Latest Daughter Confessions:


25040 - I want so badly to get my wife pregnant so we can have a little girl that we can teach to love my cum even more than her mom. I want her to grow up playing with her mom's pussy and bathing in my cum. Eventually once she's older I want her to have her own sister and we continue the cycle. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of me cumming in my daughter while she eats out her mom.


24985 - My 30 year old daughter came over for our weekly fuck session last night.

She comes every Saturday as her husband goes out with his drinking buddies.

Most night we never make to the bedroom as she is on me at the door. And I end up jacking up her miniskirt and fucking her against the wall.

By Sunday morning both my cock and her pussy are raw from so much fucking and sucking.

We always go bareback since this start when she was 18. Her daughter is mine, as her husband usually too drunk to get hard.

I'm 53, but when she comes by my cock is like iron and I can go all night.

She wants to start coming over during the week also as her husband is not getting the job done and she wants another kid.


24967 - I am looking for a girl needing a daddy/mother figure. I am a dom cross dresser desiring a sub girl in my life. We will get to know each other online. Then who knows.


24946 - My daughter is 12 yrs old and absolutely beautiful. 5ft 6. Long brown hair. Beautiful round ass, full lips and nice little buds. I am divorced and she stays on weekends. She loves her daddy and she is daddy's little girl.

We horse around at night before bed when she's in her pj,s. Tight shorts showing her beautiful but checks and a baggy T shirt with no bra.I will always cop a feel sliding my hand over her little buds while we horse play and she giggles :) it makes me hard. I stare at every inch of her body. She will straddle my leg and I stimulate her pussy by pretending to try to get free. I know she loves it. I love getting her worked up.after I tuck her in I go in the shower and stroke my cock.I leave the bathroom door open a bit so she can sneak in and watch me. I hide a video recorder to catch her. She touches herself and I love it.I want to fuck her so bad, I think she wants to as well.

The thought of my beautiful little girl peeking through the door watching me stroke my hard cock only 3 feet away from her turns me on. I hid a voice recorder under her bed and listen to her masturbating with her electric toothbrush.she gets so fucking horny I love it. She also masturbates in the shower with the shower head.

I have video on my phone and pictures of my girlfriend sucking my cock and me saying to her, you like sucking daddy's cock baby, you're a good little girl. I leave my phone out on purpose and have recorded my daughter on video watching it. Soon she will be sucking her daddy's big cock :)