Latest Waitress Confessions:


22804 - After doing several favors large and small for my hot-bodied sister, "D", I began to feel taken advantage of. Moving furniture, getting her out of a speeding ticket (and possible DUI), home repairs, and running errands with her, while my choice, also racked up a bill in my mind.

Visiting her apartment one night, D was complaining about her money situation. I foresaw the hit-up for cash, and decided to offer a solution that would get us even.

Telling her about my guy friend's visit that weekend, and that we usually played poker and drank until all hours, I offered D a chance to make some money by serving as our waitress. Our bikini waitress. Top optional, but not likely to stay on if she wore it.

D was uncertain at first, until I told her they'd tip her well enough to cover the bills she'd mentioned. She tried bargaining for shorts and maybe a tank top or tied shirt, like Daisy Duke, saying that was sexy, but, wanting payback for all I'd done for her, I stood firm on the bikini.

D agreed, and asked what else I'd like, since it was clear she'd be the entertainment. I suggested her highest, hooker heels, jet-red polish on her inch-long nails, and "slutty" makeup. I wanted her SHOWN OFF.

The weekend, and guys, arrive, and we dive into a poker game. Within the hour, D shows up at my door, in her long raincoat. Her makeup was definetly slutty, heels could have gotten her arrested for prostitution, and I was eager to see her bikini'd body. She did not disappoint.

Entering the kitchen and waving "Hi, guys" with her jet-red nails, my 3 friends were besides themselves and occupied with her entirely. She took the coat off, revealing a red, white, and blue thong bikini that showed off her perfect body like a stripper. Damn she looked hot!

The guys all gave her a hello hug (complete with ass grabs), and the D show and payback was ON. Serving us whatever we asked for, D withstood being plunked on guy's laps, grabbed and groped, kissed, and generally treated like meat. Then again, she did continue placing the guy's winnings into a bread basket. I admit I also took part in the handling of her body, putting her onto my lap a few times, and reminding her who was in charge of this party. ME.

As the night wore on, D did lose her top. I promised her the guys would pony up at least $100 to see her dance, turned up the music, and, as she'd had more than a few drinks herself, D obliged, using my kitchen floor like a stage. By the time she finished, her bottoms were hanging from my sink. I not only had her topless, but, completely naked for my friends!

By 3am, and after drinking and handling this sexy piece of meat, I felt payback was complete. Well almost..I knew the guys had no shot at her despite their efforts, and, quite frankly, D liked sex. A lot. I was more than happy to bring her upstairs until morning.

Even though this happened several years ago at my old townhouse, the night kicked off a new phase in our relationship. Casual sex and, for my football parties in my home bar, a scheduled bikini waitress and dancer. D makes money, we get to have wild sex, and all debts are even. I've even bought her a bikini from my favorite football team, so she wears it for my parties.