Latest Lust Confessions:


25097 - Stop telling people lies you know your part. You block the truth and blame me. call yourself a Christian but lie to yourself and others. Forgive and forget and stop living a lie.


25060 - I told her how sexy she looked in this jeans shorts. I told her she still gets me hard . I was carrying.a load onto shoulder soy dick got hard and I couldn't cover it. I asker her to pour cold water on my hardness to make it go down she poured it but it was still hard I asked her to pour water on the base and she did but still hard. She suggested that I take care of it so I masturbated while she stood in front of the car and I came


25007 - Im 16 male and right now I am in bed next to my guy he spent the night abs we played games ans then I convinced him it was not weird for him to sleep in my bed me. He is sleeping and my dik is hard,as ever and I am masturbating to the fact that he is here I Wanna touch him but I don't want him to wake up what do I do?


24980 - Yesterday my 24 y.o. step-daughter was visiting us and she is very beautiful, one of those cute pixie-ish types with a nice set of big, but not huge boobs, I'd say a D-cup but no larger although with her petite frame they give the illusion of being larger the a single D.

Her and her mom were talking but I wasn't paying much attention other then occasionally admiring her legs and the occasional slight panty shot (blue!) due to how short her shorts were.

I got into an article I was reading online when I heard my wife calling my name and I replied, "What did you say, I was reading this article"

"We were wondering, since you used to be a medic in the Air Force, if you would check out this red spot on her boob?"


"Yeah, no problem"

"Don't tell her husband, he'd flip out"

"As if I'd tell him", I replied rolling my eyes.

I went over to the loveseat she was setting on and with only a slight hesitation she lifted her shirt & bra...

It was a glorious sight!!

I examined the red spot, suggested she make an appt with her Dr to check for staph to be on the safe side.

Now I have almost the complete picture of her naked. We spent a couple of weeks with her and her family back in October and I tend to be an early riser so I awoke early and headed downstairs, on the way to the stairs is the upstairs bathroom, the door was wide open and she was sitting on the toilet wearing only a short nightshirt & her panties around her ankles. Glorious!!

If she were to ever give me the green light I would eagerly show her what a difference an extra 20 years experience in bed makes, I am a very giving & considerate lover because my goal is to give as much pleasure & orgasms as possible, NOT to get my nut as quickly as possible and leave 'em hanging.