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25159 - I'm a recent convert faggot. all this year i've been meeting different men for sex, sucking them off and letting them fuck me in the ass. i really get off on it and the sex is great with no bullshit, just hi, get it on, and bye.
I've fucked with some guys who i didn't really find attractive and I've done it with some idiots as well. I reckon two out of three meets have been a bit disappointing one way or the other. but the other one has been worth it. Last week i hooked up online with a guy and went to his house. Usually i just think 'yeah he'll do' but with this guy it was different. He wasn't a dickhead. He was good looking, a bit older than me (which i like) and in good shape. We went straight to his bedroom and when he took his tee off he had a proper gym body, a lot stronger than me, and quite heavily tattooed. I don't hsve any tattoos and have never been keen on them really but this was different. He took his sweat pants off and he was real hung with short trimmed hair round his big, cut cock and flat stomach. I didn't think this could happen to me with a man but i actually went weak at the knees from lust and a bit of fear as well i think. i couldn't wait to get on my knees in front of his lovely dick and feel it swell in my mouth. after i'd sucked him a while he lifted me up from my knees and kissed me. it surprised me that it wasn't in any way rough but quite tender and soft. we sucked each other for a bit and then he started to tongue my ass in a really 'i am going to fuck you' sort of way. i just felt like i must be really sexy and was loving it. he got safe and then lubed me up and pushed his big fucking hard on right in me. it really hurt going in but he just held me still then until i relaxed enough to start any movement. he had a way of fucking me that was forceful without being vicious and we fucked in lots of different positions for over an hour, just edging and stopping, building up again then slowing down or stopping. i honestly did not know that a man could be so good at fucking another man and by the time he came in me i think i would have done anything he asked me to. at the time when he came he had my cock rubbing on the edge of the mattress each time he pushed in and he worked it so i came just a few seconds after he shot it in me. i have had great sex with women but i don't think i will ever do anything so intense with a cunt. i loved how good he was and i loved how good i was too. i can't stop thinking about his lovely dick and i think i am hooked on his fucking. i keep jerking off over porn featuring similar ripped tattooed, hung men fucking guys and i think i am now a dyed in the wool, set in stone submissive bottom faggot. i'm logged in even now waiting for an offer to get my ass punished again


25104 - I've been away from husband on a business trip for the last week. Every minute I haven't been busy with work I've been in my hotel room either arranging to be fucked or getting it good and hard.

Between Craigslist and a couple of swinging sites I've had a constant stream of partners, both guys and girls. I've sucked a seventy year old man's cock and been double penetrated by a pair of college boys. I've had a wife suck her husband's cum out of my fresh fucked pussy and had four black cocks in row plow my aching ass. I had a very rough Hispanic biker type take me for a ride into the countryside where fucked me several times bent over his bike. I went out for dinner with silver fox of an older businessman who had me blow him in the cab ride over and again in the restaurant bathroom. I had a cute soccer mom make me tongue her ass for an hour before fist fucking me. Earlier tonight I had a group of guys gang bang me and end up first jacking off and then pissing all over my body in the tub.

Tomorrow I go back home and play the part of the good little republican wife for another three months.


25092 - I love to put a large textured bottle between my thighs and rub my pussy on it, pretending that I'mbeing forced to pleasure the huge thick cock of a dragon or another beast who can't fit themselves in my tiny virgin pussy
Sometimes I even put a vibrating toothbrush in my tight ass and go to town on it. The best part is when I try to insert the big bottle in my pussy or ass, I can't get much in but it adds to the fantasy
I have had the best orgasms of my life fantasizing about large beast cocks! I can't wait till I'm old enough to buy bad dragon dildo's


25080 - Looking for people in the corpus area to gang bang my chick she my sex slave and want to pass her around if your interested hit me up also want guys to text her hmu with ur numbers