Latest Lesbian Confessions:


25668 - I am 19 and a lesbian when I was 12 I learned I love women more than guys. my bf and me started to play around one night at her place after we had showered we where laying naked on her bed when she asked if she could play with my tits and pussy . since I had bigger tits than she did I was a 26b and she was a 22a. I told her ok she started to rub my tits and play with my long nipples and mad e them so hard she leaned over me and started to suck on them it felt so good I moaned out loud. then when she put her hand on my pussy and slide two finger into me I moaned even louder her mom came in to see what was going on I freaked and try to cover myself. she said oh she was sorry to intrude. she stood there staring at me and smiled she then sat down on the bed and asked if I like being touch by a girl I nodded yes. my bf started to play with my pussy again and I let out another moan her mom reached over and started to play with my tits I didn't know what to do her mom open her robe. to my surprise she was naked her tits spilled out they where the largest I had seen naked my mom was no where as big. I reach over and she told me to go ahead and touch them. when I did it was the best feeling ever she took her robe off and laid down next to us and to where I could suck on them I took them greedly into my mouth. that night my gf and me learned how to please another women. I would stay over when ever I could I plan to go to the local college and live with them. since my parents are moving out of state. I can't wait till I can have them when ever I want.


25665 - I have a problem I am 16 girl with 40ee tits I am 5'10 40ee 28 32. the problem is I love girls but don't know how to go about finding someone with the same feelings. I have guys trying to get me to go with them all the time but most just want to play with my tits and have sex with me and get pissed when I tell them no. I have been called the ice bitch in school by all the guys.
when in gym and taking showers I get so wet and that when I get home I go to my room and masturbate dreaming of most of my classmates. how do I find out if any of them are like me with out the whole school finding out?


25602 - I'm a 19 year old female, and I'm straight but I need to have a lesbian experience. It looks like fun and it looks so pleasing. I just wish I knew someone to help me out with that. It's kind of a fantasy of mine.


25415 - When I was seventeen, I spent spring break with a friend whom I've known since we were five. She's only a year older than me. Cute, short, blonde, with bright blue eyes and huge DD tits. I'm taller than her, slender frame, long blonde hair and have less impressive B cup tits. We slept in the same bed while I was there because she felt bad that the only other option was to sleep on the floor. On the last night of my visit her parents let us both have a little bit of wine. Usually, we slept on opposite sides of the bed but she asked me to snuggle against her back. When I did, she pulled my arms around her. I'd never thought of her inappropriately before then and it took everything I had in me to not 'accidentally' grope those wonderfully soft breasts. Kinda wish I did. Now I'm 21 and happily married with a family. But I still fantasize about what could have happened. She doesn't know that I think of her like this.