Latest Confessions:


26114 - My husband joined the army because he could not find a job and I moved in with his parents while he is deployed. The father works at night and is home during the day. The Mother works during the day so Me and the father are the only ones in the home during the day. The father started making little comments to me like, "My Son know how to coose em". "He sure got him a hot wife", stuff like that. After my hubby had been gone three weeks I wanted sex so bad I didn't know what to do. One day the father said something like, "You are one sexy chick". I blurted out, "What would you do if you had a chance"?
He looked at me and walked over and took gave me a hug and kissed me long and hard on the lips. I said, "You better stop or I don't know what I might do". He laughed and said, "You hot bitch, I going to get me some of your hot ass".
With that he picked me up and carried and placed me on the bed, hiked my dress, pulled my panties off and pounded me good. It was so good and just what I needed.
Now he wants me often and I don't object. I don't know what is going to happen when my husband returns from deployment.


26113 - My husband and I have been married 20 years and we are white. I was blindfolded and trick by my husband one night recently. My husband started by blindfolding me and having me to imagine different guys having sex with me as we had sex. It really turned me on a lot. Sometime later, I was blindfolded and my husband started his usual thing, I was knew I was being mounted by a man and I did not realize it was not my husband until he said, OK take your blind fold off. I was looking into the face of a young black man who had his manyhood buried deep inside my womanhood. It turned me on something I cannot describe. I pulled him to me and held on as he humped me like a wild animal. It was great. I cant wait until the next surprise.


26112 - My friend who lives just outside of the city limits has some animals. A pot belly pig, some ducks, and dogs. She asked me to take care of them for two weeks while she and hubby went on vacation. No one warned me about the male (boar)pot belly pig. Apparently they will try to sex anything they can. The pig has a house and a door to a fenced yard he uses. I put his feed out and water him in the house. That went great the first day but the second day I noticed the screws were loose on the door so I located a screwdriver and proceeded to kneel down and tighten the screws. Well the pig jumped on me which I thought was cute and I laughed and kept tightening the screws on the hinge. I suddenly realized he had succeeded in moving his screw thing up the leg of my panties and into my womanhood. I jumped and then realized he was not giving up. I sort of liked it and decided to let him go for it.
He was into me and then I realized he was shooting his stuff into me. I sort of liked it and stayed there about 10 min until he finished. WOW what a day I had.
The next day I left my panties off and entered the shed. The pig started nugging my leg. I realized what he wanted and I was ready to give it to him. I kneeled down on hands and knees and flipped my skirt up and let him smell me. He was soon on me and breeding me like a sow.
I did not m****t him or r**e him or start it. He r**ed me I guess. He just thought I was a nice easy target.
I do not agree with those who say animals cannot conscent. I sure didn't until he started it.


26111 - I love the taste of all cum. That's my confession. I've tasted human, dog and cat cum and while (in my experience) cats don't really cum enough for you to be able to taste it, I love the act of pleasing anything. Never had horse cum but I hear it tastes like almonds. I also love all pussy (taste, smell and all.) Human and dog is all I've had but I've heard mares are awesome.


26110 - I am a 41 ye old white male. 5'10 180 pounds and I have WgAY too. much to confess at one time. Right this moment I am alone in my car and In my driveway typing on the phone and trying not to think about this erection happening in my pants. I am nervous, and ashamed I guess of so much that must be wrong with me. I am very horny almost all the time. It will be 4 years inext.month since I have fucked. I did manage yo get one blowjob in this time. I .td someone I thought a lot about being caught jerking off and she told ne I was weird. How much wlrae am I that I want to somehow line up two or three women that want to and like to watch me . Would a woman want to vvideo iy? I. Is that fantasy even possible? I m sure if any ladies encoytafdd. .ir that I could by webcam


26109 - I love to find women on line to trade pics with, they send me their nudes and I jack off looking at their naked bodies, my kik is darkarcher95