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25225 - When I was 6 years old my mom went to visit a friend and she took me with her. My mom's friend had two daughters. I know that one of them was 15 but I'm not sure about the other one, I think she might of been from 10 to 12 years old. So I was sitting next to my mom and then the younger sister told to come with her, so I went. She led me to her room were her sister was there too. When I walked in they locked the door. They asked me how old I was and then they asked me if I ever seen a girl naked and I said no. Then the older one took off her shirt and I saw her boobs. The the older sister told me to show her my penis. I didn't want to so I started to cry. Then the older one put her hand over my mouth and was grabbing on to me tightly. Then she told the younger one to pully pants down and she did. They told me to be quite or if I didn't I would get in trouble. They made me sit down on a chair and then the older one began licking my dick. She licked it for a short while and then she told me that now I had to lick their pussy. So they both got completely naked and sat down on a bed. I licked them for a really long time. The older one then told me to have sex with her sister. She had to explain to me how to have sex because I had no idea. The younger sister didn't want to do it so her sister slapped her and forced her down on the bed. Then she grabbed my penis, spit on it and shoved it up her sister pussy. The younger one began to struggle and her sister kept slapping her face while I fucked her. Then the older sister pulled out my dick and put it inside her sisters ass. It felt weird because she didn't spit on it this time and her ass was much less wet than her pussy. When I was done I got off her little sister and the young one began to cry. Her sister told her that she will make her feel better so then she grabbed me and put me on the bed. She
then she sat on my face for a really long time. Right before she got off she took a piss on my face. After that the younger one started to laugh. Then I got off the bed and went to wash my face. Then the older one told me not to tell nobody ever. Then she licked my face and I got dressed and went to my mom.


25189 - Now that I’m a adult and I’ve been in a sexual relationship with my older sister for almost half of our life, I know that I’ve had sex with her more then a thousand times. After all of that I have to admit that even time was simply amazing, there is something so alluring about experiencing a sexual climax while your engaged in a incestuous sex act that far surpasses any other sexual climax, because of this both of us agree that when it comes to sex “Incest is the Best!”
Because of our long sexual history I know how to take advantage of my sister’s ever growing sexual appetite. When she’s in one of her whorish moods she’ll call me and tell me she’s on her way over. As soon as she arrives she’ll come over to me and give me a passionate welcoming hug. As soon as she done hugging me while she still has her arms around my neck she’ll smile coyly then she’ll start to undulate her hips tempting to pull her closer to me and take advantage of her growing sexual passion.
As soon as I pull her closer to me our welcoming hug turns into a unrestrained sexual embrace filled as I grope the more private areas of my sisters body, I’ll start by squeezing her breasts then her butt. I’ll see her face turning red as sexual passion fills her knowing that by having me touch her sensually I’ll start getting her sexually wet. I know that my sister’s vagina is the ultimate of responsive pussy’s, when she gets horny her pussy will produce such an excess of sexual lubricating fluid her cunt will be dripping wet in anticipation of me being sexually intimate with her.
From our past experience I know she likes having me help her get undressed, so after groped her for a few minutes I’ll unbutton her blouse for her then as she removes her blouse I’ll unhook her bra so she can take that off too. As soon as she’s naked from the waist up I’ll start playing with her bare breasts squeezing them and toying with her nipples until they are hard and erect, Next I’ll turn my attention down ward and unfasten her pants then she’ll remove them next I slip her underpants down and take them off for her, as soon as she’s naked she’ll help me get undressed as soon as both of us are naked she’ll smile knowingly and take my erect cock in her hand and rub the head of my cock on her pubic mound as she whispers to me what she wants me to do with her even suggesting a few sexual acts for us to try. I know she’ll whisper “I want you to lick my pussy!” then she’ll get into a position for me to give her cunnilingus, I really like eating my sister pussy and enjoy hearing her passion filled utterances as I’m using my tongue to explore the most private areas of her female body, after a few minutes of having me give her cunnilingus she’ll be ready for sexual intercourse as she tempts me with another sexual request “now fuck me, fuck my pussy! I want you inside of me Now!” I know its going to get messy because recently my sister has started female ejaculation, as she comes to climax her pussy will spurt out some of her clear sexual lubricating fluid and she’s going to experience a truly extreme of sexual orgasm. one that will totally consume her with sexual ecstasy until she begs me to stop fucking her. I know when I see her do that I’ve done a phenomenal job of fucking her.
