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25173 - The summer after my Freshman year of college I moved in with my Aunt. She needed help working on her new house, I needed a job and really didn't want to go back to my parent's place for the summer so it worked out well.

My aunt had recently divorced her husband, a guy I never much liked, and was looking forward to her new life. She was very cool and more than a bit wild. We'd work on the house during the day and then usually watch movies and get drunk (or stoned) at night. It was a pretty good time.

She was a bit of a fitness nut, so she still had a smoking body at 40. Tall, long-legged, trim and fit with a nice pair of tits. I admit I was masturbating about her within the first week. I tried my best to flirt with her, and got a few responses but I didn't expect anything to happen.

One night we were both pretty baked when she put on a porno video. She just smiled at me sat down on the couch and watched it in silence. We were about two scenes into it when she asked if I was enjoying it. I nodded and she put her hand on my leg then squeezed my cock. We were kissing in seconds and taking our clothes off soon after.

She had me eat her out, the first time I'd ever done that. She told me exactly what to do and I took right to it. Tasting her juices was great.

Then she climbed on top of me, riding me cowgirl style, another thing I'd never done. I'd had sex with a gf back in high school, but it was always a quickie in the back seat of my car. Getting to do it like this was too much for me and I came right away.

I apologized, but she just told me to hush and kept on grinding on top of me. I was hard again in no time and we had our second bought. This time I lasted much longer and didn't cum until she had.

That was the start of our affair. It tended to slow down the work on the house as we kept getting distracted. I learned a great deal about sex and keeping a lover happy (which has served me well ever since. I have to admit it was hard even for my teen-aged libido to keep up with her drives, but I loved ever second of it.

When the summer ended I was sorry to head back to school. It didn't take me long to find a new girlfriend (and show her all the pussy eating skills I'd learned. I earned quite a good reputation around campus and put it to work whenever I could, including a couple of the female profs.
I still visited my aunt on holidays for some great sex for the next several years, with our last session ebing on her 55th birthday.
I'll always be grateful for the things she taught me and the amazing sex we had.


25169 - My mom wasn't sure what to do when I pressed against her from behind! I grinded my clock on her little ads and then I ran both hands up her body until her heavy breasts were in my grasp! She didn't resist at all,even as I ripped open her robe! My British mom was like a little girl as she whimpered and let me strip her naked! I was going out of my mind with lust as I grabbed her hips and slowly sank into her pussy! I fucked my mom hard and fast as she cried out with each thrust! I was raping my own mother and she was submitting like a little girl! She was crying as my cock pounded her savagely! She was totally submissive as I picked her up and lay her on the floor and spread her legs wide! She was looking up into my eyes as I slammed into her pussy like a savage! She was crying and her tears flowed from her eyes! I continued to rape her and talked to her! I told her that she was going to be fucked all night,and that she was a good little mommy! She moaned out that I was hurting her inside and that I was too big! She said that she knew that I wanted to rape her ever since the time she read my diary! She said that she wasn't going to stop me from taking what I wanted from her! She wasn't strong enough to stop me from raping her! I was pounding her so hard,pushing her legs back to her ears now! She was crying and screaming as I fucked her deep! I was making her tell me that she was my little mummy and I was going to do this to her every day and night! She promised me that she wouldn't tell a soul,wouldn't act weird around the house! She was submitting and giving me all she was!!! I pumped my cum into the womb that created me and lay on her until my cock got hard again! I raped my mom all night long,making her cum loudly and harder than I thought she could! I fucked her all that summer!


25163 - One day my mom was teasing me by walking around the apartment in just her underwear. So I got really horny and got her down and pulled her panties down. She struggled with me some, but not like she really meant it, and she was giggling too, so I don't feel like it was totally rape. I was just fucking her when dad walked in on us! I was scared and got off her fast, but he did not seem too upset. He asked what was going on and mom told him that we were just cutting up. He let it got at that and that was all that was ever said. I do wish I had got to finish the fuck tho! Too bad!


25162 - I used to fuck my mom while my dad was at work, and I would cum inside of her too. She did not care. I think she even wanted me to. It went on for the longest, until one day he came home early and caught me fucking her! He did not make a big scene, but after that I stopped. But I sure did miss using mom's pussy behind his back!