating at my desk several times.

When he came home after a date even if he had sex with a girl I gave him head and swallowed. I didn’t care if the girl’s pussy taste was still on his cock I need his cum.

Mike and I in those days were always naked together in the house, most days we fucked 2 or 3 times and are always be touching and masturbating each other. I’m obsessed with his cock and he obsessed with my pussy. He would come home for lunch every day just to give me oral. The few times he could not get home, he was very rough, slapping me around and fucking me like a dog until I could barely stand. The more he did it the harder I came.

The night before his wedding. He told his friends he didn’t want a bachelor party, and spent the night with me. We fucked and sucked for hours, I had never seen him get so hard. We rarely do anal but he fuck me three time that way. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We were both exhausted and sore from the all the fucking.

We woke up late and showered together, got dressed but we started kissing again, I hiked up my blue mini dress to show him I had no underware on, he was rock hard in a second and enter my soaked pussy. Mike pinned me against the wall and I wrapped my leg around him and he fuck me hard and fast. I had a multiple orgasm and was squirting. Finally, he came in me and we collapsed on the floor. The front of his pants and my dress were socked with my squirting and his cum.

We laid there and fell asleep for 30 minutes. When we woke up he said “I can’t marry her Mom, I love you. You are my wife and I’m your husband. She never makes me cum like you”. We started to kiss. We fucked and came. We could only do one thing, we packed our bags grabbed our PC’s and our passports went to the airport took a fight out of the country.

I had my lawyer sell everything and we now live in the Caribbean like we are married. I went off the pill 3 months ago and Mike has been living inside of me, cumming in me several times as day. I’m only 40 now and I’m three weeks late for my period, I know I’m pregnant.


25586 - I avoid public showers because as soon as I take my pants off when I'm around other people I get an erection. I am afraid to participate in team sports because of this.