Latest Lesbian Confessions:


26126 - I gave my virginity to my boyfriend when I was 15. I told myself that I loved him, but the truth was I was really just horny. We parked in an out of the way spot and did it in the backseat of his car. It wasn't painful or anything, just disappointing. I could get myself off far better than that. He'd had a great time, which just made it more frustrating.

I went home afterwords, took a shower and sneaked a bottle of wine up to my room. I drank a good bit of it, just to help my mood. Once I was feeling pretty loose I started to masturbate. I was really going at, one hand busy fingering my pussy, the other playing with my tits. Then I flipped over onto my stomach and started humping one of my pillows, grinding my lips against the satin case.

I was close to cumming when I felt something touch my ass. I let out a scream and scrambled away from it. When I turned to look there was my older sister standing by my bed and laughing.

I yelled at her to get the fuck out of my room. All she did was laugh more and say "Guess your date was a bust?"
That really pissed me off and I tried to push her out of the room. Drunk as I was she just grabbed my arms and pushed me flat on the bed. I struggled as she lay on top of me, I was so angry at her.

Suddenly she just kissed me. Her mouth clamped down on mine, lips sealing my own and her tongue pushed into my mouth. I was so surprised I didn't know what to do. She moved so she was straddling my leg, pushing her knee to my crotch. The thrill of her pressing against my pussy was amazing. I stopped struggling and wrapped my arms around her pulling her to me.

She stopped kissing me long enough to take off the t-shirt and panties she had on. Her body had always made me jealous, her breasts were much bigger than mine (36Ds to my 34Bs), her ass much fuller and her long legs made me feel skinny and girlish. But right then it wasn't envy I was feeling, but pure desire.

I brought my mouth to her nipples, kissing biting and licking them. My hands grabbed her ass, squeezing her cheeks. She moaned and rolled us over onto our sides. There she started exploring my body just as I'd done to hers.

We intertwined our legs so that each of our pussies were pressed tight against the other's thigh. We both began grinding hard on each other, all the while kissing and groping the other one. I was feeling myself getting closer to my orgasm and I could tell by her panting she was right there with me. We started to kiss and bite each others shoulder and neck and that sent both of us over the edge. I bit hard on her skin to stifle my cries as my whole body shook and my pussy flooded. She was doing the same as we both reached our climaxes.

We lay there for a few minutes recovering. I was about to say something when she untangled herself from me and turned around. The next thing I knew her tongue was lapping at my pussy, and her lips teasing my clit. I was in a daze for a few moments, just enjoying the feelings, when I looked up to see her own shrine just inches from my face. She her lips wet from her juices sent a shudder through me and I began to eagerly lap at her.

It took use longer to bring each other off this time, and we both enjoyed every second of both receiving some oral worship and giving it out. She came first and I thought I was in heaven as her nectar flowed, soaking my face. Her fingers joined her mouth on my own pussy and she soon had me cumming again.

We cuddled up to one another then, kissing and petting each other.
I whispered "thank you" and she replied "next time skip the damn date and just fuck me."

For the rest of the time we lived together I did just that. My sister was all the lover I needed.

Were both grown and living several states apart now but we do try and see each other on vacations and holidays. Every time we do it's not long before we sneak off for sex. No matter how happy I might be with anyone else, I can never say no to her.


