Latest Lesbian Confessions:


25331 - Hello, I am a 16 year old white female.
The last time I went to my step-mom's house was 3 month ago. I used to always fantasize about doing her. she has such a sexy body with huge round 34DDD tits and I used to fondle them in the night whilst she slept. But a few week ago when i had my 26DD's pressed against her 34DDD she woke. I told her what had happened and we have been going at it ever since.
I will shag her for eternity... I will shag any lesbian milf too comment if you want me.


25215 - I was a really horny child and when I visited my mom, I would secretly masturbate. I learned how to do it just by clamping my thighs together. Ever since I was 12 I would look up porn stories and do it with them in the room. The thrill of doing it in the open and never getting caught was amazing. While online I saw that putting peanut butter in your pussy would make a dog eat you out. My mom had a small dog. I did it every time she went to sleep. I would put a blanket over me and let him go to town. It didn't feel very good and I already had lubes so sometimes the peanut butter would get stuck and he would lick so hard it hurt. Ever since I was small I have wanted an older woman to fuck me. I don't care if I'm fifteen I wont tell. I want to be shown the true pleasure of licking pussy. My boyfriend has tried to finger me and we've had sex once and it was okay. I'm not sure what I like because I enjoy giving him head and sucking him off but I want to touch a girl and get hot and heavy.


25204 - When I was about ten, I was a bit curious about lesbianism. So I made my cousin who was about five play "boyfriend and girlfriend." She already did that with me because she only had older kids to play with and she wanted to fit in. But now we added kissing. We used to kiss and tongue kiss whenever we could. One time I got her to suck my boobs and she really liked it. I'm scared I scarred her for life because she's now nine and she still likes girls. She still tries to make moves on me. I want to do it but I'm scared I will get caught and she will let it slip. I really want her to eat me out and I know she would. Is it wrong? I'm fifteen now and I have a boyfriend. I consider myself a bisexual. Did I do something wrong?


25124 - I knew I was a lesbian since I was in high school. It took a few years longer for me to come to terms with the other major part of my sexuality, namely that I'm a sexual sadist.

When I say that I don't mean that enjoy a little bondage and some spanking. I mean that my desires and my satisfaction is deeply tied to the pain and humiliation of another person.

I'm always up front about this. I never lie to anyone about what they will experience. I don't do safe words or signals, once we start it will only end when I'm finished. At any point up to when I first lay my hands on her, a partner to be can back out, but after we cross that line, nothing they do or say will change the outcome. The only promise I will make is that I won't do anything permanent to them, unless they've asked me to.

I make it very clear this will hurt, real actual pain, real emotional suffering. I don't play games. I know that a true proper BDSM relationship is built on mutual trust and support but that isn't what I'm into.

Despite this sort of warning (or maybe because of it) I've never had much trouble finding women who want to play. Many of them just think they want to try out their fantasy of being made to submit and figure that they're safer with another woman. I blame that stupid 50 shades of grey for how many of them have no real clue what to expect.

My subs soon learn that I'm very much the real deal. I will whip them, I will clamp their nipples and clits. I will force my longest, fattest strap-on down their mouths, their pussies and their asses. I will take a cane to the souls of the feet. I will smother them with my pussy and my ass. I will break their spirits, try and reduce their will to nothing. I will make them worship me, do anything to maybe stay the hurt for a moment then bring it back.

Oh I will also ensure they come many times. The whole thing is made so much sweeter when I bring them to orgasm in the midst of the pain then plunge them back into suffering.

I'd say 5 out of 6 times my little wanna be subs leave in tears and never ever contact me again. But those 1 in 6, they become addicts to what I do. I've had some slaves that have served me for years now. And it's amazing how many of them do beg for their permanent marks. Some carry a small brand given by my hand, others have had their nipples and labia's pierced by me, some carry scars from a knife, my two best girls both have tattoos on their chests and backs proclaiming their status as mine.

One left her husband and family to serve me. There's very few degradations I haven't practiced on her or made her perform. I even had her send her parents a video of her seated on her grandmother's tombstone masturbating with vibrator.

I guess I know that there is something very wrong with me. But I really don't care that much. I can't feel sympathy for the women who come into my life, simply my desire to own them utterly.