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25602 - I'm a 19 year old female, and I'm straight but I need to have a lesbian experience. It looks like fun and it looks so pleasing. I just wish I knew someone to help me out with that. It's kind of a fantasy of mine.


25601 - Incest is best when you cant get the rest

I shock my balls and crap on my mums breast

Sissy has a wine bottle up her ass

My dad fucks his dog when he's high on grass

No girl will touch me, not even my granny with an empty nest.

But Incest is still best when you cant get the rest


25600 - Cell ##4096583364i want to chat with someone else that has had a consensual incestous relationship with someone in their direct family and we can share our experiences I have 13yrsof them to tell and never less than 6931 times a week so a lot I have had sex with my mom aunt cousins grandmother and my 17yrs old daughter I was 13yrs old when my girl friend had Danita


25599 - Today I made myself cum using a palm sander. It felt pretty damn good too! I put my semi hard cock in my sexy neighbours sock, balls and all. So as not to hurt myself on the sandpaper, turned it on and held it under my cock with both hands and squeezing my cock against it with both my thumbs, sitting there not moving at all with my cock twitching every few seconds, before I knew it I was blowing a nice big load into Joanna's sock!


25598 - I'm an 18 year old cross-dressing sissy boy. I easily pass as a girl. My girl name is Kelly.

My confession is my father caught me 2 years ago dressing up but did not get mad. He just wanted me to dress up for him 24/7. Three months after this started I asked for breast implants and now have beautiful C-cup boobs.

When I got my boobs dad really started buying me clothes. He said I was so sexy when I wore a bra, panties and heels. His favorite outfit is a tight white mini dress which shows off my ass and tits with red 6 inch stiletto heels.

After a month of dressing up for him he started jerking off while he watched me. I was now living full time as female and dad began introducing me as his daughter Kelly.

Then one morning at the kitchen table I was pouring him coffee. He pulled me to and cupped my boob for the first time. I had to catch my breath when he took it out of my night gown and started to suck it. His cock was hard and popping out of his boxers. He suddenly got up and bent me over the kitchen table. He quickly lifted my night gown and began rubbing his cock against my ass crack until he came.

Then he left the room. What he didn't see is me take his cum off my ass and lick it off my hand. After I knew it was only a matter of time before we would fucked.

I really started to sex it up, sitting next to him and running my stiletto heels against his leg. Bending over to let my tits pop out of my top.

Finally, two weeks after the kitchen, I guess he couldn't stand it anymore. I was in full makeup and looking really sexy.

He pulled me him and pushed me to my knees. Dad force my mouth open and pushed his cock in my mouth. I had no choice but to suck it. My own cock got hard from being forced to suck. When he came and I swallowed. My cock was rock hard, quivered and I came in my panties.

So it started that night, he took my ass several times and I realized I'm a complete bottom. I love dad's cock in my ass.

I gotten to the point where I cum from him fucking my ass. He does even have to do a reach around when he fuck my ass.

I love being his little girl.


25597 - I'm in my 50s and a lot of women my age at work are disenchanted with their husbands. Yesterday a woman a few offices down asked my for computer help, started talking about how her marriage is "unsatisfying" and told me that she masturbates at her desk a lot. I told her I could help her out. We locked the office door. She was wearing a dress, so it was easy to pull her panties aside and finger her. She was sopping wet and bucking within a minute and convulsed in an orgasm. She was very grateful and I was so turned on. I guess I'll fuck her next time. This is fun.