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26083 - I am 17 and lately I can't quit exposing myself to who ever. I love exposing myself to older men the most or really young guys.
Last night in the movie line I let a guy cop a feel and he almost made me cum on him right then and there but I managed to hold it back.
I went in the theater and sat near the back row and he sat right behind me and it didn't take him long to continue doing to me what he started, he exposed my breasts and started in playing with my nipples making me moan and wet my lips my hands cupped his as he continued to fondle my breasts making them swell and my nipples scream with wanting desire lower his hands went I arched my back pushing my Pusey higher to meet his hands and he went right to my clit and I almost screamed, I bit my lower lip for now I have two sets of hands upon me and oh god yes yes don't stop for now they have me cumming all over their hands and it feels so good oh wow I open my eyes and I see a huge cock right in front of my face I reach out with my toung and lick it head almost pulling it into my mouth my lips forming a tight seal around it's head I pull it further into my mouth I almost forgetting about the two pairs of hands upon me but I feel I am being picked up and I am sat upon this guys cock that I was sucking a moment earlier deeper and deeper he goes into me I rotate my hips back wanting more of his cock in me and I got it oh god did I ever, like a pile driver he was ramming his cock in and out of me and I started in whimpering someone pinched my nipples and I cam on this guys cock o9ver and over I couldn't stop I leaned forward and he shoved his cock further into me and I cum again I couldn't control my actions meanwhile this guy finished giving me his load when another took his place a bit shorter but a whole lot thicker and someone slipped their cock in my mouth and I began sucking on that one, hands were all over me and cocks oh god yes the guy beneath me picked me up and shoved his cock up my ass and a guy in front of me put his cock in my puss my first double and I'm loving it I could feel both cocks rubbing each mother and I'm cumming like I never have before moans of ecstasy comes from my mouth and I'm holding on to the guy beneath me holding on for life fo I don't want my orgasms to stop, I keep cumming over and over and each time I become weaker but I can't help it, cum running down my belly and someone is smearing it on my tits and on my lips and I lick their fingers clean someone else's cock is in my puss but I still have this guys cock in my ass and the hurt has gone but now desire has taken it's place and I want more yes I want more cock in my ass, make me a cum depository before the night is over I have taken 11 up my ass and 14 in my puss and all of their cum, I have no idea where my skirt is or my blouse and at this moment I don't care wow this 12 year old is sucking on my nipples sucking them far into his mouth oh god yesss he's making me cum on him I look down and I see this little cock about 5 inches I almost felt sorry for him as I cupped his head against my breasts his hands kneading as if trying to get milk a flowing I hold his mouth on my nipple he starts sucking more of my breast into his mouth almost hurting but feels so good to me, he turns and he begins rubbing his cock against my puss my body begins to give me away and he get6s himself in me without any problems and he starts fucking me like there's no tomorrow my hands cup his ass and I pull him towards me holding him tight against my puss and he's still banging me crazily oh god he has me cumming on him he nibbles on my nipple and I cum on him again he pinches the other and I cum again then this guy asks if I would go home with him and he'd call a few of his buddies to set up a gang bang for me if I wanted without thinking I said yesssss and he kissed me giving me his tongue darting in and out of me wildly I cum on the kids cock again. after what seem to be 2 hours I open my eyes and I take my first look at the guys that just serviced me and I asked for my clothes. Don't know where my blouse went but one guy gave me his T shirt which is a bit to small but who's complaining none of the guys anyway. No skirt but I managed to round up a pair of gym shorts that someone had left before me. I tried to stand to pull the gym shorts up but my legs wouldn't hold me up and I fell back against I think was the first guy and he held me tight against him as I felt his cock grow hard once more pushing against my hip my hand slides down and I give him a wanting rub, easy girl later he says.


26070 - I had a girlfriend one time that was the hottest nymphomaniac you ever seen. She loved to fuck and begged to have her ass fucked. She loved to suck dick and would swallow every drop. She took a lot of pride in her deep throat skills and enjoyed being naked most of the time. She liked dildos sex toys and kinky sex.
I brought up the subject one day while she was sucking my dick and I told her I would love to watch her fuck other men and my ultimate fantasy would be to watch her get fucked by a group of men. she was all for it and couldn`t wait. I started talking to guys I knew from the local bars where I drank beer and had no problem finding men to follow me home to fuck her.
Watching a well hung guy fuck her hot sexy ass was my favorite and I joined in many times. Two men at a time was always great and the day I brought home a black friend of mine she didn`t mind at all and he fucked her for hours and his dick was very thick and over 10" long.
We started taking short weekend trips staying in nice hotels with a nice bar in them and letting guys pick her up take her back to the room and fuck her. One weekend we were in a big city near our home town and we were in the bar at the hotel and there was a state baseball play off going on and there was this big table full of young guys all on the same team.
I went to the restroom but on the way introduced myself to one of them then mentioned to him that my girlfriend was very horny and told me she wanted to fuck all of you if you were interested then I pointed at her and she winked at the guy with a big smile on her face.
When I came back from the restroom they were all around her at our table and an hour later there was 13 young naked men in our room all over my hot naked girlfriend.
All 13 of these guys fucked her in her pussy and hot asshole she sucked each of them off at least once if not more. A few of them had huge dicks and she had cum dripping from every hole all over her big tits and two of the guys stayed all night fucking her and even got both their big dicks in her pussy at the same time.
That was the best time either of us ever had and for the next year or so we had some pretty wild adventures.


