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26126 - I gave my virginity to my boyfriend when I was 15. I told myself that I loved him, but the truth was I was really just horny. We parked in an out of the way spot and did it in the backseat of his car. It wasn't painful or anything, just disappointing. I could get myself off far better than that. He'd had a great time, which just made it more frustrating.

I went home afterwords, took a shower and sneaked a bottle of wine up to my room. I drank a good bit of it, just to help my mood. Once I was feeling pretty loose I started to masturbate. I was really going at, one hand busy fingering my pussy, the other playing with my tits. Then I flipped over onto my stomach and started humping one of my pillows, grinding my lips against the satin case.

I was close to cumming when I felt something touch my ass. I let out a scream and scrambled away from it. When I turned to look there was my older sister standing by my bed and laughing.

I yelled at her to get the fuck out of my room. All she did was laugh more and say "Guess your date was a bust?"
That really pissed me off and I tried to push her out of the room. Drunk as I was she just grabbed my arms and pushed me flat on the bed. I struggled as she lay on top of me, I was so angry at her.

Suddenly she just kissed me. Her mouth clamped down on mine, lips sealing my own and her tongue pushed into my mouth. I was so surprised I didn't know what to do. She moved so she was straddling my leg, pushing her knee to my crotch. The thrill of her pressing against my pussy was amazing. I stopped struggling and wrapped my arms around her pulling her to me.

She stopped kissing me long enough to take off the t-shirt and panties she had on. Her body had always made me jealous, her breasts were much bigger than mine (36Ds to my 34Bs), her ass much fuller and her long legs made me feel skinny and girlish. But right then it wasn't envy I was feeling, but pure desire.

I brought my mouth to her nipples, kissing biting and licking them. My hands grabbed her ass, squeezing her cheeks. She moaned and rolled us over onto our sides. There she started exploring my body just as I'd done to hers.

We intertwined our legs so that each of our pussies were pressed tight against the other's thigh. We both began grinding hard on each other, all the while kissing and groping the other one. I was feeling myself getting closer to my orgasm and I could tell by her panting she was right there with me. We started to kiss and bite each others shoulder and neck and that sent both of us over the edge. I bit hard on her skin to stifle my cries as my whole body shook and my pussy flooded. She was doing the same as we both reached our climaxes.

We lay there for a few minutes recovering. I was about to say something when she untangled herself from me and turned around. The next thing I knew her tongue was lapping at my pussy, and her lips teasing my clit. I was in a daze for a few moments, just enjoying the feelings, when I looked up to see her own shrine just inches from my face. She her lips wet from her juices sent a shudder through me and I began to eagerly lap at her.

It took use longer to bring each other off this time, and we both enjoyed every second of both receiving some oral worship and giving it out. She came first and I thought I was in heaven as her nectar flowed, soaking my face. Her fingers joined her mouth on my own pussy and she soon had me cumming again.

We cuddled up to one another then, kissing and petting each other.
I whispered "thank you" and she replied "next time skip the damn date and just fuck me."

For the rest of the time we lived together I did just that. My sister was all the lover I needed.

Were both grown and living several states apart now but we do try and see each other on vacations and holidays. Every time we do it's not long before we sneak off for sex. No matter how happy I might be with anyone else, I can never say no to her.


26123 - When I was 13 my stepmom used to drive me crazy. I stayed every other weekend with her and my dad. I was always thinking about her when I jacked off. She knew what I had been doing because she washed my sheets and underpants. One weekend when dad was gone on business she sat me down and told me that she knew I was masturbating a lot and wanted to give me the "talk" It was extremely embarrassing and I sat there shamefaced and quiet. After she had finished she said that it was okay and that it was nothing to be ashamed of.
I was mortified and stayed in my room for the next couple of hours. She came back in to check on me to reassure me once again that I was normal and so forth. She was carrying my baby step brother and nonchalantly mentioned he was hungry. She proceeded to take off her shirt and sit down on my bed. She was very well endowed and I was transfixed on her breasts as my little brother took a nipple into his mouth and sucked greedily at it. What was even more shocking, was that my brother became fussy and irritable so, she started slid her hand into his diaper and began rubbing him. He immediately quieted down.
After a few minutes I realized that I was gaping at her and I got up to leave.
"No, honey, it's okay," she said to me. "He's all done."
Then she laid him down on my bed and turned to me still topless.
She motioned for me to come to her. I just stood there. She came over to me and hugged me too her body.
Whispering in my ear she explained that whenever the baby was fussy she just stimulated his penis and he quiets down. It helps him be able to nurse. She was stroking my neck and the back of my head.
My erection was throbbing and it ached as she pulled my face down to her breasts.
"You can take mommy's milk too," she said. "It's okay." She lifted my chin and then she took a hold of her breast and guided her nipple to my lips. Reflexively, I began to nurse. The warm milk squirting into my mouth was the greatest thing I ever experienced.
I started to suck furiously and drink deeply of my stepmothers milk.
She sat down on the bed and I lay across her lap as she cradled my head and I continued to drink. 13 years old and I nursed like a baby. She hummed and cooed to me as I took her rich milk.
"Slow down, baby. There's no hurry," she said.
She undid the buttons on my jeans and slid them down to my knees. Then I felt her hand slide past the waistband an into my underpants where she took a hold of my burning erection.
Shocked I pulled away from her breast, but she pulled my head back and told me it was okay. I took her nipple in my mouth again and he squeezed my inexperienced cock. I jumped in her lap. She shushed me and began to squeeze and stroke me.
"Drink, my sweet boy."
It took all of 30 seconds before my cock began to jerk and spasm. I closed my eyes tightly and saw stars as I ejaculated all over her stomach and hand.
I lay back in shame, aghast at what I had just done.
"Ssshhh, boy. It's fine. You were a good boy today. Mommy loves you." She rocked me in her arms and I sobbed in confusion for awhile, until my erection returned and I nursed once more. Again she stroked me and told me what a good boy I was.
She told me I could take her milk anytime I wanted as long as we didn't tell my father.
I continued to nurse with here for the next 3 years (she nursed my brother until he was almost 5). The sessions were the same at first, but soon she began masturbating herself and me. When I was 15 we would get completely naked and I would nurse while laying on top of her. She gently guided me into her and we made love as I drank from her breasts. To this day, neither of us are sure if my baby sister is my step sister or my daughter.


26119 - I'm in my early 20's and I've been obsessed with incest (mostly daddy daughter) for as long as I can remeber. I want to find a daddy him force me play with my dripping wet little pussy, molest me , spank me and then fill me with his cum pushing deep inside me filling me making me pregnant. And months after licking and sucking my milk filled tits and pounding my pregnant pussy over and over becoming his sex slave always pregnant. It turns me on so so much.


26116 - I'm a straigh 22 year old male that loves to sext and get nudes especially with older women,oh_man_7.26, KIK me :)