Once she’s done climaxing she’ll want to take a shower with me, she knows that I’ll do my best to get her to experience yet another climax, she always tells me she has to pee first but I’ve learned not to allow her to and make her get in the shower with me once we’re in the shower I’ll start using my finger to massage her clit until she comes to climax again, then as she comes to her second climax she’ll lose control of her bladder and urinate. Pissing all both of us because my hand is in her crotch, once she’s recovered from her pissing sexual climax, she’ll kneel down in front of me and grasp my penis in her hand then she’ll tell me “come on I know you have to go!” as I start urinating she’ll direct the stream of my urine on her, the first few times she had me piss all over her boobs but recently as she’s got more sexually aggressive she’s directed the stream of piss in her face and mouth! I’ll see her spit it out but I know she’s tasted a few drops of my amber fluid and has smiled at me seeking my approval with I’ve given her!


24789 - One of the craziest sexual trysts I’ve ever had was the evening my older sister called me and told me she was on her way over to see me. Seeing that she usually stops over in the morning I didn’t know that she wanted to come over and I had a few beers before she got here. Shortly after she arrived I needed to go to the bathroom and told her bluntly that I had to piss. When I told her she teased me “want me to hold it for you?” without thinking I told her “sure.” as she smiled coyly then she lightheartedly suggested “lets go in the shower, it’ll be easier for me on to hold it!” When we got in the bathroom we got undressed together and got into my large two person shower stall then she placed my semi erect cock in her hand and smiled as she stroked my cock playing with me. Then she whispered “Come on, you said you had to pee, just do it now.” She knew I was holding it because she was standing right in front of me she had my erect cock pointing at her crotch. Then when she teased me again with “come on, you said you had to pee!” I couldn’t hold it anymore and started peeing allowing her to direct the stream of piss toward her pubic mound. When my sister felt that my warm piss was cascading all over her pussy she looked like she was in a state of sexually ecstasy. Then she uttered “Oh your so fucking nasty look at you, your pissing on me! look at what your doing to me!” I looked down and seen how her pubic area was inundated with my urine and that she was luxuriating in the new found sexual aura of receiving a Golden Shower. Then to my surprise my sister spread her legs then she started pissing also and the two of us just stood there cherishing the feeling having warm piss splashing all over our lower legs and how they glistened with a wrongful mixture of our combined urine. Once we finished pissing on each other my sister had a look of total sexual submission in her eyes as she enjoyed the last vestiges of having my piss dribbling on her, then as she smiled she whispered “Oh my god look at what you did to me!” as the last of our combined urine went down the shower drain. Seeing that we had pissed on each other we needed a shower but before we started washing my sister turned and put her back toward me and bent over slightly the she reached between her legs using her fingers she positioned my still erect cock at her vaginal opening and whispered, “Oh my god that was so fucking nasty! Now you’ll have to fuck me!” Then as she braced herself up against the shower stall wall she pushed her wet piss soaked cunt toward me. Then as I looked down I seen my how her bare ass was slowly moving closer to me and my hard cock disappearing inside of her! When all of my cock was inside of her, my sister moaned sensually “oh fuck this feels so good!” and I stared fucking her as she moaned sensually ever time I shoved my cock deep into her vagina. While I was fucking her I reached around her so my hand on her vaginal mound then I slid in finger into her vaginal hood and found her clit. Then started fingering her wet pissy cunt and massaging her most sensitive organ in her female body. I knew this combination of sensual sensations would result in her experiencing a huge sexual orgasm. Soon my sisters body started shaking with sexual tremors and she shrieked aloud as she entered the throws of sexual ecstasy, then at the apex of her sexual orgasm I came to climax inside of her and started ejaculating, pumping a load of my sperm into her wet pissy cunt. The added sensation of having me ejaculating into her make my sister almost keel over as she pleaded with me to stop fucking her. Instead I stopping I grabbed a hand full of her hair and forced her head up and to arch her back so she was fully impaled onto my hard erect cock. Then holding her in this position I finished fucking her! Finally when it was over and we had rested for a few minutes. She turned the shower on and we preceded to take our usual after sex shower together. When I was washing my sisters vaginal area she murmured a breathless thanks to me for the what she admitted to as a one of the best sexual orgasms she had ever experienced.


