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26831 - I would like to be a prisoner of several men for a week, and service them everyday. Kept naked and unwashed, poorly fed and fucked often. I would like to live mostly on cum for a week


26813 - Im female and my closet friend is male, he's very shy and nerdy but a very good friend, we have known each other since 5 he is still a virgin and never kissed touched or done anything else with a woman.
We got chatting and the conversation lead to sex, I asked if he masturbate he said yes but never ejaculated, shocked I said why, he shrugged his shoulders and said don't know.
I said your missing the best bit, I said next time keep playing until you ejaculate.
Couple of weeks passed and I mentioned about ejaculating, he said no, I felt so sorry for him I said try it now, come on I will help you, after 10 minutes of encouragement he finally agreed, I said right get yourself erect, he pulled down his trousers and boxers, I was shocked he was big, when he got a full erection I couldn't believe me eyes, he was huge I've never seen such a big cock in my life, I said keep playing and let me know when you start feeling different feelings in your cock, I couldn't keep my eyes off his cock, it looked so hard a big, I said you must be getting close now, he was breathing faster, I put my hand on his cock to help finish him and he shot stream after stream of cum in the air, never seen such pressure or amount of cum, he was shacking as the last few drops of cum came out he continued to masturbate, I put my hand on his cock again and it was just as hard, I started wanking him using his cum as lube and within 2 minutes he cum again, 4 massive ropes of cum over my hand.
For the next week all I could think about was the size of his cock and the amount he cum.
All I'm wanting now is his big cock inside me!


26798 - I'm straight, but I like anal play. I really want to have a guy straight bi gay desperate anything clean fuck me and cum in me. I've dreamed of this fantasy coming true. Also want to be used at a glory hole


26707 - I'm so confused...

So I hung out with my friend Ashley today and on the ride home I was just messing around telling her sometimes when I jack off I make up situations with people I'd never actually fuck and have fantasies. Normal man shit.

She goes "Did you ever have one of me"

And I freeze. No girl wants to hear that right?

I tell her I did.

She wants to hear every single thing about it. I'm like "no, no no, long time ago before I was even married" even though in reality it was like 5 days ago haha. She was like "Tell me! Now I HAVE to know."

So I told her in my fantasy we'd be in the back and I'd fuck her on top of the desk at work. Behind her, than have her suck me off, turn her over at the end and cum inside of her.

And she seemed fine with it. She just smiled and said "Oh, thought it be weirder"

Now I'm married. She has a boyfriend. She acted so odd to my news yet...I found it so fucking hot. Like I wanted to fuck her right there.

Should I keep telling her I had a new fantasy ever week? Think maybe that'll stir the pot up, maybe make her want to try one with me? She's so fucking hot I'd love it. What do you guys think?