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25133 - This is the first time I have every written this down anywhere.

45, years ago my wife died in a car crash. About two months later, I woke up at 2am to find my 14 year old daughter Traci sucking my cock. I tried to push her way and but she had her arms wrapped around me, and it felt so go I gave in and let her finish.

I dropped my load in her mouth she gagged but somehow swallowed it all. That was something my wife would never do even if I begged her.

Traci move up to my face and kissed me I could taste my cum but didn’t care.

She said, she was the woman of the house now and she would like wife to me in every way.

Two nights later I took her virginity and the rest is history. When Traci graduated from high school at 17 we move across the country and lived like husband and wife. It was 1973 and in California no one questioned the age difference.

She is still unbelievable in bed and I maybe 80 but I still get rock hard when see her nude.

Traci is a great mother and grandmother to our five children and 20 grandkids.


25132 - Thinking about putting on my pink lacey see threw panties I stole from my preacher aunt And hitting me some good rock


25131 - I love to power smoke crack and get naked exposing my tone slender hot sweet white twink boy fully shaved and tan body. I get so high that my scared cock shrinks into a little turtle head nub resembling a twitching clitoris. My tall shaved legs up to my gorgeous smooth tan tight power ass gives me a euphoric thrill as I bounce on my toes jiggling my meaty cheeks. As I rub my body down with massage oil my luscious nipples throb as my twitching ass hole slightly grapes. By this time I feel so horny and feminine as I dance erratically and run my fingers through my long blonde hair. Well placed mirrors and lighting tantalize me with my every move as I perform for myself fantasizing the delicious exhibition show I long to perform on a stage for an audience. Maintaining my high I proceed to doll up applying sexy slutty face make up to look like a piece of meat whore slave. Then dress out in kinky accessories such as my faux diamond studded slave collar and my wrist and ankle slave bracelets. My homemade beaded waist jewelry spells out "I LOVE ANAL SEX" in caps and rests across the top of my ass cheeks provocatively. Well placed glitter tats of hearts lips fairies and flowers decorate my naked glistening skin also. Finally I neatly write xxx phrases on my skin with sharpies such as "I LOVE TO SUCK COCKS" "GOO GUZZLER" and "GANGBANG ME" across my tone chest. "ANAL SLAVE" and "FUCK MY PUSSY" across my ass cheeks. MY GOD I LOOK LIKE SUCH A HOT NASTY LITTLE COCK STARVED SLUT! After a few bell ringers I'm soon horney and high and ready for anything so I load the gangbang videos in the player. GANGBANG brunette with sasha grey my favorite. A power blast gets my ass gaping and dick numb and afraid and mouth watering for some cocks as I get on all fours and mount my lubed 8"rubber dick on a stick and suck lick and slurp on the 3 I've layed in front of my face all the while watching the porn and wishing it was me being brutally manhandled mercilessly by hoards of rough sadistic sex starved hotdogs. Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm love to suck cocks and balls wildly while being brutally boned until my ass hole is so sore I couldn't walk. FUCK MY FACE. SPANK ME RAW. I'D LOVE TO SWALLOW YUMMY CREAMY WARM THICK GOOEY JIZZ UNTIL I BURP CUM BUBBLES. POUND MY ASS AND CUM IN ME UNTIL IT OOZES OUT WHILE YOU PULL MY HAIR. RAPID ASS TO MOUTH PLEASE. I WANT TO LICK BALLS TOO. After I'm spent saturate me in spew head to toe and I'll spoon every drop off with my fingers and lick them clean.


25130 - When I was young my mom caught me masterbating. She told me it was alright but she wanted me to wear a condom when I did it, she bought condoms and sat me down one night and had me stroke my cock , I was having trouble getting hard so she took down her pants and pulled her panties to one side so I could see her pussy. It was the first pussy I'd ever saw I soon got hard and then she rubbed key jelly on my cock and then rolled te condom down my still developing shaft. She then said if I wanted to I could try putting it inside her. She squatted over me holding her panties to the side and slid my condom covered cock inside of her, I couldn't believe how good it felt, within a minute I was filling that condom with my young seed. After that we had sex many times. She always made me wear a condom unless I was going to fuck her bottom, she would let me just cum in her then. I love my mom so much.


