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25169 - My mom wasn't sure what to do when I pressed against her from behind! I grinded my clock on her little ads and then I ran both hands up her body until her heavy breasts were in my grasp! She didn't resist at all,even as I ripped open her robe! My British mom was like a little girl as she whimpered and let me strip her naked! I was going out of my mind with lust as I grabbed her hips and slowly sank into her pussy! I fucked my mom hard and fast as she cried out with each thrust! I was raping my own mother and she was submitting like a little girl! She was crying as my cock pounded her savagely! She was totally submissive as I picked her up and lay her on the floor and spread her legs wide! She was looking up into my eyes as I slammed into her pussy like a savage! She was crying and her tears flowed from her eyes! I continued to rape her and talked to her! I told her that she was going to be fucked all night,and that she was a good little mommy! She moaned out that I was hurting her inside and that I was too big! She said that she knew that I wanted to rape her ever since the time she read my diary! She said that she wasn't going to stop me from taking what I wanted from her! She wasn't strong enough to stop me from raping her! I was pounding her so hard,pushing her legs back to her ears now! She was crying and screaming as I fucked her deep! I was making her tell me that she was my little mummy and I was going to do this to her every day and night! She promised me that she wouldn't tell a soul,wouldn't act weird around the house! She was submitting and giving me all she was!!! I pumped my cum into the womb that created me and lay on her until my cock got hard again! I raped my mom all night long,making her cum loudly and harder than I thought she could! I fucked her all that summer!


25129 - I was 11 when I first got to go on one of my father's hunting trips. A few times every season he, my uncles and a couple of their friends would head out to his cabin for the weekend. I was so excited when I was finally able to go. I was always a bit of tomboy.

We got to the cabin on Friday night, settled in and the adults started to party. They were drinking and smoking some pot. Given that one of the people there was the county sheriff I figured it had to be ok. They gave me a drink, which I didn't like, and then a few puffs on the joint. I had trouble with the smoke, but I started feeling really good.

Then the adults started to get undressed, saying how warm it was in the cabin. My dad encouraged me to do the same, and wanting to fit in I did. Then they started to comment on me, telling me how pretty I was, saying they'd been waiting for this chance with me. I really didn't understand what was going on but started to get scared as the guys started stroking their cocks. I'd never seen an erect cock before.

My uncle was the first to come up and touch me. He started rubbing my shoulders, touching my back and my ass. I looked to my dad but he just said to relax and let it happen. Then one of the guys took my hand and put it on his cock. He told me to start rubbing it. again, I was too afraid of making them unhappy to refuse. It felt really warm and hard and he kept telling me what a good girl I was.

By then my uncle had kneeled behind me and was rubbing between my legs, eventually touching my pussy. I jumped a little as his fingers parted my lips. I looked at my dad and just nodded to my uncle and me. Then I felt my uncle run his tongue up the crack of my ass. I kind of panicked and started to move away, but the other guys held me in place.

The sheriff came up to me as my uncle kept licking me there. He told me it was time for me to grow up, and the first step was to open my mouth. He rubbed his cock over my lips, all the while telling me to kiss it, to suck on it. I did as I was told, having trouble fitting it in my mouth without choking. He got tired of my efforts and just grabbed my head and started to force it in and out of my mouth. I was gagging, coughing up big gobs of spit but he didn't stop. The rest of the guys cheered him on as he did it.

He pulled back and came over my chest. I was so grossed out. I looked to my dad tears in my eyes and asked him to help. he came over picked me up, then laid me over the edge of a bed. I felt him pour something over my butt cheeks and in my crack.

He whispered into my hear "a good girl always does as she's told" then I felt the head of his cock touch my ass. He pushed himself in me as a i sobbed and begged him to stop. My dad fucked me as my uncle brought his cock to my mouth. They both came in me then pulled out. They were replaced by others.

My dad reminded everyone to leave my pussy alone, since he didn't want to see me lose my virginity. So I got sodomized and forced to suck cocks all night long.

The next day they took me out hunting, all the while complimenting me on what great girl I was. The praise and attention took away some of the sting of what happened.

That night back at the cabin it was a repeat of the previous night. They all used me.

When we got ready to go home on Sunday I was told that if I said anything no one would believe me, and if I stayed quiet then they's all take care of me. when I agreed to stay silent they gave me money.

