Latest Rape Confessions:


26577 - When I see drunk guys that are nearly passed out from drinking it really turns me on i want to go strip them and then rape their little straight asses but they always have friends around but I will get my turn and I'm gonna make him my bitch


26564 - I'm a gay male and I have a rape fantasy , I want to rape a cocky straight boy and have him beg me to stop with tears in he's eyes I want to make him question he's sexuality afterwords And cum in him then have him clean my dick with he's mouth


26557 - I don't know if my story fits here or in the interracial confessions but here it is. I travel often on business and when I'm out of town I'll usually visit the hotel bar in the evening and see if there's any men there that interest me. Well on one such trip I met a nice black gentleman in the bar where we had several drinks while talking about everything including sex. After awhile our talk got very sexual and up to his room we went. After we were inside and naked I gave this new found friend the best blowjob and fuck that he had probably ever had.
Well now this is when the story changed directions for me. I had gone into the bathroom to clean up and pee to get most of his cum out of me when I thought I heard a knock at the room door. Not hearing anything else or anyone talking I walked back into the room bare ass naked. OMG was I surprised. There in the room were three other black men all smiling and looking at my naked boobs and pussy. My new evening lover told me he wanted me to meet his friends and that he had invited them over from their rooms down the hall when I was in the bathroom. He figured they would enjoy me as much as he had.
Well I tried to reach for my clothes on the chair to get dressed while I was explaining to him that it was fun but that I needed to go, but one of the other men stepped up and took my clothes from me hands saying that the fun had just begun. They said I'd be staying for awhile longer and that if I was a good girl everything would be fine and I could leave later. As I'm sure you can figured out by now, I ended up spending probably the next 4 or 5 hours, I'm not sure, sucking and fucking all 4 of these men several times, either one at a time, two at a time (DP) and three while filling every hole at the same time. As I said I'm not sure how many hours this went on for sure but when they did call it a night and told me to leave, I was covered and filled with cum everywhere. When I got back to my room I could barely stand to shower and spent most of the next day in my hotel room because I was so sore and weak.


26520 - I want to be raped. I know its bad and all but i want it. To get my hair pulled back as they forced their dicks in my pussy or ass. To get my mouth pushed down on their dicks and make me gag on it. I'm so horny and i want it.