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25007 - Im 16 male and right now I am in bed next to my guy he spent the night abs we played games ans then I convinced him it was not weird for him to sleep in my bed me. He is sleeping and my dik is hard,as ever and I am masturbating to the fact that he is here I Wanna touch him but I don't want him to wake up what do I do?


25006 - I want to confess that i really love younger girls.. i do not wanna hurt or forcethem,but would love to have sex with a young one (11-13)


25005 - I used to sleep in my underwear. My sister once sneaked into my bedroom and yanked them off with help form her two girlfriends. I was 15, she was 17 and sat on my chest while her friends played with it to get it hard. Damn near almost made me cum. I still remember feeling embarrassed and horny at the same time. So ashamed I kept it to myself and did dare tell anyone about it. Slept almost dress since that happed, because I was sure they would try to do it again.


25004 - Before I hit puberty, my sister, brother and I were playing in moms king size bed before we went to sleep. My sister had on her nightgown and I was just in my whitey tighties. My brother had shown me a few adult magazines before and I liked what I saw. I played under the covers while my sister only had her bottom half under the covers. I managed to get my head in her nightgown and just layed there staring. I acted like I fell asleep and she didn't mind. I let my hand fall to her crotch. she started thrusting her hips until she came on my hand. I just played dead. I wonder if she remembers doing that. I would like to take it a step further now that I'm 35 years old. Any suggestions?


25003 - My husband recently confessed to me his fantasy. threesomes. I haven't really thought about it much since we've been married but since he's in the military and gone a lot, so we've taken to just fantasize.

Ever since that conversation, it's all i've thought about. I've been hornier than usual. we've continued to talk more about the possibilities of threesomes and he's name couple of my friends who he's fantasize me going at it with.

I honestly hope these fantasies become reality because i would love to have both him and another chick at the same time.


25002 - Text me at 1-702-323-3374 if you're nice and wet. I love all pussy whether its old or young black or white. I can be a dominate man or your submissive little boy. I'm into anything kinky, as long as I get your pussy ladies I'm down for anything and everything