I was taken along on every trip after that. The only time they ever touched me was in the cabin. I grew to just accept that this was the way things worked. I'd have a weekend of getting fucked, but in exchange they rewarded me with cash and saw to it no one bugged me the rest of the year. Having the sheriff looking out for me was handy.

I was 16 when the son of one of the friends was brought on his first trip. He was 12. They had me show him what to do and soon he was getting fucked as well as me.

He and I kind of banded together the rest of the year, and eventually we were lovers. I became the only woman in his life sexually.

I left home at 19 and never went back. He joined me a few years later. We still live close to one another,and turn to each other whenever we need comfort.

I don't know how many other's got used by my dad and his friends.


25110 - From the time I was 14 until I was 23 I was basically my step brother's sex slave.

Our parents had married when I was 13 and he was 15. It wasn't an easy blending of the families. He was kind of a problem kid, bad at school and prone to misbehaving. I was a timid little bookworm and goody two shoes. We fought, he bullied me, but our parents just didn't see it as a big deal and assumed we'd get over it.

It all started one weekend. He had just gotten in trouble for his poor grades and was grounded. Our folks were off shopping all day and I was planning on going to a friend's house. I was getting ready to go when he came into my room and started bitching at me for being the reason he was grounded. I tried to leave but he grabbed me and forced me to the floor. The next thing I knew he had pushed my dress up and started shoving his fingers into my pussy. When I tried to fight he hit me, threatened me and then took off his pants. he fucked me there on the floor while I begged for him to stop.

Afterwords he told me to call my friend and say I was sick. He stood right there beside me as I talked on the phone, making it clear I better not say anything else. Once I was done with the call he took me to his room where he raped me again. He made me perform oral sex on him, he fucked me again, then made me lay in bed with him. He kissed me, touched me, and then started to lick my pussy. That's when the worst thing about that day happened. My body betrayed me and the sensations of his tongue on my clit and lips made me moan. He looked up at me and said "I knew you were a whore."

Those words kind of broke me. What kind of person could I be to feel good from something like this? I just gave up resisting after that.

He warned me not to tell anyone about this, and told me he'd be seeing me later that night. I stayed quiet and sure enough he crept into my bed and had sex with me again that night.

He used me regularly, making me do anything he wanted. Before I was 15 I had every hole fucked repeatedly, been tied up, beaten, forced to drink his piss, just about any depraved thing you can think of. I'd just given up, lacking any sense of self respect I just let him do things to me and eventually I started trying to make him happy in the hopes he'd stop escalating it.

After that first year he started to bring his friends over to fuck me. He was pimping me out for money, drugs or just fun. The only kindness he gave me in all that was he made them always use a condom, because he was afraid of catching something.

When I graduated and went off to college he followed me. There he moved our "relationship" to new levels, instead of just selling me to his damn drug buddies he started using the internet to set me up as an escort for businessmen and professionals. He sold me as a submissive, ready to be used by people into BDSM. At the same time he was becoming increasingly sadistic himself, regularly leaving me bruised and hurt. I spent most of my time away from class tied up and beaten in some way.

One night he took me to a party he'd planned. He had me tied to a bench and let the other guests take turns fucking me and filming the whole thing. Then he announced it was time for the main event. He brought in a large husky and had it mount me. There I was being fucked by a dog in front of a room full of people, most of whom were taking pictures or videos. After it had finished they all came up and tossed my "tips" at me, telling me that I was the biggest, filthiest whore ever.

That was the point where I just decided I had to get out. I thought about killing myself, but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. Instead planned things out and tipped off the cops the next time my step brother made a big drug buy. They arrested him and his partner in the business and they both went to jail.

Me I moved across the country, got a new name and tried to make a new life for myself. I'm still not free of what happened, I haven't been able to have anything like a normal love life, and I've found he twisted up my sexuality so bad that I can't get off without a certain degree of pain and humiliation.

Recently I've been seeing a dominant lesbian lady who is helping find my way. It's getting better, but I'm a long way from normal.

I hate that asshole for what he did to me.


25092 - I love to put a large textured bottle between my thighs and rub my pussy on it, pretending that I'mbeing forced to pleasure the huge thick cock of a dragon or another beast who can't fit themselves in my tiny virgin pussy
Sometimes I even put a vibrating toothbrush in my tight ass and go to town on it. The best part is when I try to insert the big bottle in my pussy or ass, I can't get much in but it adds to the fantasy
I have had the best orgasms of my life fantasizing about large beast cocks! I can't wait till I'm old enough to buy bad dragon dildo's