Latest Confessions:


24823 - My wife's brother and his wife were supposed to be coming to town to visit our family. I just found out my wife's brother had to stay home for a last minute work function. My Sister in law is still planning to come out though. I have fantacized about having a threesome with my wife and my sister in law. They get along really well and I know she isn't sexually satisfied by her husband. I'll probably chicken out, but if I were to try to initiate something I would try to get a backrub chain going.


24822 - I sneak into my girlfriends room mates rooms while they're gone and rummage through their panty drawers. Sometime I rub them all on my hard cock, sometime I cum on a fresh pair knowing that she'll wear them. Sometimes I go through the dirty clothes and find a nice pair of worn panties and lick them while I cum on their undies or swim suites. When I see them after I've done this I get rock hard thinking about them wearing my cum covered panties. I've also came in her shampoo, body wash, lotion, and food.


24821 - Girls used to call me prick teaser because I was always flirting with boys but never did anything sexual with them. On a Saturday night party they pushed me into a room, brought three boys inside, took my panties off and told them to suck my pussy. I still remember them spreading my legs, boys licking and sucking my pussy and waiting for me to have an orgasm. Damn near had one, but I guess embarrassment and shame kept me from going over the edge. Kept thinking everyone would eventually find out and lying was the only way to save face.


24820 - One time I was walking past my 20 year old sisters room and the door was a jar open. She had just taken a shower and I really love her titties as they are huge and she has the best cameltoe. I peered in her room and saw her full naked, with her sexy, slim body and huge tits facing me, but her eyes were closed. She was rubbing her round, smooth, and large tits. I got so horny I practically sprinted to the bathroom and started jacking my dick off. Not 20 seconds in, my sister burst into the bathroom with only her robe on, but it accentuated her tits all the same. I didn't have time to react. My hand was still on my dick. She said, 'so you masturbate, huh' I was was so ashamed I couldn't look at her. She said I can give you the real feeling of an orgasm. I'll fuck you so hard. I said okay and she took off her robe. She ripped off my shirt and shorts and kneeled. She licked the head at first, before sucking it fully. I moaned and I had such a huge orgasm. She turned around after a few minutes and pulled me down onto the tile floor. Her tits were pressed into my chest and my dick was pressed on her pussy. We kissed very passionately before she turned around and I entered her. I slid my dick in and out a few times before I fucked her hard. She yelled oh yes oh yes. It felt so good. I squeezed her tits then fingered her. She lay down and spread her legs . I ate her pussy. Several times has this occured since the first time 3 weeks ago.


24819 - Yesterday was my birthday. I'm now 20. I was lying in bed thinking about my sisters huge tits and sexy ass (we've fucked each other in the past. She's an extremely horny girl. She's 27). When my sister walked in wearing a black and red outfit. This outfit was very low-cut, revealing a lit of cleavage and even the slightest glimpse of nipples. And it was so thin on the bottom that I saw some pubic hair and when she turned around I saw her ass. ' what's this' I said. She said it was nothing. She then got in bed and erotically traced her finger over my dick. I saw her down blouse. She said she thought of an excellent present. Since our parents weren't home, when was going to fuck me. I asked if I could suck her tits. She pulled down her dress, revealing her massive tits, which jiggled. I sucked on her nipples, which got really hard. Then she unbuckled my belt, pulled pants down, and teased me by licking the end of my dick. Then she kissed the head of it six times. She then slid her mouth on it until it was at the base. Then she sucked. It was one of the most sexual orgasms I've ever had. She then turned around and I slid my dick into her ass. I put my finger in her pussy while I fucked her. She moaned and said keep going keep gong. It was one of the best experiences ever.


24818 - I like my sisters tits. They're huge. Sometimes I get so horny when I see them I jack off. I always fantasize about squeezing them and getting my dick in between them. She's 27 and I'm 17 and she lives in her own house. Sometimes we have sleepovers and she sleeps in her bed and I sleep on the floor. She leaves a light on in the hallway so we can see when we go to the bathroom. Anyway, a lot of the time she sleeps without the covers on. I always reach over in the night a squeeze her tits and ass. One time she caught with my hand on her boob. She looked and me and then my hand and smiled and went to sleep. I kept squeezing. Another night I was squeezing and she started moving so I pretended to be asleep. But then she got on top of me! Her tits were one my face. She said 'oops, sorry' and went back to sleep. I pulled back her shirt and sucked on her tits. She made faint moaning noises. Next night we automatically got in bed and I pulled down my pants and she took off her shirt and I got my dick in her tits. I cummed hard. I also rubbed my dick on her pussy but I didn't enter her. We continued doing this every night, me sucking, squeezing or getting my dick in her tits.