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24824 - I desperately want to make love to my stepson. I would never force anything, but I'm constantly trying to see up his shorts, or catch him naked every time I can. I once saw him online and pretended to be a girl so that he would show me his cock. It was amazing. I know most of the stories on here are probably not real, but I would love to find someone real to talk to and that would show me pictures of their dad/son times. If you're real, please tell me how to get ahold of you!


24774 - When I was 9, a single mom and her son moved in next door. He and I hit it off and pretty soon we were doing sleep overs. Im not sure when I realized it but pretty soon we were sleeping in the same bed and I was taking his pyjamas off. He resisted at first but was soon happy to fall asleep with his cock in my mouth. Eventually he became the leader and was fucking me so we made a hiding place behind where we lived as a playhouse. I think he fucked me or I sucked him 3-4 times a week until I was around 15 and my family moved away. It may seem strange but I still sleep best with a cock in my mouth or when I am alone, with a sausage or something.


24735 - I reached orgasm with a mans penis in my rear AGAIN. He pushed my head so hard down on his penis that he hurt my throat . He pushed his very wide penis in my rear with a rubber that i put on it, he pushed so hard I yelled so loud everyone heard me, he made me suffer and after said did I make you suffer he sure did my anus is so sore right now. I told him that he is fucking me and I am his bitch

Next time I will prepare my rear for a penis so I can be taken harder and submit better to my man

I want to be a good submissive faggot

I already am ;)


24702 - Hey. I found my fathers stash of gay porn a few months ago and found I really enjoyed it too. So while I am pounding off to pictures of gay men fucking younger guys, my dad comes home early one day and catches me. I thought he was going to beat my ass but one thing leads to another, my dad was fucking my ass instead. I cant imagine not having my dads cock in my ass now and really hope this continues. Recently, I started to suck his cock too and I hope I can continue to please him