Latest Lust Confessions:


25508 - I know how it was. He used to
lick and or finger your pussy and you would pretend that you were asleep. You enjoyed your fathers tongue or fingers on you. You dad became superchristian and tried to make up for it. So did you. But you can't help but masturbate and cum to it still . I understood you because I love you. You hate me becsuse you are stuck in that denial. I love you,you did nothing wrong dear, you were a victim.


25187 - I don't know why you bother trying to get ahold of me. You know how I take it. you even made some comments in relation to my preference. So why do you bother? I know it may seem confusing but it makes me so horny when you try to contact me. I love your sluttiness and nastiness. Sometimes when I get it from you know who, I picture you with him. I know you don't like his type, but you are a very beautiful woman. With a knock out body. You would looks so beautiful with him. Anyway I don't know if you will see this or not. If you do email me. I just needed to get that off my chest.


25097 - Stop telling people lies you know your part. You block the truth and blame me. call yourself a Christian but lie to yourself and others. Forgive and forget and stop living a lie.


25060 - I told her how sexy she looked in this jeans shorts. I told her she still gets me hard . I was carrying.a load onto shoulder soy dick got hard and I couldn't cover it. I asker her to pour cold water on my hardness to make it go down she poured it but it was still hard I asked her to pour water on the base and she did but still hard. She suggested that I take care of it so I masturbated while she stood in front of the car and I came