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25827 - Yes I am Asian but I have American figure 35B 23 34 96 lbs.
It all started when I was 16 my uncle caught me just as I was coming out of the shower and I hadn't gotten a towel yet and he froze standing there in front of me and I froze holding onto the shower curtain not knowing what to do I started to say something but his lips met mine and he began kissing me all over and it seemed like he had a hundred hands, they were everywhere.
I began to respond to his touches and his kisses. I started in returning his kisses and he wanted to swap breaths and every time I would inhal4e his breath I started to become faint more and more as we went along till I passed out I think he had that in mind for when I came to his cock was between my legs and he was lifting me up and his cock rubbed against my now wet pussy. It wasn't long till he was pushing what seemed like a monster into me hurting me and I asked him to stop but that just made it even worst for he'd shove even more into me then I screamed for he broke my hymen and he held his cock still for a bit then he started in giving me even more of his monster cock, god every time he'd shove it into me I t6hought I was going to faint, but then it started in feeling good but I didn't let on.
It didn't take to long and Unc shot his load into me and a load it was for I couldn't hold it all and it started in flowing out around his cock down my legs onto the bath room floor as he pulled from me his load shot out I tried to hold it in me but he stretched me to much to tighten my puss tightly and it ran down my legs onto the floor.
His kisses I began to respond and I looked forward to the next one and I'd kiss him just as much if not more.
The next day it was hard not to show Unc more attention than I use to but we had moments when a grasp here and there and one time he got my nipples so hard they showed wantingly and he'd keep teasing me till we ended up in a wrestling match and he'd always win for he's so much bigger than I am and older.
That night the family was playing games and someone started in with truth or dare.
It came around to my turn and Gale dared me to show my breast and I wasn't wearing a bra. I did quick and of course all the guys whistled and a few wow's so I dared Johnny to sit to have Jill to sit on his lap fo 10 minutes I knew for a matter of fact Jill wasn't wearing panties beneath her skirt which was quite short. Well it lasted for a lot longer than 10 minutes for I think Johnny got a hard on for he was figiding quite a bit and Gale was kinda pushing back against Johnny. When Gale got up in the dim light you could see a good size wet spot on Johnnies pants which he hid with his hands and it was his turn and he Dared
me to give Wayne a long kiss more than 30 seconds. Did he know I had a crush on Wayne for over a year and all we have done is just a quick peck mostly on the cheek and now I have to give him a long kiss on the lips, gads. Wayne was standing when I got to him and he opened his arms which he began to wrap around me and he had to lift me up a bit and our lips met and I started in giving him a taste of toung when he gave me all of his and I thought it felt like it was going down to my stomach and both our toungs were entwined and then he pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes smiled and I could feel his massive hard on pressing against my belly and he had the funniest look on his face and everyone started to laugh except for him and I which ended when he lowere3d me to the floor and his cock rubbed against my pelvic bone and I let out a sigh, a disappointing one At that. I sat down besides Wayne and we rubbed our legs together and glances to one another, until I had to go pee for many got pretty loaded because they had to drink what ever was in the persons glass to their left or right or across from them whoever had the fullest glass of what ever was in it from bourbon to tequila. So everyone was getting pretty loaded. I had to go pee so I got up and went to the girls room and when I came out Wayne met me in the dark hall way took hold of me and gave me another one of his hot kisses and I responded and I felt his hand slip beneath my skirt and went right to my clit and it wasn't long till he had my juices flowing and he raised my skirt up and put the head of his cock right against my wet puss and my lips offered no resistance to him and he lowered me to the floor and fucked me furoshly till he shot his load into my pussy shoving his cock deep as he could get it and raising my legs up over his shoulders I kept cumming over and over on his cock and I could feel him giving me dry squirts and I'd cum again. He held me like that which seemed like forever but then he started to get up but being my legs were wrapped around his lower back he had a hard time lifting me and him together and I told him I'm not letting you go. I didn't and we got caught.


