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26140 - I'm a 23 year old jock who is not out and I haven't cum in 3 days and am really horny. Today I went to the gym to work out and then swim some laps in the pool. I kept stroking my cock in between laps. There are always so many smoking hot guys walking around almost naked. Then I went into one of the shower stalls and took off my swimsuit to release my throbbing cock. I looked on the wall of the stall and there was a thick line of cum someone had shot recently. Just the sight of that cum sticking to the wall made my cock rock hard. I touched it and it stuck to my finger and then I couldn't resist and I licked it off my finger and swallowed it. I felt like such a whore but it was so fucking hot.


26111 - I love the taste of all cum. That's my confession. I've tasted human, dog and cat cum and while (in my experience) cats don't really cum enough for you to be able to taste it, I love the act of pleasing anything. Never had horse cum but I hear it tastes like almonds. I also love all pussy (taste, smell and all.) Human and dog is all I've had but I've heard mares are awesome.


26083 - I am 17 and lately I can't quit exposing myself to who ever. I love exposing myself to older men the most or really young guys.
Last night in the movie line I let a guy cop a feel and he almost made me cum on him right then and there but I managed to hold it back.
I went in the theater and sat near the back row and he sat right behind me and it didn't take him long to continue doing to me what he started, he exposed my breasts and started in playing with my nipples making me moan and wet my lips my hands cupped his as he continued to fondle my breasts making them swell and my nipples scream with wanting desire lower his hands went I arched my back pushing my Pusey higher to meet his hands and he went right to my clit and I almost screamed, I bit my lower lip for now I have two sets of hands upon me and oh god yes yes don't stop for now they have me cumming all over their hands and it feels so good oh wow I open my eyes and I see a huge cock right in front of my face I reach out with my toung and lick it head almost pulling it into my mouth my lips forming a tight seal around it's head I pull it further into my mouth I almost forgetting about the two pairs of hands upon me but I feel I am being picked up and I am sat upon this guys cock that I was sucking a moment earlier deeper and deeper he goes into me I rotate my hips back wanting more of his cock in me and I got it oh god did I ever, like a pile driver he was ramming his cock in and out of me and I started in whimpering someone pinched my nipples and I cam on this guys cock o9ver and over I couldn't stop I leaned forward and he shoved his cock further into me and I cum again I couldn't control my actions meanwhile this guy finished giving me his load when another took his place a bit shorter but a whole lot thicker and someone slipped their cock in my mouth and I began sucking on that one, hands were all over me and cocks oh god yes the guy beneath me picked me up and shoved his cock up my ass and a guy in front of me put his cock in my puss my first double and I'm loving it I could feel both cocks rubbing each mother and I'm cumming like I never have before moans of ecstasy comes from my mouth and I'm holding on to the guy beneath me holding on for life fo I don't want my orgasms to stop, I keep cumming over and over and each time I become weaker but I can't help it, cum running down my belly and someone is smearing it on my tits and on my lips and I lick their fingers clean someone else's cock is in my puss but I still have this guys cock in my ass and the hurt has gone but now desire has taken it's place and I want more yes I want more cock in my ass, make me a cum depository before the night is over I have taken 11 up my ass and 14 in my puss and all of their cum, I have no idea where my skirt is or my blouse and at this moment I don't care wow this 12 year old is sucking on my nipples sucking them far into his mouth oh god yesss he's making me cum on him I look down and I see this little cock about 5 inches I almost felt sorry for him as I cupped his head against my breasts his hands kneading as if trying to get milk a flowing I hold his mouth on my nipple he starts sucking more of my breast into his mouth almost hurting but feels so good to me, he turns and he begins rubbing his cock against my puss my body begins to give me away and he get6s himself in me without any problems and he starts fucking me like there's no tomorrow my hands cup his ass and I pull him towards me holding him tight against my puss and he's still banging me crazily oh god he has me cumming on him he nibbles on my nipple and I cum on him again he pinches the other and I cum again then this guy asks if I would go home with him and he'd call a few of his buddies to set up a gang bang for me if I wanted without thinking I said yesssss and he kissed me giving me his tongue darting in and out of me wildly I cum on the kids cock again. after what seem to be 2 hours I open my eyes and I take my first look at the guys that just serviced me and I asked for my clothes. Don't know where my blouse went but one guy gave me his T shirt which is a bit to small but who's complaining none of the guys anyway. No skirt but I managed to round up a pair of gym shorts that someone had left before me. I tried to stand to pull the gym shorts up but my legs wouldn't hold me up and I fell back against I think was the first guy and he held me tight against him as I felt his cock grow hard once more pushing against my hip my hand slides down and I give him a wanting rub, easy girl later he says.


26033 - My 18 year old step daughter has come to live with me for a while, she is getting over an operation and cant manage the stairs at her mothers place, I live on the ground floor. She is very pretty and I always fancied her even when I was with her mother. She has a few health problems one of which is that she is stone deaf, the other is that when she is asleep she snores like a train. When I was with her mother I used to sniff her used panties and cum in them, nothing more than that, never touched her.
Earlier today I was going past her bedroom door and I heard her snoring so I knew she was asleep, I opened the door and saw her laying on her back on top of her bed, the tiniest pair of panties and a tight vest top was all she had on, her legs were slightly apart and I could see the outline of her pussy. I got so hard in an instant and I couldnt help myself, I got my cock out and started playing with myself, I went into the room and got my cock close to her pussy, she was still snoring so I knew she was sleeping, it wasnt long before I came a huge load over her panties and bare legs, still feeling horny even after I had cum, I rested my limp cock on her lips and left the residue of my cum all over her lips. I left the room and she was still sleeping. When she got up for her dinner she had a shower and came into the kitchen, she acted normally so I dont think she has clue as to what I did.
She is on medication for her operation and Im thinking that if she takes a bit too much she might be so out of it that I will be able to fuck her without her knowing, Im certainly going to cum over her again.