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26131 - I'm into incest pics and stories. Especially father-daughter and cousins. kik me, mikopep


26128 - When we were on holiday after a swim ,my mom was at the bar ,my dad said to her we were going to get changed,when we went in he pulled me towards him and cuddled me,i felt his hands go over my bum.i let my dad take my swimsuit off.i stood in front of him ,i let him finger me ,we said nothing and went down stairs.i know this is wrong although i am only 11


26108 - I am a 50 year old white male and divorced. Following my divorce I did a few woman. then I met Kathy. Kathy herself is divorced and her ex just disappeared. She has two children both of which are in there late 20's.
we dated for about a year and then thought it best that we move to one location so as to same on two rents.
her two children ( both girls ) and very pretty ladies and look very much like there mom. I guess they became very comfortable with me and they would walk around in very loose clothing that of which revealed a great deal. I did enjoy the view. One afternoon returning from work I found both girls hanging watching TV and I sat and joined them. We were talking and watching TV and then one of the girls asked me when was the first time I kissed there mother. I told them while at a party. Both girls were siting next to me by this time. They asked a few more questions and then with a surprise I was asked if we have sex. the girls leaned over and kissed me and the kiss was hot and then more and more kiss until all were hot. I was asked if I would show them my cock and before I could answer they were tugging on my cloths. More and more kisses and now a tiny hard cock. Both took turns jerking me until I came. they laughed and said that they liked the way I came and that if I would keep quiet they would do it again and again. After a while they would jerk me off and make me lick there fingers. ITs been about a year and we still meet.


26099 - My mother had become a born again Christian when I was 9, and made me and dad's life a living hell. She wanted us to pray all the time. And she refused to have sex with dad as that was the devils lust.

Dad divorced her when I was 11 and I left with him. In time we turned to each other and became lovers.

Years later when I turned 21, I told the bitch I had been fucking dad since I was 13. I was more his wife than she could have ever been.

She fell to her knees and started praying, that night she killed herself.

It been 20 years and I still say, Good I hate the bitch for how she hurt dad.