Latest Rape Confessions:


26705 - I have a sex addiction. I love the idea of being raped. Haveing my pussy pounded so hard it bleeds. And the idea of having and unsuspecting grandfather getting his cock deepthroated by me. If you're curious about more email me please send a pic


26660 - I regularly dream of being taken by a big group by force, dragged into a warehouse surrounded by hundreds of thick black dongs, forced to suck, fuck, and swallow every single inch. I dream of what it'd be like to live on nothing but cum, to be tied down for their cocks and for their dogs' as well. I dream of getting used for so long and with such huge objects that my hole permanently gapes, and that they'll use me and ruin me for months until I'm no good anymore. Then they'll delegate me to sucking the cum out of their next victim, then destroy and discard me like garbage when I'm no good for that anymore either, but they'll be sure the last cock I choke on will be my dad's.


26577 - When I see drunk guys that are nearly passed out from drinking it really turns me on i want to go strip them and then rape their little straight asses but they always have friends around but I will get my turn and I'm gonna make him my bitch


26564 - I'm a gay male and I have a rape fantasy , I want to rape a cocky straight boy and have him beg me to stop with tears in he's eyes I want to make him question he's sexuality afterwords And cum in him then have him clean my dick with he's mouth