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25536 - Confession 18118 follow up

I did it and boy it was tastier than I remember.

We're going "fishing" soon I can't wait a whole weekend of sucking cock and fucking. Thinking of making it a regular thing ;-)


25524 - I enjoy anal stimulation and I like riding and being fcked from behind and creampies are the best. I suck and swallow to like me for chat grande949


25517 - I'm not happy to be man I wish i was never born a boy. My dream would be to become a woman and have my testicals and penis removed I would love to have c cup breasts and be in a relationship with a man that would love. Me. I have taken a knife toy penis before


25459 - I'm a young guy on a dad/son hookup site where I've had some fun with men aged 70+ never having a bad time . I'd made plans to visit at this guys home to chat with no preasure to have sex . I went at night time and found his home was in bash land with no other homes in sight . I got there and called him to come out side to meet me before going in . We talked for a while before he made a move on me putting his hand inside my leg moving to my cock he asked if I was shy but I thought I was there to see how we get along and did not think I was here for sex . He slowed down a little but touched a lot getting me horny so said I'd masturbate for him standing up so he pulled down my pants just showing my jock but he wanted them bad I sat in a chair across from him touching myself before he got them touching me like crazy hurting me so I was scared and he made me lay down and abused my body like never before I'd cum a few times before he let me get up get dressed said we don't match told me to leave driving home my cock hurt so much and felt dirty he used me