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25750 - I am a 29 yrs old male who is bisexual who loves wearing his own womens panties . i love buying and wearing ladies panties bras lipsticks dresses wigs perfumes as well . i love pussy and cock especially a male who is well endowed and a dominant women who loves fucking me nine ways from sunday . i have been this way since i was 12 yrs old . i slept with another male and a female at the same time at that age . i put on my first panties bras lipsticks dresses wigs perfumes on whenever i was 14 yrs old . my first boyfriends mother who i slept with as i was fucking her sons ass dressed me up and bought me girls perfumes panties bras lipsticks dresses wigs . she even tought me how to walk talk bend over like a proper lady does . so i have been this way since then and i wouldn't change a thing about it . i love who i am and who i have become because it's who i am inside out. most people who loves me knows me as tabitha .


25733 - My teenage step-grandaughter is blackmailing me, she lives with me and her grandmother, she is a very sexy selfish teen, always wants designer gear, always wants to try and out do her friends. Anyway, she walked in on me in the bathroom just as I was cumming in a pair of her used panties, I was stark naked and had just shot a load of cum , she just smiled and said "your gonna pay for that" turned around and walked out. I think she must have known for a while that I had been in her underwear drawer every chance that I got and had been waiting for the right time to catch me.
I really didnt know what to do, I got dressed quickly and found her sitting on the couch in the living room, she said I had better sit down as she had a proposition for me, I would have agreed to anything at that point, I sat in the chair opposite her and she stated her terms, at the same time she opened her legs so that I could see straight up her skirt and see the bright red panties she had on, bizarley I thought I have cum over those before, she said that if I didnt want her tell granny about what I had been doing I would have to give her £50 a week and do anything else that she asked like taxi her around and pick her up from her boyfriends all things like that, she said if I played ball she might make it worth my while. This was a year ago and after doing her bidding and paying her she finally made it worth it, I picked her up from her boyfriends and when she got in the car she said I have just had sex with Nathan and let him cum in me, she took her panties off and thrust them in my face saying I want you to wank off while I rub these in your face, my cock was out in a flash as she rubbed her cum soaked panties in my face I beat my cock and came in about thirty seconds. Since then it has happened a few times and her latest proposition is that if I up my payments to £100 a week she will let me lick her out after Nathan has fucked her, I really want to do that but it will break my bank account.


25466 - I would love to have sex with my sister. I am envious of the couples who are experiencing family love especially brother sister lovers. Growing up my younger sister and I used to fool around all the time. We never had any real sex we only did the bump and grind under the guise of wrestling. We started when I was about 12 and she was 8 and continued for about 11 years. We would normally do our thing when nobody was home but occasionally did it when other family members were in the house. I would usually be wearing baggy shorts with no underwear and no shirt while she would be in panties and a tank top. Our experiences with eachother were fairly fequent and sometimes everyday and sometime multiple times a day. The farthest we went was to fondle each other with her grabing my hardon as it poked out of my shorts and me givig her a reach around under her panties while grinding into her butt from behind. Like I said earlier wenever had any real sex and never really talked about what we were really doing until the end when I misscalculated and went for broke and flat out asked her for sex when she was home from college. In those 11 years we probably fooled around well over 1,000 times with every time both having a climax unless we were interupted. To this day we have never repeated our sessions and never dis ussed it. I would lime tothink she would want to take the next step but is blocked by the stigma and guilt of incest.


25114 - Shit!!!! Went to my dealers house tonite. She is bout 35. Blonde nice titties firm look arse. Bit rough round the edges but still very fuckable. Knocked on the door a chic ive never met opened the door an said angie was in her bedroom. Angie called out for me to come in. Once i was in there she was sittin on the bed with money bags scales an meth everywhere. She was sittin cross legged in a short skirt an a tank top. We chatted bout shit while she weighed up. As she climbed of the bed i got a great view of the thong she was wearing. Hot red . Dont know how but the gusset was all bunched up between her tasty lookin cunt lips. Instant hard on. She got of the bed an bent over lookin for something on the floor. Now she was showin me her hot arse. Tattoo that reads kiss this on her cheeks an those sexy lips either side of the gusset. She found wot she was lookin for an sat down again inviting me to as well. Knowing i had a raging hard on i asked if i could use the toilet in the ensuite. There was clothes all over the floor. There is no door on the ensuite so we were chatting the whole time. It was to much i found a hot pair of blue panties an picked them up stil chattin. As i stood over the toilet tryin to control the stream of piss from my hard cock i opened the thong out to c the goodness within. It was well stained with cunt juice an piss an even had a dark stain in the back. I pocketed the panties put my cock away an went back out. We did the deal. The rock is fucken awsome as always. Been home now smokin rock an wankin tasting sniffing an generaly havin a dirty ol time with her hot blue panties. Been txting her to sort out for sunday an she asked if i wanted to hang out sunday arv. Im goin to hit her up to eat her sexy cunt an see if i can get sum more panties!!!!!!! Pretty sure she knows i got them.