Latest Brother Young Sister Confessions:


13080 - I met my girlfriend when I was not even out of my teens and she was much younger than me. I didn't mean to fall in love with her. I honestly saw nothing wrong with talking to this young girl. She seemed so amazingly bright and well spoken for her age. She was genuinely interesting. We talked alot because I was pals with her older brother.
Anyhow in time something happened and I found myself in love with this young girl. She was incredible. I'm 27 now and she is 21.
I cannot help but be reminded of those days when I am around her young sister now. My girlfriend knows I am attracted to younger girls and likely always will be on account of those experiences and that time in my life. I love the fact that she is understanding. I'm not so sure how to tell her that her sister really turns my wheel, but I think it's going to be obvious one day soon when I have my cock in your young mouth and a handful of brand new titties.
I can't wait.


14879 - I grew up in a small, rural, Iowa town. A family near us had an above ground swimming pool. My older sister and I used to join the brother and sister who lived there in some late night swims. They were our age, around 12 for the girls and 10 for us boys. One evening the girls let us feel their boobs and finger their pussys.
It was so hot to finger the other girl, but even hotter to feel up and finger my sister! They would also jerk our dicks, but we were too young to do anything else.
Unfortunately, this only happened over one summer. But, my sister and I did continue to do some naughty things together, without ever engaging in actual sex.


18293 - I had this "head over heels" crush on this cute girl at school.Finally,I got up enough gumption to go over to her place and tell her face to face what I thought about her.
She said I was a nice boy,but that I was too broke my little heart.Cold and shivering i lay out near her place late into the night half-assed weeping until her uncle found me and had me to come into the home to warm up.Being very late,the uncle called my parent(s) and told them of my being found,he assured them it was ok for the night for me to stay there with his brother's kids.I was put to bed with the girls brother.We, her brother and I ended up sucking one another off.Years later her brother wanted to have me for a male lover,but I was married..;He through himself off of a nearby dam spill-way.I had heard he said he could'nt live without me ? That was near the same way I "thought" I felt the night his sister turned me down and then we had first met..,in bed..;But, Suicide ???


19847 - I am young that time when I saw my brother forced my sister to have sex with him....He molested her...then me...I was really in trauma that time...when we are alone my older brother will do something that my child memory can't bear...

Then I saw my parent love making in my own innocent mind is this wonderful to do curiosity sinks in my inner being then I started to masturbate alone in the room or sometimes at night when every bodies asleep... Unaware I continue until now that I am a Christian, its a struggling to me to stop...I tried but the lust seems so over powering me... I am praying this really hard for GOD to give me courage to turn away and flee from my own lustful desires...I confessed this already to my christian friend and to GOD...but when I decide not to do lust seems empowering me.


17648 - When I was a young teenager I caught my eldest step brother fucking my sister. I walked in them as he was pounding her in the bathroom, they tried to make excuses and my step brother said he'd beat me up if I told my parents.
I knew I had a bigger cock than him, much bigger, so some weeks later when me and my sister were alone in the house I brought the subject up of her fucking my step brother, she got all defensive but I kept on, even showing her my cock until she said I could fuck her.
We went in to her room and I was undressed in no time, she took her time, eventually she was naked, she was skinny back then with small tits and nice round ass.
She climbed on her bed and lay down, then got me to kiss and lick her pussy, she was bucking all over the place, eventually she let me put my cock inside her, but not before she told me I had to pull out before I shot my load.
I fucked her that day, she was the first and still is the only pussy i've ever had.
I like to fuck guys now, they like my large cock much better than women do although I still fuck my sister twenty years on.