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25842 - When I was fifteen I was at my best friends house, his parents were away so we decided to acquire so alcohol and some weed, we had a few drinks and a few smokes called a couple of the guys over and had a party. When everything was over and every one was asleep I went to the kitchen for glass of water and my friends dog, a large golden retriever, came to great me I u rub him and said hello and went to go past him when I saw he was rock hard. I passed for a second and then decided to reach out and start to rub his cock slowly. My cock grew hard and was soon throbbing from the site of his huge cock. He started yo pump his hips into my hand as I pulled him. I quickly stood up strip my clothes of went to ye fridge lubed my already moist ass with butter and bent over there the chair. The dog mounted me and fuck me so fuckin hard Ibstock cum out over the table top. I let him fuck me till his knot went in me and started to pulsate. Making me cum again. He came a couple of seconds later and I just got dressed and went back into the living room and back to sleep full of dog cum. No one ever knew till now. It was the best fuck if ever had... Amazing


25841 - My confession is i always wanted to fuck my mother i would always jerk off and cum so hard thinking about her.I remember seeing her nude, when i was younger she would let me shower with her and i can remember her hairy pussy to this day its a huge turn on for me.over the years i would see her naked by mistake, i would walk in to her room and she would be changing. i always loved her tits they are not big but just perfect for me, she has the best nipples i have ever seen and would love to suck her fucking tits so day i came home and she was just finishing showering, the bathroom door was open just enough for me to see her bent over putting lotion on her feet and to my surprise she had shaved,you cant imagine the rush i got from seeing my mother on all four, her juicy fucking ass and that plump shaved pussy just facing at me i got so hard, i cant remember ever getting so hard like that before and so fast i felt my dick pulsating i just wanted to run up behind her grab her by the waist and fuck her hard.she stood up straight thats when i left so that she would not know that i just seen her sweet shaved pussy all i can think of was fucking her when she came out the bathroom i went in and jerked off to the thought of what i had just seen.i would jerk off in the living room, i would jerk off late at night put my headphones on and wish she would wake up and catch me, doing this made me so excited i would cum hard i would put the headphones on cause i knew if i heard her coming i would get scared and stop.even though i wanted this so bad i dont know how she would react so it made me worry.i never did get caught.not to long ago i go visit her and i sat at the living room and all i cant think was of fucking her,i was wearing basketball shorts with no boxers so i lift one of the sides of my shorts and let my cock hang out a little just enough that she could see, when i heard her coming i was about to put it in as my heart was racing but i decided to ignore and keep watching tv,hell fuck it if anything i did not know it was showing,she walks in the room my heart was beating like hell she started to talk to me and i was feeling all excited as i knew my dick was showing but i knew she had not noticed yet, then she took a pause and just looked at me i knew at that moment she had saw my dick she started to talk again and left the living room i was so fucking turned on knowing my mother had seen my cock.even though nothing has happen i still have not given up hope of fucking her one day. i dont know if ill ever get to fuck my mother but i always come so hard thinking of her, at lease i know how her nude body looks and dont have to imagine, this helps so much knowing im jerking off to exactly how she looks in the nude.i wanna fuck my mommy so bad!!!


25840 - I recently wrote about my first time having lesbian sex with two girls from school and one of their moms. I mention that I started to walk around home naked with my mom joining since it is just the two of us and how I wanted to have sex with her well its two yrs. later and I have gotten my wish. last night when my mom came home she went into shower that's when I decide to make my move. when I knew she was in I walked in and climb in with her. she looked at me and ask what's up. I just took the wash rag from her and started to wash her body nice and slow. when I took my time with her 44ddd she just let out a moan. I moved down to her nicely shaved pussy and started to wash it slowly she even moaned louder. at this point I knew I had her. I rinsed of her body then got on my knees and buried my face in her pussy, I found her clit it was nice and kind of long about an inch and a half. I lick it and suck and nibbled on it all the time my mom was getting louder and louder with her moans just when I thought she was going to orgasm I stopped and told her if she wanted more let finish with our shower and go to her king size bed. we finished real quick we didn't even dry off when we got to her bed she threw me down and went crazy on my pussy till I was about to orgasm. she then looked at me and told me to finish what I started. I moved down and could see she was wanting me more than ever her clit was so hard and peaking out from her thick lips I went back to sucking on it that's when I stuck as deep as I could two fingers deep into her hot and wet pussy, between my sucking on her clit and running my finger in and out of her pussy she orgasm hard screaming. I kept suck on her clit making her orgasm till she begged me to stop. she threw my down and started to suck hard on my tits in between telling me how much she loved me and wished we had done this sooner like when I told her is was a lesbian when I turned 17. she then started to suck on my clit and rammed two finger deep into me as she shoved into me I would move my ass up to meet her hand. then she took her hand out and slide the two fingers in to my ass it felt so good as she rammed them hard into me it didn't take long I started to orgasm and squirt hard I to had to beg her to stop for I could not handle any more. we laid there cuddle up in each other arms and fell asleep. I woke up to my mom licking my pussy and gently rubbing my clit I made her move so I could do her. we ate each other out till we both came at the same. I asked her if I could bring my friends Nancy or Julie over to join us and she said she would love that .


