Latest Beastiality Confessions:


24746 - I like the confession about the calf sucking dick.I had those experiences with my young puppies as a boy.It started when I was about 11, I was plying with my dog's newborn puppies.There were four.I was home alone and in my shorts playing with them,I was erect and I let one suck my penis,It latched on I never felt this amazing feeling of pleasure before.It lasted for about a minute and I orgasm dry,dick was sensitive but I felt flushed and relaxed.I let my pups suck me till they got teeth.
At 13,we got a dog with more pups after two years,I missed those pup blow jobs.However, I was masturbating and recently cumming.I was elated to get three puppy suckers.
I took one up to my bed,I wasted no time,it hooked on.I tried to hold off cumming,it was awesome.It was milking my teenage cock.I came in two minutes and it sucked out the cum.It sucked and I almost passed out with pleasure.It did not stop as it gulped downed my cum and continued relentlessly.I pulled it off and dropped on the bed satisfied.I let the puppy suck me off twice again that night and sucked me daily multiple times till they got teeth.
The best blowjobs I ever had.


24705 - Once I was fixing to take a shower when my dog came up behind me and put his forepaws around my waist and humped me. That was a very interesting experience!


24657 - I have been mounted by a dog before. it was..... interesting.


24550 - Back in the 70s I had a calf who would suck my dick any time I wanted her to. All I had to do was hang it out and she would come running and latch on and start sucking. She would take the whole 6" in her mouth and suck like crazy. The bovine (cow) does not have upper front teeth and when she is sucking, her tongue protects my dick from her lower front teeth. My dick wouldn't even be hard when she started sucking; yet, I'd be cumming in less than a minute. When she felt my hot cum squirting down her throat she'd suck harder and faster. My dick was so sensitive that I had to pull out; I couldn't take it anymore. That was the ultimate blowjob. I wish I had another calf like her. WOW!!!!