Latest Gay Confessions:


26895 - I am a young guy who has always had a fantasy of being drunk and getting used by a much older man. Sometimes when I was wasted I would go on craigslist and post ads for men to come and use me but I would never follow through.

Well, recently I was staying in Vegas and I got back to my room wasted so I posted an ad on Craigslist. This time I actually gave the guy my location. He was a 53 year old fat Mexican guy named Ralph. I kept drinking and by the time he got here I could barely stand I was so drunk, I definitely couldn't say no.

When Ralph got there the first thing he did was sit down on the bed tell me to stand in front of him and undress. He told me to take me pants and underwear off first so my shirt was the only thing covering my cock. Then he had me slowly lift my shit up and off completely exposing my naked body.

I stumbled to bed and Ralph laid me down on the side of the bed. I was on my back with my head turned to the edge of the bed. He stood next to me and put his dick in my mouth and made me suck him. When he was rock hard he rolled me on my stomach.

Then he put a bunch of pillows under my hips so my ass was raised up and open while my face was down on the bed. He climbed up behind me, held me down and shoved his dick in my butt. I felt so dirty being used like a slut and being put in my place. I shoved my hand down between my cock and the pillows and the friction made me cum. More then once.

At this point he was completely on me with one hand holding my hair and the other around tweaking my nipple. I felt his cock pulse and spurt his load up my virgin ass. He pulled out and took picture of me in all sorts of poses holding mass ass cheeks open with the cum dripping out.

He left and I passed out. The next morning I woke up to an email from Ralph with some of the pics he had taken. I was so embarrassed seeing his cock in me and his cum dripping out.


26863 - My wife and I have been married for about 26 years and she no longer wants sex of any kind. About once a year she will jerk me off and suck my cock, but that's it. So, I've been experimenting.

A couple weeks ago I answered an ad from a guy who said he was a total top, and wanted to fuck me. I hadn't done that before, so I said okay and drove to his home. I was taken back when he answered the door. He was a huge black man, about 6'5" tall and at least 350 pounds. I'm 5'4" and about 135. "Fuck," I said to myself, "I think I made a mistake."

He pulled me into the apartment before I could turn to leave. He asked how long it's been since I'd been fucked. I told him never, and he just grinned. "Then, little man, you're in for the treat of a lifetime."

He led me to his bedroom and told me to strip. He did the same. Next to him, my 5 inch cock was puny. He pushed me down to my knees and put his cock up to my mouth. It seemed huge. I gently took the head in my mouth. I could barely get my lips around it. He mouth fucked me for about five minutes. My cock was hard by this time. He pulled me up and told me to lay on my belly on the bed.

He started to knead my ass cheeks, then rubbed up and down my ass crack. So far, so good. Then he put a wet finger up to my asshole and gently pushed it in. It felt really good, especially when he started to finger fuck me. Then he put a second finger in. A little pain, but still comfortable. After finger fucking me for a good 10 minutes my asshole was a little stretched out, so it wasn't too painful when he stuck a third finger in. Each time he thrust his fingers in he spread them a little, and within a few minutes there was no pain, just the pleasure of being fingered.

He took his fingers out and straddled my legs. He opened my ass cheeks and I felt his cock at my asshole. He gently pushed in, first just the head, then slowly all the way until his nuts were touching mine. "You ready to get fucked?" he asked. "Oh, fuck yeah," I said. Slowly he pulled his cock back and pushed in. He leaned forward so his weight was resting against the top of my ass as he fucked me.

It was about 15 minutes later when he started pumping harder and faster, saying, "Oh, fuck yeah, you little cunt. Take all of daddy's meat." He said this about four times, then he thrust one more time, leaned his weight on me and started cumming. I could feel his warm seed filling my asshole to the point of squirting out past his cock.

He finally finished and pulled his cock out. He told me to turn over. As I did, he spun me around so I was on my back with my head over the side of the bed. He wiped his cock off with a towel and put it back up to my lips. "Okay, you little bitch, let's see what kind of cunt you have in front." With that he pushed his cock into my mouth. I could only get about three inches in my mouth, but that seemed okay with him. He started to mouth fuck me. My jaw was getting really tired when he grabbed my head.

I felt him tense up and start cumming. Not as much as in my ass, but sizeable. I swallowed as much as I could, and he kept his cock in my mouth until he was totally spent. He finally pulled out and told me to get dressed. He led me to the door and told me to get the fuck out, and I better be ready to be fucked anytime he needed it. I told him I didn't think so, but secretly hoping it would be soon. My cock was still hard, and I had to jerk off in the car on the way home. Maybe next time he'll let me cum, too.


26842 - When I was 12 I had my first gay sex I was in golden gate park in san Francisco. I was walking thru the park and this older guy asked me what time it was. I told him and he ask if I knew a place where you could lay naked and not be seen by anyone I told him yes he ask how did I know I told him I would go there with my sister and we would lay there naked. he ask me to show him so I did as we walked he ask if me and my sister ever touch each other? I told him yes that she would suck my dick and I would lick her pussy.
he told me that was real nice and asked if I ever put my dick in her? I told him no. when we got to the spot he asked if he could see menaced and play with my dick and he would suck it. so I said ok we got undress thinking of him sucking my dick like my sister would do I had a hard on started. he also hand one started it was the first time I saw a grown up male naked. he laid out this blanket he had and told me to lay next to him. I laid down next to him and he grabbed hold of my dick and told m how good it felt in his hand. he leaned of and started to kiss me. I kissed him back the feel of my dick in his hand felt so good as he played with my foreskin, he pulled it down and exposed the head of my dick he leaned over and started to suck on it he took all 7ins in his mouth. he started out slow then got faster and faster then he slide one of his finger deep into my ass it felt so good I shoot my load into his mouth he took every drop of it.
he laid back and told me how sweet I tasted he still had his finger deep in my ass. I felt good as he moved it in and out. I reach over and took his dick in my hand and started to play with it he was only about 4in and med thickness. I jack him off till he shoot his load all over my hand and him self. by then I was hard again he took his finger out of my ass and got on all fours he told me to stick my dick in his ass and fuck him hard. I did want he told me to do. he was so tight but after several tries I got my dick all the way in. then I started to pump it in and out slowly till he begged me to ram him hard and fast. till I came again as I did so di dhe and I didn't touch him and he didn't ether. with me still in him he laid down on his belly. he started to milk my dick with his ass till I was hard again and had me fuck him again. after I was done I roll over and we must had fell asleep for about a hour I woke up to him suck me again.
he asked if I would meet him here again next week I told him yes. we got dressed and went our way. I would meet him there every week and we would do the same thing one day he asked if he could fuck me in the ass I told him yes since he was so small. it felt good when he shoot his load into me. so every once in awhile I would let him fuck me. we did this for 3years. then one day he never showed up again. I told my sister about what I was doing and see would let me fuck her ass. to this day I will go out and find some gay and fuck him like I fuck that guy.


26816 - I jerk off thinking about having sex with my dad. I just don't know how to let him know I want him.