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26283 - When I was 17 I left home to live with a friend and his mom and sister. things at home where bad between my mom and me. one day I didn't go to school because I felt really sick to my stomach. I stayed in bed till about noon when his mom came in and asked if I was hungry I told her yes. she was in this real thin white summer dress and had nothing on under it. she told me to come down stairs and eat. when I got down to the kitchen she had a bowl of soup and a sandwich made for me. she sat in the chair next to me.
when I finished she asked if I was feeling better I told her yes. she told me she was glad I was living there and asked if I ever thought about seeing her naked. I turned red and told her yes she was a hot looking woman even better than my mom. she stood up and dropped her dress to the ground. she asked if I ever saw my mom naked I told her yes that she would walk around the house naked.
she said lets go into the front room and sit she walked naked to the room with me right behind her. I asked her why me she told me she saw me jacking off in the bathroom last week and it had been 18 months since she had any sex. before I sat down she dropped my pj bottoms down to see my rock hard 8 1/2 inch uncut cock. she sat down and pulled me to her mouth and started to suck on it hard it was the best blow job I've had. I told her I was going to cum she just kept suck. then just as I was starting to shoot she took me all the way deep into her mouth and I dumped my load.
she swallowed every bit of it. then she told me it was my turn she laid on the couch and I made a beeline for her huge tits and started to sukc on them and slide two fingers deep into her really hot and tight wet pussy. she grind hard against my finger ask as I pound them in and out then she begging me to eat her pussy. I wnet down to her bare pussy and started to lick all around it as I continue to finger fuck her. when I started to suck on her clit she just moan like crazy it didn't take long for her to cum all over my hand and face. I moved up till my cock was at her pussy lips and I started to rub my cock up and down. she grabbed it and slide it into her and then pulled me deep into her. we fuck for hours till it was almost time for her son and daughter would come home from school.
she told me I should stay out one more day just to make sure I was better. which I did and we fucked all day. after that when ever we could we would fuck.


26244 - So here is my situation, After many years of yearing for it I finally get to see my sisters boobs (fine enough boobs really puffy nipples). It was incognito as she was using her breast pump. The thing is the dog knew i was there and growled and i felt like she totally could have knows i was standing right there. this lead me to believe she is mostly oblivious if not totally to the fact that i have always lusted after her. I am not proud of this fact, I love her like the sister that she is and i was no Casanova so i just sorted ended up always wanting that body. I feel as if ill never get over this kink (not sexually but rather broken part) in my sex life until I talk to her about it. Do i finally take the plunge and approach her about letting me get my rocks of on her tits all i ever wanted or just bare with the internal conflict and not compromise our relation ship as it is. Helpful input please this is tearing me but good.


