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24997 - My friend Marion is so strange besides being a bi-sexual she’s also a nymphomaniac, she called me early yesterday morning so she could tell me how horny she was, then went on to described in detail how she had already used her dildo on herself and had masturbated while she was waiting for me to wake up and now that she had me on the phone with her she was using her dildo her favorite dildo on herself while she was talking to me, I could even hear it humming in the background as she working herself up to yet another sexual climax while we talked. I could tell when she almost ready to climax from the way she was breathing deep then she started moaning as she experienced yet another sexual climax while on the phone with me. When she could she asked me “when are you going to come over?” I told her I’d be there in 30minutes.
As soon as I pulled up in front of her house I see that she was waiting for me inside the screened in front porch of her house. Then as I walked up to her house she opened the door for me and I seen she was bare naked standing there holding the door open for me. When I reached the top of the steps she smiled coyly as she hugged me passionately and pressed her naked body against me in full view of her neighbors. After she gave me what I felt as a prolonged hug I finally got her back inside of front porch and closed the door. Marion was a sexual exhibitionist and liked showing off how she had all of her natural body hair because she never had shaved any of it, other the plucking her eyebrows and the few stray hair that always sprouted up around the areola of her perky nipples. She actually liked being sexually tormented and would hand me the tweezers so I could pluck any the stray hairs out of her breasts, she tremendously enjoyed sitting on my lap so I could slowly and painfully pull on the stray hairs with a tweezers teasing her by slowly tugging on the a few times before finally freeing them from the wonderful milk chocolate hued areola that surrounded around her always perky nipples.
Sometimes when she was in the mood and wants a more daring yet even painful experience she’ll go over to a table or counter top and bend over and ask me to pluck out nay stray pubic hairs in the crack of her ass especially the wild hairs closest to her tightly puckered up butt hole. Other then a few stray dark pubic hair in the crack of her ass Marion has a unusually tempting bare butt because of the way her butt cheeks are covered in the finest blonde peach fuzz that gleams in the sunlight. When she stands upright with her butt cheeks clenched at the very bottom of her butt cheeks right were they meet her upper thigh she has a tantalizing little tuft of natural dark pubic hair that peeks out like she has a Charlie Chapman mustache positioned between butts cheeks.
After having me pluck any stray ass hair out she’ll be so worked up next she ask me to massage her butt then after giving her butt good kneading she’ll thank me then she’ll sheepish hand me a tube of KY gel so if I want to I can lube her rear end and prepare her for anal intercourse. As soon as I have her butt lubricated then she’s get down on her hands and knees next she rest her head on the floor so she can reach around behind her and use her hands to spread her butt cheeks apart. Presenting me with her gift of her lubricated glistening ass hole, once she’s in this position its easy for my erect cock to enter her tightly puckered rectum so I can fuck her in her ass.
After fucking her in her ass I always like to look at her bare ass and see the result of me coming to climax inside of her after ejaculating into her tight little asshole. There’s always evidence that a few drops of my sperm have escaped from her tight butt hole and now they are mixed in with KY gel that I put on her before having engaging in anal sex with her and now this infamous mixture was spread all over her rear end and giving her pale white bare ass a wonderful glistening wet appearance


