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26928 - So this isn't a confession so much as a question...

I have been sleeping with this girl for a few years (fwbs only) and she has a son thats just turning 14.

Shes very loud during sex and I know he hears it. He has even walked in on us a few times.

Here's the dilemma. I saw him taking a shower and masterbating and ever since I can't stop thinking about helping him out! Either orally or manually.

He's a typical kid and occasionally we will stay up really late playing video games while his mom is passed out (from alcohol or sex).

She knows of my fantasy of her giving me a blowjob in front of him . She thinks it's hot but definitely won't do it.

I guess my question is how do I go about this? Should I stay up late with him and put on some porn? Does anyone have experience on either side?

I would hate to turn him gay and/or ruin his childhood, but at that age me and my guy friend experimented with each other (he's a married pastor now).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I should note that the grandma is in the house as well and she is a very light sleeper...


26927 - I have been fantasizing about my nephew for years now. He is a gorgeous and intelligent young man. I'm going out to visit him for his high school graduation in a few weeks. I asked what his summer plans are, he said not much. I told him I'd like to take him on a vacation to the Bahamas. He said that would be awesome, I would love for something to happen, but I don't know if he would be interested. Please help me be suttle about finding out if he wants his aunt as much as I want him,without freaking him out.


26926 - Im a 16 yr old guy that is looking for a girl around my age or even plenty older to lose my virginity to. I have had this huge sex crave for as long as I could remember and I would really like to have sex at least once just to know what it feela like. I crave sex so much that it just overtakes me sometimes. I live in Norwalk, CA btw. So if any attractive females are in the area I would really appreciate it if you could help me with my problem.


26925 - Hey you guys,

my Brother and I used to watch porn together when I was 16 and he was 18. One time he asked me if we could reenact the scene in the video. I said ok. So he rubbed his cock over my pussy. I didn't want him to fuck me for real. Then he offered to lick my pussy. I said yes. He made me come with his tongue and it was my first orgasm. we haven't done that in a long time since we both in our 20's. But I want to have sex with him. He lives with his gf now so we don't see each other that often.


26924 - I'm 26 years old and want my daddy to fuck me... he has no idea. I want to be taken hard and talked dirty to. I want him to really pound my body and tell me what a dirty girl I am to let my daddy fuck his own daughter.

I'm not ugly maybe I can find someone to act it out with me...


26923 - I am a cute teen,still 19, I guess from what men say. I have Big boobs,big but,and thighs,and a skinny torso.
But never would I expect to have my uncle,who was secretly the man of my dreams(sadly), to hit on me. We weren't blood related,he was just my uncle because my 'step-dad said so' .
My uncle is a man in his twenties,tall,muscular,Raven hair that is tussled i na sexy way,and eyes that make me soar,green with golden streaks.
When he came over for a visit,my step-dad saying that I should spend time with him, he started to hit on me. It was odd..I guess I should start from the beginning.

It was a normal afternoon,I sat in a loose shirt,that was tight around my boobs,and some black stretchy pants,red streaked brown/black hair in the worlds craziest ponytail all the while my bangs giving me a 'cute look'....usual wear,when I heard the doorbell. I automatically jumped up,expecting my sister or someone,completely not my 'uncle'. When I opened the door,I practically fainted. It was Him...tousled hair making me want to squirm and kiss him then and there. But I restrained,obviously,and let him in,a polite greeting with a question threading it.
He said he wanted to spend some time with his 'niece',to this I narrowed my eyes. Pushing it away I told him to Get comfy if he wanted. I walked back to the couch,all the while feeling his eyes burning on me. When I sat back down onto the sofa,I heard him walk over and plop down besides me,my heart flared.
We talked a little,All the while he inched closer,till I could feel his body against mine. My cheeks flushed,usually a cherry red against tan skin. I glanced at him and he grinned,leaning closer 'till he was right in front of me...right by my lips. God darn! I was so hot,I swear I got wet just at the look in his eyes.
Suddenly a loud boom came fr the TV show I was watching and I jumped,just enough to 'accidentally' press my lips against his. His eyes seemed to glimmer wit ha muse ment as I quickly pulled away and almost looked pale,since I don't blush,I flush,of all color. And I mean,All.
He stared at me,obviou lust in his eyes...and After that,it was just blurry...I don't know how but I woke up curled up against his chest... Oh god!
He left,after getting a call,and now after that he acts normal around me,but is so much more fluffier when we are alone..I guess I could say I had sex with my Uncle..

It feels great to get that off my chest.