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26568 - I'm 20 year old boy and my brother is 7 years old I can't wait for he's friends to sleep over so I can sneak into the room and play with their Willis


26565 - When I was 13 year old boy and my best friend who's a girl and her 9 year old sexy brother use to sleep over , they'd always sleep in my room and the brother would sleep between us , the little brother is heavy sleeper just like the father so I would play with he's 9 year old dick and it would get hard I loved playing with he's foreskin and how hairless and soft he's dick was , I have fantasy of putting my dick in he's bubble but and watching him cry and beg for mercy Ps he still doesn't know


24656 - WHen my ex and i would have sex she would have me call her my daughter and she would pretend that she was 8yrs old. I've been single for about a year now and lately I've been watching all those "non nude" pre teen sites and i know its wrong but every time i leave the house now and see a beautiful 8yr old girl i just want to take her home and lick every inch of her body. not hurt her at all just love her body and teach her how to love mine.


24506 - In the summer of 98 I was twelve years old, and that was the first summer I was allowed to stay home alone. It was ninety degrees in the shade, and at ten o clock one day in early July, I was lying naked in bed, sweating my balls off, trying to decide if I had enough fucks to give about getting out of bed or dressed.
My dog walked in, trying to find out what that interesting salty smell was, and decided he'd lick the bottoms of my feet. I laughed, and he climbed in bed and went higher. When he got to my twelve-year-old prick, I had my first climax in about five seconds.
Then he started nosing my butt and licking my asscrack. I was still basking in the afterglow, so I rolled over onto my belly without really thinking about what he wanted. He spent a couple of minutes giving me a rimjob, and a very good one, especially enjoyable after the tongue lashing I just got.
When he climbed on top of me, I didn't really know what he wanted, and I got up on all fours to try and get up. Well, that put my ass at a pretty convenient height for his cock. When he first started fucking me, I tried to fight, or get away. I screamed, begged, cried, and it didn't so much as slow him down. If anything I think he liked knowing I didn't want it, but couldn't do anything to stop him. When I got too tired to keep fighting, my anal muscles relaxed and his cock being in my ass got less painful.
As I lay there, getting raped by this loving animal I'd known since he was a puppy, I learned a few things about myself. The first thing was, I was starting to enjoy getting fucked. The second was that I had a hell of a submissive streak in me. Instead of crying and begging him to stop, I was pushing my ass back to meet his cock, begging him to keep going, and planning on how I could be more comfortable next time. I felt something that felt like a bowling ball start to swell in my ass, and he started hosing down the inside of my colon. Shortly after, he stopped humping and climbed off. I thought he was going to pull my intestines apart, his cock was so deep I could almost taste his spunk in the back of my throat.
When he finally shrunk down enough that he could pull out, I got up and started toward the door to wash off. I paused at the door. I had what felt like a two-liter soda bottle's worth of jism leaking out of my abused asshole, but what I really wanted to do was clean him. I turned around, and duke was lying on his side on the floor, his cock still twitching and squirting, looking very pleased with himself. It was the first time throughout all of this that I'd gotten a look at his cock, and it got my mouth watering. The idea that that thing was in my asshole terrified me; it was almost the size of my forearm. I couldn't believe what I was doing, but without even thinking, I got down on my knees, gripped his cock by the knot and started licking it. I'd never even seen another dick before, let alone used my mouth on one, but I'd seen some vids of my father's that he didn't think I knew about and most of them had had a girl giving a blowjob in them, so I just tried doing what they did. I discovered I liked the taste of his cum, and I even licked off a few lumps of my shit that he hadn't cleaned out with his tongue. After he was cleaned and back in his sheath, I squeezed the rest of his cum out of my ass and into a glass I had by my bed and drank it- shit, blood and all. It tasted disgustingly, nastily delicious.
Starting with that day, I became steadily more depraved. I started to learn what he liked, and quickly discovered that anything he liked, I wanted to give him. It was a good thing that our nearest neighbor was a half mile away, because by the end of that summer I was taking him outside in broad daylight and lying down in the grass so he could piss on me, and I wasn't thinking twice about the bizarreness of what we were doing.