Latest Gay Confessions:


25120 - A text message this morning:

Him: Is your wife, I mean husband home?
Me: No. She left for work.
Him: What are you doing?
Me: Housework
Him: Naked?
Me: No.
Him: Panties?
Me: please stop.
Him: no!
Me: please.
Him: is your pussy sore?
Me: yes. You know I'm sore.
Him: good
Me: please don't do this
Him: why?
Me: it's wrong. Please stop and go to school
Him: I am but first I want a blowjob
Me: NO!
Him: open the fucking door!
Me: please don't make me do this.
Him: too late, my dick is hard

I open the door, his dick in his hand stroking it

Him: suck it

I kneel before him.

Him: good slut
Me: your dick is oozing precum
Him: yep.

I take him in my mouth. He grips my head and begins roughly fucking my mouth.

Him: hurry up slut, I've got to catch the bus.

I know he won't last long, his dickhead hitting the back of my throat. My fingers jerking him.

Him: I'm going to cum and you better swallow every fucking drop.

I feel him throbbing as the first jet hits the back of my throat, I swallow his hot cum load.

Him: look up at me slut.

I do as told.

Him: damn, I love seeing your face after I cum in your mouth. He zips his pants and turns for the door.

Him: I'll be over after school for my afternoon pussy. He leaves.


25106 - My only son admitted he was gay shortly after his 16th birthday. It didn't make any difference to my wife and I, we still loved him just as much as ever. Once he'd started college he'd often bring his boyfriends home to visit. It really wasn't a big deal.

A couple of weekends ago he came down for a visit with his latest bf, a nice guy who seemed to make my son happy. I think his boyfriend was surprised at how quickly we welcomed him.

I found myself wide awake at about 3:30 AM on Sunday morning so I wandered out onto the balcony that overlooks our pool. I left the lights off, enjoying the stars and the quiet. While I was sitting there the lights at the pool switched on. I watched my son and his boyfriend climb in and start swimming.

It didn't take long before they started to kiss and touch each other. I found myself fascinated by the sight of these two young men making out. Though I've never really been even a bit bi curious it was such a sexy thing to see.

My son pulled off his boyfriend's trunks, exposing a truly porn star sized cock. Seeing my boy take that piece of meat in his mouth caused my cock to stiffen right away. I felt kind of guilty but just couldn't look away. He sucked that cock like an expert, long deep strokes followed by lots of attention to the head. I could see the look of pleasure on his boy friend's face.

After a while his boyfriend pushed him onto his back and climbed between my son's legs. I could hear my boy beg him to fuck his ass and after a moment of pushing I could see he entered him.

If seeing my son suck a dick was hot, this was mind blowing. I couldn't tear my eyes away as that big dick speared into him. I started stroking myself as I watched the look of excitement on my son's face and heard him beg for more. they switched positions with my son on top, riding that cock cowgirl style. His boyfriend shot off inside him, then jerked him to his own orgasm. After he slid off the two of them lay there kissing.

I snuck back inside quiet as I could, hoping they wouldn't see me. As soon as I got to my bedroom I woke my wife up and proceeded to fuck her with a savage passion. As I pushed my dick inside her, all I could think about was the idea of fucking my son.

I can't get the idea out of my head. I've been jerking off to it all the time, and fantasizing about him every time I have sex with my wife. I've considered putting an ad on craig's list and finding some guy to fuck, just to try and get this out of my system.


25083 - Okay so Im a so called "straight guy". I mean when I was 9 there was a neighbor boy and we used to jerk off together and suck each other off for about 6 years. But a few moths back I really wanted to suck some cock again so i downloaded grindr and meet this cute asian guy on there. When i got there it was amazing. He had the door unlocked and was waiting for me on all fours, he started to suck my cock better than my GF. so i never gave a rim job before but some inside me said "just go for it" and i lick his asshole for about five minutes. I wanted to fuck so i put a condom on but i kept going soft. so i thought maybe ill just jerk off on his back. i started to slap his hole with my cock and all of a sudden he grabbed it and just shoved it in his hole.....bare! i knew i was taking a huge risk but if it was already in there i might as well enjoyed it, and i did. i came five times in twenty minutes in his hole. I've been tested since and am clean. I always jerk off to this every time i jerk it. Thats all just wanted to tell ya.


25039 - Okay Max, I did it, just like you told me too. I am a male wife to a hermorphadite husband with a great cock.
Our neighbor comes over for coffee every morning. He complains that his wife finds giving blowjobs demeaning and therefore doesn't give them. My Max instructed me to show him what he's been missing, so this morning as he drank his coffe, I knelt between his legs, lowered his shorts and boxers. He didn't say anything, just watched me. I lowered my mouth to his cock and kissed it gently. I made eye contact as his cockhead slipped into my mouth. He got hard instantly and I knew he wouldn't last long. I slowly slid my mouth up and down his hard shaft while letting my fingers stroke his balls. I looked back up and his head was leaning back and his eyes were closed. He began moaning and breathing fast and hard. He told me that if I kept sucking him that he was going to cum in my mouth. I smiled and said, yes you are and I 'me going to swallow every drop. After that it didn't take long until he arched his back and filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed his hot cum. I think he liked it. He just left. I hope he wants me to suck him off again.