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24095 - I can't imagine having sex with dogs or horses or apes that is gross. my limit of story sex fantasy is with werewolves in stories I like some weird semi-porn vampire tv movies late at night with a bit of sexy werewolfe and vampire horny erotic porn in it. so what? what is wrong with that sort of erotica... its part of the fiction and not having to be part life fact. if animal sex with some peoples thing good for them.

i know heaps of people are into it big time.


18737 - I'm a male dog walker & have had sex with numerous dogs. I love it.

I don't think bestiality is 'rape' --- as long as animals are consenting. AND most of the time they are the ones who make the first moves.

My favorite was this boxer & bulldog. I'd take them on separate walks (owner requested this.) When I'd bring them back, the boxer would try to hump me. I refused at first, but after many weeks of this I finally gave in. Why not? Let's excuse the moral issues & let the dog have it's fun. I wanted to see what the dog would do. Sure enough, he was in it for the long-haul. I had doggie cum everywhere.

The bulldog was too big for me. (Their cocks are HUGE and I couldn't get that low to the ground.) However, I stroked him until he exploded. Bulldog cocks are bigger than great danes, I swear. It's like a 200lb dog squeezed into a terrier body.

I read stories online of anal sex w/dogs. One night I attempted this with the bulldog & ... it was interesting how easy my cock slipped in. His prostate was pumping & it was quite the massage on my cock.


I've had sex with a handful of women in my 35 years. I am a normal guy w/a family & a business. I just like dog cock, too.


Be careful having sex w/male dogs though... they have a bone in their cock that can JAB you pretty hard if they miss (as you get going.)


16266 - When I was about 13 I had just learned how jacking off made me feel and how cumming really felt, well my sister who was 8 at the time caught me mid stroke and decided to ask questions, so I told her she had to get naked and lay down and I'll show her how it feels and how to make her feel good. Well I started jacking off while sitting on her chest and she started at my then 6in cock sliding threw my hand, I asked her to spit on it and lick it which she did. And right as I was about to cum my great Dane walked in the room and came and licked the cum I just shot all over my baby sister. She was laughing and licking my cock with the dog and asked me if I could do that on the dog. So still being young I knew I could, but told her I ha to show her something first. So we went to the computer in my room and pulled up a movie of a guy and girl fucking, she asked if I can do that to her and my dog, I said " you have to choose one or the other" and she said I should do the dog since I already did stuff with her, and I told her I'll try, so she got the dog back inside and I got hard again and I was trying to find the hole and I pushed my dick in my dog. She was so exited I did it, and was asking if I was gonna shoot all inside her dog Insides, and boy did i ever.

To this day my sister and I have a very sexual relationship with dogs, horses, donkeys, and each other since we live together and have 2 kids who are just starting to know what sex is,

Had to finally write this story out. thank god my sister is here with me helping me remember to.


15351 - I am a 19 year-old girl and I love to fantasize & masturbate all the time!

I love boys but I'm also attracted to girls. I was babysitting for my neighbors last year and I was watching a porn video on my lap-top computer. I had snaked my fingers into my shorts inside my underwear and I was finger-fucking my pussy. My panties were soaking wet because the porno that I was viewing was a major turn-on. It's a favorite full-length sex video with hardcore lesbian and regular guy/girl sex, too. (I'll come back to this story in a minute.)

My clitoris looks like a tiny little penis. I love when someone sucks my clit. Ohhhhhhh!

I like the porn movies from the 1980's because they usually have a story and plot with real conversations and romance and the actors & actresses had some real acting skills in those days. (I'm a film student).

I have extra-long nipples and I often suck one of my nipples while I frig my coochie. I have very sensitive nipples. I cum like a
wild, animal-bitch in heat.

I don't know why, but I love to lick guy's assholes. I get really crazy horny when I give a guy a rim job. Most guys love when I do it to them. They just flip-out from the feeling. You know they like it when they grab my head and pull it towards their ass and beg me for more!

The first time I made love to a girl (my bff) we we're drunk & stoned and I simply loved smelling her pussy. She had the sweetest smell & tangy taste. I was drunk with lust. We did not use any vibrators or strap-ons (sorry guys) but this real-life experience would have made a hell of a porn video. When Kimberly started licking my pussy and then my asshole, I had to put my face in the pillow and scream. I thought I was in sex-heaven! Kimberly squeezed my pussy while thrusting her thumb in my snatch.
She loves my clity-dickie. I made her cum while french-kissing her and gently slapping her pussy.

OK, back to the babysitting story: So, I'm in my own world rubbing my clit and finger-fucking my red-hot pussy (by the way, the baby was asleep in her crib, in the nursery)
while I was in the living room going nuts. The whole room probably smelled like my pussy. My pussy-juice was all the way down on my thighs. It looked like baby oil was on my legs.

Well, Boom! In walks Mrs. Johnson at about 4:30 in the afternoon and I've got my right hand in my shorts fingering my pussy and I'm licking my left booby-nipple as I'm watching
my porn flick on my laptop computer, on the coffee table.

I tryed to cover up and look normal but it was so obvious what I had been doing. I started crying and told Mrs Johnson how sorry I was. She grabbed a kleenex and dried the tears on my face and told me not to worry. She said she was once a teenager, too and understood how "frisky" kids my age often get.

I was sooo uncomfortable. Then, Mrs. Johnson started to rub my shoulders and slowly but surely, slid her fingers down to my 36-B boobs and began to squeeze them & tweak my nipples. I could not believe this was happening to me. I was in a state of utter shock. She started kissing me and licking my face. I was confused and as horny as I had ever been.

Mrs. Johnson closed the curtains and locked the front door and said to me to please relax because Mr. Johnson was in Chicago for a business convention. She ran to check on the baby and then walked back into the living room a few minutes later in a see-thru nightgown. She slid my shorts off and took off my t-shirt and bra.

She said her husband was on the road all the time and that she was lonely and needed to feel young again. She told me to close my eyes and relax. She pulled off my panties, spread my legs and began to lick the pussy juice off my thighs. She liked my shaved pussy and loved my clitty. I was dripping wet.

Mrs. Johnson was beautiful. She was forty-something but had the body of a twenty year old. She ate my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I freaked out when Mrs. Johnson began to finger-fuck my asshole while shoving her tongue deeply into my pussy and pinched my nipple with her other hand. She was aroused by my incredibly tight pussy.

I ended up staying at her house all weekend and she taught me all kinds of sexy secrets, methods & tecniques of sex play.

Thank God for Mrs. Johnson!! Her husband does not know that his wife is a bisexual horn-dog that seduces teenade girls for fun.

When the cat's away, the horny female mice will play and play and play!!!