Latest Taboo Confessions:


25621 - Last night I went out to the bar with my husband and some other people. I ended up drinking more then I should have and partook of some smoking as well. Turns out my husband's nephew was there. I know he's had a thing for me since we met. (Let me back track a little and give you our ages: my husband is 30, I'm 25, and husband's nephew is 22.) Well "nephew" was really try hard to get with me. At first I declined his advances, but alms the night went on I drank more. I kissed him a few times, but pushed back and would stop myself. Fast forward: we (me and nephew) went to the waffle house while we waited for my husband to pick us up. He was giving drunk people a ride home and picking up our dog. (Not enough room in car). Nephew kept feeling me up under the table. By this point I was so drunk I didn't care. Husband finally gets there, but goes back outside to keep an eye on the dog. We pay and head to the bathroom, but instead of continuing on to the boys bathroom nephew fallow me and locks the door. He took me then and there for a quicky. I wished the confession ended there, but it does not. We all went back to nephew's house for some joking and smoking and every time my husband went to take the dog out I would give him head. I feel guilty and ashamed, but also a little thrilled and exhilarated.


25615 - It started when I was 14-15, I was babysitting the neighbors children for the night. After the kids went to bed, I had let the dog out to do his business. Watching him with his long pit wasinty dick made my pussy tingle. When he came back into the house, he headed straight my crotch and started sniffing. Being on my period plus the smell of tingling pussy must have been what he was looking for cause his nose would not leave that area. Taking it one more step, I got a towel, set it on the couch cushions and pulled my shorts and panties down, inviting the dog to sniff more.
Next thing I know, I am laying back with my legs spread wide apart, with the dogs tongue lapping on my bloody pussy. Instantly I had my first orgasm. After the climax and coming down, I heard a car pull up next to the house so I hurried to get my pants pulled up so not to get caught.
Since then, every chance I get, when I am with a dog, my pussy gets eaten. I like to spread butter or peanut butter on my pussy if I am not on my period and I have yet let a dog mount me, but maybe someday.


25456 - When I was younger I forced my girlfriends younger sisters to have sex when they slept over our house they were 11and 9. I was a junkie at the time and have much guilt for my actions. I raped them 6 times and never touched another girl again. Though they never said a word and I never was caught I went though a stage where I tried to kill myself and was depressed for long time. This still eats me up inside and it has been many years. i still feel I have no privilege living on this earth because of my actions. Just wrote this really to see if anyone could relate to my story...


25409 - I am a 30ish white, queer, feminist.

I want to be used. No, not some bullshit lame gangbang fantasy, I want to be sold into the life of being the most toxic filthy piece of garbage ever used as a cumdump.

I want to be forced to bareback homeless men.

I want to be the star of the donkey show.

I want to be raped, repeatedly by my father and brother.

I want to be locked in the zoo for the viewing pleasure of wealthy deviants who will pay to watch me go cage to cage, and let all the animals use me. I am especially wet thinking about the gorilla cage...

I want to be forced to choke down the cock of disfigured, mutated, retard, sickly, disease ridden men.

I want to be locked in an asylum, tied down and spread eagle for the most violent, criminally insane to come taken from my body whatever vile sexual needs they have.

But mostly, I just want someone with someone sick enough who loves me enough to use me kike I crave to be used.