Latest Incest Confessions:


25583 - My wife's brother used to fuck her a lot. Sometimes it was rape, but not always. She was a very horny girl. He finally knocked her up, and she believes he did it on purpose, as he stopped even trying to pull out of her before cumming. Both and and their mom tried to get him to use condoms, but he wouldn't do it. Said he did not like the way they felt. He brother even got her to break up with me so he could have her cunt all to his self. He also broke up with his girlfriend. Now when they were both quite young they talked about running away from home and shacking up together, but he backed out, to her great disappointment! He did her a favor by knocking her up, as she finally was able to get away from home, marrying me. She did not tell me that I was the father of her baby, but she did let me think so for a long time.


25576 - One day I was feeling really horny, so I went to my mom and propositioned her to fuck, but she said she didn't want to. I thought about trying to force her, but decided to just give up. Went to my room and masturbated. Now there was another day when she walked in on me masturbating and she looked like she wanted to help me out, but that day I told her to leave. I think if I hadn't she would have probably at least given me a handjob, but I felt kind of riled about her walking in on me unannounced, and a bit embarassed.


25573 - I am an only child and for the last few years I've become obsessed with the idea of brother/sister incest. I really want to meet someone who has done this, and meet a girl open to incest in general. Sometime I fear there is something wrong with me, but I love it so much.


25545 - My mother was a real cock teaser and was always exposing her body to me and giving me hard-ons. Sometimes she would even get on top of me and rub her crotch against my boner! I would have given and eye to have fucked her! She did jack me off a few times. We would sometimes take baths or showers together. We would soap up each others privates good.