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26714 - When I turn 16 I was still a virgin even thou every guy in school wanted to have me. I am 5'7 140lbs most of that are my large 44dds. the only problem was that guys didn't turn me on. I always had gym the last class of the day. I got my pe teacher to let me stay late and take showers by picking up all the towels. then I could shower alone and masturbate thinking of some of the girls in my class. thinking everyone was out I picked up the towels and then went to take my shower. I was in the middle of it when one of my class mate came in. she came over and told me she just finished running her cross country work out. we showered together when she asked if I would wash her back and she would wash my. I told her ok as I washed her back she seamed like she was getting turned on by it. I know I was she was 5'5 maybe 120 with nice firm 32c tits. so I ran my hand down to her butt and slipped it in between her cheeks she let out a soft moan. the further I reach down the loader it got.
I was in heaven I removed my hand and told her now it was my turn for her to wash my back. she turned and smiled and told me no problem I turn and she started to was my back as she move one hand own to my ass the other moved to my tits she softly massage them. I let out a moan and told her how good it felt to have her touch me the way she was. I turn and reached for her tits and started to massage them I moved in close and started to suck on them. she told me she loved it and wanted more. I told her lets get dress and we can go to my house since my mom was at work till 12. we got to my house and went to my room it didn't take long before we were naked and fondling each other.
she told me she had wanted me for a longtime and waited till she could get me alone. she moved down my body licking and kiss she got down between my legs and told me how lovely my pussy looked and wanted to eat it. I told her she would be the first when I told her take she dove into it and started to pleasure me it didn't take long for her to bring me to the best orgasm I ever had. I told her I wanted to to her she moved so we were in a 69 position I looked at her shave pussy and pulled it close to me it smelled so sweet I just went wild on it she orgasm spraying my face with her sweet juices I try to get every bit of it.
we laid next to each other kissing and licking our own juices off each other faces. we fell asleep and woke up two hours later. since it was Fri. I ask her if she could spend the night she said yes and call her parents. they said ok since they were going to be out all night anyway. we got up went and fix dinner still naked. we ate then watch tv I went to my moms room and grabbed one of her toys that she told me I could use we sat there on the couch taking turns using it on each other.
we fell asleep on the couch. my mom came home and found us. my mom just said look like you two had fun. ii introduce her to my friend who was in sock that my mom wasn't yelling at us. she told us good night and go to bed. which we did but didn't go to sleep not till we had sex one more. we are still together now it has been 11yrs. we are both PA and work the same hosp.


26706 - My boyfriend is a great man. But I can't stop thinking about women. I know I'm gay...but somehow he broke through and I love him. I'm cheating on him all the time and I hate myself for it...but I can't stop. I only cheat on him with women (not that that's any better) . Idk what to do, I'm a sex addict.


26642 - I am a happily married 27 year old woman that loves her husband, but... I think about pussy constantly. I love bdsm and get so wet thinking about sluts tied up with their pussies exposed waiting for a good spank and a lick.


26614 - I was 13 when my parents went on a two week trip for my dads job. they hired a babysitter to take care of my two younger siblings. the second night I heard a strange noise. I got up to see what it was it was the babysitter watching one of my parents porns and masturbating in the nude I stood there looking at her naked body. I am about average height with large 32c tits for my age. she was 16 about 5'8 185lbs and huge 42ddd tits with large nipples and a shaved bare pussy. I could not take my eye off of her. I reached down and started to play with myself.
I guess I let out a little moan and she saw me standing there with my hand in my panties playing. she told me to come over I did and told her I was sorry for spying on her. she asked if I liked what I saw. I turned red and told her yes she told me to get naked also and sit next to her. I did she told me how she like my body and was go to find a way to see me naked so she could touch it. I said for real, and that I have never had anyone other than the Dr. touch me since I was 12 and always wonder what it would be like to have another girl do it. she reach over and started to fondle my tits and she leaned over and started to suck on one it felt so good I let out a moan. I reach over and started to play with her nipples they where twice the size of mine and it felt so good to do it. she let out a moan and move so I could suck on her nipple.
she slide her hand down to my pussy and started to play with my clit I told her it felt so good she said lets go to bed where we could be more comfortable she lead me to my parents room where she was sleeping. when we got in bed she laid down and told me to get on top with pussy in her face and her at mine then she told me to do what she did to me to her. she started to lick my pussy and stopped she said we had to do something first and that was to shave my pussy.
I told her I did not know about doing that she said If I wanted to go further I would have to. I was so horny I said ok but if my mom saw what do I tell her. she said you saw me naked when I was in the shower and wanted to try it. we went into my parents bathroom where she put me on the counter and cover my pussy with shaving cream and started to shave me bare it felt so good because every time she would get close to my clit she would flick it. when she was down she oiled it with baby oil.
we went back to bed where she eat my pussy and I ate her we both orgasm at the same time. we went to sleep I woke up to her licking my pussy and two finger deep in my very wet pussy. she would work me up till I was about to cum then stop after about 5xs doing that she let me orgasm I came so hard I squirted for the first time ever that I started to apologize thinking I had peed. she laughed and told me I didn't that I had just cummed hard. for the rest of the time she was there when ever we could we would either finger each other or eat each other. one night I had a gf over who told me she and her sister play with each other.
the three of us had sex all night long. then when ever my parents needed a babysitter I told them to call her. she baby sat for us till she went to college when she turned 20.
I did get to do it with her when she would come home for breaks and we would go out to a movie(LOL) or a few times I went to her when she was at college she had a roommate who also a lesbian and we would all had sex all weekend.