Latest Gay Confessions:


25845 - Im a male well built athletic 13 yr old, When im in school everybody thinks im strait i flirt with alot of girls and ive been asked out 7 times, but recently ive been having alot fantasies about having gay sex.
Last weekend i was at my friends house for a sleep over, we were both in bed he was asleep and snoring but i couldnt get to sleep, then i started to think about what his dick looked like i got up and went over to his bed he was facing me and i could see he had an erection, i slowly reached down his pants and grabbed his cock it was massive 6 1/2 inches of uncut cock, as i was jerking his cock he stooped snoring i looked up and saw his eyes were open, he was awake he grabbed my head and forced it down on his dick, i couldnt breath and i was gaging but he was loving it so i didnt resist, a while later he came in my mouth it was hot and thick and there was so much of it he bent me over his bed and started fucking my ass.
Does this make me gay or bisexual


25798 - A few months after hitting puberty, I was sleeping over at a friend's house while his parents were out of town. He steals one of his dad's porn vids, and we ended up masturbating together. That was the first time I saw anybody else's cock, and I couldn't stop staring. It was still prepubescent, whereas mine was bigger and had hair on it.
I thought fast, and came up with a game: we'd both try to climax, and whichever one got there first, won. The loser had to do whatever the winner wanted. He won(I let him) and "made me" suck his cock. It was one of the best things I ever put in my mouth, before or since. Velvety smooth, hairless and yummy. I can't even clearly remember what my own cock looked like pre-pube, but I'll never forget what his tasted like.
I'll continue in the morning if there's any interest.


25681 - I always dreamed to be a gay cum whore, and be a receiver in a bukakke party, even when i'm straigth


25661 - When I was 13 I meet this guy who was 30yo and gay he started to play with me and suck my cock then one day he had me fuck him it felt so good. he had diabetes and could not get it up. he only wanted to have me do him then one day he got this other boy to join us. we would suck each other and fuck each other at his place so he could watch and join us. sucking our cocks. he would take us places or introduce us to other young gay guys he knew.
I use to go over his place after school by telling my mom he was helping me with my math homework just so he could suck me or I could fuck him.
we move when I was 16 and I lost contact with him because of him I am bi and I love it. to this day when I can I pick up young men hitchhiking and see if they want to play a little and some time I get lucky.