Latest Lesbian Confessions:


23973 - I've always been a lesbian and I'm looking for a way to get into dick. Email me and tell me what you'd do to me to make me beg to be fucked by you.


23964 - My confession is that I don't shave my pubic. I trim it so I can wear a bikini, but that's it. I'm a black lesbian and my girlfriend just loves to run her hand through my bush. She doesn't shave or trim at all and I love it. I also love her breast milk so much, even with friends over, I can't help taking off her shirt and start sucking. It turns her on so much she rips off (literaly, I go through a lot of knickers) my panties when we're alone


23950 - One day I was over at my neighbors house visiting. She showed me this porno magazine that had pictures of people fucking in all sorts of positions and this got me very horny! Then she turned on the radio and she and I began to dance together. We rubbed up against each other and we kissed. Then we got on her bed and were hugging and kissing. Before long, we decided to get naked. We lay together on her bed kissing and caressing each other and rubbing our pussies together. We did that until we both came good!

This was not my only experience at girl-loving, but I am not a total Lesbian, as I have had sex with boys too, especially my brothers. I have even fooled around with dogs some.

One good thing about girl-loving is you can not get p.g. from that. Of course, a dog can not get you p.g. either, tho some people think that they can.


23901 - Female 24 years old. I've always liked men and never imagine I would be seduced and end up in bed with two girls. I guess weakness and the curiosity of how it would feel, was the reason why I let them go. They were lovers and point black asked me if felt like having a threesome with them. Something hard to resist when one of them hand her hand under my skirt and rubbing my clit. Ended up having my pussy eaten out while having her lover sitting on my face. Found out what pussy juice really tastes like and how mind blowing it feels having a girl sucking my pussy. Spent all week feeling guilty about it but wishing to do it again. Don't get me rough, I still liked men but none of them sucked my pussy as good as girl. I guess that makes me a bisexual.