Latest Rape Confessions:


25510 - I have a bit of a drinking problem and I'm the only girl living with 6 guys and sometimes when I get in really drunk I can't make it up to my room so pass out on the couch, whenever I do I wake up with cum on my face or my tits, like I'll pass out clothed and wake up naked with cum all on me, none of the guys I live with own up to doing it and I dunno what to do about it. One time I even woke up with cum in my pussy and I had to go buy the morning after pill.


25465 - I'm into rough sex my wife not so much.. not crazy rough, little slapping, choking and love being called daddy. I lIke em young and dirty. Sucks...


25344 - I'm a Hispanic woman and I love White men so much. Being with Hispanic men grosses me out. I don't care what anyone says, to me White men are better. They're much more attractive and their cocks are the best. I also like BDSM. I would love it if a White man dominated me and made me his slave.


25325 - I'm 18 yo and have had rape fantasies for years. When I got to college I posted on craigslist and found this frat guy who was interested. We emailed for a bit, I said I'd want a safe word and he said that was cool so we ended up meeting up. He got me drunk and we started rape role playing. Part way through one of his frat brothers came in. The guy who was fucking me said no worries this bitch has a rape fantasy, wanna join in? Her pussy feels so fucking good. He was a bit hesitant so he told him to look at his emails and he had up the ones talking about my rape fantasy and how I wouldn't mind being gangbanged like the dirty slut I was. His friend soon joined in, the trouble was I forgot the safe word, I told them to stop and said no but they just said take it whore and fucked me and throat fucked me, I tried telling them I forgot the safe word and they just laughed and said what's this bitch talking about. Part way through the first guy left and got the rest of his housemates. 8 guys ended up raping me that night, it was horrible, I had fantasies of being raped but not like that. I was crying and they all just laughed and kept fucking me saying how they knew i liked it really. Two of them even put it in my ass. By the end I was bleeding and had cum all on me and coming out of me I had spit and piss on me my nipples were sore from being twisted and i hurt from being hit smacked punched and choked. After they just left me there laughing about it