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25355 - Previously I posted #13992 and described how it started with me and my dad. That was 3 years ago. Lately things have changed and truthfully only gotten better.
My Mom and Dad divorce this past June its been going south for about a year constant disagreements and my mom not coming home. Oh well dad's been taken care of quite nice. He's my footboy and I'm hit hot sticky lava girl. I moved out on my own about two years ago but on Wednesday's and Sunday's I always go over to my parents home to spend some sex time with my Dad.
He loves for me to pose my feet while he strokes his cock, also he loves to kiss my soles while fucking me. I love sucking his cock and lately licking his nipples and balls. We still don't do cream pies but about a year ago I did let his fuck my ass and finish in there. Honestly I didn't shit right for a week. I have a boyfriend now but he will never know that me and my dad fuck like little rabbits. I've been pondering leaving him now that my dad and mom aren't together because sexually my dad knows and created all my hot spots. Last year around Christmas we checked off another box on our bucket list on a trip to a local Casino. We played the role of older rich guy with young horny slut and took one of the guys back to a room we rented and had a threesome. It was a cool experience except that the guy came really fast. Then it was back to me and my dad. I work at the same office as my dad too. Many lunch breaks are spent giving foot jobs, blowjobs and mutual masturbation. No one knows what goes on and I think that is what keeps it hot and fresh. I'll come back and post more full stories soon I just felt like I left you guys hanging. Diane


25310 - Thank u so much Admin for your site. I came by this site by accident and has been hooked on it since. the incest stories (the ones that ring true) get me wanking my brown cock immediately. oh, how I luv this site. I will now share my current situation with the hope that it may help others who may be as horny as I and deciding their next moves - hope it will make them think of the consequence of their actions for better or worse.

my sister (32) has been sleeping with my dad, for how long, I don't know. they have never been caught more to the reason that we give them a blind eye, but their affair is wrecking our once beautiful family - and sadly they just wont stop. my beloved mum is now bedridden due to the related stress. for all she had sacrificed to raise my siblings and I through more bad times than good, she gets this. I am so thankful that through my care for mum now, she has a reason to keep living another day. but I carry the pain too. I do hope that for many who may be deciding or are wrecking their beautiful family in similar ways, can find the strength to take their fantasy / lust elsewhere and keep their beautiful family safe. xoxo...


25267 - I live in the UK where the age of consent is 16. For the past 2 months I've been having amazing sex with my daughter who is 16. Tall, leggy, blond, and shaved on her father's instructions, there is nothing she won't do. She LOVES cheating on her mother with me and even wears her mum's stockings when we have sex. She's not very bright so it doesnt matter she misses a lot of school to get naked and dirty with me!


25214 - My confession is all three of my daughters are from me and my father.

My husband doesn't know. He never been good in bed and only wants sex once a month.

Dad and I started after my marriage and I realize now he is the only man who has ever made me cum.

At 60 his cock is still like iron and can last at least an hour.

My oldest daughter is 18 and I want her to learn from him what making love is. She adores him and still like to sit in his lap like a little girl.