20706 - If my neighbors only knew that the girl who they assume is my girl friend is actually my older sister they would be shocked, I know the neighbors have seen us when we’ve been outside. But they have no idea that she’s actually my older sister and that we have been in a incestuous sexual relationship since we were been teenagers. If they only knew that my sister comes over so she can engage in all types of risque sex acts with me. My sister likes to instigate our sexual trysts and in our regular sexual soirees almost nothing is too taboo to try we like regular sexual intercourse and also enjoy giving and receiving oral sex from each other in fact my sister gives the best blow jobs ever, she even likes to engage in anal sex but only when we’re in the shower. A regular part of our sexual agenda is taking a shower together after engaging in sex with each other that way we can wash each other bodies before she leaves. Recently while we were in the shower together during our usual after sex shower my sister urinated on me while I was washing her vaginal area. I was actually fondling her vaginal area and had started massaging her clit hoping she would experience another sexual climax in the shower, only this time when she came to climax she urinated, pissing on my hand and my legs. After the shower she asked me if I was offended by her peeing in the shower I told her that it was a actually sort of sexual like a mini Golden Shower. The next few times we were in the shower together while I was masturbating for her as she came to climax she would pee. After pissing on me a few times I though I’d try it on her so while we were in the shower I got in position behind her, as usual my sister pressed her ass against my groin only this time I made sure that my semi erect cock was laying in the crack of her ass. While I was massaging her clit my sister could feel that my cock was nestled between her butt cheeks. Then when she came to climax and started peeing I started pissed in the crack of her ass. When I looked down I seen how the stream of my urine was actually spurting upward out of the crack of her ass going upward onto her back and I was drenching her with my piss. After my sisters climax was over she told me that she felt me pissing on her and that it felt sensational. After few more after sex showers my sister suggested we should try taking a shower before having sex. The next time she stopped over as soon as she got her we got undressed then got into the shower, before my sister turned on the water she told me “let me hold it,” then she took my penis in her hand and started stroking it until I was fully erect then she got down on her knees and started sucking on it. Then she looked up at me and said “come on you can pee now,” then she added “well come on, I said I’d hold it for you.” I was somewhat surprised at her request because my sister had my cock pointing at her but when she told me again “come on, I want to hold it,” I released my bladder and a stream of urine started spurting from my erect cock, then my sister aimed the steam of piss right at her face making me piss in her face. Now I was giving my sister a “Golden Shower” soon she was drenched with my piss, it all over her face and in her hair, some was dripping from her chin and flowing down her neck over her breasts and dripped off of her erect nipples. As I was finishing urinating and the stream of piss diminished my sister audaciously parted her lips then she directed the stream of piss into her now open mouth. I could hear the sound of my piss filling her mouth as the last drops urine dripped from my penis splashing into the pool of piss that over flowed from her mouth. When she looked up at me her mouth emptied then she admonished me saying “ Look what you did to me!” I looked down at her and seen her utter sexual excitement from me giving her a Golden Shower. So I put my hand on the back of my sister head feeling her piss soaked hair as pulled her face toward my groin. My sister opened her mouth allowing me to shove my hard cock into her waiting mouth. I kept holding on to her wet hair and started fucking her in her mouth as my sister responded and sucked on my cock until I came to climax and ejaculated into her mouth. I kept holding her by her wet hair watching as my sister swallowed every drop of my body fluids she had in her mouth. Finally when I released my gripe of her my sister coyly smiled and whispered “Oh fuck! that was so fucking intense, you’re dirty pig I loved it!” As soon as we were showered I gave my sister’s pussy a good old fashioned tongue lashing, and licked her clit until all she could do was sob with sexual rapture.