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26146 - I m a 19 year old college student. On Monday and Tuesday we had off due to the snow. so on Monday i went to my normal fuck buddy and he plowed my ass in the morning but he had plans for me after.He ended up letting all his friends have a go at my ass. By the end of Monday 15 guys had fucked me and cummed on or in me. Tuesday was no different i was still their sex slave. I got fucked all day Tuesday. i love this experience and cant wait for it to happen. I LOVE CUM!


26143 - I am a 26 year old male currently laying in mine and my wife's bed. She is out of town for the night so I have the house and her wardrobe all to myself. I have on a dress a thong and a pair of hose which all belong to her. I have her buttplug up my ass and I'm beating my dick to gay porn. I only wish I could have a real dick in my ass instead.


26073 - Well let me say I so want to have a jerk off play time with my older brother. Everytime I see him come down stairs I can't help but look and think he may have been upstairs jerking off. He loves the gym so he wears tight shirts and love to see him in his sweet pants. Some days I just want to drop to my knees and suck him.


26064 - I am a paralyzed cross dresser and have been for a couple of years now. I am 40 5'9 121lbs and have a totally smooth girly body. I was paralyzed from a accident and was straight at the time but a few years back I got myself into a bad situation. I met a guy at a sports bar in my town and we were watching a basketball game in Charlotte and having a few drinks and everything seemed innocent then I told him I just moved here and after I said that he told me he had to much to drink and I offered him a ride home yes I drive a car. I only had one beer and was fine so as I took him home he started asking me questions about if I could have sex and if I had ever been with a guy sexually. I said no to the guy part and told him I was limited sexually. I was told to take a left turn and he sad he lived off this road but I noticed it was a dirt road with only one house which we passed and he then told me to pull over now! I was scared and did so he then told me I was going to suck him off or he would throw my wheelchair out of the car. He was 6'2 and about 200 pounds and much bigger than me so I said "yes I will suck you off" he came to the driers side and stood in front of me and with my legs out of the car I began to suck him off and as he quickly swelled up in my mouth I felt a feeling in my stomach of being turned on and I sucked him off until he blew his load in my mouth which was hot. After he was done I drove him back to the sports bar and he told me I would look cute dressed up as a girl. I said probably not for me that's when he showed me his cell phone he had video of me sucking him so I knew then I was going to be a cross dresser for him because I am married and couldn't allow her to find out. I met him at a hotel the next week and dressed up before he got there he had giving me the key so when he came in he was amazed how cute I looked and made me get on the bed and he proceeded to penetrate my mouth like it was a vagina and made me lick his ass real deep again I was even more turned on being a woman. We met for about a year and he brought a few other guys with him during that time that I blew and gave rim jobs to as well. What I didn't know until after was he was a pilot and so were his friends and I became their slave and loved it sadly they don't come to Charlotte and I miss being a sub cross dresser and so much want to be a sex slave again.