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25200 - I'm a 20 year old attractive female (still virgin) who perceives a perfect image to others with no reputation of being a sluty whore.

Only if everyone knew that I dream of men forcefully pushing my head down on their cocks all the way gagging to breathe, having my pussy brutally pounded making me scream in ecstasy and having my hair pulled and ass spanked for being a naughty girl.

One day I will be someone's submissive little fuck slut.


25196 - So I have a sin.

I'm a 51 year old indian lady from south africa. I'm a 36 C cup breast and a size 32 waist. I'm a teacher.

My story starts 6years ago when I was 45 and my lover well he just turned. 17(in our country 16 is legal age for sex ).

So my story starts :
I was tired and my body was sore. I needed a massage. So I saw this guy(my lover now) walking pass my classroom. So I called him and told him to massage my back. And my I tell you. His pretty damn good @ it. So afterwards I asked him if he stayed nearby. I needed another one after school. To my luck he did. So I called for him like 30mins before school finished. I took him home. Intending on getting a massage. Well things went abit different. So he told me I should take of my top. Lay on my tummy he'll be in the next room. Call him when I'm ready(his parents worked. House to himself). So he comes in just wearing some boxer shorts and a t shirt. I didn't really pay much attention to what he wore. Just that he was atleast 7inches and that's with him still being soft.

So the better got over me to investigate. Let's just say. One thing lead to another and I had his full now hard 11 inch long n 3inch thick dick in my pussy. And I loved every inch of his dick tearing my pussy up.

The next day we made a trip to his house again. And this was for no massage. He ate n torn my pussy up. And made me go home with his cum in my pussy. This went on for 6months. Until his parents passed on. It stopped for like 2weeks but I was still going to his house just no sex.

About a month after that. We moved in together. He made me pregnant. But we never keep the baby.

Its being 5years now that we happily married. And no 1 knows we together #we inna different state. Were no one knows us.


25193 - I’m a 25 year old woman, and since I was 5, I’ve been the sex toy of my parents and twin brothers.

That night 20 years ago I woke up to noise coming from my parent’s room. I walked in and they were all on naked on my parent’s king size bed. My brothers who were 15 going at it with mom and dad.

Tom was on top of mom and dad was on his hands and knees and Sam was behind him thrusting.

Sam moaned and held dad hips tight. Mom yelled “yes baby yes” and Tom moaned also.

Sam pulled back from dad and I could see something dripping from his butt.

Then mom saw me. “Come her now”, I backed away but Tom grabbed my arm and dragged me to the bed. “Take off her clothes” mom said.

I was naked and afraid.

Mom said “I told you to stay in bed you little bitch, you don’t listen. Sam show little bitch how to suck your father cock.”

Sam pulled me over and said watch me and then do what I did. Sam mouth went over dad cock and it got big fast. He sucked for several minutes then pull me to it.

“Put it in your mouth” I could barely open mouth wide enough as the head fit in my mouth. Dad held my head and moved it up and down. I was crying the whole time. Then he stopped and held my head and my mouth was filled with his cum. I was gagging but he forced me to swallow.

“She a little cum slut, like her bothers I see” mom said.

For the rest of the night they each used my mouth. After that first night, I was kept naked most of the time when I was home and made to do what they wanted.

My brothers were always touching me and rubbing my pussy and soon my body was training to lubricate and I came by a vibrator held by my mother at age 6. To this day every morning I have to get under the kitchen table and eat mom out like when I was a little girl.

By 7 dad and the twins were taking me anally most days. By 9 my boobs were already developing and I was a 32B and my period came.

That summer dad took my virginity. I was made to sleep in Tom and Sam bed and every night they fucked me.

I am totally submissive to them sexually and have 3 children, one by dad and each of my brothers.

I’m so disgusted by my life.

The worst part is I cum hard every time any one of them have sex with me. I hate myself for enjoy this.


25166 - I took my then wife to the abc lounge in inverness fla. and wound up sharing her with 4 old guys who were there on a fishing trip. she has since became a cock slut then moved on to be a lez. but she was a good fuck slut when we were married.