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25821 - My mother and I have been in a sexual relationship that has lasted well over a decade now. She has ways been a bit of a submissive, and she has always been very verbal about how she enjoys feeling me cum inside her.
She rarely cleans up afterwards, and likes to sit with her legs open, while we talk. I have to admit, it is a big turn on for me when she does this and she knows it. For the last sixteen years I have emptied so much of myself inside her, I don't know where she begins, and I end.
Of all the woman I've been with, my mother is the only woman that truly knows my heart, and how to satisfy my sexual desires.


25820 - I think I'm straight but I have fantasizes about my twin brother. Once I even went into his room and even touched his penis when he was sleeping. I just wonder what it would be like to suck his penis and have him ram me.

FYI we're 18


25819 - When I was 13 I had sex with 2 of my cousins over the course of 6 months. They were 6 & 8 at the time. It started with me sneaking in their room at night and pulling their panties off while they slept and eating their pussies. After a month of that I noticed that they were not actually asleep and we're just pretending so I told the older one to come to my room if she wanted to try something new. We fucked 3 times that night. The first time I came as soon as I entered her, the other times I lasted a bit longer and she really enjoyed it. About a week or 2 later I fucked my 6yo cousin in an abandoned trailer on a neighboring property. I fucked at least one of them each day or night for the next 5 months until I went back home.


25818 - Some years ago when I was much younger, I spent a lot of time with my next door neighbor lady who happened to also be my moms best friend. She was married with grown children and her husband was a pilot who stayed gone a lot. I stayed at her house a lot when my parents went out of town and that was quite often. She was a Cuban lady in her mid 50's,very petite and cute with gray hair but she was equipped with enormous tits that were rarely restrained by a bra at home. She would tell me that her boobies hurt in a bra and that's why she like to go without one. Her tits would sway side to side as she walked and her extra wide nipples were my sole obsession. She made very little effort to hide them and she often exposed herself by bending over in front of me as she pretended to clean the house. I would watch her every move as she went about straightening the house or whatever she did. It didn't take me long to try and test the waters to see what else we might do together. I slept in the guest bedroom right next door to her room and I would lay awake and watch r rated movies on HBO and often masturbate to the nudity I saw. One night as I was jerking off, I had my eyes closed as I fantasized about sucking the amazing tits in the next room. Just then I opened my eyes and my large breasted neighbor was standing next to my bed totally naked and rubbing her tits with a huge smile on her face. She asked me to go to her bed with her. I was so shocked but so horny and anxious to experience her tits once and for all. We went to her room and she told me to lay on my back and to just be quiet and let her take control. I was not going to argue and she knelt over my raging hard on and wasted no time in taking it into her mouth. She sucked and licked my dick and balls for what seemed like an hour. It was intense and I almost came several times but I resisted the urge. All the while I was groping and squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples and all I could think of was sucking and licking her beautiful fat tits! I asked her if I suck her and she said of course baby, just be gentle and do what you want to do. I began to suckle her tits like a baby and my dick actually hurt due to being so hard. I was in heaven with her. We continued with this nursing and groping for a while until she guided my hand to her pussy and let me feel how wet and warm it was. It felt wonderful and she taught me how to masturbate her pussy that way. She must have cum 20 times that night. After a while I was getting so frustrated myself as I wanted to shoot a load in the worst way myself. I asked her if I could masturbate too? She said of course, I want you to. How can I help you? I asked her to straddled me with her boobs hanging over my face so I could suck them and hold them while I stroked myself. She did as she asked and soon her tits were hanging over me and it was the most erotic experience of my life! Gravity made them even bigger and so much more beautiful. They were swaying back and forth and just waiting to be sucked and licked. She really enjoyed my intense sucking on her nipples. I stroked my cock fast and hard and to no surprise I came within a minute or two and I shot cum on her belly and tits as she knelt over me. My orgasm was the best one I had ever experienced. We continued like this from time to time in secrtet for several more years whenever my parents were out of town but eventually it simply had run its course. I still masturbate to her to this day thinking back on those amazing times together. I love looking at older and elderly naked women too because of those experiences. She's 95 now but I'd probably still suck her tits and get just as excited as I once did. She was my first and I'll never forget that.


25817 - Steve covino is a little bitch. Raquel butler is a gross piece of shit fucks anyone. Madison kaulay can't help herself not to lie and is the same as her lanky giraffe. There's a few other kooks that are on my shit list. You have been warned, any further action will be declared an attack. You will suffer.


25816 - Our daughter was sent home from a sleepover when she was 10 after the other girl's mother caught her showing her daughter how to masturbate. Apparently the mother went into the bedroom to tell them that it was time to go to sleep, and found both of them naked on the lower bunk bed - her daughter was sitting on the edge of the bed, our daughter was stretched out on the bed with her fingers in her cunny. The girl's mother was horrified, she told our daughter to get dressed and then drove her straight back home to us. Our daughter was incredibly embarrassed, my wife was shocked, and I was harder than I'd ever been in my life!