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26805 - My mom bought me a vibrator and a rather large vibrating dildo a few months ago. I just turned 16 and she caught m she said it was natural and healthy and safer than sex.(Although I have done it a few times.) I can't stop using the toys. My dad caught me. He was going to leave, but I asked if he wanted to watch.We masturbated together for hours.I just called him and asked if we could do it again tonight. I am going to let him fuck me. I am using my toys right now.


26689 - My daddy used to finger me eveyrnight when he got home from work. Then after i would cum whe would lick me clean. Sometimes he would rub my clit with my moms vibrator and he would stop until after i was shaking from the pleasure. Now that im 18 i walk around in nothing and flash him my bald pussy whenever i get a chance. I get so wet for daddys cock


26521 - I'm a married 32 year old woman.

I try to stay faithful to my husband, but I keep having daily sex with my father with whom I co-own a business.

We have been fucking since I was 13, and last year I had my third child with him. My husband thinks they are his.

We have tried to stop, but we spend so much time together we end up fucking on his office couch everyday at lunch.

Before we leave at night, I sit in his lap and we kiss for about 20 minutes. Dad usually gets so worked and rough, he bend me over my desk and basically rapes me.

I cum so hard my pussy hurts.

Want to divorce my husband and live as dad's wife.

I hate leaving him and not sleeping in our bed.


26417 - When I told my dad I was gay he asked me if I enjoyed sucking a mans dick. I said yes and also said I enjoyed having my dick sucked. Then he asked if I like poking or getting poked. I told him I'd rather get poked. - dad's dick is getting hard he was rubbing his crotch. I was also getting hard and start rubbing my crotch. Dad asked me if I ever though of sucking him. I told my dad yes. He pulled his dick out. Told me to come over here and suck his dick which I did and loved every moment. Eventually dad even poked me. Dad sure knew how to poke.