24996 - I was 18, just graduated, was heading to college in the fall. That summer I had 15 lawns lined up to mow. I didn't drink/smoke/ or do drugs. I'd been dating Tina for the past 2yrs. We had talked about getting married and getting an apartment together since we were going to be attending the same college. We both were virgins but had come close a few times. We had given each other oral but never gone all the way. The plan was to wait till we got married.
The funny thing about plans is that they never quite work out the way you initially plan. One of the lawns I mowed was an apartment building my grandfather owned. There was a new tenant living there. Her name was Stephanie. She was 27yrs old, single, very beautiful, and just got hired to teach at the highschool.
I met her as I was finishing mowing and offered to help carry boxes into her apartment. She was very easy to talk to. She even got my sense of humor, which could be dry at times. I offered to show her around town if she liked. Stephanie politely declined and said she wanted to unpack. I offered a raincheck.
A week later, I was mowing the apartment again. Stephanie came outside to say hi. I asked her how she was getting along in a new town. She had met a few people and was enjoying what our little town had to offer. Somehow we got to talking about disc golf. Stephanie had never played and I offered to show her. We agreed that I pick her up and we go play a round.
I called Tina and asked if she wanted to join us. But she had made plans to go out with her girlfriends later.
I picked up Stephanie and we headed to the park. Stephanie was wearing short jean cutoffs, a tank top, and had her hair in a ponytail. She looked good. I teed off and tried to give her pointers on how to throw. Stephanie impressed me on how hard she tried...not being satisfied I out threw her. A few holes in, she asked if I'd help her throw. I got behind her and held her arm going through the throwing motion. I rubbed up against her and got hard immediately. I was embarrassed at how my cock had a mind of its own. I pulled back and tried to conceal it.
Stephanie seemed not to notice and we played on. We finished up and Stephanie inquired about the best place to get a milkshake. I took her to this ma&pa place just off the square downtown. We sat outside on a bench drinking our shakes. A few people that knew me stopped to chat and I introduced them to Stephanie. It was dark when I drove Stephanie home. She thanked me for teaching her disc golf and I thanked her for the shake. She got out and I was backing out of the drive when she ran up to me. Stephanie had lost her keys.
We feared she might of lost them at the park while playing disc golf. I took Stephanie to the park. I had a flashlight in my trunk so we searched. We got to the 14th tee box when we found them. Stephanie was so happy she gave me a hug. It felt nice I admit. We walked back to my car.
Stephanie asked "You're one of those good guy huh?". I told her I think so. Then she jumped in front of me,put her arms around my neck and kissed me. The only thing I thought of was Tina. I pushed Stephanie off and reminded her I had a girlfriend. She said she knew but confessed to not making good decisions when it came to men. She said it was rare to find a good guy. We got to the car and Stephanie suggested she just walk home. I insisted she let me take her home since it was dark out and I wanted to be sure she got home safe.
We drove back to her apartment. Stephanie asked me if I wanted to come in and hang out for a little bit. I told her it wasn't a good idea and said goodbye. She got out slowly and I made sure she got inside her apartment before driving off.
When I got home I called Tina and told her what had happened. She was very quiet... Then she said we need to talk. Tina drive over to my house and we sat outside on the porch swing. There Tina confessed that she was not out with girlfriends but with another guy. She told me that she didn't love me anymore and that they had been seeing each other for a few weeks. Tina told me they met at a party and had sex that first night. She wanted to break up and handed me my class ring.
Tina got up and left. I was shocked but not completely surprised since things between us had been off. I sat outside for what seemed an hour just thinking about things.
I decided to go for a drive and listen to music. It was no accident I ended up at Stephanie's apartment. I knocked on her door told her what had happened with Tina. Stephanie took me to her bedroom and we made love that night. I refer to it as making love because we got married 4yrs later after I graduated college. So it just goes to show I had no clue how things would turn out :)


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24994 - 100% true: My ex boyfriend was an alcoholic so sometimes he would pass out when I was riding his cock. I loved it when that would happen because it felt so wrong to fuck him when he was passed out. I would slowly ride him as to not wake him up. Just slowly bobbing up and down on his dick. One time I rode his cock for almost 45 minutes after we got home drunk from a club. I came over and over again and he was out cold. When I would cum my pussy would be gushing wet and I'd have to force myself to cum in silence in order to not wake him. It felt so dirty to take advantage of him and use his dick however I wanted but I loved doing it. We broke up, but I hope to find a boyfriend who will let me fool around with him when he's sleeping. Are some guys okay with this?


24993 - I'm a 25 year old male and for the past 10 years I've been fantasizing about my aunt who is now probably 52. When I was 15 my mom and I, along with my aunt and cousin would go to the beach. I used to watch as my aunt would rub sun tan oil all over her body. She has huge fake tits and I would just think about titty fucking her oil tits. It's gotten to the point where we had Thanksgiving dinner at her house a few years back and I snuck into her room and went through her underwear drawer and stole some panties. She recently came over to give me some things that my mom had left for me when she did. She offered to help carry them in my house and when she bent over, I could look straight down her shirt at her huge tits. I got instantly hard. I secretly hoped that she would notice and try to seduce me. I want to fuck her so bad, but I barely ever see her. Anyone have any advice?


24992 - I am a 54yr old male this happened 6 months ago I was at home after working through the night I was feeling horny so I stripped naked leaving my clothes in the bedroom I went downstairs ready to masturbate I was deciding what I wanted to watch I was about to put a DVD on when my 78yr old mother in law walked in I was standing with a hard cock in my hand I tried to apologise but I couldn't speak I felt so ashamed. But then I looked at her and she was crying unwanted to die then she said that you I thought I would never see a hard cock again her husband had gone 15 yrs earlier she asked if she could touch it I just nodded I had never dreamed having a wrinkled hand would be such a turn on she moved her hand in a slow movement I told her I was about to fun she stopped suddenly and let go I thought don't stop but I got a bigger surprise when she put it in her mouth and starting to give me a blow job I lasted about 3 seconds then came in her mouth like I never had before I went weak at the knees and had to sit down. I looked at her she was smiling and looked content I had never looked at her sexually but now I can't stop wanting to fuck her I have not yet but she has hinted maybe soon I still feed her my cum often