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24108 - I'm a 21 year-old woman, a lesbian, and I just married my best friend. I love her so much, but I confess that I feel like it's my fault her family disowned her.

We meet when my family moved into the house next door to her's and we became best friends instantly. We were around 10 though she was 10 months older and a grade ahead, but that didn't matter. I was an only child and she had and older brother and sister.

My parents are fairly liberal, and realised I was probably a lesbian since I was in the 2nd grade, maybe the fact that I always wanted to play the princess in shining armor to save the beautiful maiden (who was usually played by my future wife), but they wanted me figure it out on my own. I was never the butch type though. Her family was the narrow minded type, but you probably guessed that.

Her parents assumed I was playing the prince because there were no boys who lived nearby, her brother was about 18 and didn't have time with all his church stuff (I always thought he was creepy anyways).

As we grew up, we started sneaking out of the house on non-school nights to meet in our tree house. We would talk and cuddle, half the time we'd fall asleep.

By the time we were 13, I knew I liked girls and had a crush on my best friend but I was afraid to tell her I was in love with her because I thought she would hate me, because I knew how the rest of her family felt about homosexuals. Long story short, she ended up confessing she loved me, and we spent to next year keeping our relationship a secret from her family, and my parents were happy to help.

As you can guess her parents found out, her sister caught us kissing (that was as far as we were going. No sex, perverts). Accused me and my parents of corrupting her, and were moved away in a week. Can't imagine the heart break.

I had a few girlfriends in the years that followed, but they never lasted long. On my 18th birthday, I got a knock at the door. It was her. She never forgot me, and she had been waiting until I turned 18 to leave her family, who only moved a town over.

Apprently they had become way too aggressive in keeping her from other girls. She was never even allowed to hang out with any if her parents weren't along. She played along, even had a fake boyfriend, who was straight but knew what was going on wanted help, he's since become a very good friend.

She stayed with us and we started dating again, not exactly picking up where we left off, but we still cared about each other. I asked her to marry me, and we couldn't be happier. But sometimes, late at night I feel guilty that she had to give up everything to be with me.

Thanks for listening to my long and probably boring story


23973 - I've always been a lesbian and I'm looking for a way to get into dick. Email me and tell me what you'd do to me to make me beg to be fucked by you.


23964 - My confession is that I don't shave my pubic. I trim it so I can wear a bikini, but that's it. I'm a black lesbian and my girlfriend just loves to run her hand through my bush. She doesn't shave or trim at all and I love it. I also love her breast milk so much, even with friends over, I can't help taking off her shirt and start sucking. It turns her on so much she rips off (literaly, I go through a lot of knickers) my panties when we're alone


23950 - One day I was over at my neighbors house visiting. She showed me this porno magazine that had pictures of people fucking in all sorts of positions and this got me very horny! Then she turned on the radio and she and I began to dance together. We rubbed up against each other and we kissed. Then we got on her bed and were hugging and kissing. Before long, we decided to get naked. We lay together on her bed kissing and caressing each other and rubbing our pussies together. We did that until we both came good!

This was not my only experience at girl-loving, but I am not a total Lesbian, as I have had sex with boys too, especially my brothers. I have even fooled around with dogs some.

One good thing about girl-loving is you can not get p.g. from that. Of course, a dog can not get you p.g. either, tho some people think that they can.