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25350 - I recently did two naughty things. I was on my cities main rd. city of. 1 million and flashed my 38ds to the cameras. Early on Sunday. It felt good. Fucked in the mts before completely nude but not in the city streets. But I also intentionally began to madyrubate when I knew my oldest chid who is in her 20s would see me. She walked in on me with a dildo in my wet and horney cunt. Instead of me stopping I continued. I said cum watch mommy. She is a Virgin I said this is how mommy started to make u She came and grabbed my nipple. Them she stood and watched me moan and cum. It was so freeing.


25348 - I began an
Affair with a man young enough to be my son. I m now pregnant. I wanted to be get pregnant but only to feel his seed in me. I'm going to Abort I'm 50.
He wanted this. After fucking over 3o men and three husbands I wanted this. We fucked in side outside and we knew his father in law saw us once. Best sex ever. I've had five abortions. I used birth control but every time I stop men love to try to get me pregnant
My boobs are so big now. Wish I cloud post a pic of them.
My pussy is so tight now. I want to be Fucked too much. But I love cum.


25347 - To my step daughter Amanda: I never told anyone what a slut you are! you would let me jerk off in your panties just to borrow my car!


25323 - I have this weird desire to get raped by my ex girlfriends dad! I just want him to tie me down and fuck me in the butt like he owns me and he shoves things up my ass and just uses me! And he just shoves his thing down my throat after its covered in shit and he has his friends come over and fuck me like I'm just a slave so bad!! Is this normal?