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24791 - I'm a bi male and in a committed relationship with a woman but I can't stop thinking about receiving cock after cock in my ass. Before we met I had a guy that would call me over to his house, blindfold me then invite strangers over to use my ass. I absolutely loved it. Since I have been in a relationship I have been wanting to go back to doing that but I don't want to break up with my girlfriend. I love being used by random guys and feeling them finish deep inside me only for them to pull out and another cock take its place. I think if a guy or girl asked me to be gangbanged or wanted to make me into a cumdump I would totally do it.


24790 - This took a long time for me to write. I found out that while I was in Vietnam in the late '60, my former girlfriend had ended up getting married. Long story short, before I even got back to the world, he got drafted and ended up in Vietnam right when I was leaving. I was fond of her parents and did call them to let them know I was back in the states. I guess she was staying with them while he was gone. Her dad invited me to visit when I could, I was on a thirty day leave with travel and proceed time so I went to visit on my way home. I was very surprised to see her there. I did end up having sex with her numerous times while I was there, ultimate payback!!


24789 - One of the craziest sexual trysts I’ve ever had was the evening my older sister called me and told me she was on her way over to see me. Seeing that she usually stops over in the morning I didn’t know that she wanted to come over and I had a few beers before she got here. Shortly after she arrived I needed to go to the bathroom and told her bluntly that I had to piss. When I told her she teased me “want me to hold it for you?” without thinking I told her “sure.” as she smiled coyly then she lightheartedly suggested “lets go in the shower, it’ll be easier for me on to hold it!” When we got in the bathroom we got undressed together and got into my large two person shower stall then she placed my semi erect cock in her hand and smiled as she stroked my cock playing with me. Then she whispered “Come on, you said you had to pee, just do it now.” She knew I was holding it because she was standing right in front of me she had my erect cock pointing at her crotch. Then when she teased me again with “come on, you said you had to pee!” I couldn’t hold it anymore and started peeing allowing her to direct the stream of piss toward her pubic mound. When my sister felt that my warm piss was cascading all over her pussy she looked like she was in a state of sexually ecstasy. Then she uttered “Oh your so fucking nasty look at you, your pissing on me! look at what your doing to me!” I looked down and seen how her pubic area was inundated with my urine and that she was luxuriating in the new found sexual aura of receiving a Golden Shower. Then to my surprise my sister spread her legs then she started pissing also and the two of us just stood there cherishing the feeling having warm piss splashing all over our lower legs and how they glistened with a wrongful mixture of our combined urine. Once we finished pissing on each other my sister had a look of total sexual submission in her eyes as she enjoyed the last vestiges of having my piss dribbling on her, then as she smiled she whispered “Oh my god look at what you did to me!” as the last of our combined urine went down the shower drain. Seeing that we had pissed on each other we needed a shower but before we started washing my sister turned and put her back toward me and bent over slightly the she reached between her legs using her fingers she positioned my still erect cock at her vaginal opening and whispered, “Oh my god that was so fucking nasty! Now you’ll have to fuck me!” Then as she braced herself up against the shower stall wall she pushed her wet piss soaked cunt toward me. Then as I looked down I seen my how her bare ass was slowly moving closer to me and my hard cock disappearing inside of her! When all of my cock was inside of her, my sister moaned sensually “oh fuck this feels so good!” and I stared fucking her as she moaned sensually ever time I shoved my cock deep into her vagina. While I was fucking her I reached around her so my hand on her vaginal mound then I slid in finger into her vaginal hood and found her clit. Then started fingering her wet pissy cunt and massaging her most sensitive organ in her female body. I knew this combination of sensual sensations would result in her experiencing a huge sexual orgasm. Soon my sisters body started shaking with sexual tremors and she shrieked aloud as she entered the throws of sexual ecstasy, then at the apex of her sexual orgasm I came to climax inside of her and started ejaculating, pumping a load of my sperm into her wet pissy cunt. The added sensation of having me ejaculating into her make my sister almost keel over as she pleaded with me to stop fucking her. Instead I stopping I grabbed a hand full of her hair and forced her head up and to arch her back so she was fully impaled onto my hard erect cock. Then holding her in this position I finished fucking her! Finally when it was over and we had rested for a few minutes. She turned the shower on and we preceded to take our usual after sex shower together. When I was washing my sisters vaginal area she murmured a breathless thanks to me for the what she admitted to as a one of the best sexual orgasms she had ever experienced.


24788 - I am so jealous that Steven got to eat your hot and togjt pussy. And to fuck you. I beg you please let me eat you.


24787 - My sister and I used to masturbate together after school. It started with spanking- we would jokingly spank each other... We would then proceed to watching each other rub ourselves. We would lay on our backs and, panting. ask each other if we were "almost there" and discuss technique. One night when staying at a relative's we shared a bed and spent the whole evening touching and rubbing our pussies. It wasn't long before we were grinding against each other laughing and orgasming - for hours. I would masturbate while she touched my breasts & vice
versa. I still get excited when I imagine those times.


24786 - My sister has always been very nice to me ever since I can remember. She had just turned 23 and I had been 19 for a few months. I walked in to surprise her because she told all the family she was in bed sick but I walked in on her masturbating. But instead of leaving I stood in the doorway and watched her eyes were closed from pleasure and I coughed to clear my throat she turned around and saw me standing there but instead of freaking out and telling me to get out she reached to the foot of her bed and pulled me on top of her. She could feel my erection through my pants and started to stroke it. After a few minutes of me groping her and making out with her I unbuttoned my pants and let my erection burst out she then got on top of me and rode me for a few minutes. We tried different positions and towards the end she got on her knees and sucked my cock. I could feel myself about to cum and I told her but instead of stopping she kept going until I was about to burst. Then she grabbed my cock with her hand and have me a hand job until I exploded cum all over her face. I had never had that much cum come out at once. Instead of cleaning it off the licked all that she could then would get it on her fingers and suck her fingers dry.