Latest Dad Confessions:


24961 - Nothing ever happened between me and my father before I finished college and came home from California in June.

Dad is 50 and a George Clooney look alike but with a rock hard body.

About a two weeks after I got home it first happened one night when that slut mother pulled her usual drink and stay out all night thing at the local bar.

We were sitting on the couch one minute watching a movie and I was snuggling against him, and the next thing I knew we started to kiss.

In a few minutes I was on top of him, being fucked like I never have been before. Dad’s cock was not huge but he is at least 7 inches. And for the first time in my life sex did not hurt, his cock fit inside me perfectly like my pussy was made just for his dick.

We went at it for 10 minutes, I came several times and when he was ready to blow, I said “Cum inside me Daddy please”! When I said that he fuck me ever harder and felt his cum fill me up.

We laid there trying to catch our breath. We started kissing and saying how much we love each other.

We started to talk and he that was the first sex for him in 3 years. Mom had been having an affair with a 25 year guy since I left for college four years ago, and she filed for a divorce in May.

I was so happy because I hated the bitch as she always treated Dad badly. I told Dad he mine now and I will make him happier than any other woman ever could.

Well mom moved out a week later.

He threw away the entire master bedroom set and we picked a new one out together and I moved into our bedroom. The sex is so hot and rough we nearly broke the new bed.

I just have to look at him when he’s shaving in the morning and I get wet.


24933 - For several years I was in a homosexual relationship with an older man, no big deal right? But it was because the older man was my father.

We'd lost my mother to cancer my junior year in high school. It was rough on both of us but we managed. By the time I was headed off to college it was still painful, but a pain we'd become accustomed to. One thing it did was make us closer than any of friends were with their dads.

At college I jumped right into the usual party lifestyle, drinking, partying, a few drugs and sex. I soon discovered I liked guys too, or maybe even a little more than I liked girls. Discover I was bi wasn't much of a shock, I'd seen plenty of porn growing up, both straight and gay. My parents had a big collection of both and I'd starting sneaking looks before puberty.

I was back home for Christmas break and feeling bored and horny. Dad was out with some of his friends so took the opportunity to go grab a DVD to jack off to. When I looked in the drawer where they had always kept the porn I found something new. There was an envelope full of pictures. They'd been taken in a hotel room somewhere and they showed my dad and three other guys in all kinds of sex acts.

My dad's always kept in good shape and he looked damn fine in the pictures. even hotter was the sight of him feeding his thick cock to someone or burying it balls deep in an ass. I thought back to the times I'd heard him and mom having sex and how long their sessions would last. Weird as it is I really got turned on by the thought of what fucking him would be like. I jacked off imagining myself in place of the guys in the photos.

Even after I came I was still horny and obsessed with the idea of having him fuck me. I decided to risk going for broke and pulled out my phone to send him a text.

"Hey dad, when are you coming home?"
-"not sure. why?"
"I've got a problem I could use your help with."
-"what's wrong? Are you ok?"
"yes, it's nothing that bad but"

and then I sent him picture of my hard on.

a minute or so went by before he responded with a smiley and the words "well just manage to control it till I'm home."

I gave a big sigh of relief and proceeded to get undressed. I lay back on his bed and waited. I kept touching myself, but I didn't get myself off again.

When he came in he stopped and smiled and said "I've thought about this too. Are you sure?"

I responded by sliding off the bed and going to my knees. I undid his pants and pulled that cock out. I started sucking on it with everything I had, trying every trick I'd learned that last year. He took hold of my head and started to shove his cock down my throat. He hammered me a bit until I choked and pulled away. He stepped back and took off the rest of his clothes.

We lay down on the bed together kissing and stroking each other's cocks. He started to finger my ass, roughly pushing two fingers in me. When I whimpered from that he just told me I'd better get used to it quick. He flipped me over onto my stomach and moved behind me.

I felt him pour some lube over my hole and the head of his cock. I did my best to relax as he started to shove it into me. It was bigger than anything I'd taken up till then and I thought it would never go in. But with one solid push he broached my sphincter and slid home.

I lay there beneath him as he slammed me, fucking me like i was some bitch in one of the pornos. Each thrust of that cock was like being lit on fire but my dick was rock hard from the feeling.

He started to twist my nipples, slap my ass, tug on my cock adding little bits of rough sensations as he kept up the fucking. I shot off under the feeling. He laughed and just pulled me back to the edge of the bed, so that my face was in my cum. I licked the sheets as he started to impale me again.

It seemed like he'd fucked me forever. My ass was letting him slide easily now and the feeling of his shaft on my prostate had me hard for the third time that night. He leaned down and whispered in my ear "I'm going to breed that ass." I moaned in pleasure and with just a couple more thrusts he let loose with his cum inside me.

He pulled out and then rolled me over again. He proceeded to suck me off to my third orgasm of the night.

We lay there panting and he told me "Your mother was the only woman I ever wanted. Otherwise I'be always been with guys."
I told him that I was bi, but that I couldn't imagine any girl who could fuck me like this. he smiled and said "well don't worry I'll fuck all you want.

For the next fiver years we had sex every time we were together. Even after I graduated and moved away for my job, we'd still visit each other and take our vacations together, trips where we'd fuck all the time.

I lost Dad last year to a heart attack. I miss my father, my friend and the best lover I've ever known.


24841 - What I saw I suppose other teenage 17 year old girls have seen, I was off college sick, I herd a groaning from my parents bedroom it was my dad, foolishly I went to see if he was ok, what I saw surprised me my dad was sat at his computer naked, on the screen was a big dog licking a woman's cunt dad was wanking and playing with his nipples his legs were wide open, he had just cum spunk was all down his dick and on his hands, he saw me I shot out of the room I was embarrassed having caught my dad wanking its not something a daughter thinks about ever, got back in bed I was not aware of it at first, my cunt was wet it was seeing my dads spunk I never had seen a man cum in the flesh, I had watched porn on the internet but its not the same as when you see happen before your eyes, next I was aware of my finger was deep in side my cunt I was finger fucking thinking about my dad, I felt ashamed but turned on at the same time thinking about my dad fucking me, how normal or not normal is it to think about your dad this way, I would really appreciate answers I feel as if I am the only one. Jen


24832 - My twin daughters and I have been fuck bareback since they were 16.

Well our luck ran out and they are both pregnant and they want to keep the babies.

They are looking for a place for the three of us, because when their mother finds out we are all in deep voodoo.

But truthfully, the bitch wife had it coming she stopped having sex with me 10 years ago and started to whore around.

My girls hated her for doing that to me.