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25415 - When I was seventeen, I spent spring break with a friend whom I've known since we were five. She's only a year older than me. Cute, short, blonde, with bright blue eyes and huge DD tits. I'm taller than her, slender frame, long blonde hair and have less impressive B cup tits. We slept in the same bed while I was there because she felt bad that the only other option was to sleep on the floor. On the last night of my visit her parents let us both have a little bit of wine. Usually, we slept on opposite sides of the bed but she asked me to snuggle against her back. When I did, she pulled my arms around her. I'd never thought of her inappropriately before then and it took everything I had in me to not 'accidentally' grope those wonderfully soft breasts. Kinda wish I did. Now I'm 21 and happily married with a family. But I still fantasize about what could have happened. She doesn't know that I think of her like this.


25377 - Me and my best friend have been best friends for 12 years (since we were 4) and were 16&17 now. We spend most weekends together but because we live an hour apart we try and take turns going to one another's house and one weekend I went to her house to have a couple of drinks. We both got a little too drunk and we ended up packing everything up and going to bed and started talking.

She told me that she would love to eat out a girl with her not knowing I get really horny easy, she said she would fuck me but she knows I wouldn't go through with it and before you knew it she was stripping my panties from my legs. She started sucking on my clit and slid one finger in my pussy. Because her family were home and it was late at night I tried to make no sound but it was so hard not to. With my head back, back arched and my hands on her head she was fucking me like crazy. She wanted me to return the favor and like everyone should, I did. I flipped her underneath me and removed her panties and ate that pussy.

Sooner or later I realized 1. I had lost my virginity, 2. I was having sex with a girl and 3. I'm now bisexual. Once we had finished I regretted it so bad because I thought our friendship was going to e awkward so I just went to sleep and so did she. When waking up the next morning it was just me and her and her family had gone to work etc. I sat outside in the sun and when she came outside I told her that I had forgotten the whole night and couldn't remember a single thing.. Too this day I still regret it but at the same time I just want her or another girl to fuck me the way he did even though I'm in a 2 month relationship with a guy I still fantasize about lesbian intercourse.


25331 - Hello, I am a 16 year old white female.
The last time I went to my step-mom's house was 3 month ago. I used to always fantasize about doing her. she has such a sexy body with huge round 34DDD tits and I used to fondle them in the night whilst she slept. But a few week ago when i had my 26DD's pressed against her 34DDD she woke. I told her what had happened and we have been going at it ever since.
I will shag her for eternity... I will shag any lesbian milf too comment if you want me.


25215 - I was a really horny child and when I visited my mom, I would secretly masturbate. I learned how to do it just by clamping my thighs together. Ever since I was 12 I would look up porn stories and do it with them in the room. The thrill of doing it in the open and never getting caught was amazing. While online I saw that putting peanut butter in your pussy would make a dog eat you out. My mom had a small dog. I did it every time she went to sleep. I would put a blanket over me and let him go to town. It didn't feel very good and I already had lubes so sometimes the peanut butter would get stuck and he would lick so hard it hurt. Ever since I was small I have wanted an older woman to fuck me. I don't care if I'm fifteen I wont tell. I want to be shown the true pleasure of licking pussy. My boyfriend has tried to finger me and we've had sex once and it was okay. I'm not sure what I like because I enjoy giving him head and sucking him off but I want to touch a girl and get hot and heavy.