Latest Daughter Confessions:


26465 - I love my Dad. I know it's wrong, but from the very first time he slid his hand down my panties I haven't been able to say no. That's now it started. Touching me. He would touch me till I was panting like a whore with lust. Then he would stop. Finally he couldn't stop. The first time I felt my dads hardness pushing inside me, I thought I would die from pleasure. It felt so very good. Since then he has taught me how to give good head, he has licked me till I scream and has cum in every hole.


26443 - She's not my step daughter, she's my girlfriends daughter.
I've watched over the years as her body has grown.
while i love her mother, i can't help but get hard at the sight of her. fiery red hair (dyed)
Big 34DD tits (had to look in the laundry basket)
And one bouncy butt that any man would wanna spank.
Then my gf went online to check our phone bill.
she got upset because her daughter had been sending nude pics to this boy (i guess her bf)
And he had been sending pics to her as well.
she didn't let me see the pics, just told me she would talk to her, which she never did.
so in the middle of the night i went online and saw the pics myself
Oh was i surprised. her naked body is amazing. and her boyfriend was packing. one of the messages showed a ruler next to it and it stopped at the 10" mark. I felt small compared to him but damn did i get hard. i saved her pics to a personal drive and have been jerking off to them ever since.


26429 - One night of madnes when me and my 15 year old daughter were alone at home,were both just let it go.we went throught the whole house having sex everywhere.i could not believe everything we did,being inside her was the most best feeling i have ever had.i cant think of anything else these days exept sex with her,,,,


26424 - I'm 36, my Dad Is 66 and I have a 40 year old broy. Dad is still married to Mom, although she nags constantly. My brother's wife is grossly overweight. My Dad loves me a lot, he told me when I was a teen I was his favorite. I wish I would have tried to tempt him long ago. He wants to start visiting me weekly and I'm going to let him. I want to see if I can get him aroused bc I know Mom hasn't fucked him in 20 years. Also, I would like to to maybe put my brother in a position where he can't say no. Just not sure how. I helped my ex with my daughter, wish someone would have helped me then. Hopefully I get help with my fantasy now.