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16842 - Im a 20 y.o student with the sickest thoughts a girl could have, i fantasize about my moms boyfriend, heres whats sick, i was 8y.o.... his name was dale, the nicest guy my mom ever met, he didnt drink, do drugs, beat us, or molest me like my father did, my mom killed him when she caught him sexually assault me when i was 3y.o, he was cumming in my mouth while he fingered my anus and vagina, i dont remember any of it, next guy would get drunk and masterbate in front of me getting me to swallow his cum, then he raped me, he is in prison now, but dale was the right man for my mom n me. he knew about my past and was very careful not to do anything thats not good for all of us. at 8 y.o dale was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer ,with 6 months to live he asked mom n me to make his last days count, so we planned and i gave dale a present he didnt know he wanted, me. mom was at work and dale was napping, i pulled his covers back and i swa his cock for the first time, it was huge, i thought there is no way i can take him in me so i sucked him for some time he released a flood of fluid i was chocking and i threw up on him, he was laughing at me. he said he knew she would try sooner or later, if he wasent going to die he would have stopped her just like always before. she had tried 4-5 times to see him nude , get him to notice sexually, he stood strong. she aked what changed his mind, you only live once, at that he asked her to suck him some more, please, she knew it was wrong, but she wanted him to taste her pure little slutty cunt, she was ready to show him why older men like younger girls, i was always eager to please him because he was good to us. at 8 y.o i had no boobs, no hair, no periods, i had been raped, so my cherry was gone and i was kinda broke in, his was the biggest penis i had ever seen, he asked me if i thought he would fit in me, i said i hope so, he treated me as he would a grown woman, i got on top of him ready to get his hard cock in me,he said i didnt have to do this, i wanted to at that i slid down his shaft it felt like i was splitting in half, i stopped to adjust to him he said he wanted to be on top, i never done it that way and he would be fuckinf her , what if she couldnt handle it all thoughts melted away when he began moving in and out of her,it felt amazing, she was having her first orgasm just then she felt him exploding inside her, she gigled and said it tickled, hi started jerking and twitching then a sharp pain in my stomach, he was buried in me and still cumming, he asked if i liked what he donefor her so far ,of course, he tried pulling his cock from me but i wasnt ready for it to come out yet i asked him if we could just lay here a whlie, my lil cunnie was spasm on his thick meat, as my muscels relaxed i watched him pull what seemed like a mile of cock from me i came again. i wanted more from dale, i wanted to please him till his last day, he said i had pleased him 100 lives over, he didnt want to hurt me. i watched his pass from this world and hoped he was happy with mom n me. i have always been a sex crazed cock hungry girl, at 20 yo, i still look like im 12, 5ft 2 105, 29b25 28,im as big around as a basketball, i told a guy i was 12, he offered me 2 thousand dollars to come hang out in his hotel room, i asked him if he wanted sex, he said that was up to me, i agreed knowing he wanted sex with a minor girl i can get whatever i want. he sked me if i minded him touching himself in front of me, i could tell this guy never done this before so i asked him if he ever been with a minor girl before he said no, he was so nervous if i grabbed his cock he would lose it, i told him i had done a blow job before but if he cums in my mouth i would be mad, i knew he would blow in my mouth and i love it plus he will give me more money, his cock lasted all of 10 seconds in my mouth, i swallowed it all and told him i wanted another thousand or i was telling my mom n dad no problem,i scammed 100 of older men that way, i loved being molested as child the bj, touching, the rape i didnt like maybe thats why i suck so much cock.. i did just that last week, i tricked a 11y.o boy into playing with me we ended up walking home and he asked to see my boobs,only if you show you thing. we slipped behind a empty house he dropped his pants i was impressed, 6inches thick, i took off my top then dropped my pnts and panties he had some hair, im bald. he asked me if id started puberty, i said no, he said he had and could cum ,of course i let him cum in my mouth, then my ass,finally my pussy. it only took us 45 minutes to cum i loved it,now i get the young boys, if they only knew.