25129 - I was 11 when I first got to go on one of my father's hunting trips. A few times every season he, my uncles and a couple of their friends would head out to his cabin for the weekend. I was so excited when I was finally able to go. I was always a bit of tomboy.

We got to the cabin on Friday night, settled in and the adults started to party. They were drinking and smoking some pot. Given that one of the people there was the county sheriff I figured it had to be ok. They gave me a drink, which I didn't like, and then a few puffs on the joint. I had trouble with the smoke, but I started feeling really good.

Then the adults started to get undressed, saying how warm it was in the cabin. My dad encouraged me to do the same, and wanting to fit in I did. Then they started to comment on me, telling me how pretty I was, saying they'd been waiting for this chance with me. I really didn't understand what was going on but started to get scared as the guys started stroking their cocks. I'd never seen an erect cock before.

My uncle was the first to come up and touch me. He started rubbing my shoulders, touching my back and my ass. I looked to my dad but he just said to relax and let it happen. Then one of the guys took my hand and put it on his cock. He told me to start rubbing it. again, I was too afraid of making them unhappy to refuse. It felt really warm and hard and he kept telling me what a good girl I was.

By then my uncle had kneeled behind me and was rubbing between my legs, eventually touching my pussy. I jumped a little as his fingers parted my lips. I looked at my dad and just nodded to my uncle and me. Then I felt my uncle run his tongue up the crack of my ass. I kind of panicked and started to move away, but the other guys held me in place.

The sheriff came up to me as my uncle kept licking me there. He told me it was time for me to grow up, and the first step was to open my mouth. He rubbed his cock over my lips, all the while telling me to kiss it, to suck on it. I did as I was told, having trouble fitting it in my mouth without choking. He got tired of my efforts and just grabbed my head and started to force it in and out of my mouth. I was gagging, coughing up big gobs of spit but he didn't stop. The rest of the guys cheered him on as he did it.

He pulled back and came over my chest. I was so grossed out. I looked to my dad tears in my eyes and asked him to help. he came over picked me up, then laid me over the edge of a bed. I felt him pour something over my butt cheeks and in my crack.

He whispered into my hear "a good girl always does as she's told" then I felt the head of his cock touch my ass. He pushed himself in me as a i sobbed and begged him to stop. My dad fucked me as my uncle brought his cock to my mouth. They both came in me then pulled out. They were replaced by others.

My dad reminded everyone to leave my pussy alone, since he didn't want to see me lose my virginity. So I got sodomized and forced to suck cocks all night long.

The next day they took me out hunting, all the while complimenting me on what great girl I was. The praise and attention took away some of the sting of what happened.

That night back at the cabin it was a repeat of the previous night. They all used me.

When we got ready to go home on Sunday I was told that if I said anything no one would believe me, and if I stayed quiet then they's all take care of me. when I agreed to stay silent they gave me money.

I was taken along on every trip after that. The only time they ever touched me was in the cabin. I grew to just accept that this was the way things worked. I'd have a weekend of getting fucked, but in exchange they rewarded me with cash and saw to it no one bugged me the rest of the year. Having the sheriff looking out for me was handy.

I was 16 when the son of one of the friends was brought on his first trip. He was 12. They had me show him what to do and soon he was getting fucked as well as me.

He and I kind of banded together the rest of the year, and eventually we were lovers. I became the only woman in his life sexually.

I left home at 19 and never went back. He joined me a few years later. We still live close to one another,and turn to each other whenever we need comfort.

I don't know how many other's got used by my dad and his friends.


25128 - I was molested by a friend of the family when I was fourteen, and enjoyed it so much, I persuaded my parents to let me stay at his place for "math tutoring" (my weak point at school) which allowed them to go off camping and such, without me dragging along. Meanwhile my "uncle" tied me up and masturbated me endlessly, while I pretended to hate it, which always made him even worse! When he eventually felt guilty enough to want to end it, I threatened him with exposure, unless we kept doing it at every opportunity. This lasted four years, until we moved to a different area of the country. Happy memories of being an insatiable teenage boy who almost achieved satiation.