Latest Confessions:


25148 - I go to the dog park with my dog. When I see someone else's dog drop a turd, and they don't pick it up(which is usually), if it's firm enough, I go over and pick it up and put it in a Ziploc bag. I try and make it look like my dog made it, or at least I think he did. When I get home, I suck on the shit I just picked up behind a strange dog. I love the feeling of it squishing between my teeth. I love chewing and swallowing big, firm shit logs hot and fresh out of a dog's asshole. I eat my own dog's shit as well, if he pushes one out that fits my fucked-up fetish, but all too often his logs are too small, or not firm enough. I've eaten shit logs as big around as my wrist, and as firm as a rubber dildo. I like to suck on them first, deepthroat them if I can without breaking them off. I know it's disgusting, I disgust myself, I tell myself almost every other time I do it that I'll stop, but then within a week I'll find myself in my backyard, on my back, in the middle of the night, with my lips locked around Bowser's asshole as he squeezes a fresh turd in my mouth. Next thing I know, were going back to the park the next day to find me a snack. I haven't actually caught anything from any of them, which is weird; physically, I'm actually pretty healthy, aside from occasionally puking up some dog shit(usually when I take the time to actually *think* about what I'm doing), and I live alone so at least I don't have a wife or kid to fuck up by them finding out about this.


25147 - 5 years ago when I was 15 and my little cousin was 11, when she stayed over, I would sneak in her room when she was asleep and caress her tight and snatch, whilst rubbing my hard dick on her face. Then return to my room to ejaculate.

I recently moved close to her for university, and she came to visit me, to get away from her parents who were giving her a hard time for drinking and smoking pot. After putting on a second movie she put her hand on my leg, so I went in for a kiss. She kissed back, and I proceeded to kiss and play with her tight, wet pussy for 40 mins before she begged me to fuck her. I came inside her.

We've continued fucking unprotected at every opportunity we've had for 2 months. And she's pregnant with my child.


25146 - One of my good friends got married about a month ago. The wedding was a few hour drive away so it was sort of a three night deal and the four bridesmaids (myself being one of them) were unable to schedule a good time for a bachelorette party and besides, the bride to be had said she didn't really want one anyway. We all stayed in a farm-house type building at the site of the wedding for the two nights before and we surprised her by hiring a stripper the night before. This turned out to be a bit of a bad idea since we'd been drinking heavily that afternoon/evening.

The stripper was incredibly sexy with a beautiful 8 pack and a 9 inch cock and with the drinking factored in, a lot of touching started to happen. One by one, he proceeded to fuck every one of the four bridesmaids, all of whom are/were married by the way. It was fantastic sex, I orgasmed several times on him. The worst/sort of most amusing part was that unbeknownst to the bridesmaids the bride to be was supposed to meet her fiance/groom around 10 PM that night and sure enough, around 10 he came by the farmhouse.

Luckily the four of us bridesmaids had clothes back on by then and we were able to do our duty as bridesmaids by guarding the upstairs bedroom and distracting the groom while the hunk stripper was upstairs pounding the shit out of his soon to be bride.

In the end, about 12 hours later, the bride walked down the aisle filled with stripper sperm and joined us four bridesmaids, also full of stripper cum at the alter and took her vows. I wonder if such an accomplishment has ever happened before, for one guy to have his cum in an entire bridal party during the wedding ceremony!


