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25831 - I was exposed to explicit sexual situations very young (about 5 or 6) by older neighborhood boys who were constantly forcing the younger boys to give them head and play with their dicks. I never considered myself a homosexual because I also developed a huge fascination with girls as well by the time I was 7 or 8. Sex regardless of male or female simply became a way to have a secret that was mine and no one could take the pleasure of it away. I truly enjoyed secretly sucking off my little playmates and they enjoyed returning the favor. By the time I was 8, I learned how to masturbate and even have orgasms. I did it everyday morning and night for years! I even felt up my 17 year old babysitter's naked tits when I was 8. I could barely produce any liquid cum at all but it wasn't long before I began to shoot milky white sperm. Also about the same time, I became very close friends with a boy across the street who shared my love of bi-sexual relations and believe it or not, we became a homosexual couple at the ages of 10 and 12. We patterned our relationship after teenagers in the neighborhood who had steady relationships. We practiced anal sex on a very regular basis, and did things that would make a whore blush. We French kissed each other and performed oral sex on each other almost every day. We were inseparable and our parents didn't seem to mind. I was miserable without my boyfriend and so it continued on this way until I was 18 and he was 20. We honestly loved each other. We were a couple for all those years until he brought a girl into our relationship. I reluctantly went along with it. She was hot as hell and wild as they come! We were a threesome at this point. I loved to fuck them together! There was always someplace to put my dick. Her mouth, his ass, her hot ass, or her pussy or his mouth, etc.. we were happy for a while but only for a while. I wish we could have made it work!


25813 - My birthday was December 15 of this month , I was really sad at how no one had said happy birthday , sounds selfish but It made me realize I hardly have friends but appreciated the ones I do have ! And said happy birtday to me . But anyways I went over to my friend Dulce's house yesterday on a Tuesday and I haven't seen her since freshmen year immcurrently a junior I'm 17 I told her how she developed an amazing body and how her butt looked great and fat and her hips looked so wide and nice and her stomach was beautiful and how her skin looked flawless
I ended up giving her oral sex and she let me give her anal sex and I have girlfriend who I cheated on by doing this act that's it


25755 - I was 23 when I hooked up with the young girl who I thought was 18 she look it. I went to her house where she lived with her dad. he was gone at work he was a fireman and worked a 72 hr shift that started that morning. she got undress to change into a dress seeing her naked body I got such a hard on I went over to her and asked if I could suck on her huge 42dds tits and touch her pussy. she said yes she would love that. she was so wet when I reach down and played with her pussy. she undid my zipper and pulled out my rock hard cock I laid her on her bed and started to lick her pussy and tunge fuck her pussy till she came and squirted her juices into my mouth. she took me into her mouth and gave me one of the best blow jobs I ever had.
the phone rang and that stopped us from going further it was her dad checking up on her. the next day she came to my place and we did it all over again but this time she climb on top of me and slide my cock into her tight pussy and rode me till I shot my load deep in her.
we did this for several months till I found out she was only 13 by her dad. he said he knew we were fucking and that she lied about her age because she has done it before. I told him I was sorry for what I did and I would not see her any more. he said ok and if I did he would have me arrested. I never saw her again even tho I wish I could had have one last fuck.


25735 - When I was 16 and my sister was 15 we started to paly around when our parents would leave for work or go out for the night. we knew we could play around till about two am.
the first time she asked to she my dick I told her she had to pull it out if she wanted to see it. I laid down on the couch she came over and un zipped my pants and pulled out my semi hard cock. I told her to move her hand up and own on it she was surprised at how it grew and got hard. she asked how big did it get I told her about 7 to 8 inches long. I told her to pull the skin down off the top of my cock when she did she saw the pre cum leaking from my cock. I told her to lick it she did and said it tasted sweet and salty and she liked it I told her if she licked and suck on my cock she could get a lot more. I guided her thru how to suck a cock she would take almost all of me before she would gag. then I started to shoot my load in her mouth I almost gaged her but she swallowed it all and keep sucking my cock. till I had nothing left.
I told her to get undress and I did also. she had 32c tits that just stood straight out with large nipple and a lightly peach fuzz covered pussy I reached down and and started to slide my hand between her legs and started to play with her clit and pussy lips. I started to suck on her nipples she came real quick. I then went down on her and licked her pussy till she came again. about two weeks later one weekend when our parents went away for a three day trip I took her cherry. since then we have sex when ever and where ever we can.