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26861 - My wife is a bbw. she is 5'5 44e and 210lbs. we have the best sex life ever we do it everywhere in the house we can when our two daughters are not home thye are 17 and 19. two days ago when we thought they were at school we were going hard at it in the kitchen. when the 17yo walked in on us my wife started to freak out but I just stood there with my cock still in her moms pussy. our daughter said sorry and don't stop because of her. it not the first time I have seen you two fuck. I have been watching you since I was 15. my wife was in shock that she admitted to watching us.
still slowly pumping my wife I asked if she liked what she saw. she said yes it was so hot to see that we loved each other like we did. I asked her if she had was sexualy active and she told me no. she was like her mom a bit on the heavy side and most guys she knew where not into cubby fucking as she called it. I told her it was their lost.
she asked if she could watch us and masturbate I said I didn't care as long as her mom was ok with it. she looked at her mom with her big blue eye and said please. my wife said ok but lets go to the bed room so no one else walks in on us like her sister with friends. when we got into the bedroom we closed and locked the door our daughter got undressed and on the bed I laid down on my back and her mom climb on top and started to ride me.
our daughter started toplay with her self watching her mom ride mom cock. I look over at my daughter as she play with herself. I got so turned on I shot my load deep into my wife. still hard I kept pump my wife till she orgasm. my wife was so into watching our daughter I pull her down and told her I was going to play with her tits and see what she would do. my wife said go ahead. I reached over and grabbed one of her tits and started to play with it my daughter stiffen for a sec then let out a soft moan. knowing that my wife is bi I told her to see if she could lick our daughter pussy. she got off me and climb between our daughters legs and spread them even more. she put her tounge on our daughters lips and slide it up and down. our daughter eyes got so big she started to say no but I told her to let go she would enjoy it and I started to suck on her nipples making them so hard. it wasn't long that she started to orgasm. to my pleasure she is a squirter like her mom. she got embaress thinking she had peed. my wife told her no she had just orgasm and like guys women squirt.
I asked her if she liked what happen and she said more than anything. I told her we could do it again but she was not to tell anyone even her sister. she promised she would not. then I said it was my turn she asked if I was going to fuck her I said only if she wanted me to and her mom was ok with it. my wife smiled and said be gentle. so I ask my daughter what she wanted. she said she wanted to suck it first I told her let me go and wash it first since I was just in her mom she said it was ok she leaned over and started to lick it . she said it tasted so sweet she only suck a guys cock once and he was so small.
she got me real hard again and said mom help me get on dads cock she climb on top and with her moms help slowly slide down on it she stopped just before her hymen the look of fear in her eyes made me ask do you really want to do this she said yes and dropped down hard. she froze there for a bit then she said it felt so good. she rode up and down on me for a long time before she orgasm and and then rode me hard to get me to cum just as I was I told her she said good and came down hard on my cock causing me to shoot my load which she had another orgasm. she climb off. we all laid there in bed.
the next day she told us she wanted to stay home from school and do it again all day long. we said ok my wife looked at me and said we created a monster. which we did she and her mom did it then she would do me then all three of us would do it together. she even had me fuck her ass till it was full of cum.


26850 - She walks past me from room to room. Small shorts on her tiny frame allowing her but cheeks a small peek to my lustful eyes. Her Small tank top covering her small, tasty breasts. She does it on purpose. She has to be.

She sits in my lap at times and snuggles while watching TV, leaning enough so I can see her 32 A cup breasts where no bra is to be found. Her nipples erect like small pencil erasers beg me to suck them. Her shorts so tight in her crotch, I can make out every line and bulge of her sweet opening between her legs, asking to be licked to a heated orgasm.

I get erect, as she sits in my lap, as her had accidently brush's across it multiple times. My sweet precum wetting my shorts, I know she can see the spot. As my heart races I can hear the beat in my head as she falls asleep in my lap, curled up in the chair with me. I look at her breast, exposed to me as I masturbate myself through the leg hole of my loose shorts. I wipe sweet precum across her lips, and she does not notice.

I slowly get up, not to disturb her and go to her room and drop my load in one of her bra's and return to my seat. she stirs, and tells her step daddy she loves him.

I dare not touch this vision of beauty, as I am now content with what we do, as she confesses, so is she.


26805 - My mom bought me a vibrator and a rather large vibrating dildo a few months ago. I just turned 16 and she caught m she said it was natural and healthy and safer than sex.(Although I have done it a few times.) I can't stop using the toys. My dad caught me. He was going to leave, but I asked if he wanted to watch.We masturbated together for hours.I just called him and asked if we could do it again tonight. I am going to let him fuck me. I am using my toys right now.


26792 - I am quite young and I have been watching porn for years. One time my daddy came in on me masturbating without me knowing. Later he told me that he had seen me and I was very embarrassed. But now I think back and ask myself why he didn't announce his presence when he saw me ... He might have gotten hard. Now I really want my daddy but he has a girlfriend and she is pregnant. But I still can't help but wonder what my daddy's rock hard cock looks like. I love the idea of sex with him but it would be too hard with his girlfriend around. Please help.