Latest Panties Confessions:


25064 - From when i was 12 to when i was 15 i used to have a sleep over all the time with a friend of mine. We would play with each others dicks until we both had cummed, and then we would clean each other off. But I knew he thought my sister was hot so one morning it was just him and I in the house so i took him to my sisters room and let him pick out a pair of her panties. He brought them back to my room and he instantly pulled his pants down and start jerking off with them. I took hold of his cock and helped him with it. In like 10 minutes he had cummed in my sisters panties and put them back in her room. The next day I saw her wearing them around the house. IT WAS SO HOT!


25061 - When i was younger about 15 i would steal my sisters used panties that she would leave on the floor. I would take them back to my room and sniff them and when I was close to cumming i would take them off my face and cum in them. sometimes I would put them back and sometimes I would keep them. I still have 8 pairs of her used panties that I never returned.


24822 - I sneak into my girlfriends room mates rooms while they're gone and rummage through their panty drawers. Sometime I rub them all on my hard cock, sometime I cum on a fresh pair knowing that she'll wear them. Sometimes I go through the dirty clothes and find a nice pair of worn panties and lick them while I cum on their undies or swim suites. When I see them after I've done this I get rock hard thinking about them wearing my cum covered panties. I've also came in her shampoo, body wash, lotion, and food.


24748 - My step daughter came to live with us at age 16 she was hot and would leave her cum stained panties lying around. Of course I masturbated in them a lot leaving them soaked with my cum and I would wad them into a ball so they would stick together like that when she got them to wash. She never said anything. At 18 she moved in with her boyfriend and they were together for about 6 years then split up after that she came home to live with us again and she would leave her dirty panties lying around the same as before. Once she had taken a shower and went to her room and I went to the bathroom right after she came out and her panties were on the floor I masturbated in them and left them soaked with my cum. I came a lot they were really wet, After I came out she went into the bathroom again and when she got done her panties were gone she had to know I came in them but never said anything. Then one night she was on the computer which was in the corner of the dining room. everyone was already asleep except her and I. I was sitting in my recliner laid back and looked over my shoulder and thought I saw her rubbing herself. So I got brave rubbed my cock until it was hard then pulled it out the slit in my pajamas and slowly stroked it until I came cum spurting high into the air. I'm sure she was watching me but didn't make a sound. I waited until my hard cock softened a little but still tenting my pj's walked into the dining room got some paper towels and went and cleaned up my mess. Since that time I stroked my cock every time she and I were alone letting her see the outline if my hard cock. We were never physical together but there was plenty of cum soaked panties. It's been 6 years since she got another boyfriend and moved in with him but I can still smell her sweet pussy and it is my go to masturbating fantasy!