Latest Incest Confessions:


25302 - My mother and I have had a sexual relationship for for many years now. Since our first time together she has always had me cum inside of her, never out. Over the many years she has enjoyed just feeling it leak out of her so she rarely cleans up after sex. I don't know what it is about this that attracts me to her like no other woman so I have encouraged her.


25291 - 45 years ago when I was 5 my father with my mother’s help started making me give him blow jobs. Mom knew but didn't care, she hated giving head. At 11 mom had stated to make me give her head also.

By age 10, I was giving dad head 4 or 5 times and swallowing.
Mom from the start would play with me so in time I could only cum if I was giving head.

I got to the point that when the dad’s cum flooded my mouth I would have orgasms.

At 16 dad made me pregnant and I had a little boy.

By that time I was completely messed up sexually as I could only cum if being abused.

My father died when my son was 14. By that time mom was being serviced by my son and she controlled him completely.

When he turned 15, mom brought him to me and forced me to suck him.
I didn’t want to but was he slapped me and pushed my mouth on to his cock. When the he finally came I orgasmed like never before. I squirted when I came for the first time know I was swallowing my son’s cum.

I became his cum slave. He could get hard and cum 10 times a day and I swallowed it all.

Since then I spend my days naked either swallowing his cum, or eating my mother’s pussy and ass.
At 38, my son made me pregnant and we had a boy.

Both mom and my son, have told me I will be a cum slave until I die.


25282 - When I was 15, my younger sister caught me and my older sister having sex on the basement couch when our parents were out to eat with friends. My older sister and I had been having sex since I was 14. My younger sister was 13 at the time. She never told our parents about catching us.
My older sister moved out after graduation. The weekend after my younger sister turned 14, she snuck into my bed and we had sex. Later we told our parents we were having "sleepovers" in each other's room.


25267 - I live in the UK where the age of consent is 16. For the past 2 months I've been having amazing sex with my daughter who is 16. Tall, leggy, blond, and shaved on her father's instructions, there is nothing she won't do. She LOVES cheating on her mother with me and even wears her mum's stockings when we have sex. She's not very bright so it doesnt matter she misses a lot of school to get naked and dirty with me!