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26421 - I'm 48 gay guy and have just tried to figure out how many different sex partners I have had

Started at 18 - at least 24 a year = 750 or more - probably 1000
Most in one week was 7 (a different guy every day)
Most in one day was three different guys (all unrelated) in different places
Youngest was 12
Most was an orgy of 8
Oldest was 60
1 family member (brother multiple times)
1 work colleague
Most just anonymous hook ups


26418 - I have a girlfriend but i just went to the adult book store/ glory hole and got fucked in the ass by two black dudes and it was amazing


26355 - My first gay experience was at a friends ,balls in my mouth and I sucked them. He liked this a lot then made me get on my hands and knees and he spread my butt cheeks. He started to sick and lick my asshole. I moaned so much his mum asked if I was OK. I said I was and Kian kept going. He suddenly stopped and my enjoyment stopped for a while. But then he got his hard penis and eased it into my ass. He starter to pump and I started to scream with enjoyment. This time Kian's mum said she is coming up to see if we were OK. Kian stopped with his penis inside of me and I felt his warn balls touch mine. He was so warm and his mum couldn't find us. We spooned there for the night. I may have sucked him on last time as well. I loved him but one time his brother caught us and I didn't go round his again. And avoided the school him and his brother went to.


26342 - I am a straight male who has thought at times that I would like to try sucking cock. these thoughts only happen when I am looking for fantasies while masturbating and probably only a few times in my life. its the though of being submissive to a cock and I do not see the man I am sucking. its a bucket list thing but I never had the balls to make it happen and really I am not going out looking for cock, only pussy.
One of my fantasies is that when I travel to other cities for work in my car I would see a beautiful young woman at the Gas station and one thing leads to another and we just fuck in some parking lot.
I was filling up my car as I was heading a town on the West Coast and looked across at this most amazing Maserati and then I noticed the man next to it who even though being straight had the most amazing eyes and dressed to kill in a suit and you could tell he had a great body.
He said she is a beauty and goes fast and I responded with I bet she does! this man you could tell was powerful and around 30YO. In his presence I recon he could just get any woman he wanted and then he offered to let me take a ride in it with him at the wheel of course.
I accepted not just because of his car but because of him and for the first time in reality life I was thinking about sucking another mans cock.
I parked my car in a space at the station and got into his car and we took off.
I should have guessed or thought that it was strange for this to happen but he knew exactly what he was doing and I was lured into his car because I had a desire to suck his cock but would just be happy to experience having a drive in his car.
He took a turn down some tree lines road with parklands that had a river running through and I could not get the thought out of my head of sucking his cock. what the fuck am I doing I thought but he just said would you like to pull over and enjoy my company and out of my mouth came YES!
Now I cringe and almost spew when I see men kiss but I let him and I really enjoyed his tongue in my mouth and then I took his cock out and without hesitation I started to suck him off. He stopped me and said he had a blanket in the back and he was taking me to a place we could have privacy.
we walked for about 200 metres and I let him hold my hand and lead me. it was near the river but nicely hidden in a wooded area. we stripped naked and his body was amazing he laid down and kissed me again and I felt like I was a woman being made love to. I loved every minute of his lips on mine and then I worked my way down to his cock. I could not believe I was doing this but I was so horny for this man that instinct took over and I sucked hip like I want done to me. He loved it and moaned with pleasure and hearing that made me even more harder than I have ever been. I even got my finger nails and tickled his balls and that made him really show his pleasure. i could sense he was about cum and he also said something to that effect but I took him and made sure my mouth was well down his shaft and I drank him. he then took me in his arms and kissed me passionately and started to return the favour. An electric shock went through my body as his mouth took my cock and started to suck. Fuck it was the best I had ever experienced and I found myself running my nails into his back. I loved how he would pull of and just start to rub my cock and look into my eyes and I could also see that he was hard. He then came up and put his hand around the back of my head and started to suck on my next and I just loved it so much. this man could do anything to me and he did.
he only had to gently tilt me and I knew exactly what to do and got on all fours. he then poured a little all into my ass and played with my hole for a bit until I was relaxed. He then put oil on his dick and then slowly pushed it in. I did feel a little pain but eventually I just relaxed and let him fuck me. I loved it so much and then he took his oily hand and started to masturbate me as well. I felt so good and I wanted his cum to shoot deep into my ass. He shot his cum inside me and then pulled out and laid me on my back. he then started sucking my cock until I expoded this amazing amount of cum into his throat and he drank the lot. We just laid there for half an hour and I snuggled into his shoulder like I was his woman. I then started to play with his cock and he got hard again. he kissed me passionately and rolled on top of me as we kissed. he just raised my legs and felt his cock enter me while our lips locked and it went in so easy and felt wonderful. here I was a straight guy being now fucked mission style by a hot man and I was loving it. it was the best sex ever.
we cleaned up and he took me back to his car and said that he has never experienced great sex like that and wanted me to be his lover. I could not believe that I said I wanted that too.
I don't look at any other men at all and yet he can have me anytime he likes.