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25789 - I have a 19yo niece built like Jenna Haze and even prettier. The other day she asked if she could borrow my cell phone to make a call. I said sure.Later I noticed she went through my pics and sent 2 of my cock picks to her email. I was instantly rock hard.She was always a bit of a tease.I paid her to clean my home a couple times a week.When she knew I was gonna be there she'd wear a skin tight wife beater and barely there shorts.She constantly sat on my lap when nobody was looking. The next day she came over and she had gotten a new phone. She handed to me and said check it out it takes great video and pics.Then she went to the bathroom. There was one video of her masturbating and moaning my name. I looked up and she walked out of the bathroom naked.I got naked and fucked my hot little niece in every hole.She is so hot and uninhibited. I was at her parents,my sisters home she followed me to the bathroom and sucked my cock.A week ago she convinced her parents that it would be cheaper and safer and just as close to move in with her dear old uncle since I live right by her college. My cock is raw,that little girl knows how to fuck and do it well.She likes to record it too.We have hours and hours of us fucking anywhere and everywhere. One of her favorite thing is for me to ass fuck her while she talks to her daddy on the phone.That girls gonna be my death!


25739 - Well it kinda all started when i first noticed i was getting boobs. I was 12 and none of the other girls in my grade even had them really and i was embarrassed at first because all the boys used to say stuff like freak and call me ugly which is probably the most stupid thing you could say to a girl who has boobs and you are a 12 year old boy lol but anyway by the time i was 13 and in the last 5 months of 7th grade at my elementary school i learned that i had a talent for sucking big cock. in 7th grade the gym class is both boys and girls and our gym teacher was a older man in his 50s named john i dont wanna say his last name cause he could probably get in trouble lol but anyway it was january and i was changing in the girls room like normal and everyone else had gone outside to do our run for track and field (we all wore short shorts it was kinda normal in my school) it took about 30 minutes, I was leaving the girls room and my teacher (john) said i wasnt going to pass P.E and i started tearing up thinking i wouldnt be able to go to highschool (Not true) and its kinda messed up to think he would take advantage of me but thinking back im so happy he did. So when i said my parents would kill me if i cant go to highschool he told me there was only one way but he told me he wouldnt say till i promised not to tell anyone cause if i did it then all the students would do it to pass. He took me into the gym office which only has one window looking into our gym and then told me to get on both knees and i asked why then he said do you want to graduate highschool or be a low life until you are my age?! so i got onto my knees and watched him unzip his pants i had never felt more uncomfortable in my life but he walked up to me and put his hand on my head and tried to comfort me by saying "its normal jamie do you know how many kids do this to pass?" i said ok and he pulled his thick dark cock out which was fucking huge i was 4'11 at the time and im only 5'2 now so you can how big it looked to me anyway he was the first guy to ever let me touch his cock he kept his hand on my head and started to rub it on my cheek and he said you have to put it into your mouth and at this point i was super confused but my pussy was litterally dripping wet and i was only 13. i took it into my mouth and my gym teacher taught me to suck cock like a slut. he said lick it from the base atleast 20 times lol so i did he made it like a excersise then when he was about to cum he said whatever you do keep the tip inside your mouth and dont stop sucking just pretend your mouth is a vaccum cleaner and he started cumming and of course i kinda freaked out and let his dick out then he shot a straight shot into my face while gripping my head and then kept cumming on my forehead. this sounds messed up but i was actually so turned on but confused at the time. he was obviously a pervert and told me that we do this every class now until my marks are good enough to get into highschool. the next time he told me i was in trouble for not keeping it in my mouth like he had told me to and that from now on i had to let him put all his special milk (thats what he called it lol) into my mouth and swallow it unless he told me otherwise and that it would help me like a vitamin and thats why it tasted bad. looking back i dont know if i believed him but the other half of me must of just been a slut in training because i told him that it tasted good like one of those vitamin drinks and he said "Good because youll be drinking a lot of it." he was right i did almost every single gym class from january to may he would take me to his office, get my on my knees and then tell me how to get the milk through different "excercises" like i said thats what he called them lol it sounds like i was molested but being a teenage cum swallowing slut for a old gym teacher was the hottest thing i ever did in my life so far... i didnt even write about most the things he made me to do so he could shoot his cum


25709 - From a early age I've liked guys and there hard members, stroking my cock whereEVER I could, then at 15 I had to go home in a taxi from grans house which was a few miles away and it was dark out and as I was dressed in shirt and trousers I finally managed to get her local taxi firm to pick me up to take me home, as I go in to the cab there was massive hot hulk in his late 40's driving?? yes I was so horny I could have jumped him there and then but he just drove off and chatted to me, I noticed his hand on the gearshift grazing my knee as he did my juices was gushing everywhere, glancing at him as he spoke he grabbed my leg and my browneye was itching to be touched, he saw my excitement and went for my belt to release me, I was sats there half naked dying for him to do me as hard as he wanted, he rubbed my ring then slipped his index finger in my ass as I drank my precum inserting his other finger too I almost came there and then, I rubbed his cock till he wanted to burst out so I unzipped him and took him in my mouth sucking his magic shroom headed cock as he slipped his hand down to my ass I wanted him to fuck me so badly but he tasted so damn good I love to suck, he slipped his jeans down put his seat down so I could climb on him. I leaned back so he could use his sexy shroom to rub my brown eye and it felt like nothing ever, I put my legs up towards his head and gave my ass to him spreading my cheeks to let him force himself inside me felt so good that I must be screwed as much as possible??, riding him was intense til he came in my ass, I cleaned him as much as I could


25683 - Please ladies help me with an answer (i am a 19yr old boy). when gals 'squirt' during an orgasm, are they actually peeing or is it actual 'cum' (as in men)...??? thanks so much - x0x0...