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24042 - I love people to watch my dad molest me and talk dirty to me calling me his filthy cunt.

Yes I love feeling dirty and I love the look on people when they realize my dad is fucking my pussy. They usually act shocked then they start yelling along with my dads friends. It feels so good to be called a whore by strangers when they realize I love cock especially when it's my dads or brothers cocks. It's a weird feeling when u love being molested and fucked by your brothers and dad and so many people are watching. Eventually I want people who actually know me to see it too.
My uncle used to switch back and forth between me and my sister. We would watch each other get touched and suck our uncles cock.
Don't know. I just remember sucking my first cock I think I was 3 it was my brothers cock. My aunt would babysit me and my sister and her teenage sons would molest us. I can remember using the restroom and they both came in to the bathroom and carried me to their room and they both massaged my pussy sucked on my tiny tits.
Every few weeks I get so horny that I walk out to the apartment pool about 3 am and take my clothes off and leave them on one side of the pool then I touch myself in the other side. Waiting to get gang raped.
I would luv to tell u about it. Vanesssa0069 on yahooIt feels so good being touched by my dad and brothers and being treated like a whore by them. They are always trying to humiliate me in front of their friends by pulling my tits out in front of their friends and pulling on my nipples and rubbing their cocks on my face and forcing their cocks hard down my throat. Sometimes his friend freaks out and tries to help me because it's the first time they are seeing it happen. But my dad usually holds them back and says that it's ok cause it's my brother fucking my face and that I enjoy sucking cock and that my brothers are the ones who started training me to suck cock since I was 3 and that they know what they are doing. My dad will usually then ask me if it feels good and he sticks his fingers in my pussy to see if I'm wet and if course I am. I love it when he calls me names in front of his and my brothers friends he even lets them take their phones out to tape it all. He calls me his incest whore and says that my cunt and ass belong to him and my two brothers and says be a good girl for daddy and suck that cum out of your brothers cock. That's a good little cunt that's right swallow your brothers cum that's a good cumslut.


24037 - My father who 24 at the time started visiting my room when I turned 8, mom had taken a night shift nursing job so no one would bother us.

He would come in wearing only boxers and take off my PJ bottom. He always had a bottle of baby oil and would rub it on pussy then he would take off his boxers.
The first time I saw his cock it looked huge, he is actually only 71/2 inches. Then he would rub it against my oiled pussy. The first time he only lasted about 2 minutes and came on my belly.

This went on every night, but he soon lasted longer and longer. The rubbing I now know was started to lubricate and one night by instinct I spread my legs so I could feel him more. Within 3 months I came for the first time, when it happened we were kissing and I dug my nails into his back, leaving a mark.

Right after my 9th birthday, mom went to an out of town nursing conference. Dad and I would be alone all week and decide to sleep in his bed.

The third night we were playing and I had learned over the months to move my hips to match his rubbing so I could cum.
We were both moving a lot and a few times the head of his cock almost went in me. Then suddenly it hit the mark and I cried out in pain, but again by instinct I rapped my leg around his waist pulling him inside me more.

I think he would have stop if I had not done it, so he kept going, I came twice. He lasted 10 minutes, I felt I was being ripped apart, but I kept my legs around him and then he teased and said “I love so much baby” and came inside me.
We laid their a few minutes and I kept saying “I love you daddy, it felt so good.” There was blood on the sheets and his cum was dripping out of me.

We fell asleep holding each other. The rest of the week I learned about sex.

Mom and dad got divorced a year later and I lived with him.
Now its 15 years later and we still are together, we move cross country and stopped in Vegas on the way and got married.

Last week after 6 months of trying we found out I’m pregnant. My life is perfect now. Great sex, a loving husband and now a baby on the way


24036 - 20 years ago when I was 5, we moved into my grandmother’s house after my father died.

One night I heard moaning coming from my grandmother room and I got up and went to get my mother, she was not in her room so I went to grandma room.

I pushed the door open and saw both of them naked and each had their head between the other legs going 69.
They were really going at it and then mom saw me. She said come here, but I ran to my room. A minute later mom was still naked and came in my room me back to the other bedroom.

Grandma was naked on the bed smoking and said, “So she likes to watch, take off her PJ it time for her to join us.”
Mom stripped me and she had me get on the bed. She moved me between grandma legs and told me how to lick her, before long grandma was moaning and then came. All the time mom was rubbing my pussy from behind it felt good. Then mom made me do it to her and she came.

