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25549 - Ok, so I am a cum junkie. I think the best thing in life is to have a cock in my mouth. I have this fantasy of working on a busy street corner and taking in cum all day long. Giving men pleasure for hours a day while my own pleasure is satisfied by taking loads and savoring the taste.

I can't imagine a more satisfying job than spending my day giving men pleasure and taking their loads.


25548 - So my wife best friend Heather has been a royal pain in my ass. She has tried to break me and my girl up multiple times. I never liked her. She never minds her own buisness. She's actually a**hole a lot of the time.

So...why did I cum on her hair last night?

She slept over our house last night with her kid. I gave up the spare bedroom for the kid. She tucked him in, went downstairs, and fell asleep watching tv on the couch.

I was upstairs sleeping with my wife when I had to pee. SImple enough. I go downstairs, pee, and grab a drink. As I'm heading back towards the stairs I see Heather sleeping on the couch. I almost want to kick her out, her little sound asleep face on MY damn couch taking up my room. Wanna be like get the hell out! Instead I pull down my boxers and begin jerking it off above her head.

I was just stroking it right there on top of her. Her breathing was slow but perfect, and I can hear her snoring a little, so I knew she was still asleep. I told myself "Go upstairs, the hell you doing?" But I couldn't stop. This little bi*ch has tried to ruin my life so many times.

So I kept jerking, just staring at her face, wanting so bad to both slap it and put my d**k in it. What the hell was wrong with me? I hate her. Yet...I want her? Does this make sense?

Either way I kept jerking but nothing was coming out. Figured maybe I couldn't do it. Dumb idea. So I went to put it back in my pants when I placed it on her cheek. My heart was racing a million miles per second. I don't know why or how I did it. I don't even remember. Was like my body worked on its own. My thing was hanging on her cheek. Her breathing was still steady but my throbbing member was on her face.

I could feel it, just then. I had to cum.

And As I went to put it back inside my boxers I came. It landed all over her hair, short and sexy brown hair mind you, and sprayed the rest on the couch. I stood there for a moment trying to figure if I should move or not. Like is she going to wake up? What's y excuse?

Instead just placed it back in my boxers and made my way upstairs. This morning nothing. Not a sound from her about it. I don't think she woke up. Her hair looked a little dry but wouldn't you feel it? I dunno.

Either way it was so hot...I dunno what to do. She's staying here next four days. I almost want to do it again but this time...maybe on her ass or stomach? What do you guys think? Is this wrong? I DUNNO! Should Heather get more of this or no?


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25408 - I'm a 19 year old girl and really shy. I want to taste cock but I don't know how to approach anyone about it
I'd really love to be thrown into a glory hole stall so I could just suck off and fuck every thick cock that popped through those holes
I'll even let you cum in my mouth, pussy, and ass
I'll even wear my school uniform