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24646 - To start off with Mom died two years ago when a drunk plowed into her car hitting the drivers door at over 70 MPH and Mom was killed instantly, I am 19 now and three months I passed by Dad's room and I heard him crying and I went in to see what the matter was and he said loneliness and asked if I would lay with him, I saw nothing wrong with this for Dad would hold me a lot when I wasn't feeling well so here's my turn to hold him I thought.
Well it started off alright and he wanted to cuddle up to my back and it wasn't long till he fell asleep holding me up against him. I fell asleep later and when I awoke later his cock was hard and between my legs and I wanted out for it was strange for me but I layed there and it wasn't long he began to play with my breasts and playing with my nipples which became hard and sending messages to other parts of my body and I began to press back against him for his cock began to feel so hot and good to me.
My hands went down and touched the head of his cock and he didn't move but I pressed it against me and before long he was rubbing his cock against my pussy which was sopping wet from him and I. I pressed even harder against him and he began to spread my lips and I tilted my hips back towards him and he got the head into me and I thought I was in heaven for it felt so good to me. I'm no virgin but it's only been with my boy friend and it's only been 7 times and Dad was so much bigger little by little he began to slide his cock in and out of me and I was responding to his movements and his hands now were on my hips pulling me even tighter against him and he was giving me about 5 inches of his cock and he pulled me hard against him and he shoved his cock into me hard and held himself there as his cum shot into my vagina and I pressed hard back against him and then out of nowhere he started in apologizing to me saying he didn't know what came over him and I answered "I do, me and I turned and gave him a big kiss and said thanks to him.
We now sleep together all the time and if I get pregnant I am going to keep the baby and become his wife for we already plan on moving if I do become pregnant. There's 22 years between Dad and I but everyone says I look a lot older than I am, Dad's 39 and one hell of a lover.


24636 - My mother and father and sister and brother are mentally abusive towards me and have assaulted me and bashed me over the years throwing things at me or attacking me. my mother pushed a babies bottle brush down my throat when i was 7 for swearing and copying the pedophile who was abusing me and it made my throat bleed and i have had swallowing phobia and problems ever since. my mum and dad are regularly disinterested in my health and emotional well-being or genuinely helping me find a boyfriend , or keep friends i have made... most of the friends i have made have turned against me and become nasty for no reason, as has relatives like cousins, my brother who is a complete arrogant JERK sarcastic rude, bigheaded knowall smurk shit head, my sister rose often attacks me throwing shoes, phones, handbags or old roast bones from the oven at me, throwing my clothes out or giving them away to people without my permission to the point i am paranoid sister and brother sexually molested me as did my father and great uncle and a cousin who tried to rape me when i was 7 and he was 16. my father regularly puts his fists up at my face and grits his teeth at me. my parents never believe me when i say i am ill no matter how sick i get with vomiting out side pharmacies even after injects to stop vomiting, or heart palpitations after a car accident. my parents never did much to stop joyce poorter abusing me or to stop the pedophile from abusing me. they say they hate ken carey who raped me, and they said they know he was wrong for me but they could have prevented that rape from even the pedophilia from happening to me.... my family are nasty arrogant people who live in a bitchy nasty cliche sometimes... other times they are half normal but a lot of the time they are CUNTS. i sometimes make out all is fine because i don't know how else to handle it... if i tell the truth i get sanctioned by them... so its confusing to me. my parents seem to believe me that i was abused and raped and that joyce poorter was an abusive therapist but they just did not help me by protecting me against THE SPASTIC SLAG ... MY MOTHER SHOWS NO CARE TOWARDS ME OVER BEING ILL WITH CANCER ...OR MISSING OUT OF FRIENDS OR MARRIAGE AND CHILDREN OR BOYFRIENDS AND ALL SHE EVER SAYS IS "WELL NO ONE EVER HELPED ME FIND A MAN" OR "I AM OVER 40 I CANT BE EXPECTED TO THIS OR THAT OR ENTERTAIN PEOPLE AND I DONT WANT PEOPLE COMING HERE TO THE HOUSE ... " OR "I HAD CANCER, WE ARE TOO OLD FOR ALL THIS ... WE ARE ONLY WORRIED ABOUT WHAT GOES ON HERE AND WE DONT CARE WHO IS FUCKING SO LONG AS NO ONE IS FUCKING HERE AT OUR HOUSE", .. my brother never wants to talk to me or bring his kids to see our family and him and my sister have accused me of sexually abusing their kids when i have not.

my sister rose regularly screams at me "I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU. I DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU I ONLY CARE ABOUT ME AND MY FILIPINO HUSBAND ALLEN, I DONT WANT TO SOCIALIZE WITH YOU OR TALK TO YOU AT ALL. I WONT MOVE FROM HERE TIL MY FILIPINO ALLEN GETS TO AUSTRALIA. I HATE YOU" I CANT LIVE HERE" I AM MOVING TO COOKIES PLACE...(FILIPINO HUSBANDS SISTER)..." she often fights with them and her friends and yet gets man after man after man in her bed... married several times and carries about 4 different mobile phones and has about 3 different names and then other names she goes by like Ella, and other make believe childish fairy tale names... she always wants men and people fussing after her and fights everyone to get to be center of attention all the time.

catherine1moloaa birkdale


24580 - I let my dad hav sex with me. He hs been begging me for months nd I finaly gav in. It was unprotected. The whole time he begged if he cud cum in me and i let him. I pretended to enjoy it nd i expected it to b a one time thing, butits happened a total of three times. The second and third times he was mor careful nd he did not cum in me. My last period ws the first time in my life i was happy to get menstral cramps. I told dad i dont want to do it anymore. He agreed to stop asking. So far he's been good. I finaly thnk its over. Even tho i didnt really enjoy the experience, im happy i was able to "mak his dreams come tru" as he put it. I do feel som guilt for my mom, but she has no clu. I feel rlly lucky i didnt get preg too, even tho dad said he make sure i was well taken care of if i did.


24535 - I been away at college for most of the last 4 years and graduated last week.

Dad and I have been fighting our desire for each other since I was 15.

Last night we lost and both gave in at last.

Sex with him is the best I've every had. At college I let myself be fucked by a lot of guys trying to forget dad.

Last night when he went down on me, my pussy exploded like it never has before.

He 50 years old, but he is like a machine, he can last for 30 minutes!

My pussy is so sore from all the sex. But he was up at 6am to go for his daily 10 mile run. I was exhausted by last night.

His body is like iron and he looks like George Clonney.

I was a fool to wait so long.

Now he mine and I will not let any woman have him.

I will give him so much loving his cock will be raw.

My God how he made me cum last night!