From that night on and for the last 20 years I have been their sex toy.

Mom told me this is what the women in our family do. She started at 6 with her mother and grandmother now it was my turn.

Mom started to go down on me regularly, and soon I could cum. But my grandmother was butch in our threesome and took my virginity with a strap on when I was 6.
I have had sex with several boyfriends but I can’t cum with them.

I can only cum when my mother eats me or grandmother fucks me with her strap on. And I need to taste their pussies daily.

This is so wrong.


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Ronnie would go slow and then he'd go like there was no tomorrow he collapsed down onto me and said Hope you're not disappointed but I cant anymore, I said Ronnie there's always tomorrow or whenever. He smiled and gave me the biggest kiss I ever had and I got wet all over again, wanting but not getting, god here it is three in the afternoon already and dad will be home bout 5 and a smile came to my face, planning, hoping. Ron asked what was going thru my mind and I answered you and the next time.
Ronnie had to go and I took a nice cool bath cooling myself down and getting clean so dad wouldn't suspect and straightened up the house and made my bed over again. got dressed into the sheerest blouse and skirt I have just for dad and nothing else. watched a bit more of the porn then I heard his truck come up the driveway, turned off the TV and ran out the door to meet dad and as he approached a smile came onto his face and he let out a low whistle and I heard him say nice I jumped into his arms, threw my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss he'll never forget and he responded kissing me back giving me his tongue but pulling it back almost immediately I asked what's wrong and all he said was this. This I said and I told him I want him and I have for a long long time for I use to lay in bed and listen to you and mommie and dream it was you and I but never heard anything for the past year, what's wrong I asked him and all he said was mom. I gave dad another big kiss and by now we're in the house and my blouse was wide open and everything I had was there for dad to see and see he did he just stared at me his eyes undressing me even farther and he removed my blouse and slid me skirt from my hips and a whistle escaped his lips and he reached out and took both nipples in between his fingers and immediately they became hard and started in sending signals to my pussy which I responded by pressing myself against dad. He said hold on let me go shower I asked if I could join him and we showered together. He dried me off and I dried him off bet he wouldn't let me dry his cock off he did that. I jumped up wrapping my arms around his neck and gave him a very passionate kiss just like on the porno I was watching earlier and he gave me one right back and his hands began to explore my body and even tho dad's a powder monkey his hands were so soft and he was hitting all the good spots and I was dripping wet and it wasn't from the shower. He took me to my bedroom next to his and immediately began taking me higher and higher and then I got his cock into me I let out a bit of a gasp for it was a lot thicker than Ronnies and a bit longer as well. His cock was hitting the very bottom of my pussy almost felt like it was going into my stomach and he came and came god never so much did I have before and yet dad continued to fuck me just as hard if not harder before he shot his cum into meDad started in sweating up a storm and his breath came to him in spirts and he had the funniest look in his eyes, I asked dad what was wrong and he caught his breath and he said this what ? he repeated and said this, I'm 68 and you're what 16 and we've just had unprotected sex and I shot my cum into you and you could get pregnant and he just layed there between my legs with his cock still hard buried deep in me, dad, listen I know how you've been eyeing me for a few years now actually before you and mom got married and I know you've walked in on me several times when you knew I was in the tub or showering and you could have used the other bath no you just wanted to see me and I let you. You and mom haven't had sex for what a year and he butted in and said 2 1/2 years I said wow and what about this morning dad when you took hold of my nipples when we kissed and that wasn't a dad/daughter kiss either and that wasn't the first time either but I always went along with you now haven't I? Ya but still it isn't right, You love me don't you I asked, yes but more than I should I mean I love you as a woman not my daughter, well perhaps that's because you're my dad by marriage not by blood so get out of your down mood and fuck my eyes out and before work tomorrow too I said to him and dad did as I asked. Twice more dad gave me his cum and it flowed outta me when he pulled out of me like niagra falls, exaggeration I know but it felt like it. We layed in each others arms still kissing eachother and dad was exploring every nook and crany of my body sending more and more chills throughout my body makeing me squirm all over him and to think he just about blew it earlier. Before mom came home dad made love to me five more times each time giving me his seed and I hope I do get pregnant by him and I'd keep it if I do, what better present could a daughter ever give her dad. Can't wait till mom goes away again but dad and I are spending more time together and sneaking away into the woods. Ronnie has moved but I been with him three more time since the first time.