Latest Incest Confessions:


24140 - I had incestuous sexual relations with my mother for several years when I was a teenager. It was just straight fucking. Never anything kinky, not even or or anal. Also we never kissed. I enjoyed her pussy, but felt pretty weird about it. After all, "mother-fucker" is the worst name you can call a white boy. (For some reason tho, black guys seem to like it. Wonder if more of them are into that than Caucasians? Beats me.) Probably one reason mom and I fucked so much was that my dad was not around much. He was in the service and was always going off somewhere. He was often either out of the state, if not out of the country. So mom just turned to me. We would take baths and showers together, and we would sleep in the same bed. We did not have intercourse every night, but at least once a week. She said she was only doing that to take care of my sexual needs, but I don't believe her. I suspect one reason she was doing it was in hopes of having another child. Well, I am glad I never got her pregnant, tho I have heard some guys brag about knocking-up their own moms. Sisters too. I never had a sister, unfortunately, tho I did have a cute blonde cousin I had the hots for.


24133 - My mom used to let me put my peter into her tootie about once a week, when ever my dad was not home. She tried to act like she was just doing it as a favor, to take care of my "needs", but I think she had needs of her own. I believe she had two other reasons for doing that - because I had a BIG peter, and I think she was hoping I would get her pregnant! The poor dame was such a sick bitch! I loved her, but sometimes I just hated her. Not because of this incest, but because she could be emotionally and verbally abusive.


24110 - I used to have sex with my sister when we were kids. It started when she was 11 and I was 13. We started just looking then touching then oral and quickly progressed to full on sex. That summer we fucked all over the house while our parents were at work. We were both naive and didn't know much but what we lacked I knowledge we made up for in enthusiasm. We tried everything we could think of or imagine.

Our relationship went on through the summer and into the school year although we had to be more careful when school was in session as we had less time alone. We still managed to have sex a few times a month and were able to do a lot of touching. I will admit that I received more oral than I gave but it was easier to get a BJ than to get her pants down and lick her. I did finger her frequently and she never complained about it.

The following summer a got ahold of a friends older brothers penthouse magazines. Our sexual adventures began again the first week out of school only this time we had the wisdom of 1980's penthouse to guide us. We tried everything that summer. We eve tried anal but she wasn't too enthusiastic about it at first. She eventually grew to enjoy it but really prefered vaginal intercourse.

Our sexual relationship continued until I was 17 and we were caught by our mom. Our parents freaked but didn't want shame on our family so they sent me to live with my uncle in Oregon. I finished high school in Oregon and joined the Army. Nothing more was ever said about it.

Fast forward a few years. My sister and I never really talked about it and our parents never brought it up. She got married her freshman year in college and have two girls. I married after the Army and have no children but got divorced after 5 years.

I'm now 43 and she is 41. A few years ago she found out her husband was cheating on her so she filled for divorce. While going through the transition she came and stayed with me for awhile with her girls. One night we were up late and drinking wine after the girls were asleep and we started talking about our experiences. The sexual talk got to both of us and we ended up having sex. The next day we talks about it and neither of us felt the least bit guilty about it. We agreed that we weren't hurting anybody and should continue or sexual relationship if we wanted which we both did.

After her divorce finalized she moved to my town and we have been continuing or sexual relationship when ever possible. I think our parents are suspicious but we don't care. We used to hide our activities from our parents but now we hide them from her daughters. Although I think Julia, who is 16 and the oldest, suspects something. She walked in the house once just after we had been having sex. I barely had my clothes on and her mom jumped in the shower. She hasn't said anything or let on that she suspects but she is a bright girl and I reeked of sex.

There is more if anyone is interested.


24092 - So, I am a gay 22 year old. I've always known I was gay, that I obsessed with mens bodies. It wasn't a shock for everyone to find out when I decided to admit to the truth. But, I've always been turned on by taboo acts. Sex with men seemed forbidden enough, and sex with a girl seemed forbidden and a little hot (sometimes, I am still gay). But, most of all, it was incest that has taken up most of my fapping on the internet. I love reading/watching incest online. It can be gay, straight, bisexual, transgender. It doesn't matter, it's always been that. It turns me on so badly, I actually worry sometimes that I won't be able to control it. And there have been times when I have acted on it. My parents are completely fucked up. They were alcoholics, drug addicts when I was growing up. It wasn't uncommon to have them leave me home alone with me sister for days at a time. Sometimes, I'd only see them for a few hours when they pass out on their bed, then get up and go party again.
Sometimes, they get so drunk or so high, that they have amazingly hot sex, and they were so into it, that they wouldn't notice me, slowly peeking in through the door. There was something about watching my father pound my mother repeatedly. I would sometimes masturbate right then and there. It was this ugly demon inside of me that would come right out. A few time my dad would be out scoring more drugs, leaving my mom passed out in bed, half naked, after fucking her in her sleep. I would quietly open their door, smell the sex in the air, instant erection, and slowly creep over towards her. She'd have a top on, but only panties on. Something I probably picked up from my dad, having watched them so many times, I would just slid the pantys to the side, and slowly slide my fingers inside, feeling my dads warm, almost hot, cum. I swirl inside, feeling the velvety hot pink insides, wanting to fuck her, because it was unbearably forbidden; to fuck the woman I had once came from. To fill her with my seed, just like my dad had done, time and time again. But, I had never gotten the courage to do so. But, there have been times, my father being so drugged out and to the point of succumbing to alcohol poisoning, lay there naked with her. I couldn't help but play with his cock, it was much bigger than mine, beautifully aged, and the aroma would overpower me. I had sucked it a couple times, jacked him, and smelled his asshole a few times. What I wouldn't give to have him fuck me, to force me down on the ground and take me as his own. I was jealous of my mother. My dad was no looker, nothing to distinguish him from others. Just a regular looking guy.
I was in no way in love with my dad, just lusting after the forbidden sex we could have. I wondered a few times if he was a little gay, bicurious. Once, I had turned on the satellite tv, and saw that it was left on the gay channel. Someone had watched that, I knew it had to be my father. My brothers were at that stage where they were hardly home, out doing drugs and getting drunk. So, I spent months, wondering if I can catch him at it. Disappointingly, I never caught my dad jacking his hot cock. When he watched porn, he is actually watching it. Never masturbating, just grabbing it every now and then.
I have no idea why, but I have serious daddy issues. Maybe it was because my parents had unkowningly exposed me to their sexual acts at such a young age. I remember being 4 years old, and seeing my dad fuck my mom in their bed, and my eyes were glued to my fathers ass. We lived in a small house, so I saw everything from the couch. It was facing the other way from their room, and I guess they didn't realize I was sitting there the whole time. And other times, when we go visit family on the coast, my parents always wanted to stay in hotels, instead of staying with relatives. They'd leave me in the hotel room alone at night, so they could go get drunk, come back, and then fuck in the bed right next to me. They would think I was asleep, but I've been in this situation enough times to know what to do. At first, it was something that I just woke up to. But, no, I've grown to expect it, wait up all night for it. To have them naked and sweaty with the low grunts and moans, in hopes to not disturb me. But, I watched them go at it as if it was my last act on earth. I couldn't look away, I just shamelessly stared. Literally, less than three feet from me, my dad was fucking mom with not a clue in the world.
If I had one wish on this earth, it's to commit this act of incest with one of my family members, or be able to see it in person. Whether they be of my own blood or someone elses family. I don't care. It's one of the most sexiest things I could imagine.