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26627 - I'm 13 and I jack off to my mom's and aunt's panties
I can't help myself they have huge butts and tits and my aunt wears a thong all the time
I get rock hard just thinking about them and I'll probably end up jacking off shortly to my mom


26625 - Hello i am from Germany and want to share a confession here.
Let me start tell you that i have fancy my older sister in a sexually way more than 10 years before i moved into her place. When i was living with my older sister a few years ago i slept in her livingroom and she slept in her room she didnt have any boyfriend either so it was ok for me to stay at her place. Anyway i am so turned on by my own sister she is so sexy woman with beautiful body big tits and a hell of a sexy ass and legs and a cute face. She don't know anything about my sexual feelings for her at all. Everytime i was home alone i took her panties / bras and high heel shoes and jerked off into them ALOT!!! But it was one night when me and my friend was there and we drinked many beers and vodka with my sister and had really fun. After that we went to my sisters bed because she have a double bed so we all could sleep there. My sisters was in the middle everyone felt asleep. But i woked up in the middle of night and i saw that my sister was deep asleep and my dick get rock hard when i saw her pusched up tits in her bra. So i started to jerk off my dick i was very nervous because i had never jerked off before with my sister so near me. But i could't stop the feeling was so forbidden. After about 20 minutes i started to touched my sister body i putted my hand on her tits while i jerked of with the other and after that i started to lick on my sisters lips i was affraid to be caught by her if she woked up but she did't so i licked alot round her lips and after that i took my hand down to her pussy and started massage her down there ONLY at the outside of her panties then i felt that i was about to cum and i did ALOT. I squezed out my sperm all over my own stomach then i stoped everything and cleened up my mess and felt asleep. When we woke up my friend went home and me and my sister eat breakfast that morning everything was allright. But after a few hours she told me everything about what happend that night BUT she told me that is was my friend who had did this to her and i played stupid and only sayed ok? Maybe he wants you? Now years later i am angry on my self that i didn't told her it was me. Because i dont know if she know that is was me and says it was my friend to not get us in trouble. The only thing i think about today and everyday is that i want to fuck my older sister so hard and lick her pussy and cum hard in her face and mouth i really want to have a lifelong incestious realationship with her but i am to scared to tell her i really need help about what to do here. Thanks.......


26532 - My wife turn real cold like ice when it came to sex after our fourth kid. after about 6 months of no sex I started to masturbate, one day my daughter who was 17 caught me she just stood there watching. I was so close to cumming I didn't stop. she stood there licking her lips and slide her hand down her pants and started to play with herself. I came so hard I shot a load half way across the room. then she shutter as she orgasm. for three months we would do the same thing almost daily. then my wife and me decided we had enough and went our separate ways. my daughter and one of her sisters who was 18 left with me. we got a nice three bedroom condo. after about a month there the two of them came into my room bare ass naked and climbed into my bed and told me that I needed to betaken care of the right way and me jacking off would not do. from that night on one or both see to my sexual need daily. and this has been going on now for 4yrs. they have told me they want to move to Europe so they can marry me and we can have kids.


26283 - When I was 17 I left home to live with a friend and his mom and sister. things at home where bad between my mom and me. one day I didn't go to school because I felt really sick to my stomach. I stayed in bed till about noon when his mom came in and asked if I was hungry I told her yes. she was in this real thin white summer dress and had nothing on under it. she told me to come down stairs and eat. when I got down to the kitchen she had a bowl of soup and a sandwich made for me. she sat in the chair next to me.
when I finished she asked if I was feeling better I told her yes. she told me she was glad I was living there and asked if I ever thought about seeing her naked. I turned red and told her yes she was a hot looking woman even better than my mom. she stood up and dropped her dress to the ground. she asked if I ever saw my mom naked I told her yes that she would walk around the house naked.
she said lets go into the front room and sit she walked naked to the room with me right behind her. I asked her why me she told me she saw me jacking off in the bathroom last week and it had been 18 months since she had any sex. before I sat down she dropped my pj bottoms down to see my rock hard 8 1/2 inch uncut cock. she sat down and pulled me to her mouth and started to suck on it hard it was the best blow job I've had. I told her I was going to cum she just kept suck. then just as I was starting to shoot she took me all the way deep into her mouth and I dumped my load.
she swallowed every bit of it. then she told me it was my turn she laid on the couch and I made a beeline for her huge tits and started to sukc on them and slide two fingers deep into her really hot and tight wet pussy. she grind hard against my finger ask as I pound them in and out then she begging me to eat her pussy. I wnet down to her bare pussy and started to lick all around it as I continue to finger fuck her. when I started to suck on her clit she just moan like crazy it didn't take long for her to cum all over my hand and face. I moved up till my cock was at her pussy lips and I started to rub my cock up and down. she grabbed it and slide it into her and then pulled me deep into her. we fuck for hours till it was almost time for her son and daughter would come home from school.
she told me I should stay out one more day just to make sure I was better. which I did and we fucked all day. after that when ever we could we would fuck.