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26659 - I've been flirting with my mum friend, she must be 50 plus in age, nothing special in looks wise, the flirting has always been just a bit of fun really, I would always flirt back jokingly, no flirting has ever gone on behind anyone's back, when I'm at my parents house she would say silly things really, if only I was 20 years younger you and I would have a great time and so on.
It was my birthday, me my mum and her friend we're in the kitchen, she said, I would love to give you a present while laughing, my mum friend went to the bathroom and when she returned she said let me give you a birthday kiss, it was a long peck on the cheek, while holding me she put something in my jacket pocket, she said a little something for you when your on your own, then just carried on talking to my mum.
10 mins later I was in the toilet having a pee I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out a pair of knickers, smiling to myself I couldn't help myself but have a sniff, it was ok, was expecting worse! I couldn't resist to sniff again I was really holding my nose deep into the crotch of her knickers, the smell was starting to turn me on, half joking and half getting off on it and hand a wank, I cum right in the crotch, I carefully folded them up.
In the kitchen I waited for the right time and put them in her handbag!
I have not yet seen my mum friend since, I'm nervous but interested to see how she is when we next meet


26398 - Ok im 24 i have a sexy 23 yo gf that i love very much . But jus as much as i love her . I love cummming in her moms clean panties . It turns me on knowing shes sokeing in my juices. I usally use her dirty panties ones to jack off with and I always cumm in her shampoo bottle or on her tooth brush and clean panties . I think she knoes but shes never said anything .and its been going on for about 3 years . Is this wrong . Do u think she likes it? She is 46 .


26376 - I am 36 ,my daughter is 12.for 4 months now i cant stop smelling and rubbing her worn panties , it makes me so horny i cant stop thinking of her wet pussy.sometimes she jumps onto my lap ,strait after she gets off i go to the toilet and jack off.


26125 - Ohh yes julie im im im vcumming in yor panties and bras ohhh julie im cvumming now in your pantie gusset ohhh YES YES JULIE SO MUCVH CUM IN YOUR PANTIES THEY ARE WET WITH MY SPERM NOW IM GOING TO PUT THESE CVUM SOAKED PANTIES BACVK IN YOUR CLEAN PANTIE DRAWER OHHHHH JULLLLIIIIEEEEE