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25838 - I was caught masturbating by my wife. I woke up one morning feeling rather horny, had a huge hardon most of the day. At every opportunity I would pull my shorts down and get my cock out and have a wank. I had being doing this for about two hours and wondered what my wife would do if she caught me.

I decided to let her catch me, but let her think I did not know she was watching. Our house has many glass doors, which act as mirrors if partially left open, so you can see around the corners.

When my wife was over the other side of our large sitting room, I positioned myself in the next room, knowing that she could see me, my reflection in the glass door. The sun was shining and I could not see her very well, but Yes she could see me. I had pulled my shorts down and was wanking as fast as I could, and she was watching. ( She told me later she got all wet watching me wank my cock )

I Heard her finish and start walking to the me, I quickly pulled up my shorts and started to look busy, she just walked up to me, grabbed cock and said, what is this then, went down on her knees and started to suck my now big cock. As she did she let her hand slip under her skirt and started masturbating. She had never done that before. Our sex life has been fabulous ever since.


25837 - When I was 16 I was say very well endow with huge 38dds. sometimes I hated it because every guy in school would hit on me and some would try grab them. the only time I was truly happy was when I was in gym and showering and seeing the other girl naked. ii knew a few where into girls so I would try to shower next to them. then the day came when one of them asked if they could wash my back and then do her back. I guess it showed that I wanted her to touch me because my nipples got so hard.
I turned so she could it felt so good she washed all the way down to my ass we where the only one left in the showers and being the last class of the day we did not have to worry about someone coming in and catching us. she slide her hand between my legs and reached up and found my clit I let out a very loud moan. I turned around and pulled her close I was about 10ins taller at 5'11" so her face was right at my tits she took one of my nipples into her mouth and started to suck hard on it I let out another moan and told her I wanted more. she asked if I would come home with her. I told her yes we finish showering and got dressed.
the bus ride to her house seemed like it took hours because I was so hot and horny and wet. when we got there her mom was on the way to work after she told her mom that I was a classmate and we where going to study for a test. we went to her room we went to her bed and sat we started to kiss I open my mouth so she could slip her tounge into my mouth. we slowly undressed each other she told me how she had wanted to kiss me and get me in bed for a long time but was afraid I would reject her. ii told her that I wanted her for a long time plus this girl name Julie and Anna. she laughed and told me they want me also. we laid there running our hands over each others naked bodies till she made the first move and she leaned over and started to suck on my nipples going from one to the other. I started to play with her 32cs she had the longest nipples I had ever seen. that when I felt the most unforgettable feeling ever as she slide her two finger deep into my pussy. she found my g spot and just played there for a bit then she moved down and started to lick my pussy and suck on my clit. I was in heaven it was everything I dreamed it to be and more. she made me orgasm so hard and so long I thought I was going to pass out. when she stopped I turned her over onto her back and went wild sucking on her tits and nipples when I got to her perfectly shaved pussy the smell of her juices flowing from it was so sweet I dove right in and started to lick it all up when I found her clit it was long like her nipples I just started to suck on it it felt some good in my mouth I could do this for ever. I slide two fingers deep into her warm wet and very tight pussy I must had hit her g spot right off because she started to buck and grind hard on my hand it took a little to make orgasm but when she did she squirted long and hard, I try to catch every drop of her sweet juices. she ask if I could stay for dinner? I told let me call home and since it was Sat. I didn't see a problem with it, I wish I could stay all night.
she said ask she wanted me to and if I could she would call Julie to come over if I want. I called home and asked my mom I told her that were studying for finals that start on Monday. my mom said it was ok that she had a date and was going to be gone anyway. I told her thank you and to have fun that we would be bored having to study she laughed and said I bet. we ordered pizza when the driver brought the pizza to the door we answered it totally naked just to see his reaction. he was just stood there as we paid for it and closed the door. she called and told Julie to come over that she had a big surprise for her. and for her to ask if she could stay the night. Julie showed up and asked what was the big surprise was when I walk out from the other room totally naked she her mouth dropped open and just started to strip naked. we ate pizzas then we had sex all night. the next morning I got up to use the bathroom to find her mom in there naked she look at me and said that I was so sexy and could be even more if I shaved my pussy.
I told her I was afraid to because I might cut myself. she said don't worry and to sit on the counter and she would do it for me. I let her and she finish with licking my pussy. when I told her daughter she said she does her once a week. we had sex again and went into the kitchen to eat her mom and bacon and eggs ready for us she was still naked after we finished the four of us went sex crazy. it was the best day ever. since then I walk around the house naked which my mom seems to like because she is doing it also. I am waiting for the right time to see if I could lick her pussy, wish me luck.