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25806 - I have a friend (like me, in his 50s) who is clearly obsessed with my 23 year old daughter's 36D tits. She's always been proud of them, and often wears low-cut or tight tops to emphasise how big they are. Sometimes the three of us go out for a drink or a meal, and he always ends up talking to her tits rather than her face (not that she minds, she quite likes him). He's happily married and isn't the type to cheat on his wife, but I'd really love to watch him fuck my daughter long and hard. Just wish I could find a way to make it happen!


25805 - I can rember when i was lil maybe 5 my dad use to sit me in his lap when he had thin boxers on and i would wiggle.his cock would get hard and he would rub it on me.then it went to when my mother wasnt around he would come into my room and tell me to spread my legs and he would kiss my lil pussy licked it..when i was 8 he started licking my clit.telling me how good my pussy tasted.that went on til i was 14 and my mother left.he started eating my pussy hard telling give him my juices.he would slide his fingers in me telling me cum for daddy baby i would cum so hard.i would fall alseep waiting on the couch for him to come home from work when i would hear him come in i would let my lil shorts go up into my crack pussy hanging out to tease him.he would start rubbing it til i rolled over he rip my panties down and suck my clit hard begging to come then slid his big cock in me as i begged him to fuck dad died few years ago bit now i think about it all the time and i cum hard rembering it.


25767 - Like to find a young lady to chat with a bit, maybe a dad - step daughter thing doesn't have to be,not that I have a big ego but being 40 I think I am good looking and a nice body,find someone to IM on yahoo,leave a contact information so I can talk to you


25754 - My 11 year old daughter was being molested by her teacher. I dumped caustic soda on his crotch. Caustic soda eats the skin so it fucked up his penis to where he will never be able to use it again.