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26642 - I am a happily married 27 year old woman that loves her husband, but... I think about pussy constantly. I love bdsm and get so wet thinking about sluts tied up with their pussies exposed waiting for a good spank and a lick.


26596 - I'm 50 years old woman and I'm still my father cum slut.

I started swallowing at 7, and never stopped. I love his cum and being fucked by him.

Dad has always been over sexed and three times a day is normal for us.

He maybe 75 but even when he doesn't use Viagra his cock is like iron.

When he does use it, it feels like my pussy is going to be split in two.


26512 - I used to say I was Gay. Now I tell the truth: I'm a pervert. I look like a normal, masculine man. Suit & tie by day, jeans, cowboy boots on weekends.
I go to adult bookstores. Perform oral sex on men as they watch porn in booths - even thru gloryholes between booths. After work, on my way TO work, on my lunch hour. Daily. See how many I can do. I'll do anybody but I've come to specialize in blacks. I even get sodomized in adult bookstores - in booths, thru gloryholes, over urinals.
Sin has consequences. Crabs are pubic hair lice - an STD - but I get em in my beard, my crack - can I say that? - 2-3 x a year. You read that right. Under $26 Calvin Klein briefs.
I've had gonorrhea. IN MY THROAT. Multiple x. There's more but I'll stop.
I wish I could say I'm an ex-Gay. I've tried to quit but I can't. I'm going to Hell. No doubt in my mind.