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26823 - My confession is I like reading about incest sex with pre*teen girls I don't know why it turns me on I would never do anything like that the thought of touching a young girl is only during masturbation. I feel ashamed even typing it in the search engines!

It's not like there is any really good sites besides literotica or xhampster for that anyway so now that there are no new stories to read what's next...


26734 - I don't know why after all these years I chose today to share this secret.. When I was 12 I would go stay at my Uncle's house anytime I could. My Uncle inherited the family business from my grandfather and the business was making 3-4 millions a year. My Uncle pretty much got whatever he wanted from the rest of the family because he was always buying everyone cars, vacations, handing out money like it was nothing. Anyway.. So my mother was extremely strict! If you missed a day of school you spent the rest of the week in the house. But my Uncle wod just show up at our house at 9-10-11pm and bring gifts. Showing off his new toys and usually dripping off my cousins so he could fly some place.

But once in a while he would show up and say I'm taking me or one of my brothers. Never seemed to bother my mother when he would say see you in a week with you son when it was a school week.

So he had a few houses but I rememer one I loved! It was huge and had a arcade in the basement, a big pool with slide, diving board and changing room. Which is how it all started!

So I was about 10yo and my cousin Joey was 8yo, my other cousin Jill was 5yo. So we all went to my uncles one time and after playing some games with my Joey he disappeared and went to bed. Jill was always following me like a puppy. My Uncle was with friends in the living room getting high and drunk.. Nice with 2 of his kids and me there..

So I go to one of the guest rooms and start unpacking and in one of the dressers I find a bunch of porn movies. I'm all the way in the back of the house and this is a huge house! So I pop it in the VCR and start watching. This was the first time I could watch a porno and even have the volume blasting and not worry about getting caught. Even if my Uncle caught me he wouldn't care lol. So I strip and jump on the bed. A water bed no less.. and really got to see pussy for the first time. My little cock sprang to life and I started stroking it.

After a few mins I decied to jump in the shower and use a hand towel. As I was stroking myself totally in another world enjoying a big steam shower with a towel over my face, laying on the bench stoking myself. I thought I heard something. I take the towel off my face to see my cousin Jill standing in the shower with me and totally naked!

My first reaction was panic and screamed to get out. But she said she wasn't aloud to do the water herself and her dad was ignoring her and partying with his friends. So I tried to cover myself the best I could and to my surprise she said it's ok I shower with daddy all the time. So I let the hand towel fall and my little dick was out for her to see. She handed me the shampoo and told me to was her hair and turned around and backed up into my dick. I really wasn't trying to do anything with her. She was my little cousin and I was raised that I knew if anyone found out even this much happened my mom would rip me to prices!

So I start rubbing it in her hair and the motion going back and forth moved her little body back and forth which made her push into my dick. Before I knew it I was basically pulling the poor little girl by her hair and ramming my Dick into her ass. Then she started to cry.. I panicked and tried calming her down. I sat her on the bench and was rubbing her on her knee and all
Of a sudden I looked down and my hand was on her inner thigh rubbing small circles. It's like it had a mind of its own and then I started with the other hand and was using my hands to rub up and down her thighs with my thumbs on her inner thighs. Slowly I applied pressure to spread her legs.

My thumbs rubbing a littler harder and inching a little more towards her little innocent bare skin pussy. I had never seen a pussy let alone touched one and after the porn I saw I admit I wanted to just see one up close. I didn't know the difference between an adults or a child's pussy. Besides this one was right here infring of me and I just wanted to see.. Nothing more..

As her legs got to a certain point of being spread she looked at me at asked what I was doing. I quickly grabbed the soap and started applying it to her which instantly put her at ease. She even leaned back and spend her legs for me unaware of what i was doing. When she did that I saw her little pussy open like a flower and it was amazing! I was hooked on pussy forever right then. I became in a trance and my hands went right for it. I was spreading her pussy lips open and she was saying your not supposed to touch me there. But there was no going back for me! My hands explored her tiny little lips and then as I explored her clit her jumped. I asked if I had hurt her and she said no it ft nice. So I started to play with it. As I runbed it she was pushing back into my hand. I used my other hand to slowly insert a finger in her which really excited her. It was so wrong what I was doing and I started to think what if someone walked in.

Will finish it tomorrow..


26568 - I'm 20 year old boy and my brother is 7 years old I can't wait for he's friends to sleep over so I can sneak into the room and play with their Willis


26565 - When I was 13 year old boy and my best friend who's a girl and her 9 year old sexy brother use to sleep over , they'd always sleep in my room and the brother would sleep between us , the little brother is heavy sleeper just like the father so I would play with he's 9 year old dick and it would get hard I loved playing with he's foreskin and how hairless and soft he's dick was , I have fantasy of putting my dick in he's bubble but and watching him cry and beg for mercy Ps he still doesn't know