Latest Rape Confessions:


25049 - My confession is that I find stories about rape and incest a turn on. In real life it's disgusting, but I wank imagining i'm raping my sister. I like stories about young girls being forced to have sex, especially virgins. My ultimate fantasy is that i'm raping my 13 year old virgin sister. My cock is really hard just thinking about raping her on her bed. I'm going to rub it until I spurt semen over myself


25047 - I would like to tell you all about what I witnessed on holiday,it was a gang rape, I am a mature woman, me and my husband were staying with one of our rich friends no there motor boat we were in Spain it was to hot, to sleep plus there was a party in full swing on a very large boat next to us, there was plenty of booze and drugs flowing, it eventually died down in the early hours of the morning I still couldn't sleep I was looking out I saw a girl lying on the deck of the next boat, one of the crew appeared he saw her then went away and came back with three others, he pulled his dick out knelt down opened her legs and started to fuck her she didn't respond she must have been off her head with the booze and drugs, he was just pumping away inside her the others had there dicks out one big man got undressed I saw the biggest dick I had ever seen when the first had finished the next took there turn fucking her the fourth knelt down by her head, pulled her mouth open and wanked into it, the big man was ready again, two of the men held her legs up while the big man went up her bottom she started to struggle a bit but they held her down until he had finished, it rape but should the girl have got off her head on booze and drugs was she responsible in any way


25016 - When my girlfriend and I were 15 she told me that three guys had raped her in the canyon. At that point I had fooled around with her but had never fucked her. I have to admit that it made me both jealous and turned on. I wanted to fuck her after that but she wouldn't let me. However, she starting becoming promiscuous, getting stoned and drunk at parties and letting lots of other guys fuck her. She was kind of ugly but had a hot body and it must have been a lot of fun for those guys. Needless to say, we broke up. She never called the cops on the rapists. It sure seemed unfair that guys who were willing to rape her could have her and I was trying to be a nice guy and never got to fuck her. But I wonder how much of a rape it was, since she sure seemed to be going back for more.


24852 - Just call me Envy, 30+ years and a guy. I live here in the Philippines where it's hot. I openly wear girl's short shorts and booty shorts at home. But what they don't know is that I go out jogging in those shorts but pulled up to be a lot shorter, exposing half my butt cheeks. I get a lot of stares which I like soo much. I go out looking like that so someday some guy would actually have the balls to ass-rape me. I get groped but that's it...hoping that they go further. you can look me up on facebook...envy pamintuan