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26677 - I've got a name for myself, I'm obsessed with cum, every man I go with I'm only interested in his cum, I just can't wait to see it and feel it, I love playing with it in my hands, I've given pretty much strangers I've only just met hand jobs just to taste cum.
Locally I'm known for this, just about every man in my network of friends I have in some way had their cum in my mouth, I know I have a name for myself, just can't help wanting cum, I've had a couple of boyfriends, the sex was ok but they soon finished with me.
I'm now known at work for pleasing the men and the girls seem to keep away from me.
Any man that can shoot loads of cum over me I fall in love, I'm not liking the dribblers I just want to be covered in it.


26676 - Two years ago a friend of a friend asked if her friend could stay at my house for 3 months, I was not really wanting it to be honest but agreed to help a friend.
She arrived with just a backpack and her English was terrible, she was a Spanish 27 years old and not bad looking!
The first week was ok, she was very quit and kept herself to herself, from the second week onwards things were very different, she would casually walk around the house wearing only a T Shirt that just covered her bum and no underwear, I did everything I could to try a get a look, fourth week in she would sometimes sit in the living watching TV, trying to having a conversation was really difficult, she was still in her t shirt and on this occasion she put both feet on the sofa knees together and pull her t shirt over her knees as if she was cold, this did pretty much nothing to cover her pussy, when she got up you could see she had a really hairy pussy, she was dark skinned so you couldn't see any detail,
I was really enjoying seeing her wonder around the house like this.
Late one night I had just got out the shower, as I passed her room the door was open a bit and she said Hola, I put my head just inside the door and she was on her bed, one foot on the floor the other on the bed, she was painting her nails, I had an amazing view between her legs, you could see her pussy lips protruding out from her mass of pubic hair, I couldn't help but stare, she noticed I was looking, she looked down between her legs and said, oh sorry, and put her other foot back on the flood to cover up, I waved my hands and said no no no don't be sorry while smiling, she said you like pointing to her pussy, yes me like I said, you like Spanish girls she said, yes, me like English man me not been with man for long time.
Within seconds I was on top of her kissing, as I laid on top of her my cock found her amazing hairy pussy hole, I pushed in and within 3 / 4 thrusts she was wet, each time I pulled out I went back in deeper, she was talking in Spanish all the time I was fucking her.
We had sex every occasion we could until she had to leave, still to this day I get the odd email from her, after translation you can sort of get what she is saying especially the sex bit!


26675 - I am a white guy with a black wife and recently had the pleasure of watching her suck off another cock and dress up in a slutty little outfit of red 8inch heels and black thigh high fishnet stockings and a blonde wig and squat down on the floor and milk a huge cock while I stroked off and called her a dirty cocksucker. It all started when I caught her swalloing a fat cock while I was suppose to be at work and came home early and it really made me horny so I began insinuating how much I would enjoy dropping my pants lubing my cock up and watch her dirty black mouth work a horny cock off so now I get the pleasure of dressing her up in cheap motel rooms and letting random horny strangers use her filthy mouth as there personal cum dumpster regularly while I jerkoff and shoot loads all over her dirty black face. I must admit that Tina is one heck of a great cocksucker and the slurping sounds keep me Cumming back for more!


26674 - My sister and I first had sex when we were 13 and 15 respectively. Our relationship went on for about 6 years. No regrets. We enjoyed the closeness and special bond.


26673 - I had been into my second marriage for about two years when my wifes daughter Jessica moved back home. Jessica had just broken up with her live-in boyfriend and needed a place to crash temporarily. She did not like her mother and I took her flirting and seductive ways to be a way to punish her mother. One day I was on my way to my bedroom with my laundry when Jessica walked out of the bathroom nude. She wlked right past me and into her room. After I dropped my laundry off I walked back past her room. She is standing next her bed with a smile on her face.
I asked her if she was somehow trying to seduce me to punish her mother. She said, "Fuck My Mother". She then said that it was obvious to her that we both were turned on by each other and she was available for me in what ever way I wanted. She then walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a passionate kiss on my lips with her tongue shoved into my mouth. I was so turned on that I immediately shed my clothes as we hit the bed. Before I knew it we were licking sucking and enjoying the most intense oral sex I have ever had. I licked her cunt and her ass while she gave me the most beautiful blowjob I have ever had.
Jessica was constantly being put down by her mother and it was obvious that neither one of them could stand each other. Over the next year I would slip money to Jessica as she toiled at a few menial jobs and was always in need of financial help. We fucked on the average of 2 or 3 times a week and it was mind blowing intense. Jessica always wanted to try new kinky things and since it was mutual, I never looked on it as bad.
After a year of tension with her mother, Jessica moved to Florida and our sex stopped. She got a new boyfriend but would call me on my cell phone once or twice a week for phone sex. After she got married the phone sex stopped but boy do I have some fond memories.


26672 - I was setting at my computer watching porn, trousers around my ankles enjoying myself, the door bell went and I ignored it, about 15 mins later the sun came out and I saw a shadow at the window, I got up to have a look and saw my neighbour running across my law, I realised I hadn't pulled my curtains together properly hence seeing the shadow.
This neighbour is a nosy one, loves the gossip, so I'm sure half the street knows what she saw.
Couple days later I saw my neighbour and said hello she replied at the top of her voice, hiya if you ever need any button sewing on your trousers you know where to come, I just laughed it off, by the end of the week she knocked on my door and said sorry for joking about, I said don't worry no harm done, before I closed my door she asked, so how often do you do what you was doing, little embarrassed I said not much, she said maybe I could help rather then you having to watch your computer, I was speechless, she said aww you've gone all shy, Tony is out tonight (hubby) about 7:30 ok and off she went, I didn't know what to think I was shitting myself!
Just after 7:30 there was knocking on my back door, I opened it and she said, thought I would come this way so no one sees, I told her I wasn't sure about any of this, she pushed me back and said, come on Tony will be back just after 9.
I've never known a woman like it, she was telling me, get that fucking cock of yours inside me know, come on fuck me, what ever I was doing she was giving encouragement, go on keep fucking that pussy, I had a job to control myself, she was going mad, now lick my pussy now do this, she was talking all the time, do you like fucking my pussy I couldn't keep up, I was cumming in no time, when we had finished she said wait till I tell Helen, who, Helen who lives at number 55 told her about you playing with yourself and she said she would like a piece of you.
Ive never met Helen but still having hardcore sex with my neighbour once sometimes twice a week.