Latest Bi Curious Girl Confessions:


17188 - I think i am bi-curious, i have a boyfriend and sex with him is good but i get more turned on when im watching lesbian porn and rubbing my pussy, when i see two girls eating eachother out and poking eachother i always want that to happen to me but i dont really get attracted to my girl friends or just hot girls in the streets????


11700 - I'm having sexuality issues, i think i might be bi-curious, because when i read the lesbian confessions, i get a little sensation in my pussy, and that happens more with them then a woman confessing about a hard dick thriving and thrusting inside of her. I know it's very wrong to feel this way but when i was a little girl being curious, me and my neighbor's daughter use to eat each other out and rubbed each other's clit together and it felt so danm good. And now i feel so guilty that i feel like i want to know how that feels again....any other females get that bi-curious feeling? or am i strange and nasty?


20588 - I am an 18 y.o male, and have a friend who i was quite close to until she got together with her latest BF. But while she was single we became some-what sexually active. During this time she became quite the dominating and kinky girl, and attempted to turn me bi. I went along with it to amuse her but lately when we've caught up over IM and text, I've started to realise she may have succeeded. When I told her that she's turned me bi-curious, her eyes lit up and she hasnt stopped trying to get me to find a guy to try it with. Any advice about it, I'm not sure whether ot not to accept offers.


15575 - When I read thhese confessions I get so horny and I touch myself, I don't know, but I want to have sex with a girl but a girl I don't know...I live in miami, and I just don't know how to get attention from lesbians. I'm not ugly. Helpp?


13111 - I'm 22, I would say I am a good lookin guy, i've never had problems gettin a girl or even getting sex, but when i was 18 and a good friend and i took our girls into a bedroom, and started goin at them at this party, i became curious to look at him and his girl go at it, and i got off knowing my friend was gettin off as well. Abot 5 months later i ended up letting a dude suck me off as well, I dont know what to lable myself, but I know I love women, but i find myself wanting another guy go at it with me, and I get off thinking about it.