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26871 - This happened when i was around 10 years old, i was a loner boy when i was growing up and i use to play with my st Bernard (bitch aka female dog) dog all the time. one day when i was running and playing with my dog randomly i took out my penis and let it smell it, my dog started licking for a bit and stopped. it felt so good. and i was afraid that some one would catch me on the act. later on i tried this after coming home from school, i point my penis at my dog and it licks and gives a small bite. its painful when it bites but i take it away and gives it to lick more.

time passed on when i was around 13 i started watching porn, with all that excitement i went to my dog and touched its vagina, it was dry and kind of small. as soon as i touched her vjayjay she got scared and started licking her vjay and my penis, then i gently touched her vjay and spared the big two lips. it was very pink inside her pvts and i slowly put my tong in her p*ssy. she got very exited and didnt move much , next i lift her rear leg and slowly thrust-ed my penis inside her pussy, it was so warm and felt soo good. i kept on fucking her and i ejaculated inside her, and its the very first time i ejaculated in my life. felt soo good. since then i had around 4-5 times sex with my dog. now im 24


26849 - My ex-husband used to try to talk me into letting the dog lick me, thought it would be exciting to watch. I thought it was gross and always told him no way! Then one day after discovering my husband was cheating on me I got undressed got on the floor and called the dog over to me. I wasn't sure what to do so I sat there petting him running my hand close to his cock but afraid to touch it finally I decided to go for it so I reach over and gently touched it, He didn't seem to mind so I kept going. He was getting harder and I was getting horny. I had never seen anyone do this so I wasn't sure I was doing it right. I laid back on the floor and spread my legs he must have been curious because he immediately went for my pussy which was dripping wet. I was shocked at how good it felt and he seemed to like it. Since that day I have watched videos and have learned a few things. I kicked the husband out but kept the dog.


26791 - I confess that I can't get enough dog semen. I love that tangy, copper taste and I love putting my tongue into the dimple on the tip of their cocks. Gripping them behind the knot and squeezing rhythmically to make them shoot. I also love deep-throating them and letting their sperm hit my face.


26783 - I read on a website about animal sex and got interested so last night I watched a video of a dog knotting a woman and I have to confess I got so turned on... I was watching it and at first was confused but once he was licking her pussy than put it in her... oh man I could just feel my pussy start throbbing. I put my hand in my panties and they were soaked. After a while I couldn't take it no more and just had to cum. I fingered and rubbed my pussy until I came super hard all over my bed... Maybe found a new porn category I like...