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25361 - This past weekend my step daughter went to sleep. later on I went in to "check on her" to my surprise she was sleeping with no shirt on and the covers pulled up. I kept going back i to see if she would loosen her grip on her blankets, and sure enough she did later on. I was able to pull her blanket down enough to get her tits out in all there glory. Soft young breasts. I stared at them and jerked off until I blew my load. I didn't blow it on her out of fear of her waking up. but it sure was nice to just sit in her room while she slept and just stare at her nice tits.


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25357 - I've posted here before about my incestuous relationship that has continued between my mother and I for nearly 16 years before. Yesterday I got a phone call from my mother and she asked me if I wanted to meet her at her place to go our for dinner. I knew she had something in mind before I even arrived.
We made small talk for a bit and when we hugged she felt my excitement. My mother unbuttoned my pants and proceeded to give me a blow job until I told her I was close and she stopped. After that she got undressed and pulled me down on top of her. She was so wet I slid inside her effortlessly and began pumping away.
After 16 years of being lovers my mother knew I was close when my thrusts became more urgent. When I gave one last thrust up inside her she wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me close to her as I emptied myself inside her with a deep moan.
When it was over she quickly pulled her panties back on and we continued getting dressed. I can't believe after all these years she still loves going out with "squishy panties" as she likes to call it.


25356 - My big, big, big mother in law has enourmous breastst. Her daughter, my wife, is just an amateur with that, compairing to her.

Now I'm thinking, I hardly look my mother in law in the eyes but always my eyes lower down to those enourmous breasts. You can say, I speak more to my mother in laws enourmous breasts then to her. When I look in her big brown eyes again, my mother in law always gives me her sweetest smile. I'm her only son in law and I know she likes me very much (and I her).

When we visit her in the weekends we always stay the night and when my wife and I are in bed, my mother in law always come to our bedroom to say goodnight. She's already in her thin nightgown and always stands on my side of the bed. Most of the buttons of her nightgown are open and I can see those enourmous breasts in full glory.

Then she bends over to say her daughter goodnight and ofcourse my mother in law lets her enourmous breasts hanging in my face, they feel, as always, delicious warm.
In those moments she has a lot to say to her daughter and I have the opportunity to kiss those enourmous breasts comprehensive, in between giving soft bites in them. Then she let go, smiles at me, giving me a kiss and wishing me a good night.
I think my wife knows because she always giggle and squeezes me where her mother just squeezed me.

The next morning my mother in law again gives me her sweetest smile, asking me if I had pleasant dreams.