25837 - When I was 16 I was say very well endow with huge 38dds. sometimes I hated it because every guy in school would hit on me and some would try grab them. the only time I was truly happy was when I was in gym and showering and seeing the other girl naked. ii knew a few where into girls so I would try to shower next to them. then the day came when one of them asked if they could wash my back and then do her back. I guess it showed that I wanted her to touch me because my nipples got so hard.
I turned so she could it felt so good she washed all the way down to my ass we where the only one left in the showers and being the last class of the day we did not have to worry about someone coming in and catching us. she slide her hand between my legs and reached up and found my clit I let out a very loud moan. I turned around and pulled her close I was about 10ins taller at 5'11" so her face was right at my tits she took one of my nipples into her mouth and started to suck hard on it I let out another moan and told her I wanted more. she asked if I would come home with her. I told her yes we finish showering and got dressed.
the bus ride to her house seemed like it took hours because I was so hot and horny and wet. when we got there her mom was on the way to work after she told her mom that I was a classmate and we where going to study for a test. we went to her room we went to her bed and sat we started to kiss I open my mouth so she could slip her tounge into my mouth. we slowly undressed each other she told me how she had wanted to kiss me and get me in bed for a long time but was afraid I would reject her. ii told her that I wanted her for a long time plus this girl name Julie and Anna. she laughed and told me they want me also. we laid there running our hands over each others naked bodies till she made the first move and she leaned over and started to suck on my nipples going from one to the other. I started to play with her 32cs she had the longest nipples I had ever seen. that when I felt the most unforgettable feeling ever as she slide her two finger deep into my pussy. she found my g spot and just played there for a bit then she moved down and started to lick my pussy and suck on my clit. I was in heaven it was everything I dreamed it to be and more. she made me orgasm so hard and so long I thought I was going to pass out. when she stopped I turned her over onto her back and went wild sucking on her tits and nipples when I got to her perfectly shaved pussy the smell of her juices flowing from it was so sweet I dove right in and started to lick it all up when I found her clit it was long like her nipples I just started to suck on it it felt some good in my mouth I could do this for ever. I slide two fingers deep into her warm wet and very tight pussy I must had hit her g spot right off because she started to buck and grind hard on my hand it took a little to make orgasm but when she did she squirted long and hard, I try to catch every drop of her sweet juices. she ask if I could stay for dinner? I told let me call home and since it was Sat. I didn't see a problem with it, I wish I could stay all night.
she said ask she wanted me to and if I could she would call Julie to come over if I want. I called home and asked my mom I told her that were studying for finals that start on Monday. my mom said it was ok that she had a date and was going to be gone anyway. I told her thank you and to have fun that we would be bored having to study she laughed and said I bet. we ordered pizza when the driver brought the pizza to the door we answered it totally naked just to see his reaction. he was just stood there as we paid for it and closed the door. she called and told Julie to come over that she had a big surprise for her. and for her to ask if she could stay the night. Julie showed up and asked what was the big surprise was when I walk out from the other room totally naked she her mouth dropped open and just started to strip naked. we ate pizzas then we had sex all night. the next morning I got up to use the bathroom to find her mom in there naked she look at me and said that I was so sexy and could be even more if I shaved my pussy.
I told her I was afraid to because I might cut myself. she said don't worry and to sit on the counter and she would do it for me. I let her and she finish with licking my pussy. when I told her daughter she said she does her once a week. we had sex again and went into the kitchen to eat her mom and bacon and eggs ready for us she was still naked after we finished the four of us went sex crazy. it was the best day ever. since then I walk around the house naked which my mom seems to like because she is doing it also. I am waiting for the right time to see if I could lick her pussy, wish me luck.


25668 - I am 19 and a lesbian when I was 12 I learned I love women more than guys. my bf and me started to play around one night at her place after we had showered we where laying naked on her bed when she asked if she could play with my tits and pussy . since I had bigger tits than she did I was a 26b and she was a 22a. I told her ok she started to rub my tits and play with my long nipples and mad e them so hard she leaned over me and started to suck on them it felt so good I moaned out loud. then when she put her hand on my pussy and slide two finger into me I moaned even louder her mom came in to see what was going on I freaked and try to cover myself. she said oh she was sorry to intrude. she stood there staring at me and smiled she then sat down on the bed and asked if I like being touch by a girl I nodded yes. my bf started to play with my pussy again and I let out another moan her mom reached over and started to play with my tits I didn't know what to do her mom open her robe. to my surprise she was naked her tits spilled out they where the largest I had seen naked my mom was no where as big. I reach over and she told me to go ahead and touch them. when I did it was the best feeling ever she took her robe off and laid down next to us and to where I could suck on them I took them greedly into my mouth. that night my gf and me learned how to please another women. I would stay over when ever I could I plan to go to the local college and live with them. since my parents are moving out of state. I can't wait till I can have them when ever I want.


25665 - I have a problem I am 16 girl with 40ee tits I am 5'10 40ee 28 32. the problem is I love girls but don't know how to go about finding someone with the same feelings. I have guys trying to get me to go with them all the time but most just want to play with my tits and have sex with me and get pissed when I tell them no. I have been called the ice bitch in school by all the guys.
when in gym and taking showers I get so wet and that when I get home I go to my room and masturbate dreaming of most of my classmates. how do I find out if any of them are like me with out the whole school finding out?