25145 - Ever since I was fifteen I’ve been involved in several rather unusual sexual relationships. Possibly my most unusual relationship is the one I have with Diane she’s a young Afro American female who works in upper management at large corporation.
After our first encounter I though all Diane wanted was a one night stand but I was wrong because when she gets that special urge she’ll call me and ask if I have any weed.
I always have a nice bud to share with her knowing that she going to come over and smoke with me. As soon as she gets her I’ll have my hookah loaded and ready then we’ll sit back and smoke some after a few toke’s I know that Diane I will be getting horny.
Last week when Diane stopped over as soon as she got a few hits off my pipe she had a silly grin on her face then she came over to me and sat on my lap then and put her head on my shoulder.
I seen she had a seductive look in her eyes as she took my hand and put it on her lap and whispered “oh that’s some powerful herb you have, thanks for sharing.” after she said that I slipped my hand up inside of her blouse and started kneading her petite firm breasts, as usual she wasn’t wearing her bra and started toying with her nipples, using my finger tip I traced circles around the areola of her breasts until her nipples were hard and erect as she shyly moaned with sexual grandeur.
As I toyed with her nipples Diane loosened her jeans then she slid the zipper down so there was room for me to slip my hand inside of them, when her pants were loose I slid my hand down across her stomach to the elastic waist band on her panties then pushing it aside I slipped my hand down inside of her underpants until my hand was on her pubic mound. then as I rested my on her vaginal mound I slipped my finger tip into her vaginal hood by pushing open her pubic lips and started exploring her vagina, when I found her tiny little clit she gasped as I started massaging her clit then as she languished on my lap as I took control of her wanton sexual craving causing her little black pussy to get exceedingly sexually wet.
When she was ready she stood up and took her cloths off, exhibiting her beautiful chocolate hued naked body just for me to admire. After I ogled her youthful bare naked body I got undressed, and started exchanging some passionate sexual foreplay with her until she was ready for sex. She knew I didn’t like to wear a condom and I knew she didn’t want to chance getting pregnant so she wanted to have anal sex! When she was ready she got down on the floor on her hands and knees so her cute little bubble butt was upraised and in position for me to fuck her.
As I got in position behind her I put a daub of KY lubricant between her butt cheeks then I smeared it around her rectum area then I got on my knees behind her and put the head of my erect cock in the crack of her ass right on her tightly puckered ass hole. Then I put my hands on her hips and slowly pulled her toward me watching as my hard pale white cock pushed against her dark chocolate colored ass hole. Soon my hard cock pushing against her over came the natural resistance of her tight sphincter muscle and allowed my cock to penetrate into her asshole. Once the head of my cock was inside of her it was easy for the rest of my erect cock to slid into her. When I was fully inside of her I paused and made a mental image of how her lovely milk chocolate hued ass looked when it was pressed tight against my groin. Next when I started fucking her in her ass she moaned with true sexual rapture sobbing aloud with “Oh damn it this feels so good, come on do it to me! come on fuck me!” After a few minutes of fucking her I was ready to climax and grasped her by her hips and pulled her tight against me. Then with my cock buried deep within her tight ass I came to climax and started ejaculating inside of her, pumping a load of my sperm into her while she moaned aloud “Oh! Its in my ass, your fucking me in my ASS! Oh damn it you feel so GOOD!” after the last vestiges of my sperm had pumped into her I slowly pulled my semi erect cock out of her and seen the evidence of our unbridled sex act as a few drops of my sperm oozed out of her tight little asshole then I seen how her ass cheeks were glistening from the creamy mess of my sperm mixed with the KY gel that now was spread all over her cute little bubble butt!
After we were done fucking we went into the bathroom and took a shower together, washing each others naked bodies then towel drying each other, finally as she getting dressed to leave we finished what was left of the bud we had been smoking, from the coy smile on her face I knew she’d be back for a encore, freely giving up her sweet little ass for another taste of my weed.


25144 - I've spent the last three years a dedicated cuckquean to my husband and my best friend. I'm slave to their desires and whims in the bedroom and their servant in the rest of the house. It's my own fault I ended up like this, so I can't complain.
It started when I had a brief affair with a coworker. It lasted 3 months before I broke it off and guilt ridden, confessed to my husband. He moved out for a couple of weeks and I was devastated. He forgave me and moved back in, but it put a strain on things.
When his next birthday came around I had an idea how to make things up (at least in a small way). I knew how much he fancied my best friend. I could understand why, she's a knock out, a full figured tall Latina woman. I always felt underdeveloped and plain next to her. I convinced her to meet my husband before his birthday dinner and give him a blow job. I sent along a card telling him this was my idea.
At the dinner he was ecstatic, thanking me and telling me how wonderful I was. That night we had the first real passionate sex since my affair ended. I though everything would be better now.
It was supposed to be a one time thing, but they had other plans. I came home a month later to find the two of them undressed and waiting on the sofa. My husband informed me that he'd decided on making some changes. I could either go along with these or he would divorce me. He said my friend would be moving in and becoming his full time lover. He gave me ten minutes to decide what to do and headed to the bedroom with her.
I couldn't face the idea of losing him so I followed them. They were sitting on the edge of the bed, kissing. They ordered me to undress and come over to them. I did so and then at their command started to stroke his cock and touch her pussy. As I pleasured them he described to me how much more of a woman she was, how scrawny and boylike my body was compared to her curves. He said how much better sex she was than me, mocking my oral skills and saying my pussy was worth less than his hand.
They then told me to lie down beside them on the bed. I watched as he entered her, fucking her, telling her how much he loved her and needed her. She occasionally reached over to twist my nipples or slap my pussy,laughing at my whimpers.
After he came inside her he moved up to the top of the bed, putting his cock to my lips. He ordered me to suck him, and I did tasting his cum and her juices. As I did that she gave me pointers telling me how to better serve my husband.
Then they switched places and she had me lick her pussy clean. I'd never so much as kissed a girl before, and now I was lapping a cunt. She ground against my face while my husband laughed and encouraged her. He straddled me so he could fuck her again, his cock moving in and out of her pussy right above my face. Their next orgasm led to both of their juices dripping onto my face.
They then threw down a blanket and pillow to the floor and told me I could sleep there. They didn't let me clean up. I spent the night on the floor like a dog while they made love several more times.
The next day my new life really began. At their orders I turned in my 2 week notice to work and prepared to become a full time housewife, or really their 24/7 slave. My husband had nanny cams installed in every room of the house, so either one of them can check up on em at any time. I'm not allowed to dress in more than a t shirt around the house as I cook and clean.
Every night, and all weekend long I serve as an aid to their sex life. Sometimes they just use my mouth to prep them and clean them up, sometimes they use me more directly, sometimes they abuse me for their amusement. Sometimes they through parties where I serve anyone who asks for me.
I've come to love my state, it's a fitting punishment for having cheated and I'm so glad they let me stay part of their lives.


25143 - I'm thinking about her while I'm masturbating. I want it to hurt her when i enter her and tear her hymen. I want her to cry and whimper as i slide my beautiful erect penis in and out of her tight little vagina. I want her to beg me not to come in her as I empty my balls into her wet sex