Latest Lust Confessions:


25187 - I don't know why you bother trying to get ahold of me. You know how I take it. you even made some comments in relation to my preference. So why do you bother? I know it may seem confusing but it makes me so horny when you try to contact me. I love your sluttiness and nastiness. Sometimes when I get it from you know who, I picture you with him. I know you don't like his type, but you are a very beautiful woman. With a knock out body. You would looks so beautiful with him. Anyway I don't know if you will see this or not. If you do email me. I just needed to get that off my chest.


25097 - Stop telling people lies you know your part. You block the truth and blame me. call yourself a Christian but lie to yourself and others. Forgive and forget and stop living a lie.


25060 - I told her how sexy she looked in this jeans shorts. I told her she still gets me hard . I was carrying.a load onto shoulder soy dick got hard and I couldn't cover it. I asker her to pour cold water on my hardness to make it go down she poured it but it was still hard I asked her to pour water on the base and she did but still hard. She suggested that I take care of it so I masturbated while she stood in front of the car and I came


25007 - Im 16 male and right now I am in bed next to my guy he spent the night abs we played games ans then I convinced him it was not weird for him to sleep in my bed me. He is sleeping and my dik is hard,as ever and I am masturbating to the fact that he is here I Wanna touch him but I don't want him to wake up what do I do?