26187 - This was a very interesting morning . I went to a clients house to hang some art for her. She is a 76 year old widow. She is around 5'4" tall maybe 150lbs. She is a solidly built lady with probably a 36D cup breast and she walks every day and plays tennis and so she has a very nice bottom and she has very pretty ,full, shoulder length salt and pepper hair with bright blue eyes. You would not think she is as old as she is just from looking at her. This woman comes to my shop on a regular basis so we have become pretty good friends. I knew her husband when he was alive and I know her daughter because we went to school together. I am a 48 year old man by the way . I showed up this morning at the appointed time and she let me in. She was dressed plainly in a button down shirt and a pair of jeans and she was bare footed as she usually is when she is at home. I brought in my four foot step ladder and my tools and after some small talk we started looking at where she wanted to hang her pieces . I started putting up the first piece and for some reason one of the legs of the ladder had some tension on it and it "jumped" a little. No big deal, just a little movement. I was standing on the top rung and I sort of jerked a little righting myself and she just said " oops ... be careful" and asked if I needed her to hold the ladder and I said No, that I was fine and I laughed about it. She laughed too and said that if I fell she would feel terrible and so she walked over and put her hand on my thigh . My back was to her and it sort of startled me because I didn't expect it and then I laughed at myself and she just rubbed the back of my thigh and said that she was worried about me is all and so she kept her hand there and I just finished hanging the piece. I went to back down the ladder and her hand was still on my thigh and when I stepped down her hand kind of hit me between the legs, more on my ass than my crotch . She didn't say anything and neither did I, she just mover her hand up to the small of my back and let it slide up my back to my shoulders where she just squeezed and patted my shoulders . I looked at her and smiled and she told me that I had "such nice ,strong, broad shoulders" I smiled and said thanks and she just kind of held my gaze for a moment the backed away and said "next" . I moved the ladder and hung two more pieces and she just kept touching me more and more as I was working and we were talking less and less. By now My cock had gotten hard and her nipples were straining through her bra and blouse. I didn't even hide the fact that I had noticed and she wasn't trying to hide what was happening. By the time I got to the last piece I could hang it standing on the floor and she just walked up behind me and rubber her hands up my rib cage and started to reach around and rub my chest and my stomach under my shirt. I just stood there with my hands up on the wall where they were when I let go of the picture and she just stood close behind me and leaned her head against my back and was sort of moaning and groaning as she rubbed against me. She started to press her hips against me and she just kept saying "please don't tell me no, please don't walk away" finally I asked her if she was sure that she wanted to do this and she just reached down and started to rub my cock. I turned around and I looked at her and then we both leaned in and kissed each other. I picked her up and carried her to her room and it was just moments before we were both naked and I was between her 76 year old thighs sucking and chewing and tongue fucking her beautiful , bald, cunny and ass . We had some amazing sex and she was SO loud and cried so beautifully when she would orgasm , but the hottest thing was when she pushed me back and out of her sweet vagina and looked at me and told me that she needed one thing most of all and I asked her what that was and she just reached down and guided my cock to her tight wet ass and looked at me with the most passion I have ever seen on a woman's face and kept pleading with me not to say no and pushed against me until I was balls deep in her ass. I didn't even think of saying no. I put her creamy white legs over my shoulders and pounded the hell out of that tight sweet hole until she was grunting and panting like a wild animal. She scratched my chest, ass and back to hell. The hottest thing is that while we were fucking, one of her neighbors, another of my clients was knocking on the door and calling out her name. I KNOW she heard us because by then we were both being about as primal and base as two people could be . I bit her everywhere. She just kept screaming for me to bite her and slap her . I slapped her titties ,ass and face. I bit her feet and calves while her legs were over my shoulders. She just kept hissing 'YESSSSS" over and over and "take it hard" The way she was grunting while I was in her ass was the best though . She is the sexiest woman I've ever been with. I go back tonight.


26165 - Last night I fucked my neighbor. we live in a mobile home park. it started with her walking around her house naked when her husband is gone. and she would leave her blinds open on the side that faces my place. she alittle on the heavy side by about 50lbs but she look really good. I told her that she needed to be careful because I could see her. she said oh ok. then she stopped for a few days then she would do it again I had to hide the fact that I was getting turned on by it from my wife.
well my wife went to take care of on of her daughters from her first marriage. I went out to take the trash to the dumpster and saw her walking around naked. I cant stop looking at her huge ddd tits that almost defy gravity just then she see me and waves for me to come over. so I walk up to the front door and she opens it and tells me to come in quickly. when I come in she closes the door and tells me that she is so horny and wants to fuck.
I look at her and tell her that I am old enough to be her dad I am 62 and she is 29. she said she didn't care and she knew I had a big cock since she and my wife would talk. by now my cock is fighting to get out she grabs my hand and we walk to her bedroom. she drops to her knees and unzip my pant and pull them and my underwear down to my ankle my cock stand out rock hard all 10 1/2 inches uncut of it she tells me to sit while she get my shoes off and tell me to take my shirt off.
she then takes my cock in her mouth and works it like no tomorrow. she get me to where I almost peak and stops and tell me its her turn. she climbs in the bed and lay on her back I give her a deep kiss and the start to suck and nibble on those huge melons. I slowly work my way down to her bare pussy to find a huge clit I start to suck hard on it, she moan and ask me to suck on it harder I start to nibble it as I did she moan even more when I slide two finger deep into her super hot and wet pussy she started to shake. then she started to squirt I lapped up every bit of her juices I continue to do what I was doing till she had to beg me to stop that she could not go any further.
I let her ay there for a bit then I climb up to where my cock was at her opening I slowing moved forward as my cock slide in she was so tight I had to go slow till I was deep in her. then I started to ride her fast and hard til I was ready to cum and I told her I was going to cum to told me to just fill her pussy with it all she wanted to feel it in her. the closer I got the more she meet me as I rammed my cock deep into her. then I shot my load deep into her she screamed and started to orgasm again. we fuck three more times.
when I left she told me she wants more and I was her when ever I wanted. I told her that would be hard to do when the wife is around. she said we would just have to figure that out some how. then I asked her what she thought about a three some, she said she up for anything as long as she could fuck me. I told her we could fuck till my wife gets home then I would ask her if she was up for it my wife is 54 and is bi. so I cant wait till she get home and I can get them both.