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26608 - Been with my new gf for 3 months now and she is a keeper! Got invited to a party but knowing my ex gf would be there my new gf didn't want to go because of ex gf, while at the party I was not rude but kept my distance if you know what I mean, my ex was with two friends I didn't know, 2 hours in her two friends (drunk) started talking to me saying, your ex told us a few things about you, I thought they were just winding me up until they started saying things that are true, one being how I ejaculate / cum, over the evening both girls kept saying "you going to show us then" by the end of the night a little drunk myself both girls approach me again and said "your not leaving until you show us" I smiled and said I need to go, as I was leaving one of the girls said, what if we help you! Both girls pulled me back into the living room and said get your cock out then! Calling there bluff I said get your pussy out then! oh dear one did just that, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to one side, I felt pressured I had to get my cock out but was also willing! Most of the guest had left or we're leaving at this point, I pulled my cock out and one girl started touching, playing with my cock, both girls laughing and making jokes about my cock, I started to get harder, the other girl said that's better as she started to touch my cock, as both girls we're playing with my cock I put my hand inside the girls panties, her pussy was really wet, she said you like my wet pussy and then started kissing me, her friend let go of me and she took over, as we kissed and I had two fingers inside her pussy really going for it making her pussy squelch with wetness, I pulled her panties down, as she pulled one leg out she put her foot on the sofa arm so I could really give her a good fingering, within a minute she stopped kissing me and pushed her pusdy harder into my fingers and started to orgasm, as she was cumming her legs were weakening, once she had finished! I laid her on the sofa, pulled my jeans off and slid my cook inside her pussy, it went straight in! It was so wet, I started pumping her, as I looked behind me there was about 10 people trying to watch from the door way, I had no idea, I continued to fuck this girl, as I did so I kept on looking at the people watching, I held her leg up so all could get a good view of her pussy and my cock sliding inside her, her friend started taking pictures, I was getting super turned on, I felt like I was putting on a show! I didn't want it to end, I kept changing positions so onlookers could see, I didn't have the urge to cum just wanted to continue pumping this woman for the onlookers, a couple of guys started chanting cum cum cum, few more thrusts and I pulled out, I stood up and started wanking myself off, the girl on the sofa held her legs open giving me an amazing view and a target to aim for, I took a couple of steps backwards and really got myself to the point of no return, the pressure built to quick for my liking and I was shooting stream after stream of cum towards her, it was landing on to body some on her legs just about everywhere, as I was coming to the last few streams of cum I walked towards her and finished on her pubes, a cheer from the onlookers and I'm really pleased with myself!
After the clean up, the girl was very clingy to me, as much as I enjoyed it, I was more excited about the onlookers watching, then reality stepped in, for sure my new gf is gonna find out, this she did within 24 hours and we are no longer together, stupid me, I've seen the girl I had sex with a few times since and twice had sex, we both spoke about that night and both agree about the extra turn on it was with onlookers watching.
The girl I had sex with keeps texting me commenting on my ejaculation! I must admit it was a porn star ejaculation! We flirt a lot via text but that's about it, still to this day my ex is still hunting me!


26596 - I'm 50 years old woman and I'm still my father cum slut.

I started swallowing at 7, and never stopped. I love his cum and being fucked by him.

Dad has always been over sexed and three times a day is normal for us.

He maybe 75 but even when he doesn't use Viagra his cock is like iron.

When he does use it, it feels like my pussy is going to be split in two.


26570 - I just came inside my co-workers daughter's burger at work. Stupid bitch Pandora always teasing me. Now bitch is eating my cum right here as I type this. Her face kind of scrounged up first few bites but now she almost done. What a dumb cunt LOL


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