25826 - I can't help but teasing my stepdad ever since I seen him with a boner in the bathroom, god what a cock. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him or should I say his cock and I think he saw me watching as he slowly slid his hand up and down it's length and it wasn't long till he shot his load into the sink and on the counter and that's when I went6 into my room and purposely I left my door open about 4 inches just enuf so if he was going to look he could see my bed which now I was laying upon it with out anything on just the sheet over me as I was feeling my breasts and I noticed the door open a bit more and I continued to play with myself giving him a show like he gave me earlier. My hand went to my pussy and I began to finger myself and I didn't see him come in for I had my eyes closed but he began so suck on my breast and his toung played with my nipple my hands held onto his head holding him onto me for what he was doing sent slivers of fire throughout my body and I didn't want it to quit. His other hand played with my other breasts and nipple and it wasn't long till he spread my legs and I felt him get between them as he pulled my legs up over his thighs and he started in rubbing his now hard cock against my pussy which was wet as hell and he entered me slowly spreading me further than I've e3ver be3en before with my silver bullet.
Further and further he shoved his cock into me and then he began fucking me slowly at first but it wasn't long till he was fucking me like a wild man and he was hurting me and I asked him to stop and it seemed like he went even deeper into me every time I asked him to stop. It wasn't long till he shot his load into me and he pulled me tight onto his cock as he bent dow2n and gave me a big kiss and as he started to pull his lips away I pulled his head down and my lips met his and I gave him a very good kiss. One followed another and very few words were spoken it seemed like he knew what I wanted and his lips and fingers did their bidding. It seemed like for ever and his cock slowly slid from my stretched pussy followed by his cum onto my bed, dad rolled rover pulling me on top of him and as I raised up his cock hit my pussy and I squirmed on it and he pulled me down to his lips and he gave me a long wet kiss and I felt his cock jump a bit hitting my pussy sending slivers of fire throughout my whole body and he kept pushing his cock against me and he became hard again and I was squirming on his cock and he took hold of my hips and held me onto him and told me to slow down if I wanted him to stay hard in me, for twice he fought off cumming in me already and he held me tight against him and I couldn't stop myself, I wanted his cock even more and I began to squirm on his cock even more and I felt him stiffen and it seemed like his cock got even bigger than before and he came in me again but it felt like it went deep inside of me and I told him that and he said you probably felt it go up my uteri an canal for the head of his cock was pressing against it as he came and I held him tightly against me for I didn't want his cock to come out of me but just then we heard mom's car drive up and he jumped from me and told me to pretend to be asleep as he basically ran from my room. My whole body felt tingly as I tried to hold dad's cum in me but I couldn't for it was running down my legs onto the already soaked bed and my right hand began to rub it onto my legs, rubbing it back and forth I managed to make myself all aroused once again and now no one to fulfill my needs.
I got up after Mom came in to check on me and I didn't know how she didn't smell sex in my room for I could for after going into the bathroom and cleaning up when I returned to my room definitely I could smell sex and I decided to go for a walk so I put on a pair of gym shorts and just a T shirt so what if my nipples showed thru maybe I'll be lucky and find someone along the way
I got to the park and I went down to the creek and the water flowing over the rocks almost sounded like music so I layed there listening to the water and a bird now and then and I felt a slight breeze blow across my stomach for my T shirt had pulled up a bit when I layed down and I opened my eyes seeking a older man just starting to kiss my belly so I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep wondering just how far this guy would go and hi kissed my navel and he ran his tongue across my belly around and around stopping an my navel and it was like his tongue was fucking my navel and his kisses were getting longer and longer and my moans escaped my lips, and my breathing was getting harder and harder and I couldn't help myself I took hold of his head and pulled his mouth to my nipple which he began to arouse me even more than I already was.
His hands pulled my T^ up and eventually off and where he threw it I never did find it afterwards at the time I didn't care and it wasn't long till my shorts were also thrown away and now I layed nude before him.


25822 - I'm an 18 year old male and I fantasize about my mother. She is five six with c-cup,and an amazing ass. I've seen her boobs a few time on accident,, but never her pussy. She has almost caught me masturbaiting a few times. I've jerked off with her panties and that was the best feeling ever.


25821 - My mother and I have been in a sexual relationship that has lasted well over a decade now. She has ways been a bit of a submissive, and she has always been very verbal about how she enjoys feeling me cum inside her.
She rarely cleans up afterwards, and likes to sit with her legs open, while we talk. I have to admit, it is a big turn on for me when she does this and she knows it. For the last sixteen years I have emptied so much of myself inside her, I don't know where she begins, and I end.
Of all the woman I've been with, my mother is the only woman that truly knows my heart, and how to satisfy my sexual desires.