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27000 - I am in love with my cousin. We use to mess around when were were young..I was 10 she was 8. We stayed close as young adults and she would always say she would screw the crap out of me if we weren't cousins. I so wish I would of taken advantage of her saying that. i recently told her how I feel and she didn't say anything, but the look on her face, I knew she wanted the same


26936 - I like to let my dog(female) lick my pussy. Every time I come home from school. Im 14.


26923 - I am a cute teen,still 19, I guess from what men say. I have Big boobs,big but,and thighs,and a skinny torso.
But never would I expect to have my uncle,who was secretly the man of my dreams(sadly), to hit on me. We weren't blood related,he was just my uncle because my 'step-dad said so' .
My uncle is a man in his twenties,tall,muscular,Raven hair that is tussled i na sexy way,and eyes that make me soar,green with golden streaks.
When he came over for a visit,my step-dad saying that I should spend time with him, he started to hit on me. It was odd..I guess I should start from the beginning.

It was a normal afternoon,I sat in a loose shirt,that was tight around my boobs,and some black stretchy pants,red streaked brown/black hair in the worlds craziest ponytail all the while my bangs giving me a 'cute look'....usual wear,when I heard the doorbell. I automatically jumped up,expecting my sister or someone,completely not my 'uncle'. When I opened the door,I practically fainted. It was Him...tousled hair making me want to squirm and kiss him then and there. But I restrained,obviously,and let him in,a polite greeting with a question threading it.
He said he wanted to spend some time with his 'niece',to this I narrowed my eyes. Pushing it away I told him to Get comfy if he wanted. I walked back to the couch,all the while feeling his eyes burning on me. When I sat back down onto the sofa,I heard him walk over and plop down besides me,my heart flared.
We talked a little,All the while he inched closer,till I could feel his body against mine. My cheeks flushed,usually a cherry red against tan skin. I glanced at him and he grinned,leaning closer 'till he was right in front of me...right by my lips. God darn! I was so hot,I swear I got wet just at the look in his eyes.
Suddenly a loud boom came fr the TV show I was watching and I jumped,just enough to 'accidentally' press my lips against his. His eyes seemed to glimmer wit ha muse ment as I quickly pulled away and almost looked pale,since I don't blush,I flush,of all color. And I mean,All.
He stared at me,obviou lust in his eyes...and After that,it was just blurry...I don't know how but I woke up curled up against his chest... Oh god!
He left,after getting a call,and now after that he acts normal around me,but is so much more fluffier when we are alone..I guess I could say I had sex with my Uncle..

It feels great to get that off my chest.


26842 - When I was 12 I had my first gay sex I was in golden gate park in san Francisco. I was walking thru the park and this older guy asked me what time it was. I told him and he ask if I knew a place where you could lay naked and not be seen by anyone I told him yes he ask how did I know I told him I would go there with my sister and we would lay there naked. he ask me to show him so I did as we walked he ask if me and my sister ever touch each other? I told him yes that she would suck my dick and I would lick her pussy.
he told me that was real nice and asked if I ever put my dick in her? I told him no. when we got to the spot he asked if he could see menaced and play with my dick and he would suck it. so I said ok we got undress thinking of him sucking my dick like my sister would do I had a hard on started. he also hand one started it was the first time I saw a grown up male naked. he laid out this blanket he had and told me to lay next to him. I laid down next to him and he grabbed hold of my dick and told m how good it felt in his hand. he leaned of and started to kiss me. I kissed him back the feel of my dick in his hand felt so good as he played with my foreskin, he pulled it down and exposed the head of my dick he leaned over and started to suck on it he took all 7ins in his mouth. he started out slow then got faster and faster then he slide one of his finger deep into my ass it felt so good I shoot my load into his mouth he took every drop of it.
he laid back and told me how sweet I tasted he still had his finger deep in my ass. I felt good as he moved it in and out. I reach over and took his dick in my hand and started to play with it he was only about 4in and med thickness. I jack him off till he shoot his load all over my hand and him self. by then I was hard again he took his finger out of my ass and got on all fours he told me to stick my dick in his ass and fuck him hard. I did want he told me to do. he was so tight but after several tries I got my dick all the way in. then I started to pump it in and out slowly till he begged me to ram him hard and fast. till I came again as I did so di dhe and I didn't touch him and he didn't ether. with me still in him he laid down on his belly. he started to milk my dick with his ass till I was hard again and had me fuck him again. after I was done I roll over and we must had fell asleep for about a hour I woke up to him suck me again.
he asked if I would meet him here again next week I told him yes. we got dressed and went our way. I would meet him there every week and we would do the same thing one day he asked if he could fuck me in the ass I told him yes since he was so small. it felt good when he shoot his load into me. so every once in awhile I would let him fuck me. we did this for 3years. then one day he never showed up again. I told my sister about what I was doing and see would let me fuck her ass. to this day I will go out and find some gay and fuck him like I fuck that guy.