Latest Taboo Confessions:


25456 - When I was younger I forced my girlfriends younger sisters to have sex when they slept over our house they were 11and 9. I was a junkie at the time and have much guilt for my actions. I raped them 6 times and never touched another girl again. Though they never said a word and I never was caught I went though a stage where I tried to kill myself and was depressed for long time. This still eats me up inside and it has been many years. i still feel I have no privilege living on this earth because of my actions. Just wrote this really to see if anyone could relate to my story...


25409 - I am a 30ish white, queer, feminist.

I want to be used. No, not some bullshit lame gangbang fantasy, I want to be sold into the life of being the most toxic filthy piece of garbage ever used as a cumdump.

I want to be forced to bareback homeless men.

I want to be the star of the donkey show.

I want to be raped, repeatedly by my father and brother.

I want to be locked in the zoo for the viewing pleasure of wealthy deviants who will pay to watch me go cage to cage, and let all the animals use me. I am especially wet thinking about the gorilla cage...

I want to be forced to choke down the cock of disfigured, mutated, retard, sickly, disease ridden men.

I want to be locked in an asylum, tied down and spread eagle for the most violent, criminally insane to come taken from my body whatever vile sexual needs they have.

But mostly, I just want someone with someone sick enough who loves me enough to use me kike I crave to be used.


25365 - I'm in my late fourties now and have been having an INCESTUOUS love affair with my sister for nearly thirtyeight years. We do truly love each other more than life itself. We have sex almost every day. We even do meth together and that makes our sex sessions even better than normal. Her and I have made porno movies together for us to enjoy if we're not together fucking our brains out. We'll never stop having our incest relationship.


25103 - I am a 24 year old women and I'm obsessed with wanting a dog to lick me and mount me. I live in socal and i dont have a dog so if any one lives in socal and has a big male dog comment with your kik