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25291 - 45 years ago when I was 5 my father with my mother’s help started making me give him blow jobs. Mom knew but didn't care, she hated giving head. At 11 mom had stated to make me give her head also.

By age 10, I was giving dad head 4 or 5 times and swallowing.
Mom from the start would play with me so in time I could only cum if I was giving head.

I got to the point that when the dad’s cum flooded my mouth I would have orgasms.

At 16 dad made me pregnant and I had a little boy.

By that time I was completely messed up sexually as I could only cum if being abused.

My father died when my son was 14. By that time mom was being serviced by my son and she controlled him completely.

When he turned 15, mom brought him to me and forced me to suck him.
I didn’t want to but was he slapped me and pushed my mouth on to his cock. When the he finally came I orgasmed like never before. I squirted when I came for the first time know I was swallowing my son’s cum.

I became his cum slave. He could get hard and cum 10 times a day and I swallowed it all.

Since then I spend my days naked either swallowing his cum, or eating my mother’s pussy and ass.
At 38, my son made me pregnant and we had a boy.

Both mom and my son, have told me I will be a cum slave until I die.


25254 - When my step daughter was about 28 she moved back in with us for about a year. She has always been so fucking hot I would love to fuck her sweet pussy and fill her up with my cum. I would get so horny thinking about that hot puss I would masturbate while on the computer with her in the living room. the computer was in the dining room the recliner blocked a direct line of sight from me masturbating but I think she knew what I was up to. Anyway I would always leave open tabs with porn mostly cum dripping pussies and fisting pics knowing she would be using the computer when I was done. she would always be up late on the computer and one night I had to piss I had a piss hard-on and when I got up I noticed the lamp was on in the dining room so I quietly snuck into the dining room to find her fisting that sweet fuckhole and I stroked my hard cock and when she noticed me she fumbled to cover up saying she was sorry she didn't mean to wake me. I told her not to worry that it was a huge turn on for me to see her doing that and not to be embarrassed I pulled out my cock and started stroking it she stared at me for a minute then went back to playing with her swollen pussy until we both came. Her shuddering even harder as my hot cum landed on her pussy and stomach. she never let me fuck her but she did let me watch her masturbate on occasion and would let me cum on her while she did it. I would have loved to cum deep into her hot hole. But I can't complain!


25217 - When I was growing up I had this neighbor, Mr. Williams. He lived just a few houses down from me. He was very nice to me. He always paid me to help him with yardwork, painting his fence, washing his cars and mowing his yard. He even bought me my first Playboy.
I spent several evenings hanging out with him on his porch. We talked mostly about music and girls. Mr. Williams was big into music and introduced me into lots of older bands. I never had a serious girlfriend and vented my frustrations much of the time. I wasn't athletic, just 5'10" a very lean 110lbs. Nor was I good looking, I had really bad acne and wore braces.
It was shortly after my 18th birthday when Mr. Williams asked me if I was gay. I was quick to say no. We talked about it in length. Mr. Williams asked me into his house to watch a gay video with him. He was interested in how I responded to watching it.
While watching it, I got aroused. I had never seen guy on guy and it was new and exciting to watch. After it finished, we talked about it. He suggested that I keep an open mind. Mr. Williams told me I was very attractive and that I had a perfect body. I felt pretty good.
A few weeks passed and I was trying to figure out if I might be gay. Several evenings I thought about the gay video and imagined having sex with other boys in my highschool while masturbating. Growing up in a small farm town in the Midwest. Being gay was unheard of in the early 80's for such a conservative community.
It was mid June, when Mr. Williams and I were talking about me being gay. I was beginning to think I was. While talking he put his hand on my leg and started rubbing it. He asked if I was OK with it and if it stimulated me. I felt a rush of adrenaline and was very aroused. For a second,I forgot we were on his porch outside. Mr. Williams asked me inside.
Just inside his screen door he pushed me up against the wall and got on his knees. He pulled my shorts and underwear down quickly. He began to suck me. It felt amazing, so much better than I had imagined. Within minutes I was cumming. It was elation followed by a blanket of ease. I could barely stand as my legs shook. Mr. Williams stood up and unbuckled his pants. Pulling them down his cock looked so huge compared to mine. He pulled me over to the couch and placed his hand on my head. I went down and kissed his penis. I licked it and wrapped my lips around him. He moaned and said good which motivated me. I messed up a few times when I accidentally bit down. It took several minutes until I tasted cum for the first time. It was very salty, warm, and slimey. I gagged it down and had tears in my eyes. Mr. Williams said that it would be best to keep this secret and I agreed.
Over the next week, we had oral sex each day and multiple times on the weekend. I was obsessed with giving oral. The taste of cum I craved it wanting more.


25181 - While my step daughter sleeps sometimes I use her hand to jerk off my cock it feels so good to blow my load and have her hand wrapped around my cock and feel the slight squeeze of her hand as I pump cum. One time she slept with no top on and I just pulled her blanket down enough so I could jerk off looking at her sweet tits. I've even managed to get the tip of my cock on her lips a couple of times while she's sleeping. It took everything I had not to launch my load into her mouth.