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26606 - I was living in Con. I was working at the ymca at the front desk. use to get a lot of young teens in to go swimming. there was a couple of teen girl who where 17 that would stay and talk to me after the pool close I was 21. one day one of them called and wanted to meet me after I got off of work but first she wanted to know how big my cock was so she was going to send over her friend to see.
I was waiting when this 16yo boy show up and tell me what he was there for we went back to a rest room that was not use very often after the pool and gym was closed. I pull out my cock and started to get it hard when he got down on his knees and started to suck it. he worked it like a pro. then he dropped his pants and told me to stick it in his ass. I told him I wasn't in to that so no. he got up and left.
about an 30mins later the girl was on the phone again and told me if I wanted her I needed to fuck him. I told her she better be worth it. she told me she was. he came back. we went back to the bathroom and he sucked me till I was hard again I slide it into his thigh ass and fucked him hard and fast till I dumped my load deep into him just I finish he shot his load all over the floor. when I pulled out he turned and lick and suck my cock clean.
then he left when I got off work she was waiting out side for me we walked to my car and told me when ever she was going to fuck a guy they had to fuck her brother so after she could tell him what it was like and he knew the feeling. then they would masturbate each other. we would fuck about three times a week just the two of us and once a week I would do her brother with her watching. we did this for about two years then her brother found a steady bf who did not like to share.


26585 - Arthur Hawks is a kinky shit eating cock sucker. let me know how I can service you. im a seriously good cock sucker.


26583 - Arthur Hawks is a motivated cock sucker. Let me suck your dick anytime. I also am a good cleaner and a good animal cock sucker. pretty much anything that puts cum down my throat is cool.


26577 - When I see drunk guys that are nearly passed out from drinking it really turns me on i want to go strip them and then rape their little straight asses but they always have friends around but I will get my turn and I'm gonna make him my bitch