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26932 - I was a truck driver and used to visit adult book stores all the time. I caught myself watching all different types of porn from straight to full blown gay. One time I went into a booth that had a hole on each side of me was not to sure what they were for till I heard someone enter the booth next to me and not long after I noticed a cock come through the hole it was a average cock but I thought what the hell and leaned down and sucked him off. Then I turned and there was another larger cock so I stripped and blew him till he was rock hard turning around and slowly let him fuck my tight ass as he was I could not believe what I saw was the biggest cock in my life it was so fat it barley fit in the hole so I wispered through the hole to meet me out side as the guy came in my ass I left and found a tall black man waiting and asked if he wanted to come to my truck. he came with me and I sucked and fucked his 10 in black cock till he came so much.


26628 - I started watching porn really young. But I didn't have easy access to it. I could get pictures on my psp using wifi. But the load time was horrible. I got accustomed to getting off to stories. Usually normal stuff, but I found the more exciting stories to be about gangbangs. The pleasure described was better than others.
As I got older (with better access to porn) my fetishes developed. I liked a big white ass. I liked anal. But I saw the pleasure was more intense in gangbangs. And more notably, the women preferred black men. So I preferred it too. I went from searching "pawg" to "pawg vs bbc." I didn't realize how psychological it was for me. Cause it went from "pawg vs bbc" to "teen vs bbc" "Latina meets bbc" and ultimately I got into cuckold because it was (at first) to me, just a woman fucking a black guy.
But the brainwashing of it really started to work on me. Over time. BBC stopped meaning "more fun in porn for the girl." It started meaning "superior." These girls weren't sucking a cock, they were sucking superior black cock. It started getting me bad.
I remember having a dedicated nympho for a girlfriend. Sex was amazing, but during blowjobs I remember watching her wishing I was watching a black cock instead. Id sit there thinking about her sucking one in front of me. Swallowing his cum. I remember dreaming of her letting bbc breed her. But alas, we broke up. I never told her. I never dreamed of it. But the fetish stayed after. And "superior bbc" still means a lot to me but I have no one to imagine sucking it. So I saw cuckolds being called sissies. And I read stories of men, slimming down, wearing make up, girls clothes, and worshipping bbc. So I thought I could do it. I'm months into the thought. I've never done anything gay.
But I bought a dildo and a thong. I'll wear my thing and ride my dildo and my dick goes limp but the pleasure is intense. I call myself a sissy girl. I don't even slightly feel like a man when I do this. I feel like a complete girl and I love it. By now I've accepted bbc as my superior. In my head I'm a slave. I would jump at the chance to worship. I dream of it. I can easily get off to pictures of bbc (and even betters to solo bbc videos). I want to act on it. I want to serve. I want to suck swallow and lick all day. I want my ass beat black and blue, I want to be fucked raw and I want cum to be my only meal. I've considered going out and finding a white cock to be a sissy for (since gay black men aren't abundant in my area) but I know I can't. It would be betraying my true masters.
I ever since I was 13 I wanted to be gangbanged and that's how I want my first time to be. I want atleast 3-5 bbcs to make a whore out of me.
A boy can dream.


23930 - So I am a bi white guy and have posted on here before about being the bottom for black men. There is a black guy named Terrance that has been fucking me off and on for about 12 years. We are both bi and have danced on the line of friends with benefits and an actual relationship. We have always respected each other in the past once we had an actual relationship with someone else. In the past we have enjoyed each others company going to events or movies or just social type things. Sometimes sex would be involved sometimes not. Usually we would just pal around if we were in actual relationships with someone else, there has always been a real respect between us. Neither one of us has actually had a real relationship with the same sex. The one main thing that I have always enjoyed about him is his casual relaxed, take it as it comes type of personality. That kinda jokingly serious personality. I have never had to really answer to him.

I wander if it just age. We are both in our late 30s now. He has been getting more aggressive in that manner. Now he is starting to be more possessive and aggressive. Wanting me to answer to him. What I have been doing? Who am I with? What I have been doing with who? When am I going to be back home. At first I thought he was just curious so we could get together and fuck. But found that he doesn't wanna get together when I do get home, or by myself. He constantly wants to know my work schedual even though it has been the same for the past couple of years. He call the house 30 minutes after I get off of work to see if im home rather than my cell phone. Then he calls my cell wanting to know why im not home and where I am at. A lot of times I make a pit stop at the store on the way home. Now he calls me names like bitch and other names. Making demands, like checking in with him on a regular basis. A lot of times I don't and he starts in with his name calling and threats to tell my family and friends. I ask him whats going on with him and he tells me " just do it bitch".

I don't know I guess I need to come out to my family and friends just to take that away from him.

Anyway I guess I just needed to vent. I know what needs to be done. Just no one I really can talk to about this. Thanks for listening


23042 - I had been thinking about it, and I think that I like my sister in law knowing, in a round about sort of way, that I love getting fucked by black men. We are both really kinky. and love kinky sex. Her and I never really went all the way but came close on several occasions. I have posted on here before about me being in a steady relationship with a black man. I am a white guy. Kinda like right now he is asleep, resting after a long night of him fucking me.

Like how I want her to know that I had sex with 3 different black men on their bed several years ago. One on Friday night, and the other two on Sat night. I took both of them on at the same time. All times I was the bitch. One stayed the night and fucked the hell out of me on Sunday morning,

She said that she would not do black men. But the whole time I was getting fucked, I couldn't help but to think of her getting fucked by a black guy. She is a supper freak, and I think that she would really enjoy it.

I do wander though if she enjoys the thought of me knowing that her and her brother had sex, and that they have been fucking for quit some time.