Latest Aunt Incest Confessions:


23076 - When I was in my teens, I'm 32 now, I had sex with five of my female cousins and one of my aunt's who was close to me. Also my older brother told me that he had sex with all of the same cousins and that aunt first.


13353 - I've noticed when my aunt gets drunk she gives me this look like she's hungry for the cock, I must admit I would really love fucking her, the incest part is a crazy hot taboo and what draws me to it.


16527 - Last night, I had sex with my mother's sister. It was my first time.


14732 - I met my aunt and her two daughters lately at a funeral. I have actually fallen in love with both my mothers sister AND both of her daughters. Most nights I wank just of the thought of either my Aunt or either of her daughters sucking or riding me or even better urinating in to mouth. I know both of the daughters are underage but I would sooooo wanna taste them.


14410 - I fucked my aunt and it was great and i came inside her and got her pregnant our child is perfectly healthy and we continue a secret life of marraige we dont live together and no one knows its my kid except me and her and my cousins(her kids)