Latest Confessions:


24140 - I had incestuous sexual relations with my mother for several years when I was a teenager. It was just straight fucking. Never anything kinky, not even or or anal. Also we never kissed. I enjoyed her pussy, but felt pretty weird about it. After all, "mother-fucker" is the worst name you can call a white boy. (For some reason tho, black guys seem to like it. Wonder if more of them are into that than Caucasians? Beats me.) Probably one reason mom and I fucked so much was that my dad was not around much. He was in the service and was always going off somewhere. He was often either out of the state, if not out of the country. So mom just turned to me. We would take baths and showers together, and we would sleep in the same bed. We did not have intercourse every night, but at least once a week. She said she was only doing that to take care of my sexual needs, but I don't believe her. I suspect one reason she was doing it was in hopes of having another child. Well, I am glad I never got her pregnant, tho I have heard some guys brag about knocking-up their own moms. Sisters too. I never had a sister, unfortunately, tho I did have a cute blonde cousin I had the hots for.


24139 - Well I wouldnt fuck a child so thats out of the question lol ilill do some incest... been fuckin my cousin since we were 9... but havent been able to get any cuz I live in miami n she lives in nyc. So im asking for a kinky girl to come take my load in her mouth like my cousin



24138 - I know you didn't have softball I know you were out being bad with that hot pussy of yours , I was hard thinking about you being used, wish I could lick you now so bad. You dominate me and I want you


24137 - I use flea control spray and still these fleas are bugging me how do I stop it? its a raging plague and I am sick of it.


24136 - My dog seems to think that, since I get him off regularly by sucking him and letting him fuck me, he has to return the favor. Half the time, after he's done cumming in whichever orifice I give him, he'll turn around back to me and present his ass. I don't fuck him, because I don't know how his ass can take me, but I do lick his ass vigorously, and I love how it tastes.


24135 - I love my cats butt hole. it turns me on and just like looking at them butt holes. kinky katz.