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19326 - As I type this I'm sat in my lounge with the curtains closed, my neighbour Scott is three feet in front me naked with his cock ramming my wires arse.
His cock is much bigger than my six inches and from the sounds of my wife she fuckin loving the anal shagging she's getting.
Time to join in again I think...


18203 - My wife is a slut...I made her that way... I love it, & she can't stop. She is an attractive 49 yo & I'm 13 years older. We met 18 months ago & I stole her from her long but unhappy marriage, then we married 4 months ago, soon after she divorced her previous husband. We left the town we lived in soon after we met, & moved to another larger town some distance away where we knew nobody, & I introduced her to a life that she had only fantasised about.
Within days of moving, & at my instigation, she was having sex with other men, mostly strangers, and always after consuming several glasses of wine, which removed her inhibitions & made her want to feel other men inside her. She took to the slut life like a duck to water...often nervous before meeting, but always willing to meet new guys, who fucked her in cars, motel rooms, on boats, beaches, houses...even parks & alleys.
We love each other deeply, but we both acknowledge a need for her to give her mouth & cunt to other guys on a regular basis...always bareback because thats how we like it. She knows that she is now a slut, & she tells whoever is fucking her that she's a slut, but we are powerless to stop what we're doing, & we don't want to stop anyway. Whenever I can, I love to clean up her creampie, & she loves me doing that....says it proves my love for her & her slutlife. As I'm writing this, she is off with one of her regular boyfriends (married, 45yo, very wealthy) getting her hungry cunt filled with cum. In 45 minutes I will be licking her used cunt clean & loving it! She has had numerous threesomes & several gangbangs....all set up by me...& we both love it. We are a pair of cumsluts & it won't change soon


17995 - Sally, my wife and myself, I'm Andy, have always had a active and varied sex life together. Role playing, using toys, outdoor sex and filming ourselves fucking.
We moved into a private apartment complex not long after I was made redundant to save money from the sale of our previous large house.
There are all age groups who live here, we're in our early forties and pride ourselves on how we've both kept in very good shape.
During a steamy hot sex session with my wife she told about a fantasy she'd had for a while which involved being fucked by another man as I watched.
Nothing happened to further the fantasy, but I became more and more facinated with the thought of watching her with another man.
Six months later we had problems with our internet and I asked one of the neighbours Ben, a younger man in his mid twenties if he was having the same problem as all the apartments ran off the same system, he wasn't but he said he'd take a look at ours if I wanted to.
It was obvious when he came down to our apartment there had been some interaction between him and Sally before, as they both seemed uncomfortable and coy with each other.
I challenged her after Ben left and she said they'd flirted, with her making the major moves, she wanted to experience a younger man, but they hadn't done anything.
That situation was addressed later that week, I spent all week thinking about what she said and how I felt about it. I asked Ben to have a chat, so he came down, when he setled down I just came right out with what I knew about there flirting and what Sally wanted.
He asked me if that was what I wanted, I replied if he was open to having sex with my wife then I was comfortable as long as I was present. He didn't object.
That night I watched Ben fuck my wife as I stroked my cock, he took her in every conceivable position, pounding her pussy and arse, she was in extacy.
Over the two weeks I watched him take her again and again, but that was nothing to what I walked in on, after returning from a job interview.
I could them fucking when I entered the outer apartment door. I knew she had been having sex with him apart from when I watched, because she told me about every time they did and every detail when they fucked.
I opened the front door and entered our lounge area. Sally was sat on top a man I hadn't seen before and couldn't see who it was, he was fucking her pussy hard as he gripped her arse cheeks pulling them apart, Ben was positioned behind and above her on his haunches, his cock buried deep up her stretched arse. They were both banging Sally as though she was a prostitute, Ben pulling her hair back, spitting into her face, calling her a slut.
By this time they knew I was there, or at least Ben did as he turned and smiled at me. he began ramming my wife's arse even harder making her scream.
I walked around and in front of them, undressing as I did. Sitting on the couch in front of them, Sally finally became aware of my presence.
Her face then, was a memory I will never forget, she looked like she'd been raped, but had decided to just let them get on with it, and then started taking pleasure from the sexual act.
Both men continued to forciably fuck her, not relenting even when she screamed louder. I was wanking own cock now and just as the man under her came inside her I released my cum all over them, spurting cum over the back of Sally's head and the mans face under her.
Ben pulled out and moved up and around, offering his cock full of Sally's arse juices to her mouth, she greedily accepted taking him down to the base of his cock before he too unloaded, right down her throat.
Ben moved out two months ago, but not before he'd called round and fucked Sally out on our balcony, this was and is the only time i've joined in so far having her suck me off as he fucked her.
Since then she has had two more lovers call by, the man who was under her when she was being dp'd and a man ten years older than both of us, my new boss...


17780 - Cheryl my wife has always kept a diary ever since she was a child, I met her some ten years ago. She moved from a writen one, to one she kept on the computer.
We had problems with the computer and a lot of the files were corrupted, so I had it fixed by a local computer shop.
When I got it back, he said most of the passwords would have to be re-set. I did this and noticed Cheryls diary needed her password sorting. I'd always told myself I would never intrude on her private space but I couldn't resist.
You see i'd had some doubts about her frequent business trips for a while and her constant lateness in returning home from nights out with friends.
I was so right to check. Reading through the last two years it seems she had been having various affairs, not only with men she met whilst away with work and having sex each time she went out with her friends, but also Cheryl had been fucking a neighbour who lived next door.
Her entries in her diary left nothing to the imagination, they described how she met each one and what they did when they were alone together. Even going over the events when she had two younger guys visit her hotel room, both guys taking her vaginaly and analy, then dp ing her.
The most revealing account though was what she got up to with our neighbour.
How when I went to work every third Saturday of the month, when his wife and children were at their grandparents, he would watch me go to work, then call over, fucking her in every position on our bed, making her take his cock over and over again, sometimes they would have just stopped fucking as I turned up for lunch.
He'd simply jump over the fence, wait once again until i'd gone back to work then begin fucking her all over the house.
On one occasion apparently when I got back from work he'd just cum up her, I entered the house, so he shot into our laundry room as my wife called me up into the bedroom, she was lying there naked playing with her pussy. I went down on her licking her very wet pussy out, she told me she'd been playing with herself all day and that's why she was so wet.
Cheryl doesn't know I know her new password and that i've read her diary and continue to do so. I even get aroused sometimes and wank off to the entries.
It nearly time to tell her I know and to kick her out, also letting my neighbour explain to his wife and kids he's been fucking my wife for the last two years.
By the way she's not the only one who's been playing away, I have met another woman who will be moving straight into our marital when super slut has gone...