Latest Daughter Confessions:


26522 - I'm a 20 year old woman and can only cum if my mother uses me sexually.

During my whole childhood we were usually naked and in her bed. I was 3 when she started touching me between my legs and kissing me.

I think I had my first organism soon after, I remember her rubbing me and I arched back and opened my legs by instinct, then suddenly I clamped down on her hand. I could hardly breath.

By 4, we were going down on each other.

I have been her play thing for 17 years. I have had 3somes with her, but no matter how long or hard a guy fucked me I can't cum.

But mom just has to rub my clit and I squirt.

I want to feel like a woman with some else but her.

But I only feel aroused with mom. Why did she do this to me.

I want to be free, but I ache for her touch and her mouth on my pussy.


26518 - I became sexually attracted to my daughter since she reached puberty. Throughout her teenage years she would once in a while flirt with me or make me confused by the hints she would make to me. We were always very close on every other level, I however was always afraid of crossing that line. She is now 27 and is back at home. One night we both had 2 much 2 drink and she took 2 sleeping tabs as she had just broken up with her boyfriend and wanted to knock herself out to sleep. I had already gone to bed alone when I heard bumping sounds in the lounge. I got up and went to investigate. My daughter was stumbling and almost fallinhg over. I grabbed her to help her to bed, when she said to me in a dazed manner "have we done it yet". With her beautiful body right against me, those words turned on a switch in my mind. I did'nt care about consequences, I had to have her. I helped her to the big sofa where she promptly passed out. I was now so sexually aroused I was out of control. I pushed my hand down her pyjama pants and inside her panties, where I proceeded to gently caress her pussy, all over, even got my one finger into her. She did not stir, she was in a deep sleep. I then pulled her pants off and pushed her pantie to one side and continued to caress her pussy. Next I bent down and started with my mouth on her beautifal pussy. It smelt and tasted soi devine, I could have done that for hours. Next I freed her titties and worked on them with my mouth while I fingered her pussy. At this stage she was very wet, I smelt her juices and it smelt so delicious. I finally had to enter her pussy I could not wait any longern and did not care if she woke up I was too far gone in my lust. I entered her very easily as she was very wet aat this stage. The sense and feeling I got when bonding with my daughter was like nothing I had ever experienced. This wasn't just sex it was magical. I began with slow smooth strokes and slowly upped the tempo. My daughter in all this time was still to me totally alseep. I was moving inside her at a regular and fairly high tempo getting close to my peak when suddenly she arched her back and held it there for a while at the same time a small moan came out of her lips. That caused me to explode inside her. It was the best orgasm of my life. I looked at her and she was still fast asleep. I cleaned her up and re- dressed her. I then went to my own bed and passed out with mixed feelings. She has never hinted about that night so I thought she probably doesn't know what happened and I need'dt worry. However we were talking the othe night and she asked me "when are we taking those sleeping pills again". This is a true story and I'm waiting for that night, I don't think I will wait long.


26492 - When I was at my wife's parents cabin she had her brothers kids there also it was a hot day so I took my daughter downstairs to watch movies and her brothers daughter cam with us , she was very pretty with her dirty blond hair and flat tummy
we layed there on the bed in a bit and I moved my hand to her body she didn't protest so I moved my fingers to her pussy she spread her legs, I asked her if she liked me rubbing her pussy she sayed yes , my daughter asked to see what I was doing so I Turned off the tv and took them to the edge of the bed removed both there pants started licking my daughter who was used to this and grabbed her legs to pull them up , she told the other girl that this felt really good , I took my tungue out of my daughter's puss and asked the other girl if she wanted to try, she said sure.
I started to lick her puss which was not as tight as my daughter , I could get me tungue well inside her , I kept doing this and her breathing got faster and faster, until I could hear her orgasm
By now my Cock was poking out of my shorts, I reached over to grab some hand lotion and appllied lots to her puss I started poking her with my hard dick
I was able to slip inside her.
my daughter had her face right there the whole time and was giving me a play by play , I kept pumping untill I could feel myself about to cum , I pushed in as far as I could, and pumped my cum into her, I pulled out and showed my daughter how to go down on her , and watched my daughter get her first cream pie


26490 - Last night I got home from being gone for two weeks for my job. my wife is bi and when I am gone will have a girl friend or two over and they have a party as she puts it. so when I got home and seeing a different car parked in the driveway I didn't think anything of it. I walked in and went to the front room and did not find her there then I heard the moaning coming from upstairs. so I went up very quiet.
when I open the door to the bed room I saw my wife on her back and some young girl about 22 or so with her head deep between my wife's leg going at her pussy like it was the last one on earth. I stood there and watch. I then found myself getting a massive hard on. I pulled it out and started to masturbate. my wife open her eyes and saw me she looked at me and nodded for me to come over and join in the fun.
I got undress quickly and made my way to the bed seeing this young pussy I just had to eat it. I buried my face into it from the backside. she let out a loud moan he tried to move her head to see who it was licking her pussy but my wife held her head from doing so. after about 10 mins of sucking and licking her clit she came hard. my cock was so hard and needed relief I got in behind her and slide my cock deep into her hot wet pussy she let out another deep moan as I buried all 10 ins. deep into her. as I pulled in and out she meet every thrust of my cock. my wife watch as I fucked this young girl hard then I started to get ready to cum I told her I was and as I try to pull out she kept push towards me anting me to fill her pussy so a I did.
as I did she came again and so did my wife ii pulled out spent and laid next to my wife. then I saw who it was I just fucked it was my daughter from my first marriage.
she and her step mom have been having sex for along time. she looked at me then turn toward my cock and started to lick and suck it clean. I looked at my wife and she smiled and asked did I like what I got? I told her what not to like.
I was hard again then my daughter climbed on top and started to ride me again she told me then that she always wanted to fuck me but was afraid I would turn her down. I told her anytime she wanted she could have me as long as mom here was ok with it. my wife said as long as she can get some from both of us.