Latest Daughter Confessions:


25860 - My mom and her boyfriend fuck a lot. Our rooms are right next to eachother. The way she moans makes me so wet. Whenever i hear them i sit by the wall and fuck myself with my vibrator. Hearing them fuck always makes me cum and i want to see the action in person, maybe even be a part of it.


25840 - I recently wrote about my first time having lesbian sex with two girls from school and one of their moms. I mention that I started to walk around home naked with my mom joining since it is just the two of us and how I wanted to have sex with her well its two yrs. later and I have gotten my wish. last night when my mom came home she went into shower that's when I decide to make my move. when I knew she was in I walked in and climb in with her. she looked at me and ask what's up. I just took the wash rag from her and started to wash her body nice and slow. when I took my time with her 44ddd she just let out a moan. I moved down to her nicely shaved pussy and started to wash it slowly she even moaned louder. at this point I knew I had her. I rinsed of her body then got on my knees and buried my face in her pussy, I found her clit it was nice and kind of long about an inch and a half. I lick it and suck and nibbled on it all the time my mom was getting louder and louder with her moans just when I thought she was going to orgasm I stopped and told her if she wanted more let finish with our shower and go to her king size bed. we finished real quick we didn't even dry off when we got to her bed she threw me down and went crazy on my pussy till I was about to orgasm. she then looked at me and told me to finish what I started. I moved down and could see she was wanting me more than ever her clit was so hard and peaking out from her thick lips I went back to sucking on it that's when I stuck as deep as I could two fingers deep into her hot and wet pussy, between my sucking on her clit and running my finger in and out of her pussy she orgasm hard screaming. I kept suck on her clit making her orgasm till she begged me to stop. she threw my down and started to suck hard on my tits in between telling me how much she loved me and wished we had done this sooner like when I told her is was a lesbian when I turned 17. she then started to suck on my clit and rammed two finger deep into me as she shoved into me I would move my ass up to meet her hand. then she took her hand out and slide the two fingers in to my ass it felt so good as she rammed them hard into me it didn't take long I started to orgasm and squirt hard I to had to beg her to stop for I could not handle any more. we laid there cuddle up in each other arms and fell asleep. I woke up to my mom licking my pussy and gently rubbing my clit I made her move so I could do her. we ate each other out till we both came at the same. I asked her if I could bring my friends Nancy or Julie over to join us and she said she would love that .


25806 - I have a friend (like me, in his 50s) who is clearly obsessed with my 23 year old daughter's 36D tits. She's always been proud of them, and often wears low-cut or tight tops to emphasise how big they are. Sometimes the three of us go out for a drink or a meal, and he always ends up talking to her tits rather than her face (not that she minds, she quite likes him). He's happily married and isn't the type to cheat on his wife, but I'd really love to watch him fuck my daughter long and hard. Just wish I could find a way to make it happen!


25767 - Like to find a young lady to chat with a bit, maybe a dad - step daughter thing doesn't have to be,not that I have a big ego but being 40 I think I am good looking and a nice body,find someone to IM on yahoo,leave a contact information so I can talk to you