Latest Incest Confessions:


26465 - I love my Dad. I know it's wrong, but from the very first time he slid his hand down my panties I haven't been able to say no. That's now it started. Touching me. He would touch me till I was panting like a whore with lust. Then he would stop. Finally he couldn't stop. The first time I felt my dads hardness pushing inside me, I thought I would die from pleasure. It felt so very good. Since then he has taught me how to give good head, he has licked me till I scream and has cum in every hole.


26464 - A few months ago, my mom asked if I would like to go with her to her best friend's house for dinner and some drinks and said she had a jacuzzi. My mom is 46 and I am 25.

I wasn't doing anything, so I decided to tag along. After dinner, my mom's friend decided it was a good idea to take tequila shots. Did a couple of them and then she made a few margaritas and we got in the jacuzzi. Small talked for a bit. And while we were all quiet for a minute, my mom's friend quietly told my mom, "tell him." I looked at her confused. She responded back with, "I can't." I spoke up being confused asking to tell me what was so important. My mom looked back at her friend and was shaking her no.

Her friend ended up explaining that for several years, my mom has been sexually aroused and wanted to have sex with me. But has been to afraid to ask, and that it was really bothering her. My mom started tearing up. So I told her to come over to me and put my arms around her and hugged her and she started crying. She asked me if i hated her. I chuckled and said no and told her I loved her and would love to help her out. She leaned back and said, "really, you don't think it's gross?" I told her it will probably be a bit weird, but I wanted to because she wanted it so bad. We pour another round of margaritas. Talked for awhile again and then decided to get out and go inside. I took my mom's swimsuit off in the living room and laid her on the couch and ate her out for a little bit. And then had her kneel on the couch and entered her from behind, while her friend watched and masturbated.


26432 - My mother and I have been lovers for many years now. As disgusted as people may be if they knew about us, we are just like any mother and son you've ever met, only our relationship has a sexual element to it. Like most mother and sons who hug or show affection, we simply use sex as another way of showing our love for one another.
Both of us have always had very high sex drives, and we have sex as often as we can arrange it. My mother usually insists I cum inside her, being it makes her orgasm every time, and to be honest with you, nothing makes me cum harder than knowing it's my mother I'm cumming inside.
Think what you may, but we have an amazing sex life that has only grown over the many years since we crossed that line.


26429 - One night of madnes when me and my 15 year old daughter were alone at home,were both just let it go.we went throught the whole house having sex everywhere.i could not believe everything we did,being inside her was the most best feeling i have ever had.i cant think of anything else these days exept sex with her,,,,