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23742 - When I was a teen, we had a sweet german shepard. I would take the dog for walks with me and go to hidden spots where I could take my clothes off and groom the dog. I was pretty depraved so I would find where the dog had pooped and carry around the poop in my mouth to warm it and make it soft. Where we played, I would swallow the poop then lick the dogs ass until he was ready to roll over onto his back and let me groom him. I can tell you that by this time I was really horny and so I was ready for him when he started to erect out of his sheath. I would takes his cock into my mouth and suck him happily until he came. If I timed it right, I would be able to take his cum into my mouth and hold it there. It was so hot to be able to have the combination of his shit and cum taste in my mouth. I knew it was pretty messed up to do this but the dirtiness of the experience was what drove me. Some nights, I could take the cum in my mouth and keep it there while I walked back to my house. Before I would go to sleep, I would push some cum out of my mouth and wipe my face with it so I could have the feeling of it on my lips until I awoke the next morning. A few times I was able to put a little bit in a cup so I could drink it before going to school. I loved having the taste of dog cum in my mouth to make my school day more exciting.


23725 - When I was a real young girl , I had a pet name of Brownie. He was a real pretty pet, and he was my friend.
When I used to come home from school he would be waiting for me.
So I would go to my room and he would followed me in there and I would put on my every day clothes.
One day he and I started to cutting up with each other and then I notice his penis sticking out of his sheath. I guess all the cutting up had gotten him excited.
Well them I started to playing with him and I did that until he came. Then I let him out the door to go to do what dogs do.
Now I had never had heard of anything like that before and it was very interesting to feel a dog penis in my hands.
Now another day after got home from school I had some more fun with brownie and then in a little bit he got on top of me and begin , to rubbing his penis against me and he slipped into my panties. So we rubbed for a little bit until he got off and came.
Later on after he finish coming I got up and fixed my clothes and let him outside.
Later on I was outside when he got into the swing with me and then I started to playing with him. I play with him until I made him come. Then I went inside and wash my hands to get off the sticky stuff. Then I help my mom with supper sitting the table etc.
I know used think that Brownie was like Mary had a little lamb; where I went he wanted to go, but we wouldn't let him go with us to store etc.
He and I had some good times together and he was always there for me when I got home from school or from the store etc. I would have some fun of playing around with him and rubbing privates together but he never went in me.
There was one time though he was outside in the backyard and when I got home from school he to our back door and mom let him in and he came into my room. I was doing my math homework. I put my math down and play around with him and did that until he came. Then I told him to lay down and he did and I went back to my homework and then I let him outside.
The last time I messed with him was closed to my 10 birthday and he was in my room and I was playing with him, and I did that until I made him come. I let him outside and then I lay down and took me a nap. I wasn't feeling too good. I guess it was probably the heat.
Not too long after that we lost brownie; he was hit by a car and I told him to stay out of the road but he wouldn't listen.
I was upset and he was my first dog fun and my first dog and I love him dearly. Just like others dogs he wouldn't stay out of the road and so he got hit.
He was my first dog lover and I had some others when I was older.
I hope you enjoy this story about my fun with my dog and have a good day.