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26454 - Okay. So ever since I was 12 I have always been I,interested in sex, and have always liked o play with myself. As I got older more guys started to hit on me because I'm a blonde 120 lb female and they say I have a huge ass but I NEVER was interested. I wanted sex but for some reason not with them. I started watching lesbian porn and it turned me on so much. I finally got a boyfriend and had sex with him but I didn't feel like it was enough. I had always been close to my best friend Katie.she is so hott.when we got drunk we would always play around with each other and sober we would send pics and ask how do we look. Well one night at a party playing dare or dare someone got a little curious and dared us to make out than dared me to eat her out in front everyone. I did and it carried on in front of everyone because she did not want me to stop. Than she ate me out and it was amazing. One of my friends than joined the fun because it made her horny and than one of my guy friends and it was the first time I liked fucking a guy because I was also making to girls moan and scream. I'm 18 and I don't really know if it's normal for me to be like this but I love it.


26293 - I am a well developed teen girl at 16 with 38ddd. in order to keep the guys away I tell them I am a lesbian. I did this because every guy that I would go out with only wanted to play with my tits or have sex with me since most of the girls in school my age where small chested and those who weren't where taken or where large bbws (250 plus). I weigh 165. this worked well for me till this new girl came to school. she was built like me and I told her what to do to get the guys from trying to hang on her.
so we started to hang out all the time. which was good since very few of the girls at school wanted to hang out with me because their boy friends would always stare at my tits or because they thought I was a lesbian. we became real close friends one day we went to a swimming hole out on my grandparents property. I always went skinny dipping there my grandfather caught me once and told me I shouldn't but he told me to put a towel on this tree branch on the trail so he knew not to come up to the pond.
when I got undressed and went into the water naked she was shocked. I told her it was ok if she wanted to do it or she could wear her bathing suit. she giggled and came in naked. she walked over to where I was in the water and told me she always wanted to skinny dip but never could find a place to do it. we started to splash water and wrestle in the pond some time when grabbing for her arms I would get one of her tits. she would laugh and grab one of mine it was the first time I let anyone other than my dr. touch them.
then she did something that was a total shock she leaned over and sucked on one of my nipples it felt so good. I started to play with hers. I took her hand and lead her out of the pond to the blanket I had laid out we laid down next to each other and started to explore each others body. when I put my hand down on her shaved bare pussy and felt for her clit it was large I started to rub it like I would do mine she started to moan and grind her pussy against my hand it wasn't long and she started squirt like crazy buck hard against my fingers.
she repaid me by doing the same to me. we laid there in each other arms. she asked if we could do this again. I told her yes that I loved it to. we did it several more times that day. that night she stayed over and we camped over night by the pond we had oral sex that night. we are now lovers and have told our parents they where not happy at first but mom finely has accepted it seeing hoe happy I am. we plan to go to college together when we get out of high school.


26192 - I am a woman, I'm bored, so here is my story.

I used to live with my best friend. Whenever we got drunk, we would flirt, even kiss. We're both heavyset, about 5'5, 140, me blond, her brunette. One time, after I complained about needing a man. She then said we don't need one. She started kissing me and she fingered me until I came. She had her period, so I couldn't return the favor that night, but I wanted to. A few days later, I tried to but she didn't want to because we were sober. She also felt guilty because she had a boyfriend.

Some weeks later, I came home while she and her boyfriend were having sex in the kitchen. This had happened before, but I went up to my bedroom before they could hear me. This time was different. I knew she wanted me, even if she was afraid to admit it sober. As for him, he was a guy, I knew he wouldn't mind.

So I stripped off all of my clothes and walked in. She was laying back on the table, he was fucking her. When they saw me, they stopped and we all started laughing and giggling. I bent down, kissed her and said "Can I play?" (Her word for sex was "play")

I sucked on her tits, made him move so I could return the favor and finger her. She sucked his cock, and then we sucked on it together. I thought fucking him was going too far, so I had her play with my pussy while he fucked her to orgasm.

We never did another threesome. We're still good friends, but we have families now. Thanks for reading :)


26188 - I am 17yo girl who has at last come out to my mom that I am a lesbian. she would always ask if I had a bf that I was into when I would tell her no she would ask 20 question as to why not. I would tell her I was to busy with school studies so I could keep my 3.9 grade average so I could get into the college I wanted to. then she would back off. well I just got tired of telling her lies.
with out really thinking I just told her that I like girls only and guys just did not do anything for me. to my surprise she said ok if that's what I want it was ok with her. she then told me that she has had sex with girls when she was young but also like guys.
she told me that she almost dint marry my dad. I asked her if I could see her naked she said no because she was my mom. I told her I wanted to see how much our bodies where alike. we our both 5'7 about 130 lbs I have 38dds tits my moms look a little smaller than mine but not much she is 37yrs old. she said ok maybe just this once. we went into her room and started to undress as I watch her get undress I started to get real wet between my legs. I never thought seeing my moms naked body would get me so excited.
when she was totally naked standing before me I reach out and started to squeeze her breast and play with her nipples which got real hard. she let out a soft moan, I moved in close to her and started to suck on them. I stopped and looked up at her she smiled and said she loved me. I moved her to her bed and made her lay down. I was like an animal as I lick and kiss her tits and down her body to her neatly shave pussy, I didn't care that it was my mom I just wanted to take her.
I licked and sucked on her clit and fucked her pussy deep with my tounge. I raised her leg so I could get to her ass and gave her a rim job that when she started to orgasm hard then she started to squirt like a water fountain and cover my face with her juices I loved every drop of it. I moved back up and started to kiss her and told her how much I loved her for letting me please her. that's when she tossed me over and started to suck my tits and play slide two finger deep into my pussy all I could do was tell her deeper and moan. when she got down to my shaved pussy and started to suck and nibble on my clit I thought I was going to die from the pleasure she was giving me. then she took her two finger and slowly slide them in to my ass then slide her thumb into my pussy and pinch them together and moved them in and out. it didn't take long before she brought me to the biggest orgasm I had ever had it was also the first time that I ever squirted. she kept that up till I must had orgasm six or so times. she moved back up and we kissed I could taste myself on her lips.
I told her I wanted to do it more she told me lets rest and we could so I fell asleep I her arms. till she woke me up several hrs later by licking my pussy. I told her that I wanted her forever to be my lover. she told me she would be one of them and that I should also find someone my age when I go to college next year but till then we could and would do it as often as we could.