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26403 - I once saw a girl stripped in a public parking lot, by a group of angry females. I gathered it was over her flirting with another girl's boyfriend. They stripped her completely naked and publicly displayed her by dragging her with her legs wide open. So ide open you could even see her clit and vaginal hole. There was nothing she did display that night in front of a crowd of mostly horny men. If it hadn't been for two girls rushing her into their car, she would have been left standing nude there for God knows how long because those bitches ran off with her clothes. I still remember her tits bouncing around and her panties ripped off. It was free tits and pussy for a crowd of mostly men. I have to admit she was young, sexy and had a great body. Wen home with a hard that night.


26402 - My bosses new boss came to our office for a visit. My boss had me make dinner reservations that evening and I was invited to the dinner. I had worn my black leather pencil skirt to work that day and I noticed my bosses boss looking at me, eyeing me up and down every chance he got. At dinner he sat next to me and I noticed he began flirting with me and touching me on occasion. I had to admit I liked the attention. After dinner everyone left buy my boss and his boss. The 3 of us went to the bar. We had some drinks and his boss left the bar to use the rest room. My boss told me that his new boss really had taking a liking to me. Without beating around the bush he told his new boss wanted to bed me down in his hotel room. I told my boss there was no way as it wasn't right and I was married. One thing leads to another and he convinces me to make out with him and give his boss a handjob. I reluctantly agreed. His boss came back and my boss took him aside. I could tell by the smile on his face that he was excited about what my boss was telling him. We had another drink and went to leave. My boss had driven me to dinner from the office where my car was parked. My boss arranged for his boss to drive me back to the office to get my car. On the way back to the office his boss complimented me and told me how sexy he thought I was. I was very flattered and honestly I was getting wet from it all. We arrived at the office where my car was. He parked next to my car and within a flash he moved close to me and began to kiss me. I returned the kiss and we began making out. I felt his hand ride up my skirt and he could feel how wet I was. I placed my hand on his crotch and found the hardest dick I've ever felt. He began moaning as I rubbed him through his pants and he told me he had been hard all day looking at me. I opened his pants and took his dick into my hand. I gave him a very seductive hand job and actually loved doing it. His dick was so hard and I could feel his veins on my hand. He lasted about 2 minutes and began to shoot cum all over my hand and wrist. With his cum in my hand he reached under my skirt, slid my panties to the side and fingered me. I reciprocated and came all over his finger. The whole thing was so naughty and hot. Knowing what was going to happen, he had taken a couple of cloth napkins from the restaurant so I could wipe my hand. After we said goodbye I rushed home and had the best sex with my husband. If only he knew why his wife was so horny that night.


26401 - Me and my granddaughter get on very well always have,she is 13 , they went on holiday ,she bought a new bikini , i made a joke and told her to send me a pic of her in it.she sent me a selfie.i commented on how good she looked.2 days later she sent more,but a bit more in sexy poses,i could not help myself , but told her how sexy she the end of the holiday i had 11 pictures of her posing naked.i could not count how many times i wanked over the photos.i have been having sex with her now for 3 months,i know its wrong but dont know how to stop,


26400 - I am a filthy whore and i am proud. I am 18 and have been fucking my family members for three years now without any of them finding out about the others. I lured my dad in first by wearing skimpy shorts with nothing under and tank tops you could see my nipples through and flashed him my pussy three different times before he gave in and started fingering me and eating me out. Then i talked my mom into buying me a vibrating dildo and asked her to teach me how to play with myself . She can make me cum like no other! Then my brother, he was the hardest. I had to catch him wanking before coming in and sucking his big dick and sitting on it, he is addicted.


26399 - I want to fuck my father so badly. How would I go about doing this? He has no idea


26398 - Ok im 24 i have a sexy 23 yo gf that i love very much . But jus as much as i love her . I love cummming in her moms clean panties . It turns me on knowing shes sokeing in my juices. I usally use her dirty panties ones to jack off with and I always cumm in her shampoo bottle or on her tooth brush and clean panties . I think she knoes but shes never said anything .and its been going on for about 3 years . Is this wrong . Do u think she likes it? She is 46 .