26062 - When I was a young boy I discovered that I liked anal penetration and when I had the privacy I stuck things up my ass. I learned how to fuck myself and loved it. Hot dog wieners were great and I used a lot of other things too.
When I was 12 I talked a step cousin into fucking me in the ass one day while we were alone at his house. Once he got his dick in my asshole he started fucking me and it was so damn good and when he told me he was going to cum and started to pull out I asked him not to and told him to cum inside me. Damn what a thrill. I felt it each time he shot it inside me and he was able to stay very hard and fucked me again.
I felt his cum on my nuts as he fucked me and there was just something I liked about letting him take my ass and having his cum inside me and I kept moaning out to him to fuck me and I felt very submissive laying face down underneath him our naked bodies together his long fat dick fucking my young hot hole and he came inside me again and it was great.
He fucked me several more times tat day and came inside me every time then over the years he would fuck me pretty often. There were two other boys in high school that I let fuck me pretty often also and one had a very big dick that was not easy to take the first few times he fucked me and he shot the biggest thickest loads ever.
Once I got used to having him deep in my ass it was great and I wanted him to fuck me all the time. Several times he and my step cousin fucked me at the same time on a few weekends when we were together and that was awesome. A few times I would have my friends big dick in my ass and sucking my step cousins dick. Some times they came at the same time and there was just something pretty hot about having a big dick balls deep in your ass shooting a huge load inside of you with a pair of nuts pressed to my chin as I was swallowing his cum that was just exciting as anything I had ever done in my life.
I had girlfriends and loved the girls but never turned down a nice hard dick in my ass. I moved a few hundred miles away from home when I was 19 to take a good paying job. That was over 30 years ago and not many had computers back then and there were no internet sex sites that I knew of so I went to Adult book stores bought swinger magazines took polaroid photos of myself naked. photos of my ass and my nice hard cock and wrote letters and sent the photos to select individuals that I wanted to meet.
Didn`t have a lot of luck and most never responded. Then one day in my PO Box was a letter that I couldn`t wait to open. It was from a town just 30 miles away and when I opened it there were Photos of the biggest hardest dick I ever seen. The letter was very hot and this guy was two years older than me very muscular masculine big man that was married and wanted to fuck me.
He said he was dominant and liked talking dirty and fucking a hot tight man ass. I sent him my phone number and a few photos of me with different big rubber cocks deep in my ass and offered to get a nice Hotel room in his town for us to meet in. About a week later one night my phone rang and we talked and even got off over the phone together as he told me how he was going to fuck me and I told him how I wanted his big dick in my ass.
We met in a week in a very nice Hotel and he was right on time and it went even better than either of us expected. He was a very thick 9" huge balls and the head of his dick was huge and it felt very nice inside me and he talked dirty to me and fucked me like a rag doll all afternoon long and came deep in my ass over and over and fucked me hard in the ass in the shower just before he had to leave.
Every other week we met and he fucked the hell out of me for about 6 months. One day he had just came in me and was on top of me with my legs over his shoulders and he was looking down on me and told me I know this other guy that wants to fuck you too and I want to call him to come over.
I said OK lets call him. He did and in about an hour he showed up and I was in the shower. When I came out there was the biggest Black man you ever saw sitting naked at the table in my room and his dick was about half hard and it was huge. He told me later that it was 12 1/2" long and very thick.
The first time he stuck it in my ass it was very painful and it took aw while to get the whole thing inside of me and it was very uncomfortable when he fucked me but he fucked me anyway and to keep me quiet the other man had his big dick in my mouth and for several hours these two men used me like a slut and took turns shooting their huge thick loads up my ass and took a few photos of them fucking me in the ass and their cum dripping from my ass.
For over a year we met about twice a month in private and I really enjoyed letting myself be a slut for these two men and letting them fuck me and talk nasty to me then going home with my ass filled with their cum.


25946 - I'm a loose whore that fucks strangers for money or for the thrill. At 19yrs old I've had some sort of sexual encounters with so many different guys.