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25368 - Fun Fact: My confession is I lost my virginity on Halloween night. Hope that's not too cliché.


25367 - I want to find someone in arizona that has a big dog that I can fuck and get knotted by just thinking about this makes me sooo wet I'm a 40 yr old petite female look as good as girls half my age!


25366 - Im a older male and i want to mess and flirt with my neighbors 13 yr old daughter. just something about her turns me on.


25365 - I'm in my late fourties now and have been having an INCESTUOUS love affair with my sister for nearly thirtyeight years. We do truly love each other more than life itself. We have sex almost every day. We even do meth together and that makes our sex sessions even better than normal. Her and I have made porno movies together for us to enjoy if we're not together fucking our brains out. We'll never stop having our incest relationship.


25364 - I married late in life and to a lady whom had 6 kids, 5 girls and one boy. I was a farmer at the time.My wife were 14 years older than me and the two oldest girls were already married. Another got married some after we did and then another a few years later. That left the boy and his younger sister. They were both still in school. The boy graduated and the youngest girl was a senior at the time. One summer day I had sent the boy down to the other farm to rake some hay. I went to the house to get a drink of water. When I stepped into the kitchen I heard the water running in the bathroom , which was just off the kitchen. I had never thought of the girls and sex in anyway, as my wife was real good in bed. This day though something came over me. My step-daughter was taking a shower. Somehow I got the urge and knocked on the door and said can I come in?? I was greatly surprised, when she answered, I don't care! I had never even had a glimpse of her with out clothes, nor had she seen me in anyway. My cock immediately began to rise. I knew the door wasn't locked as it didn't work. I stepped in and started to undress. I remember her saying, Oh no here he comes, but she never said get out. By now I was fully erect as I opened the curtain and stepped into the shower with her. She looked really nice as we looked each other over. I took her in my arms and gave her a soft kiss. She gazed at my throbbing cock as it twitched up and down. I asked her what she thought. She said its a lot bigger the when she had seen her brothers. I asked her when had she seen his and she answered different times when he had to pee. I told her she had nice size boobs and a lovely pussy. I took her hand and let her hold my cock as I felt her tits and her pussy. We kissed again only this time she did it with more passion. I sort of whispered in her ear and asked if I could put my cock in her lovely slot. She sort of said I'm not sure, I don't want to get pregnant like her sister did. I assured her I would back out in time. We need to go upstairs. Alright she said. I quickly dried off and went on. She came up to her room where I was waiting. She had a towel wrapped around her that fell to the floor as once again we embraced in a passionate kiss. I had her set at the edge of the bed and stepped closer. I said would you like to take it in your mouth? She took hold of my cock and placed her lips around it. I could feel her run her tongue over the head and then take it-into her mouth My gosh I'm gonna cum. She asked what was that like. I pulled back just as the first shot erupted from the head. Wow she asked, is that what makes babies? I said yes that's male sperm. Now its your turn I lay her back and opened her legs. Her pussy was already wet. I started to lick her young pussy and I got her near the edge of having a climax. I said now I'm going to put my cock in there. I placed the head of my cock at her entrance to her pussy.I started to enter and she held me back.I asked whats wrong, she said nothing and wrapped a leg around my back and arched upward. I felt some resistance and the my cock was buried to the hilt. She took my full length of 7" and about 1-3/4 thick. I know this because the next time we made love she wanted to know how big it was. I just got a virgin pussy. I slowly with drew most of it and then shoved it right back in. I began to fuck her with a rhythm. She began to moan and saying oh! that's good.I felt her body tremble as she reached her orgasizm. I also was gonna cum again. I felt my self starting to ejaculate and quickly with drew as my sperm hit the outside of her pussy lips. Boy that was close. Later that night I made love to her mother. I was having the best of both. I could screw the daughter daytime when the opportunity arose and her mother at night


25363 - Girls in sports bras and knickers get my cock so hard. I prefer it to naked girls. So i was searching for girls in sports bras or leggings and not getting what I wanted. I searched for clothed girls, girls in underwear, girls partly dressed that kind of thing. The suggested searches said non nude girls so I clicked on it and randomly tried a site that said young girls in swimwear and panties and got pictures of underage girls. They were clearly about 11 or 12 on little knickers and training bras and some in bikinis or sports wear like leotards. I got off there fast! Be careful what you search for.