Latest Babysitter Sex Confessions:


20516 - Well, here is my confession.

When I was young, probably near 7 or so, I had a babysitter who would regularly have sex with me. I don't remember much, being so young, but I remember the taste of her, as we 69'd (it was easiest, since I was 7 and my penis was unimpressive at that point). I remember not knowing what the feeling of an orgasm was. Of course, no cum since I was so young. We had sex regularly for around a year, I believe. Once we even had sex while my 3-year-younger brother slept next to us. I had no clue what it was we were doing exactly, or that it was frowned upon. I later had sex with another girl about my age because I had this "great thing" I'd been taught.

It's weird remembering, because I still remember it erotically, but I'm 21 now and it feels weird imagining girls who were 13 and 7 respectively, even if I was the same age at the time. I worry that I will be attracted to young girls because I experienced them at that age, so I see them sexually. I do my best not to imagine those things, but it doesn't always work.


14032 - I seduced my teenage neighbor. She was a gorgeous brunette, half Mexican and Italian chick. She had c cup tits and wore size 2. Her ass was perfectly round in her tight 7 jeans. Her mom knew and didn't care. My wife had an idea but I think secretly liked the thought of me banging our 18 years old babysitter. I fucked her for 3 years and she even let my black lab dog eat and fuck her tight pussy. She was my sex toy and loved it. I was the s
ame age as her parents. I gave her the first anal banging of her life, it drove her crazy! She would scream, "Fuck my ass daddy! Fuck it and make it wet!" I would bury my dick all the way to my balls into her ass. I would take her legs and pin them up til her calves were by her ears. She would grunt and let out the sweetest moans trying to handle my thick long dick. We would fuck for hours and do it anywhere! Something about young pussy! Miss it. I'm looking now for another 18 years old sex toy.


22251 - Coming from a country where extended families play a big role in life even when you are an adult, I was told to live at my Aunt's while attending university. my aunt had a daughter who was 11 years younger to me, and they kind of liked it that I was at their house which meant that they had a permanent babysitter. I used to make sure that my cousin would do her homework and pick her and drop her to classes and stuff, my aunt and uncle were happy that they didn't have to do everything themselves. my cousin would come sit on my lap while i work on the computer and when she was 11 she asked me why my penis is always hard. One thing led to anther and I ended up showing her my penis. few weeks later she was giving me hand jobs, then it moved to blow jobs. by the time she was 12 i was eating her regularly and she knew that putting my penis in her was even more fun. I told her that she has to be a teenager to have sex so I promised to fuck her on her 13th b'day.


14497 - I am a 27 year old divorced male. For the past two years I have been banging many welfare mothers. My job puts me in contact with a lot of these women. Many sit around all day with nothing any better to do than get horny. Many are not that nice looking and some are obese. I am not looking for miss America, just someone who likes a roll in the hay as well as I do. If they clean and aren't too fat to get on top and ride, I am their man. The ages have ranged from 18 to one who was 48. Contrary to popular opinion, many are very clean. I usually wait until their kids go to school and then I come over. I won't do anything while their kids are around. Some get babysitters and come to my place. You may say I am taking advantage. Not so. No matter what any woman's socio-economic status, she gets horny and needs some lovin'. We both get something out of it. I have had a vasectomy. So, any woman who does get pregnant can look elsewhere for the daddy. This all provides some very nice supplemental and very reliable sex to compliment my regular dating. Some who may not be that good looking, can provide some very enjoyable and hot sex.


22736 - Three years ago my wife's brother was sent to prison for 8 years with early parole possible in another year or two.
About a year after his incarceration, we invited his wife and infant son to move in with us as it was very hard for them financially and having a livein babysitter seemed like a good idea. Little did we know how mutually beneficial the arrangementvwould become. A few months after moving in, my sister-in-law Rachel admitted to my wife Allison that she could hear us fucking and was uncomfortably horny and jealous. She wanted to know if we would tell Rich, her husband -- my wife's brother -- that she cheated on him if she went and brought a guy home. She had already had a couple of all nighters "with the girls" that had us wondering.
Allison's odd, but very sexy solution to the dilemma was to invite her to share our bed. Allison and Rachel make a great pair eating each other out, using dildos on each other, sharing my dick and coaching each other on while I fuck them. Rachel is less inhibited than Allison, swallows my cum eagerly and takes it up the ass, which Allison would never do.
For the past year, Rachel and I are having more sex alone behind Allisons back than I have with Allison. (I'm only supposed to fuck Rachel together with Allison). Rachel says she and Allison go at it all the time when I'm not around. On top of these awkward developments, we're beginning to discuss what to do when Rich gets out. Rachel has mentioned divorcing Rich. Allison thinks we can go back to normal without him knowing anything. I want to get Rachel pregnant too (Allison just announced that she's carrying our third kid) and get Rich killed in prison. He's a violent SOB anyway and I'm now in love with Rachel. It's at least another year till they begin talking about parole. Maybe I can keep my threesome family going.