Latest Dad Confessions:


25125 - Its only me and dad at home we have always been able to talk about anything we have see one another naked many times I have see dad with an erection when we were crossing the landing, it did look very good I must admit and I did like dad to see me naked I didn't bother to hide myself in any was, I keep scolding myself for this, but it turns me on so much, I just cum without doing anything, am I the only one, somebody help me, Eav


25084 - We all have those things that we could never tell anyone..well I need confess plus as many as I read should return return the gift....I'm 26yr old girl/mom/wife well by now a woman. Anyways.... I have a couple things to get off my chest..think all you want to think about me...I'm just naughty bottom line..

1) I so badly,want to fuck my step dad....I know it's wrong but the thought of,him Fucking me gets me so wet. I watch pornos where it's the dad and,daughter step dad...holy Fuck it makes me so horny.

2) Id love to watch my husband Fuck a 18yr old chick.....the thought of her tight teen pussy making his cock throb and feel good..gets me wet just thinking and even writing about it I'm getting wet..ahhh!!!

3)my favorite way to get off is just by rubbing myself reading all these taboo/ incest confessions..I feel so wrong but I can't help how hot it gets me. And,the,comments make even hotter.

I can't believe I actually put it out there

Sorta a big weight lifted off me..

What do u think? Am I horribe?!


25058 - Its was 2 am and i got into an argument with my mom so i went to go sleep at my dads. When i went into the house i heard a banging from my dads room. I walked in and he was fucking my moms sister. They both looked at me startled. My aunt got off of his dick and cane and pulled me towards them. They undressed me and my dad started playing with my clit then he ate me out while my aunt played with my "perky titties". When my dad started fucking me my aunt layed next to me and rubbed both of our clits while my dad had three fingers in her and pounding his thick dick in and out of me. Since then they both have bought me dildos and fuck me whenever i need. I make them get me off all the time or else i will tell my mom,


24961 - Nothing ever happened between me and my father before I finished college and came home from California in June.

Dad is 50 and a George Clooney look alike but with a rock hard body.

About a two weeks after I got home it first happened one night when that slut mother pulled her usual drink and stay out all night thing at the local bar.

We were sitting on the couch one minute watching a movie and I was snuggling against him, and the next thing I knew we started to kiss.

In a few minutes I was on top of him, being fucked like I never have been before. Dad’s cock was not huge but he is at least 7 inches. And for the first time in my life sex did not hurt, his cock fit inside me perfectly like my pussy was made just for his dick.

We went at it for 10 minutes, I came several times and when he was ready to blow, I said “Cum inside me Daddy please”! When I said that he fuck me ever harder and felt his cum fill me up.

We laid there trying to catch our breath. We started kissing and saying how much we love each other.

We started to talk and he that was the first sex for him in 3 years. Mom had been having an affair with a 25 year guy since I left for college four years ago, and she filed for a divorce in May.

I was so happy because I hated the bitch as she always treated Dad badly. I told Dad he mine now and I will make him happier than any other woman ever could.

Well mom moved out a week later.

He threw away the entire master bedroom set and we picked a new one out together and I moved into our bedroom. The sex is so hot and rough we nearly broke the new bed.

I just have to look at him when he’s shaving in the morning and I get wet.